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  1. Been expecting the 8th November and I'll be very surprised if it isn't.
  2. Probably Arsenal though get very bored starting with them after a season or two, usually have a go with Southend (local team) and finally managed to get them in the Prem on this version. Would love to just start at the bottom and have just the one save going until next year but sadly I never have the patience to carry it on for long.
  3. The highlights I was trying to upload are all the goals, so minutes 3, 4, 12, 17, 19, 32, 83, 84 & 90. Thanks. DxDiag.txt Tottenham v Leeds.pkm
  4. No worries, think I've saved the match but will check when I get in later.
  5. Sorry to sound an arsehole but is there any point in reporting problems if no one has the decency to at least reply? Wouldn't be a problem if I hadn't noticed that a couple of members had had theirs replyed to today.
  6. Tried one more time and just left it for ages, came back and had a crash dump. FM 2019 v19.3.6.1242975 (2019.09.29 12.45.23).dmp
  7. Not sure why this is happening but have tried to encode the same highlights twice now and it is freezing in exactly the same place? Never had the problem before as works fine when the video is shorter in the past so tried a smaller video and that indeed worked as you'll see below.
  8. I've been playing since CM1 on the old Amiga back in 1992 and can safely say that most, not every but most years the game has improved and certainly continues to do so. I've played more hours on the current version than any other in the last 10 years so it's definitely improving in my opinion. Everyone of course is different but I do think you are going massively over the top here.
  9. I did the same in my current save, left Dortmund for Leeds at the end of the 6th season but agreed the move around Christmas time (i think). EDIT: Just looked it was Jan/Feb.
  10. Afraid I don't know much about a Mac's folder setup but have you tried these skins https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/44293/football-manager-2019-base-skins-with-working-background-mod
  11. Try this https://sortitoutsi.net/comments/get/493481
  12. I'm probably one of the only people that hopes we never see FIFA style graphics on matchdays. More than happy with the current look just being upgraded every year with better animations etc.
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