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  1. ArsenalFan7

    In your opinion, handball or not?

    What this has highlighted for me is that the wording of the handball rules surely needs a rewrite as it’s so confusing to those of us unfamiliar with the rules. The grand majority of handballs are obviously not deliberate but this surely falls in the ‘clear and obvious error’ category. However, anyone one of my friends I tried to argue this against would just throw that word ‘deliberate’ at me and I’m certainly not in a position to know how to argue against it, other than using my eyes and seeing a player block the ball in a dangerous area with his (literal) hand
  2. ArsenalFan7

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Lingard and Pogba are cringe but I wish I contained half as much joy as they do. It doesn’t bother me too much outside of laughing at them when they do their childish stunts, they’re pretty inoffensive. In the case of Lingard, when I see him doing his dance moves in a Utd shirt, I think ‘you silly twit’. Whereas I’ve grown to quite like him for his efforts in an England shirt these past few weeks, probably have joined in if he scored vs: Croatia. Pogba just so good over the course of this tournament. Go on Mourinho, sell him and hurry up the process to him becoming the world’s best midfielder.
  3. ArsenalFan7

    Do England deserve a parade or at least a welcome-home ceremony?

    Just makes me wonder what would have happened if we did reach the final or somehow actually win it. Would cringe if we did celebrate achieving nothing.
  4. ArsenalFan7

    Okay. Would Big Sam have brought it home?

    A big side would have humped us 4-0 with this fraud in charge, mesmerising just how bad he made Everton look.
  5. ArsenalFan7

    World Cup Prediction Thread

    Great job Sons FC, cheers
  6. ArsenalFan7

    In your opinion, handball or not?

    The amount of flack this decision received confused me. Having seen him literally palm the ball, it seemed like common sense to me that it was a penalty. Feels awfully similar to the faux outrage about the Griezmann penalty vs. Australia, doubt it’d have been such a hot topic had it been Croatia benefitting but I could be wrong. Think the funniest part was that the referee somehow managed to interpret it originally as a goal kick. He clearly didn’t see anything at first to not even realise it came off Perisic, the wonders of VAR.
  7. ArsenalFan7

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Pavard not goal of the tournament and instead giving to Chadli do me a favour!
  8. His hat trick vs. Panama one of the worst I've ever seen, rivalling Kuyt vs. United. Well done Sir Harry
  9. ArsenalFan7

    The VAR Thread

    Also, must add ability to reverse corner and goal kick calls.
  10. ArsenalFan7

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Mbappe anytime 4/1 and France win, over 1 goal and 1 card each 10/3 winners to finish off. Knockouts were tasty for the bank account. That ref almost gave me a heart attack with his refusal to book Croatian players.
  11. ArsenalFan7

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Not to detract from the achievement but the football from open play did border on an embarrassment at times. I would agree that the fans have been all too forgiving at the sheer happiness of the results. Fair enough, the set pieces have been excellent but we never particularly stood a chance against any of the larger nations relying upon those alone, it's something Southgate has to fix. I can only imagine how much the French would have bullied us with our sub par ability to create anything out in the open. Felt a bit taboo to critique England throughout the tournament given the feel good factor and overprotection of our players. I did dare to question Kane from open play to my friends in suggesting he had been average at best and was slaughtered for it. They were all quiet after today and Croatia.. He may still be Sir Harry Kane but he wasn't the Tottenham Harry Kane we all know.
  12. ArsenalFan7

    World Cup Betting Thread

    That is bloody impressive, Maguire 2-0 scorecast Just lost on £100 because Bet365's refusal to pay out on a corner that wasn't taken before the final whistle of the first half. Worst rule in football betting that the corner has to be taken imo, disgustingly cheap way to take your money by the bookies. 365's customer good will is just utterly appalling as SkyBet paid out with their common sense.
  13. Can’t wait to watch Hazard in the Real Madrid side.
  14. Have edited now, Bobby is forgiven.
  15. Bit of a bellend move taking Lukaku off. Or not, thought he was one goal off instead of two.