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  1. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Title went down to the final day for the 4th year running, this year it was a bit clearer as we were 3 points ahead with a far superior goal difference. Drew the final game to clinch our 2nd title. Europe was a failure as we got beaten easily at the first hurdle by danish side fc midtjylland. No major sales this season but we do have a player who is being monitored by Chelsea, Real, PSG, Barcelona, Juventus etc.. In fact pretty much every top side in the world wants him. Didn't get a screenshot of him last year but here he is now. We have him tied down until 2026 and he isn't kicking up a fuss when we reject bids either. Quantity wise it wasn't our best intake, however I think 2 or 3 of them can come into our first team fairly quickly. Johannsson and Ingvarsson.
  2. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    So for the 3rd year running the title went down to the final day, we went in 1 point ahead of KR and yet again our lads bottled it Lost 2-0 to one of the mid-table teams. Luckily KR also bottled it and handed us the title for the first time. We were knocked out of the europa league at the same stage, beating MTK Budapest and surprisingly beating Polish side Cracovia before losing to Vitesse, they had an incredible striker who is wanted by Valencia so no shame there. We got over our lack of decent strikers by attempting to retrain a bunch of our attacking midfielders and wingers, one of them being Leifsson. Another is Vilhjalmsson, although he played mainly on the right. Siguroarson on the other wing was another one of our key performers. As mentioned earlier, our only sale this year was Arnar for a fee that could reach £900k. We had quite a good youth intake this year, really like the look of Gunnarson who has slotted straight into our starting lineup.
  3. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    @vikeologist It's more that there are no real standout players in the side, we have some good players for our league but the last 2 who were poached were a class above and could win us games with a bit of magic. Update coming soon from the next season.
  4. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Just like that Arnar has gone, £375k rising to a potential £900k. We have no good players left ffs
  5. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    League Table: So yet again we took it to the last game of the season and yet again we had it all in our own hands. Yet again we finish 2nd This time we went into the final game 2 points behind leaders KR with our final game being a home match against them, we could only manage a 1-1 draw so just missed out on the title. I think we may have won it if we kept hold of Arnaldson, managed to talk my board out of accepting £300k for him but then more bids came in and I was in a position to negotiate. Realistically I couldn't refuse the offer though and the money has come in very nicely as the board are now willing to upgrade our youth facilities. Europe was a nice adventure where we easily saw off Dinamo Minsk and FK Ventspils in the first 2 Europa qualifiers before coming up against Everton. We went ultra defensive and "only" lost 3-0 away, actually put up a great fight in the home leg too but lost that one 3-2. Was a nice bit of a financial boost though. Ulfur Arnar is our other top player, he is wanted by pretty much all of Belgium so I imagine it won't be long before he follows Arnaldson out of the door. We are in for a struggle next season as we don't have any good strikers left, tempted to try a striker less formation. Youth Intake is in, not a bad one but we now have about 7 right backs with good potential. I think the player I have most hope for out of that list is Ingason.
  6. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    So we went into the final game of the season 2 points clear at the top of the league but with a much worse goal difference than 2nd place. We knew only a win would do but it was a tough away match, we lost 4-0... Still 2nd place with 0 goal difference is quite something: Table Our key man is Arnaldsson but he is another one who won't sign a new deal so he probably won't be here for too long. We also had a good youth intake including: Arnason Michaelsson Arnason 2 Geirsson
  7. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Just got offered the Iceland job and the game crashed immediately after I hit reject
  8. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    So we were bloody awful in our first year up but just about survived, just look at our goals against column! Went on a horrible losing run including one 7-0 defeat but just about stayed up right at the death: table Mathiasson was by far our best player again but got injured quite a lot, of course the inevitable has now happened: Gone On the plus side we had a nice intake Gudjohnsen Arnladsson Viktorsson Leifsson
  9. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Nice one @XaW surely that means a good chance of being professional now?
  10. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    @vikeologist Kristinsson is the only one so far but we are still losing money at a fairly rapid rate so I expect more to come! I sold our best striker at the end of the 1st season for £3k because he was about to leave for nothing anyway.
  11. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Yeah I suppose the board have had to loan us money to keep us in the black so they have every right to get their money back. Matthiasson is being a real dick too so won't be long until he goes, half of belgium want him at the moment. Nice work on the stadium, should help the finances and in turn help the push to turn pro.
  12. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    There goes one: Offer they can't refuse Kristinsson
  13. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    League Table So we did our best to bottle it towards the end and were not consistent enough to maintain a title challenge but I will certainly take it. A real positive was the number of players from our youth intake immediately becoming regulars. Transfers As mentioned it was nice to have our youth intake making an impact, nobody did this better than Mathhiasson who looks a real prospect. He has no intention of signing a new deal but hopefully promotion will help there. Einarsson was probably our other best player. Youth intake not as good as last time but a couple of decent players in there: Vilhjhamsson & Jonsson the pick of them. No idea what to expect next year, the finances still aren't good but the board are taking out loans to help out temporarily.
  14. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Didn't even clock that! Yeah they won the cup, beat another team from our league in the final too
  15. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    League Table Not a bad season, as you can see we had no trouble scoring goals but we had great difficulty keeping them out at the other end. There were times when I thought we might sneak into the promotion spots but we just lacked any consistency. The worry is that Jonsson is my far our best player and his contract is up and he has no intention of signing a new one. Key Players: Jonsson Einarsson Youth Intake Quite a good youth intake, Matthiasson especially looks like a nice project with 20 in determination a lovely bonus. Given them game time already and Matthiasson got a goal on his debut. Key Youth Hermansson Kristinsson Matthiasson Next year I think I'll let a lot of players go, need to save money as the finances are really poor. Will be a chance for the youngsters to step up.