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  1. Find the idea of a man firing a flare out of his bare ass being a key component of the ‘biggest day of his life’ absolutely majestic in all fairness.
  2. It’s hard to see when we will see another tournament again after this mess, if it does happen, I will be grey and old. Certainly don’t deserve it almost allowing a disaster in this day. Everything we have learned about our society since has made the loss easier to take on a personal level. I was so pleased as a fan to see the nation come together but these scenes of violence and racism are a reality check and a good means for me to understand just why it is that everyone detests us. As well as how much of a large portion of our nation doesn’t deserve anything out of life.
  3. I make it 127 attempts for Italy vs. 63 for England across the whole tournament, which is a pretty staggering difference between two finalists and I’d argue we have the better attacking players.
  4. Italy were clinical against Spain in a performance that was average compared with the rest of their tournament (bar Austria), 7 shots with 4 on target is pretty much what we’ve been doing all tournament and it was one of their ‘bad’ performances. They’ve been consistently playing good attacking football alongside a solid defensive structure, so I feel you can forgive them for riding the storm to a final against a good Spain side. Aside from Denmark and Ukraine, England have relied on a safe approach with clinical finishing to win games. To me it felt as though we eroded any home advantage
  5. Would agree with that in fairness. I thought he had the opportunity to go with Sancho and try to exploit Emerson but it was clear from the initial lineup what the intentions were, he’d earned my trust by that point but was quite anxious beforehand at there only being two reliable scorers in the side, felt too safe. Unfortunately, it did end up feeling like I was watching Croatia again and I can’t get behind the mentality of clinging on to a lead for that long. Final sentence aptly sums up my feelings towards him, I’m extremely grateful for the way he has united the fans and the squad but
  6. Mancini is just so good, said it towards the start of the Euros but he’s in a league of his own compared to the other managers and that was the difference on the night. They handled the occasion greatly, the best teams produce those kind of cynical challenges in the important moments. Chiesa as well, what a player. Grateful for the occasion but more than anything disappointed by Southgate returning to his passive don’t lose mentality when there was plenty of opportunities to exploit, as great as it felt at the time, going up that early was probably our downfall with Southgate in char
  7. Makes you ashamed to be English. What an awful nation we are. I have been angry reading people defend the jibbing and redirecting it towards UEFA’s ticket prices and the handful of celebrities who get access. Could have seen something much more violent unfold but oh well, James Corden and the like are in attendance, that’s the real issue, let the goons run riot.
  8. Have these been posted? I guess we didn’t actually have a chance of scoring without that soft penalty.
  9. I really do worry about Felix Brych getting the final, a truly awful referee on the big occasions
  10. Best part is that Brych has been rewarded with the Spain Italy game after allowing KDB and Hazard to get injured. Not sure how he’s landed himself a QF and now the biggest SF after that nonsense.
  11. The fella is now trending on twitter and there’s a lot of jokes aimed towards him and children. Someone seems to have found him on an x-rated site with ‘the younger the better’ in the bio, he definitely did not give off a weird vibe.
  12. It was a selfish and lacklustre display filled with poor decisions. He made some weird blocked shot attempts and I can think of one notable chance where he had to pass to the wide man in space and went for glory with a ridiculous half chance. The Jorginho-Verratti-Barella trio is a thing of beauty though, Verratti ran the show last night on a yellow card for most of the occasion. Should Italy get to the final against England, I would not be shocked to see us lose that game in midfield. In the meantime, I can’t wait for them vs. Pedri, Busquets, Koke - two absurd midfields.
  13. It’s at £25k now, utterly bonkers. Think anyone abusing the girl is a sub-human piece of scum but this has equally infuriated me. It’s clearly an ode to the founder’s own ego, he even raised a drink to himself to celebrate £20k
  14. Very glad he isn’t resting players for yellows, lets get through first and then worry about any potential suspensions.
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