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  1. Finished the season and quite amazingly we made the Europa League on the final day, here's my usual line up and my one and only signing during the January window. I have made one change to it and that was to untick the 'get stuck in' as was getting far too many red cards.
  2. Started a game with Villa and things weren't going great with the board gaving me a month to improve things, decided to give this a go and the results were instant. Before After Really surprised at how well its done, this is with the basic (updated) Villa team, no transfers made.
  3. He's now scored 250 league goals for the club and a massive 386 in all comps. Sadly he's now 30 years old so probably only another season or two left in him, though if he carries on scoring I've no problem in him spending his whole career here. Also it's finally happened, still a few seasons away no doubt but the board have finally started looking into building a new stadium.
  4. I'll buy it if there is one. Must be well behind schedule now plus no one actually knows what state football will be in next season (if we even have a proper 'season'). Wouldn't be surprised if some kind of cheaper update type version was released.
  5. I've currently (FM20) topped the world hall of fame on points, though still a few trophies behind Alex Ferguson.
  6. Just completed season 15, here's some the competition records we now hold. Carabao Cup FA Cup Premier League Champions League My Stats
  7. I'm a season or two behind you and get the option to ask but the board turn it down due to the fan base being too small...
  8. Currently ranked best in the world so guess that does make sense as having some pull to it. Yeah most of the contracts I've agreed to do waive the compensation as had no option to take it out. At least with the bigger named staff. Was surprised at getting Old but not so much Lampard, though he ended up back at Chelsea and has just been sacked again (think it was end of first season last time). Also bare in mind I'm 14 seasons in so I guess getting ex managers in as staff isn't so hard after a while, just a nightmare to keep them! Whatever the reason I still feel it is far too ma
  9. Title says it all really, I'm into my 14th season with Arsenal and have so far had 26 of my coaching team poached to manage at other clubs. Now I fully understand this happens now and again and usually it's the assistant manager who moves on, but i've had a mixture of anyone down to my u18's manager. Best one was Ainsley Maitland-Niles who despite having poor attributes I took him on purely because he was a (recent) ex player and just 34 years old. Gave him the jon of my u23's manager and just 5 months later during the same season he's off to Blackburn to manage them in the Championship!
  10. Don't you use the three file save system? If so just load up the second or third file which should be before the final though you'll probably have to play some league games too.
  11. It's a 4-4-1-1, he's coming up to 28 years old so is certainly at his peak. Lost the unbeaten league run 2-0 away to Leeds, though did manage 70 games in the end.
  12. SEASON 13 ROUND UP Will probably be a busy summer as time to move on the over 30's which will also get the wage bill down a bit.
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