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  1. Just scored against my Southend side. @Neil Brock
  2. Actually I'm guessing its the Qatar world cup?
  3. What was today's 150mb update?
  4. SortitoutsiVP

    Looks like i wont be buying.

    I've an I7-8700, 16gb ram and a 1050 TI 4gb card and the game runs fine on high settings with a 4k resolution, very high settings does stutter but I expected that with the graphics card I have.
  5. Thanks, didn't realise it had only just been added.
  6. Anyone know what the 791mb update includes?
  7. If I'm understanding this correct you just need to click on the formation at the top of screen and you'll get a list of all styles and formations to pick from.
  8. SortitoutsiVP

    Google Map 3D Stadium Background Pack

    Thanks for this, I've also uploaded this to Sortitoutsi giving you full credit of course. https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/44120/michaeltmurrays-background-support-mod
  9. SortitoutsiVP

    Google Map 3D Stadium Background Pack

    Ok mate thanks, shame as they work fine on FMT.
  10. SortitoutsiVP

    Anybody else had to zoom in?

    Think I'm zoomed in at 175%.
  11. SortitoutsiVP

    Google Map 3D Stadium Background Pack

    Sadly (as usual nowadays) the default ones do not show them, so will need to wait until hopefully @michaeltmurrayuk releases ones of his mods but that probably won't be until the full game is out. They do show but are just hidden behind everything.
  12. SortitoutsiVP

    Your Beta Save for FM19

    I want my money back.
  13. SortitoutsiVP

    Your Beta Save for FM19

    Had a little mess around with Arsenal yesterday and have decided to start a proper game today as Southend Utd (local team), all English leagues plus a large DB but with all English staff/players loaded too. Wife's at the o2 tonight so I've supplies of snacks, Cider and Sheff Wed v M'boro on the tv to keep me going.