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  1. Very interested about this as I can't get him to score a lot and I was thinking myself to try him out in a AML-position. He looks like a beast in your game.
  2. Maybe it's better to cover them all in a post (if you have time of course), because people will probably ask them all Looks like you're having a fun save!
  3. I'm available. If you have any requests about teams to test it with, I'm willing to listen
  4. Great results man! What player-instructions are you using for those players? Do you mind to share them too?
  5. Jezus Christ, what's this? I this on 19.1.4? Everything that worked for me stopped working lately, so do you mind to share your tactic?
  6. Yeah I saw it, it's easy to understand the way you bring it up! I already saw the PI's for the (complete)wingbacks, but as you said yourself "you defend as a team" I'm also wondering what you've setup for your other players (midfield/attackers and also the central defenders). Or are they just standard?
  7. Great read man, I'm really interested in whats coming up! I'm also very curious about the PI's you got set up for your players. Did you keep the role of your LCD as CD-C instead of BPD-D?
  8. Hey man, I had a great start with my own tactics @ Villareal, but they stopped working. I was intrigued by your setup and it's working great for me now, so a big thanks and good job sir! I'm only wondering if you have any more Player Instructions except the "More direct passing" on the wide players?
  9. Pretty sure that it's "dribble more", because there are screenshots of his CM's and it shows the "dribble more"
  10. Do you mind mentioning mentality/teamshape/team instructions and maybe other PI's? I'm trying to set up a 4-4-1-1 for a while but I still have to learn a lot, so a succesful base-tactic would be very nice!
  11. The tactic in the download is another one than that in the post...
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