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  1. Awful. 3rd place rule is a disaster.
  2. oh **** off
  3. As we come to the end, I think I'd probably say this is the most boring tournament I've witnessed. Earliest world cup/euros I have real recollection of would be Euro 2004 though, so not much choice for me. 3rd place awful, so bored of teams playing for clean sheets & draws & also unfair (Group E effect) IMO. If Portugal win with a win in 90 over the entire tournament - it'd perfectly sum it up I'm trying to think of anything I'll remember from this, probably jusy the Germany Italy pen shootout unless the final is ridiculous
  4. Nooooooo I wouldn't be surprised if Portugal pull it off somehow now, given it's France. Arguably I was right about the winning mentality though seeing as they have 1 win in the 90, not that it matters, possibly done myself over
  5. I see Germany breezing past Portugal, France not so much.
  6. Bale hasn't been nearly selfish enough this game
  7. Joao Mario's end product is possibly the most consistently awful I've seen all tournament
  8. Excellent, cheers Will keep an eye on those tips. Looks like I may be regretting changing my mind & placing money on Italy winning it over Portugal.
  9. The one thing that has annoyed me about the officiating is that half the refs seem to blow up at half time without adding any injury time
  10. So which set of PL fans are stealing the Icelandic clap routine & turning it into a cringey mess?
  11. Well my Bale golden boot bet just died
  12. Fair play. Man United bottle job
  13. Going 1-1 & Italy on pens
  14. Didn't get around to putting anything on Wales in the end, shame as 5/1 was a great price. Will you be tipping for domestic football next season? If only I'd followed your tips this tournament
  15. It's happening. Was a bit annoyed to find Wales had scored 3 & Bale got none of them though, grab that golden boot damn it