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  1. Rude to say no! That's all the budget gone on one player though...
  2. Season 3 finished, have to be honest and say we was lucky to win the league after losing 7 matches but then we did only draw 3. Outplayed in the CL final but took our chances.
  3. I think he means the light background 😄 Standard end of season FM result, swear the game sometimes tries to make itself more exciting for no reason!
  4. Has anyone ever actually managed to have this accepted by the board (when managing in England)? It doesn't seem to matter how many days free you have before the next match they all give the same reason to decline as there not being enough, even when there clearly is! Seems a rather pointless addition to me.
  5. It's certainly not a possession based tactic and only against the far weaker sides will you have more, but that doesn't mean it gives away many opportunities to the opponent. Currently averaging just 49% after 20 EPL games, but what is does do is flood the central areas when in possession which leaves space out wide for the wing backs. Which I will add are very attack minded so their defensive stats don't matter too much (to me anyway) and you can play/retrain wingers to play there. Both Saka and Nelson did a decent job there when needed due to injuries.
  6. No mate I use this now Click That first tactic got destroyed by the patches
  7. Is it not something like this on a mac now (i may be completely wrong though) / Users / username / Library / Application Support / Steam / SteamApps / common / Football Manager 2020
  8. Just one of those things, we had plenty of chances to score just couldn't. Pleased with another clean sheet though!
  9. Transfer business finished, managed to make a massive deal on deadline day!
  10. Currently in pre season before the start of season 3 in my save, season 1 was tough managed to qualify for the europa again and also won the carabao cup. But season 2 we was much improved, winning the Premier, FA Cup and Europa League. Seasons 1 & 2 transfers below, been trying to give the younger players some playing time too. Starting 11 going into season 3 but may change if I decide to sign anyone else. Sold him now but Pepe was brilliant as a pressing forward last season, scoring 36 goals.
  11. Decided to give it a go as my own tactic doesn't really work with Arsenal as it uses wingbacks not wide midfielders/wingers meaning most of the attacking players can't get on the pitch! Had the dreaded 'one more bad result' news message so thought I'd give this a go to see if it can save my job, it has so far BEFORE AFTER Have had to make a couple of changes to suit my players, F9 to PF and moved both wide midfielders forward. Cavani aside (quick replacement after sale of Lacazette) the squad is reasonably weak as idea of my current save is to bring through as many of the promising youngsters as possible over time rather than just spend millions on big name players, though I will still buy good youngsters if not gonna cost a fortune.
  12. Mentality makes a massive difference when playing away from home with any tactic. Attacking does seem to be the way to go when at home but don't be scared to play 'very defensive' when playing away, it will make a difference I'm sure. Not just for this tactic but for any you download or create yourself.
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