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  1. The most ridiculous position of them all is up front, we only play one striker most games but we have so many options: Strikers Hilmar Eiriksson - The other Icelandic player in our squad and he's pretty damn good! Shea McDonell - Bit of a legend at club and international level. Been with us 5 years and cost us £50k from Glenavon Daniel Kearney - Also important at club and international level for us. Just 21 years old and also with us for 5 years after signing for £40k from Dungannon Keith Quinn - He's a good young northern irish player but I think could be one for the chop. Another Dungannon signing for £20k David Browne - Came through our youth team and has great potential, annoying he is choosing the Republic right now: # Gary Graham - Our latest youth team option, gave him a cap for no real reason yet Marijan Tolic - Another free signing with no previous club. Has developed a lot more than expected and has just had a great year at Rjelka in croatia # Cristian Calin - Another free signing with no historic clubs. Loaned him to the Romanian 2nd tier and he did really well so might try and loan him to a better club next year.
  2. In midfield we play a Half Back and a Segundo Volante behind an advanced playmaker in Central Midfield, here are those options: Central Midfield Anibal Silveira - Signed for £500k from Braga, only got limited game time in his first season but he probably deserves more Dale Slater - Been with us 5 seasons now and was an absolute bargain at £22k from Dungannon Jonny Graham - A nice option to have through our youth system Gary O'Hara - Might be one to sell now but he is a good homegrown option , only 22 but has been at the club since signing as a 15 year old from St Mirren for £50k. Burak Budak - A Record £12m! (in instalments) signed from Galatasary David Telletxea - Really good player and regular starter for us in big games, signed for £500k from Eibar. Raymond Moukoko - Actually only signed to make up the numbers for our B Team but he's developing nicely Finn Hartford - Quite a new signing, decided to sell some foreign players and wanted a replacement who would count as homegrown Agust Leo Markan - One of 2 Icelandic players in the side and he is one of our best players Wingers/Inside Forwards Michael McConnell - Came through our youth system and is now a regular in my Northern Ireland side and a great option for Larne on the left Nicholas Mounier - Another one of them free signings with no historic club. Had him on trial until he could sign at 18, loaned him out a year with not much hope but came back looking class. Max Parrino - Was shocked we were able to sign this guy, absolute class on the left inside forward position Radoslaw Bil - Probably our best player tbh. Signed for £3.8M From Legia, only because David Fitzpatrick was tapped up by Aberdeen. Now wanted by Real, PSG, City and just about every big side. Gary Trainor - Stole from Linfield for an extra N.Irish option. Regular for me at international level now John Rafferty - Just another home grown option to replace foreigners in the squad, signed from Shamrock
  3. Thought I'd post my squad to give an idea of how much the standard of player can increase as the save continues. Also want to show how stupidly big the squad is and look to get advice on who to keep and who to loan/sell. Got about 10 strikers and only play one up front I'm also Northern Ireland manager, I like the idea of some of my players gaining the nationality later to make their team better. Keepers: Herteg - We did have a better spanish keeper called Jorge but PSG stole him so I went and signed Herteg to replace him as first choice Nicholl: Dungannon released him but he's actually very good for this level, I'm giving him games at international level Peacock-Farrell - A rare real player still in the team. Nice option to have on rotation Full Backs: Tumelo Khumalo - First choice right back signed from South Africa Angel Luis Sanz - Former Real Madrid left back signed to replace the £10m sale of Tony Brown (went to Burnley, now at Man Utd) Peter Long - Left Back, came through our youth system and has good potential Mark Beckett - Again through our own youth system and again with great potential Nigel Mcmullan - It's nice to have another N.Irish option, signed after Glenavon released him: Jiri Krejci - Czech youngster who always gets really high ratings Centre Backs Ivan Bajic - Class Centre Back, cost just £165k from serbia. Hoping he'll become Northern Irish one day Scott Mclaren - £6m! signing from Celtic, well worth the money Richy - Signed from Valencia, still very young but has had 4 seasons with us now, another one I'd like to see become N.Irish Gareth Llewellyn - Only 21 but has been with us since he was 16, signed on a free from Bala and is quite happy as backup getting regular games for Larne Olympic Sime Glumac - Croatian Centre Back signed from Hajduk for £550k, I'd also like him to change nationality one day Jim Sproule - Released by Dungannon and only really signed for Larne Olympic, I'm still capping him atm. Bruno Madeira - One of them free transfers with no past club. Currently on trial until he signs at 18.
  4. @coyote of the sea how has brexit affected you? We can only have 17 foreign players in the squad. Could also previously sign up players from scotland and england at 15/16 but have to wait until they turn 18 now. Anyway it's been 3 years in a row now of making the Champions League groups, finishing 3rd and then losing either the first or 2nd game after dropping into the Europa. Not sure how the next step is achieved, squad is always ridiculously young because once a player has been here a little while he gets unsettled by the big clubs, sold and replaced with someone even younger.
  5. Just got my biggest sale. Burnley met the £10m release clause for our Northern Irish left back Tony Brown.
  6. 2 years in a row of coming 3rd in the Champions League Group. Actually thought we were going to qualify too, we were really unlucky to lose to Porto away by 2-1 so I fancied our chances in the return fixture at home. We got pumped 6-1 Also should have beat Milan at home but indiscipline cost us as we went down to 10 men and then lost 1-0 in the last minute, our disciplinary record in Europe is appalling. Season isn't over yet so we'll see what the Europa throws up but domestically it's obviously too much of a stroll, annoyed that a 1-1 draw with Glentoran has cost us a 100% win record this season. Considering the next time I steal a prospect from a league rival that I might pay about £5m for him to see if they can invest it well and improve the quality of the league a bit. Also I finally had a good youth player come through with a young left winger, will post some screenshots when I'm home.
  7. Good fun this, qualified for the Europa group stages last season and now this season have qualified for the Champions League Group stages after hanging on with 10 men against Rangers. In the year 21/22 now.
  8. Kingstonian FC Championship 24/25 Again this feels like a long time ago but all I remember is thinking we had no chance of staying up with our squad, somehow we ended up winning it! By far the lowest budget in the league and on paper a really weak looking squad except for some decent loan players. No idea how it was done but we did it! League Table Transfers Just a weird bunch of loan signings and punts on lower league rejects Key Players Chelsea did let us have a bloody good striker on loan though.. Squad - Wages Acheivements
  9. Kingstonian FC League One 23/24 Catching up from a couple of seasons ago now so can't actually remember how this league went but we won it and Idris Kanu banged them in again. League Table Checkatrade Transfers Key Players
  10. Kingstonian FC League Two 22/23 Got to be happy with this season as we made it back to back promotions for the first time on this save. Was also the first season where we spent and made a bit of money, the biggest purchase being a promising left back from our landlords Leyton Orient. Idris Kanu joined us on a free in October (he was sat uninterested on my shortlist for a while) and just dominated the league. In the FA Cup we lost in the 3rd round to a 90th minute goal at Championship leaders Fulham. League Table Transfers Key Players Idris Kanu: Released from Aston Villa after a few loan spells away from them and he was just so fast and powerful, only joined in October but was the leagues top scorer. Bright Osayi-Samuel: Same as the last year, devastating cutting in from the left and still probably a level or 2 below where he belongs Nya Kirby: Dominant Central Midfielder signed after his release from Palace
  11. Kingstonian FC Vanarama National 21/22 After bottling it on the final day the previous season I looked at improving our squad to make sure we achieved promotion this season. In the end we did it fairly easily and the title was never really in doubt. We did bottle it in the cup a bit, throwing away a 3-1 lead to Hull to lose 4-3. League Table Transfers Key Players Ike Ugbo Former Chelsea youngster was far too good for this level. Bright Osayi-Samuel As mentioned earlier this guy was absolutely ridiculous cutting in from the left hand side. Giovanni McGregor: 13 goals from midfield from the former Norwich player
  12. Nice one @tremor not read much of the thread but looks like a well quick completion. Been to Folkestones ground last season to watch Aylesbury in the cup, nice little set up.
  13. Kingstonian FC Vanarama South 20/21 In short we bottled it, went into the final game top by 3 points but with a worse goal difference so knew a point in our final game against 4th place Wrexham would seal the title and a 2nd successive promotion for us. We lost 3-0, faced Wrexham again in the playoffs and lost again We did get a much needed FA cup run although never got that mega away draw we needed I can't complain too much. Knocking out league one Fleetwood, league 2 cambridge, Championship Norwich before becoming unstuck after extra time against Championship Sheffield Wednesday. Wa enough to clear our debts and get a slightly improved budget for next season, I already think our squad is much much better now so we should be aiming for the title. League Table Transfers Key Players Alex Samuel: Former Swansea striker, can't argue with 29 goals for the season Jordan Garrick: Class on loan from Portsmouth. He's just been released but unfortunately wants way too much money to join permanently Cup Run: The heartbreak of extra time
  14. Kingstonian FC Vanarama South 19/20 A great first season after a slow start we raced to the title and didn't really look in too much doubt for most of the season. Was hoping for a good cup run to help cure the fact that we are about £200k in the red but unfortunately could only reach the 4th qualifying round before losing to Eastleigh. Didn't offer much in the FA Trophy either and lost in the first round to Welling. We were very busy with transfers and pretty much built a new squad, although a couple of the existing players were amongst our best such as Muhammadu Faal and David Fitzpatrick. Already made some nice signings for our first year in the Vanarama National but we are in desperate need of a cup run to clear our debts. Manager Profile League Table Transfers Key Players Jonathan Afolabi: Former Southampton striker was our top scorer. Dylan Duncan: Former Spurs midfielder was our key creator in the centre of midfield Faal: As mentioned earlier, was already at the club and was a great asset as an inside forward on the left.
  15. 21/22 season. A lot of them have been getting games right from the start but at the end of last season I got rid of Leno, Holding, Kolasinac, Torreira and Aubameyang to get to this stage. Monreal, Welbeck, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Cech and Elneny all left in season 1 and the majority left season 2. Sitting 7th after 12 games at the moment so it's not running that smoothly but I think it'll pick up.
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