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  1. Vicki Sparks just a bit bland in all honestly, didn't irk me but wasn't interesting, another in the line of commentators I don't care to listen to. I wouldn't mind seeing how Cesc and Alex Scott translate to commentary, I've enjoyed listening to them in the studio. The man I'd really love to listen to commentate is Ray Hudson, that crackhead makes any game entertaining
  2. ArsenalFan7

    Denmark VS Australia (1pm KO)

    I thought it was a pen but Lahoz is one ruthless bastard of a referee getting him suspended for the next game with a card for that
  3. Dreadful refereeing! The Spain 2nd was on. No chance, they can try but they're just rubbish.
  4. Your defence is impressive at what it does, I just hate the great wall, my apologies. Iran played like they did since the goal and I could get behind them.
  5. Iran can clearly actually play football, so I have no sympathy for their shithouse tactics throughout this and Morocco.
  6. hahaha. death to the great wall and what a crap goal to do it, beautiful
  7. Football's meant to be fun Get Thiago on.
  8. ArsenalFan7

    Group A Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (KO 16:00 BBC1)

    You're not wrong! Can't wait for 32 teams
  9. ArsenalFan7

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Officially done until the knockouts with Uruguay failing to score 2 against Saudi Arabia ffs
  10. ArsenalFan7

    Group A Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (KO 16:00 BBC1)

    Saudi's were of course the better side that first half outside the scoreline, they controlled the game and Uruguay looked turgid. They just lead through individual insanity, it is what is, I'm not saying Saudi's should have been 1 up. I'm just disappointed Uruguay can only muster up this pathetic showing vs. this quality opposition. In fairness, I am a bit of broken record in my rants this world cup. Ranting about the poor quality of the bigger teams, games in general and referees. This game has been very apt in that regard
  11. ArsenalFan7

    Group A Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (KO 16:00 BBC1)

    Mesmerising that Saudi's have 56% of the possession, possibly the worst team at the tournament and Uruguay are being outplayed, laughable.
  12. ArsenalFan7

    Group A Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (KO 16:00 BBC1)

    The odd Copa America match and qualifier but nothing compared to the tedium of this I guess the dark horse tag is a curse.
  13. ArsenalFan7

    Group A Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (KO 16:00 BBC1)

    Turns out Uruguay are actually a bit of a tough watch
  14. ArsenalFan7

    Group A Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (KO 16:00 BBC1)

    This is either going to be a boring 2-0 or a trouncing, I will go with the latter and say 4-0 - Cavani x2, Suarez and one of those other fellas to pop up with one.
  15. ArsenalFan7

    Group B: Portugal v Morocco (KO 1300BST)

    Can't say it enough this tournament but more naff refereeing. Near 40 fouls and blatant cards ignored, FIFA is making their officials look stupid here. I think the only ref that actually had the balls to get his cards out was the Zambian ref, fair play to him. Portugal teased me into thinking it'd be a decent game but the turgid 1-0 I expected. Can't complain about the results at the end of the day but they'd probably be the hipsters choice of side with an exciting outlook.