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  1. Are you using any specific Player Instructions in your new tactic? I definitely want to try it out with another team
  2. Absolutely destroyed Tottenham, 7-0 with 4 goals from Hakim Ziyech in the Shadowstriker role
  3. Ow my bad, I didn't mention I was playing with Chelsea I'm in my first season and I started playing your tactic after 6 games (2 wins 4 draws), Now I'm 22 games in, 16 wins and 6 draws, which means I won 14 games and draw 2 with your tactic.
  4. I'm playing since the Man Utd game with your tactic. It's producing some very good football, I'm really enjoying myself right now (and I don't even have a lot of players suiting the tactic). The Champions League games and the Carabao/FA cup games I played with a heavily rotated squad so I'm really impressed. I'm really looking forward to your final tactic, and meanwhile I'm having a lot of fun with the current one. This is by far one of my favorite threads in the last couple of years, so keep up the good work man!
  5. Great results! Are you using any Player instructions?
  6. Looking forward to your next post. The results are awesome. Did you train Odegaard as a DLF? How are his stats in that position?
  7. Great post man! You ever considered uploading your savegame-file? Would love to look around in your current save
  8. Sounds logical yeah! concerning the OI's, you put all AMC/MC/DMC on tight marking and pressing allways? And all the AML/ML/WBL/DL on left foot, and the right sided ones on right foot?
  9. Very nice results! When do you use your 4-2-3-1 and when your 4-1-2-3 on previous page?
  10. Can you give a detailed overview of your player instructions? It's kinda confusing which one your are using in each role now
  11. Standard 4-2-3-1 gegenpress uses PF(a) though. You changed it to AF? Other roles that you changed as well?
  12. This is a VERY promising thread! Looking forward to the next episode & how you are going to achieve all of this
  13. Interesting read, but I'm also curious about the setup of your backup formation!
  14. Maybe it would be nice to share your team instructions/player instructions as well. It's pretty important for a tactic/style of play
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