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  1. Do you have use fake players ticked when starting a game perhaps?
  2. Problem i found with no foreign limit is after a few years there's not many new zealand players getting into sides as they aren't good enough
  3. Will do, should be getting fm in the next week or so. Once i've built it i will add it in here. For this next league redevelopment i'm increasing the prem playoffs to top 4 teams instead of top 2 to increase the chances of teams winning. Waitakere and Auckland City have been pretty dominant so want a greater chance for other teams to break in (although Team Wellington look to have the best ever side now so will take some beating, why I thought adding Wellington Phoenix would be interesting). First 5 years i've had only bottom side relegated and second to last play a playoff v second in championship but in the 3 seasons the prem side has always won (Otago beating Gisborne, Auckland Rovers (rebranding to waitakere city) and hastings. So to get more of a mix in promotions i might just do a straight 2 up and 2 down. Do like the playoffs though. To ensure the league money remains constent i give each team a yearly financial payment (think its from government payment or something with that being from Fifa/Oceania). That way it makes sure the game doesn't fluctuate the payments and I can edit it if needed. Most teams have used the cash to produce decent stadiums and training now so I might start to pull back the money so they will be self sufficient otherwise it becomes tricky buying players from within the league as there's little point selling players between teams as they don't need the money. Stadiums were initially sized using the formula of roughly 10 percent of the city/towns population so sides like Gisborne are under 5k, teams with multiple sides like wellington the 500k population is halved first and then 10 percent taken for stadiums (around 25k). The Prem sides spend about 2 million a season on wages so might drop the payments so each side gets 500k from Fifa (enough to make 3rd division teams with small grounds financially safe but cause prem sides to need to use more of their stadium/competition money for transfers).
  4. Interesting, started my first NZ game in 2012, i play fm a bit differently to most in that i control all teams in the league. Got bored of restarting each year doing pretty much the same thing every new fm game (going liverpool). So i created a partly fictional NZ game based on the then teams Waitakere Utd Auckland City Canterbury Dragons Team Wellington Otago United Waikato Hawkes Bay Youngheart Manuwatu Idea was Fifa give each continent a substantial payout for developing football and as new zealand is the only main nation for oceania it all mostly went to developing the NZ premiership. Think each team got 5 mill a season and went pro. Second season i expanded to 12 teams with fictional Auckland Athletic, Wellington City, Tauranga and Gisborne. Then did a massive expansion adding a second division with Hamilton, Christchurch, Dunedin, Southern United (invercargill rather than Dunedin), New Plymouth, Napier, Hastings, Palmerston North Third division of sporting rotorua, northland, Nelson, Marlborough, Richmond, West Coast, Timaru, FC Taupo. Each Region of New Zealand had at least one team and most major cities had two teams for derby rivalries. There's a north island cup and south island cup as well as fa style cup. There was an 8 foreign player limit on match day squads but the problem i had was Australians are counted as non foreign so after 5 years it was mostly Australians coming in. So for this year, my sixth im going to make Australians foreign so the emphasis is more on local players. Also Redoing the Oceania Champions League to have 4 New zealand teams as its dull otherwise. Also toying with a salary cap in each league. Adding Waitakere City and a NZ version of Wellington Phoenix as expansion teams. New Plymouth rebranding as Team Taranaki and Richmond to Tasman United. Whatever improvements the clubs make i carry over (Auckland City now in a 32k stadium instead of their initial small ground ( think it was 8k back in 2012). Waitakere just took out a big loan for their new stadium as they compete heavily with Auckland, that will have them repaying for 10 years. Winners have been Otago (was a bit of a leicester season) have finished near the bottom of the prem ever since Waitakere Waitakere Auckland City (first team to reach 5 titles) Team Wellington (after finishing bottom in the last season before adding relegation they got a great crop of regens and finished second twice before finally winning it last year (doing the treble). As im looking at mainly NZ only (8 foreigners in starting 11) i might need more teams so will be interested to see how this works if you don't mind.
  5. Hi all, wonder if someone can help. Me and some friends like using the league in versus mode. The only problem is its 2 yellows for a suspension. Is there any way to increase this? I can see a config file that specifies its using disciplinary format 0 but i can see where these are defined in the config files? I might attempt manually changing the value to 1, 2 etc but any advice would be appreciated
  6. Hi all, wonder if someone can help. Me and some friends like using the league in versus mode. The only problem is its 2 yellows for a suspension. Is there any way to increase this? I can see a config file that specifies its using disciplinary format 0 but i can see where these are defined in the config files? I might attempt manually changing the value to 1, 2 etc but any adivce would be appreciated
  7. Thanks for these, always liked the idea of limiting the number of foreign players in each nation to produce more home grown players
  8. Find the league in the real name fix file and amend the league name in there. Had to do the same for the Gibraltar leagues.
  9. Did you not have the fixture list problem with claasens japan league structure? It would play some quarter finals after semi finals when i added it. Might just move the cup dates for the rounds about a bit.
  10. Well done on the hard work so far. Had a quick look and tried with claasens Japanese league structure but the cup games seemed to get muddled so might wait until you add your league structure to this before starting a season. I like to control all teams in a division but have never done J league for obvious reasons
  11. Do the New Zealand teams fail to qualify for the Asian Champions league (same as Wellington Phoenix)?
  12. Hi, I have created an alternate MLS with 4 sub divisions containing 12 teams in each. Unfortunately I can't remember how to retain the MLS winner information. So for example, I did a simulation for the first year, each of the divisional winners are shown as current champions in their respective division (North, South, East and West) but theres no way to see the overall MLS winner? The MLS winner is also missing from the clubs history (Philadelphia have only the MLS East Division title and not the overall MLS title in their records). Help would be greatly appreciated as I know there is a setting in the advanced editor somewhere and I can't find reference to it anywhere!
  13. I just subscribed to the Gibraltar league in the steam workshop. However the league name and club names can't be changed (changed names are restored to their defaults when starting a game). Is there a way to remove workshop content, I have unsubscribed but all the club kits and default names are still there. On FM 16 I could use the resource archiver to find the files but there doesnt appear to be any graphics.fmf files that I can see. Any help is appreciated.
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