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  1. Watching the whole Nets Sixers game to see Nash bench the starters the entire 4th in a winnable game. This sport seriously has zero integrity at times and you cannot convince me Nash is a real coach.
  2. Just watching the Bucks destroy the Blazers, conceding 79 points in a half fgs. New season, same message, get Lillard out of there. I wish the same for Beal, such a joy to watch in spite of what he is surrounded with. Watched that comeback last night and couldn’t really believe my eyes, Westbrook jacked one of his heroic 3s with plenty on the clock to send it to overtime with just a 2 and gave the Nets the chance for an easy dub but somehow he hit one in the most absurd circumstances after that steal. Little intelligence to it but cannot fault the end result
  3. Found a game I genuinely enjoyed. That was two high quality sides swinging back and forth, so easy to forget what that’s like with sport right now.
  4. Pretty cool but even as a Harden superfan, I feel a bit eh about him teaming up with KD and Kyrie. It’s going to be fun but it’s a bit overkill, I’d probably be a bit more intrigued by everything if he went elsewhere.
  5. Cheers pal, counts for nothing though as NBA won’t bother to update the box score. Infuriating as even the Mavs official twitter has confirmed it, disgusting really.
  6. Mildly OT but anyone bet on NBA here? Weird one I’ve never had before but I had Doncic to get 10 rebounds, 10 assists and he had 9 prior to catching a missed FT with 1.0 on the clock which should have given him a triple double but the NBA themselves haven’t even credited him with one. Any ideas? I’d say I’m out of luck as bookies will go by the box score, makes no sense
  7. I absolutely detest the Hornets franchise. Just want to watch LaMelo and he has 18 minutes after 3 quarters whilst Graham has 30, this franchise can’t do anything right ffs
  8. Football betting properly took the mick out of me past day. Needed couple a Villa cards for £250, Utd won that market 4-0. Needed a Leeds card for £210, the side winning 3-0 get 4 cards and Leeds get just the one in what was apparently a lenient game, I’ll never know. The cherry on top was Leeds not scoring to land £100. Then I was Edouard off an 80/1 card treble and Laxalt off a 28/1 in that old firm card fest could have been a hell of a weekend but it’ll go down as one of the most rotten. In all seriousness though, I do need to find new angles with football amidst no fans. Referees hav
  9. Ah, a temporary channel rename as opposed to ditching it in its entirety? I have been confused recently when I’ve found the NBA dumped to the hidden Skymix channel but that explains that
  10. It is just a bit strange, stayed up until 4-5am most of the week watching NBA and would comfortably see 2/3 sides blown out by a considerable margin each night. You would expect things to improve as things go by but it’s a short season and I’ve seen a lot of half arsed, tired performances right now (to be somewhat expected), issue is that complacency sets in and franchises might find themselves out of the picture before they know it. I will personally only tune in now when Sky airs a game, which seems to be rare once again as their NBA rights seem irrelevant again, going as far as to remo
  11. Another blowout by the 3rd quarter as the Clippers set fire to the Blazers! I am getting bored over here NBA, every other game I watch is a blowout at the moment. Probably best to just pack up until the playoffs, lack of break and fans become too much. Hard to take an interest when high quality teams are finding themselves down 20+ so casually. Should pick up towards mid-late January after the initial lull but still, meh.
  12. Now watching them get blown out by the Hornets and it's only the 3rd quarter Really loving the Nets, hope they win the whole thing based on the first few games.
  13. So odd, watched these Mavs struggle vs, the Suns and run off by the court by the Lakers.
  14. What in the **** is going on between the Mavs and Clippers, I just looked and it's 62-20 to Mavs
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