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  1. Can you give a detailed overview of your player instructions? It's kinda confusing which one your are using in each role now
  2. Standard 4-2-3-1 gegenpress uses PF(a) though. You changed it to AF? Other roles that you changed as well?
  3. This is a VERY promising thread! Looking forward to the next episode & how you are going to achieve all of this
  4. Interesting read, but I'm also curious about the setup of your backup formation!
  5. Maybe it would be nice to share your team instructions/player instructions as well. It's pretty important for a tactic/style of play
  6. Very interested about this as I can't get him to score a lot and I was thinking myself to try him out in a AML-position. He looks like a beast in your game.
  7. Maybe it's better to cover them all in a post (if you have time of course), because people will probably ask them all Looks like you're having a fun save!
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