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  1. Here's some free pack promo codes for anyone using the app, should all work I just got 14 packs out of them UEFA EURO 2020 IGOT IGOT NEED FOOT BALL LOVE EURO COCA COLA HAVE NICE EU20 EURO FOOT BALL 2020 COKE GAME 2020 COOL GAME COKE BEST GOAL COKE FAIR PLAY P005 0186 62164 PLAY FULL TIME PLAY-UEFA-GAME Some More: PLAY EURO GAME PLAY GAME EURO
  2. Yeah they have but I just fancy them to step it up on the big occasion. Portugal have a very good starting 11 but they too can be poor at times and did finish behind Ukraine in qualifying. Belgium should probably be the faves but as we've already seen in recent tournaments can easily fail. England will hopefully have home advantage all the way through pretty much but I do think Southgate will be our undoing. Won't get a better opportunity to win it again for a long time either but no doubt I'll be crying into my Vodka around the quarter final stage. Obviously Germany, Spai
  3. Can watch the England games without having to book any time off work, contemplating the Scotland v Czech Rep but should be home for the second half so probably not.
  4. Season 2 Season 3 Transfers and Squad Balogun scored 4 against Totenham in a 5-2 win after being 2-0 down. This goal was vintage Ian Wright.
  5. Very busy window that didn't go exactly to plan as ended up having to loan out players as really didn't want them in the squad. Kolasinac must have turned down every team in the game ffs. Not the best start to the season... This is probably the 11 I'd like to start with as my best but as of yet injuries have not made this possible.
  6. Started a new Touch save with Arsenal, finished runners up in the Prem but won the Europa. Didn't make any transfers first season but the rebuild starts now, unable to renew Odegaards loan but have managed to sign him fulltime for £80m rising to £99m after appearances. Trying to offload Auba and Laca but proving hard due to wages, both players performed very well last season but want to try to cash in now as age is not on their side and the values will soon drop. We now play 'Clark-ball'
  7. Am now midway through my 10th season and have decided to share my save for anyone that simply wants to take a look or maybe even start a new game a few seasons in the future. I personally may be starting a new save in a lower league. Here's how things stand at the moment, has been our best start to a season yet plus the club has a new top scorer. Took him just four and a half years to do it. https://mega.nz/file/86gR3AZY#EcTcCjc1YRMbxeaPQl-JYvcm_AVSCwm151HuzIgaBTc
  8. What season are people in now, I've just finished 9 and only have Tierney, Saka and Martinelli from the original squad (think without checking). Seems strange seeing everyone mention Partey etc when he's long gone from my save 😁
  9. For anyone that might be interested this is the tactic I'm using since the latest patch. Sorry to link away from the site https://sortitoutsi.net/content/57568/vps-4-2-4-wide-playmakers
  10. I've made a new tactic as my 4-1-5 was performing no where near as good as before the patch. Now using a 4-2-4 and doing better, no more wingers sadly but I'm using wide advanced playmakers instead.
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