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  1. Results mean absolutely nothing when you've already proven you'll reload games. Anyone can get those results with Real Madrid in that scenario, posting them as "proof" something works is quite hilarious. Play FM the way you want But don't come here saying you'll quit because you had one bad result with a broken tactic, then spend every post defending the abomination.
  2. The AI is doing exactly what it should do, trying to upset your squad and make it hard for you to make good transfers. It's not supposed to be easy to make good deals.
  3. There are a few different things going on here; foreign player rules have nothing to do with home-grown at club, but it does look buggy with all those players being homegrown. In practical terms, there's luckily no great advantage to the bug
  4. Would someone playing for Sevilla last season leave for Arsenal or Chelsea who are now in the EL? I'd say yes. While I agree that too many players pile on when a single player becomes unhappy, you started off by saying it happened "without any bad interactions". That isn't the case, they have reasons (in game) for being unhappy, and if they are unhappy they won't sign a new contract. Valencia is a selling club IRL, and that's how the players in FM view it as well. If the players are doing well, they expect to be sold on to bigger clubs. If you refuse, other players will become unhappy too. You can change that view gradually in FM, but it's going to take a few seasons, not just a single good one. Until then, there's going to be problems with bigger clubs unsettling your players.
  5. For all players there's a maximum of 5 years on contracts, if your player signed a 5+3 optional contract, you have to wait until it runs down to 2 years left to be able to activate the extension
  6. 2-year deals are the maximum length you can offer players under a certain age, in which case a 3-year optional extension will not be possible. I think they need to be 18 for longer contracts, but I could be wrong and it could depend on the league/country as well.
  7. That proves absolutely nothing, other than Barca's perceived CA of Fabregas was low. Even in the same article there's a contradiction, claiming Fabregas was "one of Spain’s most luxurious talents" Yes, Gilberto Silva, World Cup winner, 93 caps for Brazil, starting 11 of the only team in EPL(1992+) history to go undefeated. Both Barcelona and Arsenal were in the top 5 teams in the world during those seasons, to say one was a far better team is simply not backed up by statistics. You are welcome to your opinion, but please don't try and pass it around like it's facts.
  8. It's not that we misunderstand, it's that you make no sense. There's no way we can understand your point. Fabregas joined Arsenal just before the invincible season. He didn't play in the league, and his big breakthrough was the following season. You said he left to enter the first team of Arsenal, but he didn't for a year at Arsenal, so that argument makes no sense. He arguably joined a BETTER team than Barcelona. A 17 yo starting for a team that went undefeated the previous season was a humongous surprise. Both Arsenal and Barcelona got knocked out in the CL 1/16 final next season and the following year the two teams met in the CL final. After an early red card, Arsenal went on to lose 1-2. Fabregas played the whole game. Fabregas was probably at a higher CA than Messi in the 04/05 and 05/06 season, their age 17 and age 18 seasons. It was only really at age 21 that Messi clearly became the superior player we know today. It's so easy to be biased towards Messi now, but I remember the time well and Fabregas stood out immediately when he entered the starting eleven at 17 years old. He was in the UEFA Team of the Year in 2006, 2 years before Messi's first selection in the same team. CA is made up stat, so you can disagree. But that isn't a misunderstanding
  9. This thread was a weird read. Somehow everyone was accused of not knowing what PA is at some point, the Arsenal invincibles squad were said to be a worse team than Barcelona B based on Fabregas breaking into the team the next season and others arguing if PA is too easy to spot. Then we had a brief discussion of nature vs nurture, where apparently everyone can become Messi if they trained enough. Sure, you can become good and even great at a lot of things by training (repetition is the mother of skill), but someone who has more talent, which is what PA is meant to represent, will still be better than you if they train equally hard. I'm sure there were members of Messi's youth team that trained more than him, so why didn't they become as good as him? It's far too simplistic to suggest this is the only thing that matters IRL and certainly making a game based on that philosophy will create situations where everyone in a squad is at 200 CA. The suggested system already exists, with modifications, in Madden NFL and it results in exactly that. Basically, players are generated at various ratings, but they can all reach the 99 max potential. Every player earns XP based on game performance and can be born with traits that help them accumulate XP faster (we can call this personality). Those traits can also be gained by leading the league in a stat category. The game has other RL features that are not feasible in FM/football, (salary cap means you can't afford all 99 rated + 5-8 years from players enters the league until decline begins) which balance out this development style, but you still end up with very high rated squads. I dread to see something like that in FM. PA is by no means perfect, but in terms of making a realistic game, it's hard to imagine we can do much better. I mean, it would be cool to have some random 21-24 yo gain 60 PA to set him up for a Vardy style career path, but it's just sprinkle
  10. That isn't true. (and never has been, but confusion is understandable as the rules keep changing year to year) Currently, we have this: "An association may have a maximum of five teams in the group stage" -UEFA rules That means top 4 + either an EL or a CL winner outside top 4 EPL is fine. The only issue is when BOTH continental winners finish outside the top 4. In that case, the 4th place team does indeed miss out. It used to be that a country only had 4 possible places. This meant Spurs missed out after finishing 4th in 11/12, due to Chelsea winning the CL. EL win has only awarded a CL place since the 2014–15 season.
  11. Attributes only go up by 0.2 at a time (you can click on the number to view the progression), so every green arrow doesn't necessarily mean +1 Are these players actually playing games? Usually it should happen almost on its own in that case.
  12. Liverpool leading the league by 13 points in one out of millions of simulations does not bother me, nor does it require any explanation. Liverpool has a great team right out of the gate, it's a fairly realistic outcome & I would be worried if no user could manage this.
  13. You are asking for something that fundamentally goes against the idea of FM. The game has always been about treating the human player and the AI completely the same. Other games have difficulty levels by giving the AI boosts, or disadvantages to the human player. Do you really want a match engine that favors the AI by 20%, or reduce your players attributes by 5/10/? %? Because that's the only solution to create what you are asking for. Top clubs underperforming has nothing to do with needing difficulty level, you can't just boost certain clubs and not others. It's possible big clubs are underperforming, but that is a GAME ISSUE, and something that should be solved in the game. Not something ramping up the difficulty level helps with. These are the very best clubs in football. This game is based on bigger clubs = less of a challenge to manage. As for sales, FM has done quite well, don't you think?
  14. By choosing to start with Liverpool, you've selected the difficulty level of "Rookie". If you support Liverpool and want to manage them, how about starting at the bottom and work your way up to earn that job? That's a different difficulty level.
  15. Maybe you should have a look at the stats of the Atletico vs Arsenal games As for the rest, I'm trying to compare Spain top 3 with England top 6, using this as an example. I'm not sure what you are doing, dragging Burnley into it. Yes, Sevilla beat Man Ut, Spurs beat Madrid, Madrid beat Liverpool and maybe we should include Sevilla and make Spain a top 4. But they haven't been performing in the league and got knocked out by Leicester in a recent CL knockout round. The top 3 of Spain are better than ANY top 6 English team on recent European merit. But given time, There has never been a great migration of English players to the clubs you mention. Does that mean they couldn't have played for those clubs? No, of course not. Teams buy from inside their own league more often, that's absolutely natural, Spanish teams attract more South Americans, that's also a given. Sterling and Stones would play games for Madrid or Barca, absolutely, but they both went above-market price because English teams need English players, ruling out a move abroad. The middle teams in England are buying the best players from middle teams in top leagues, or from the best teams in the second tier. There are soooo many things clouding this debate, and I'll never get around to covering them all. But I can share a few interesting observations in the Spain vs England debate: Coefficient-wise: too few teams placing 3rd in CL groups and dropping to the Europa League. Falling at the first knockout round looks worse than making the EL semi, and certainly gets you fewer points. I'm really not sure this reflects reality. The traditions of the leagues are different. Because the EPL is so tough, other than the top 6 clubs (and sometimes even them too), qualifying for the EL means a very hard league start. Burnley this year: 1-1-4 start, Everton 17/18: literally in 16th place when knocked out of the EL group phase with a fired manager, West Ham 16/17: 1-0-5 start, Southampton 15/16, 18th place when knocked out. These clubs all recovered to improve their standings significantly (Burnley pending..), but it's striking to see this 4 years running. I left out Leicester, but they obviously also struggled domestically and fired their title-winning coach during their CL run. Does that mean the 7th place English team is bad? Probably. But it could also mean they value Premier League safety over getting to the EL knockout round or even group stage.
  16. What is there to explain, exactly? Obviously Spain has outperformed England in recent European competitions. There are so many reasons for this, not just squad quality.
  17. Not that I necessarily disagree with EPL players being overrated, but Ibrahimovic just this week highlighted physicality as the main difference between EPL and the other leagues he has played in - https://www.goal.com/en/news/ibrahimovic-premier-league-is-overrated-imagine-what-i-could/1x9zy9fojhwue19ydbasihs3km
  18. That's just completely wrong. The top 6 in the EPL have gained 150 points currently after matchday 11, which is an average of 25 points. This is higher than at the same stage in 2017 (130), 2016 (138), 2015 (117), 2014 (111). 25 points would be at least second in any of those years, this year it's 4th. Maybe ONE team isn't dominating, but quite clearly the current trend is the top 6 pulling away and separating themselves from the midtable teams. You also contradict yourself in saying the top English teams aren't much stronger than midtable teams, while claiming none of the players from midtable teams would get a game at the big clubs. (Plenty of recent ex-Everton players in the top 6 teams, so that's a bad example, Newcastle are a bottom tier team and Wolves is a promoted side!) My point would be that the difference, both financially and squad-wise, between the top 6 English clubs and the rest has never been bigger. The midtable teams have good players, and the top 6 regularly scoop them up. Having 6 teams pull away like this is as far as I know unique, the top is usually much smaller. Atletico squeezed past Arsenal (6th EPL last season vs 2nd in La Liga) last season, so you could argue that 6 English teams are roughly as good as the top 3 Spanish ones. 6 options to go far in Europe will produce better results than average.
  19. Interesting thought. I've never really paid attention to traveling costs, even in the lower leagues. Longitude and latitude are definitely in the game and it might be used for some sort of calculation. I don't think it's a sophisticated mechanic, probably would only take distance into account and not things like means of travel, which means you wouldn't be worse off than a team in the NE of England
  20. There are skins that bring it back, afaik the game still tracks the information, it's just no longer shown to users.
  21. I'm right there with you, English teams buy at the top of the market from other leagues, meaning they both pay a premium and get players at their highest CA. Mid and low table team in other leagues than the EPL simply don't spend as much, and even with the AI being mostly abysmal regarding transfers, spending big WILL improve your team in FM. This could potentially be an issue causing the biggest clubs outside England to not compete for the CL, they simply don't spend enough to improve. Because IRL they do spend a lot. We're all expecting Real Madrid to spend big next summer, while Barca recently recruited Dembele and Coutinho for huge sums, something that just wouldn't happen in FM (in my experience). Finally, overall it's probably too easy to buy players in the game. Spurs and Utd struggled this summer getting upgrades. In FM every human manager will easily upgrade these teams with players that are available in the summer window. I'd be interested in numbers, like total transfers above 5/10/20 mill in the game compared to RL. League specific ones too. It's really hard to get these things right, but the balance has been skewed towards the EPL in pretty much every version of this game.
  22. The tooltip description for Very defensive, Cautious and Positive all say exactly the same thing. Bit confusing.
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