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  1. Any other Player instructions in your tactic than "stay wider" and "cross from byline" on your WM(a)'s?
  2. Ok thanks man! DLP & IW(A) also without instructions? I'm going to try this one out in Lower League as well, I'll let you know my results.
  3. Great read and nice results there! Btw did you make a mistake with season 2/3? If I'm right you said you won promotion from 3rd division to 2nd division in the first season, but the screenshot of the end of season 2 is a screenshot of the first division? Didn't you use any specific Player Instructions on your defenders/GK?
  4. Very interested in the Simeone tactic (I love defensively strong tactics) and the 3-5-2
  5. Amazing season! Did you use any specific Player Instructions in your tactic?
  6. Well it wasn't as good as my first, but still managed to finish 4th which is good of course. My transfers had some troubles to play on a high level. Calvert-Lewin wasn't as good as Michael Antonio was. I hope to strengthen the team further in the next transfer window and finish top-4 again next season.
  7. Really curious how the second season will go. I won the CS against Man City on penalties (again) to start with. Because of the relegation of Everton I had a good transfer window. I bought Calvert-Lewin and Mason Holgate. Also took over Dawson permanently. And last but not least I took over Vlasic to take the spot of Lingard.
  8. Finished the season: 3rd place in the league is awesome! And managed to win the FA-cup (eliminated Liverpool in the quarter final 5-2, and Man City in the Semi Final after penalties)
  9. Things started off great as you can see. Just destroyed Liverpool which I never was able to do before. Tactic looks very solid!
  10. Ok, looking forward to try it out myself!
  11. Do you use any player instructions in your tactic?
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