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  1. AFAIK, this is only linked to attendance. There's another specific rating for how attractive/rich a city is.
  2. A supremely talented 19½ yo should be playing in your main team - even if it's in a back-up option. It's by far the best way to keep track of his progress and make sure he becomes the player he has the potential be. Would not retrain him though, those technicals are potato for a defender, never mind for a midfielder. Maybe stopper in a 3 CB system would be the best fit?
  3. They are on the low end, but why would you expect them to be on the high end if they've never been trained in that attribute? Your guy Navas is pretty clearly a FB and looks to have been trained as one. And he isn't 6 feet, he's actually two notches below at 5'10". The striker has likely always been trained as an AF. Honestly think the game might be doing you a favour here, going from 6 JR to 12 JR would cost CA that would be deducted elsewhere. Besides, if your player is performing, does it really matter if he has 6 or 12 JR? Where you might be on to something, is that the AI rarely use complete striker and target man in their tactics, which can cause players not to be training in jumping. Overall, I'm not sure it's a huge issue though.
  4. I understand that this attribute might look weird to people that haven't been following the series for years, but it's all to do with the change from "Jumping" to "Jumping Reach". Someone under 1.80 is very unlikely to get above 12 in the current model. That isn't because they only jump 2cm off the ground. It's because even with a great leap, they can't outjump significantly taller players. Jumping reach isn't about timing or balance, it's about how far upwards their head can physically reach while challenging for the ball. Timing and balance will still help you arrive at a heading chance though, just not outright outjumping a defender. Sure, there are examples of smaller players being great leapers. Cahill and Cannavaro are the two that immediately spring to mind for me. Back when jumping was just jumping, these two could be in the 16-20 area no problem. But when the change was made to jumping reach, they were knocked down to the 12-15 area. Not because they got worse at jumping, but because the attribute meant something else. Sidenote; while I very much value JR on defenders, I don't pay much attention to it on my strikers. Obviously it depends on playstyle, but I don't think too many tactics call for floating crosses. Heading is more valuable for me.
  5. How does it work IRL? Why does Sterling play great one game and then like a donkey's ass the next game? I'm sure Pep would love for that to be quantified.. The truth is, just like in real life, everything matters and you can't really quantify it. Form and last match ratings have an effect on morale, which has an effect on training rating, which has an effect on familiarity, which has an effect on... It's not just set-in-stone 1-10 in importance, in some situations condition will matter more than morale. Playing all team leaders may help you gain the support of the squad quicker, which again can have all sorts of effects. Personally I place far the biggest importance on attributes and how they fit into my tactics system. I will play a young, fast AMR winger over a slow, but otherwise much better AP AMC that happens to also be able to play AMR. Others will always go for the perceived best player. It should never be 100% clear what the right choice is. It's important for a game like FM that there aren't straightforward right or wrong choices, and that trying to play in an optimized/META way doesn't become prevalent or indeed a prerequisite for success like it can be in other games.
  6. You can't really look at position average rating in isolation like that, if your team is performing well then maybe 6.5 average on defend duty isn't a problem. It's not a given that your team overall will perform better with fullbacks getting 7.0 average rating on support. But yes, speaking in general, having fullbacks on support or attack duty will give them a better chance at a higher rating (more key passes/crosses). Other than your tactics, obviously player skill also comes into play, if your full backs can't cross or pass or dribble then setting a different duty might be worse.
  7. FM doesn't use your running pace measure. It is a very specific word, for a very specific situation. It is not the only way to measure someone's running pace. Just like a lap time isn't the only way to measure F1 cars pace. Nobody who has ever said "XYZ winger has a lot of pace" has ever meant that he is very fast over a 1mi/km run. It simply refers to his top speed. Keep in mind that FM doesn't call the attribute "running pace" either. It's simply called pace. I'm not sure how you are tripping over this part, what you are doing is the equivalent of claiming that "Jumping reach" should really measure how far a person can leap, and then linking a bunch of things saying this is how they measure it in long jumping. Yes, obviously there is something called "running pace", but it isn't the same thing as the far more general use of pace, which is what FM uses. Your logic is deeply flawed from the moment you only accept pace to be measured in minutes. I suspect there's also a language barrier here.
  8. Maybe stop looking at the 3rd definition on some random wiki page, and start looking at the first entry of a dictionary? pace - noun the speed at which someone or something moves, or with which something happens or changes And yes, something moving at a higher pace means something is moving faster. Therefor 20 pace is faster than 1 pace in FM.
  9. Oh look, it's another game of "let's mistake correlation for causation". Would having no defenders on the bench make you immune to defenders getting injured too, or does that (hopefully) sound ridiculous? 4 of the same type of injury in a season, I would very much guess is caused by a recurring injury.
  10. A 6-4-0 winning the CL final 7-1 is one of the weirdest results I've seen, I have to admit. Winning doesn't raise the teams average rating as much as it used to. The players directly involved in goals still get decent raises. Still, even with that in mind there's clearly no bias for AI teams, the same thing happens when they win and Haaland scores 5. If you want better average ratings, play a more balanced game. 31% possession and 1/15 crosses completed isn't doing your ratings any favours.
  11. Essentially, what you call form is what is called consistency in FM. That's a random roll to see if your player plays to the best of his abilities in a match. If he is "on form". Of course, you can roll to be "on form" and still have a terrible game. AFAIK, each consistency roll is independent from the last one, but I don't think that mechanic has ever been explained in detail. Form is a non-tangible thing IRL. Arguable FM already does it the same way. What would the alternative be to make it tangible? Most people would despise a certain goal/assist/average rating criteria giving a +1 to speed and acceleration. Rightfully so, it would be extremely gamey and the opposite of what most FM players want.
  12. You absolutely should spend the money. There's no reason to hoard cash in FM, and the best way to make ensure your club keeps growing is to invest your money in new young players. Hoover up the best homegrown talents on intake day and then keep doing what you are doing with talents from smaller leagues. Maybe get some South American talents as well. 1-2 mill per player should mean a step up in quality compared to your previous generation, and as these new players mature they will naturally replace your first generation of youth prospects. You can repeat this process with 5 mill per prospect, then 10 mill per prospect, by this time you should be dominating your league and getting into CL group stage/EL knock-out stage every year. That's the way I approach a save game in a smaller nation normally anyway. On the other hand, bringing in a "star", breaking your transfer record and wage budget could certainly work also. It really depends how long you plan on playing the save. The advice everyone gets on these boards is to buy young players, but if you are only planning on staying with the club/save for a couple more seasons, then why not splurge on a 10 mill striker that can win you the league? There are different ways of playing and enjoying FM, and everything doesn't have to be about doing things the most efficient way
  13. No - the market, prize money and indeed most of the game is meant to stay very close to the current season. £100 mill will buy world class players in 2051. A new stadium will cost the same in 2021 and 2051. Real, Barca and PSG will still be top clubs paying top wages in 2051. Belgium will keep generating world class players for their national team like they have in the last decade, rather than plummeting to a world ranking of 40 to 60 like they were from 2004-2011. A single minded user can lift a country or league or team very very far, but the rest of the world will still be almost static.
  14. I said often, not always or even most of the time The example was to illustrate that "dominating" shots and xG isn't necessarily likely to lead to big victories. 20 shots and 2.0 xG vs 4 shots and 1.0 xG looks like clear domination, but when you break it down to 69% chance vs 88% chance to score, you start to realize that the game was probably much close than looking at those stats in isolation would indicate.
  15. Another thing that hasn't been pointed out yet, is that this player looks to be jetting back and forth from Waterford to Sierra Leone for international duty. Those extra matches + traveling time are likely contributing to your issue. Just to echo the other replies, sending a player on holiday is the only real way to combat jadeness long term, resting him just won't do enough.
  16. XG isn't useless, but it isn't the only match stat you should pay attention to. You can get a high xG by simply having a lot of shots, but what you really want are chances with a high xG. 4 shots with 0.25 xG will often beat 20 chances with 0.10 xG, even if the total xG will be 1.0 vs 2.0 in favor of the team having more shots. 6.7 is now a true average rating, so close to 7.0 actually means the player has had a decent year. 6.66 is close to average rating, and wide players especially seem to always have a few bad days with 6.0 or below over the course of a season. Ratings are generally lower across the board in FM21 compared to previous versions. If you are playing gegenpress with a high line, you'll always get beaten over the top from time to time. Your players are pressing in an aggressive manner, naturally looking to move up the field, rather than making sure nobody gets in behind. I suspect pace will never be enough here, you'll need centrebacks with very good positioning as well as pace to play that sort of system. It will also depend on which roles you play the centrebacks in. Most of your questions can only really be answered in the tactics section, with a complete breakdown of your current tactics.
  17. I'm not having trouble finding attacking wingbacks, but I'm also fine with them having 11-13 dribbling and crossing.
  18. I do this too, and what happens is that they usually lose familiarity in another position to make room for getting to accomplished on the opposite side. Not sure what would happen if they only had their natural position, but luckily attackers usually have a couple. But to sum up; yes retraining more positions seem to cost a couple of CA points, but even if they are at cap the game will find a way to make it possible. Earlier is always better though. Attacking full backs with good dribbling/crossing are in short supply, so if that's what you want then you are right to go the re-training route.
  19. Sometimes this happens when a player miss a lot of league games, especially in a row, but is still playing other games. 9(6) in December doesn't look like surplus to requirements, but he might have only played in 3-4 league games in half a season. You are right though, it's kinda wonky that he's both happy and complaining.
  20. Not sure I'd play the game mode, but I don't mind it being added. I assume they would hire staff for a specific team developing a women's version, so not really worried about it negatively affecting general FM development. No matter what people say, women play the game differently than men and the game mode should reflect that. Changing the 3d player skins and pronouns while everything else being copy&paste would be a very disappointing development.
  21. Both your links lead to the same player. A centre back with 10 pac/acc and below 14 in most key attributes isn't what you want for Champions Leagues or Europa League. But it all depends if you can find someone better within your budget.
  22. It sounds like you have very limited experience with this game, so forgive me for being blunt; most of the things you've said just aren't true. When you extrapolate over 10 years, even 10 mill a year will seem significant. But it really isn't. Anyone with experience that play this game for 10+ seasons will not run into money problems, because the game makes it so easy to generate. You mentioned selling a player for £200 mill. That's basically five seasons of the difference in income between a 30k and a 60k stadium. And that's from a single player. Can you run into trouble spending all your transfer budget and giving everyone £500k per week? Of course you can. But a player that knows what he is doing can spend £10 mill p/w on wages without any worries. Ticket sales in the save game I mentioned were £80 million out of £1.2b total income. That's 6.6%. A bigger stadium used to be something that changed your life as a club, but it really doesn't anymore, especially not for clubs already in the EPL and/or CL. The top clubs will rack up £200-300 million in TV money/prize money. Even as average EPL club will be at £120 mill. Why would you think an extra £30 mill from a bigger stadium is going to change your life and let you pay much higher wages? Make the investment into wages, improve your club, improve your income, keep spending. Hoarding money has been a useless strategy for years.
  23. Sold out 60k stadium, full EPL season + 8 cup/CL home games: £53.4m gate recipes + £26m season tickets. It's not nothing, but compared to the numbers you are throwing around, it's really not a big factor. EPL TV money is £100m+. But yes, that money is lost and it's generally super pointless to try to hoard cash in this game. The best advice is don't worry about spending too much on wages, as long as you are successful you can afford it, and if you aren't you'll get fired anyway so who cares.
  24. In my experience, the only clubs that you can find an agreement with are those presented on the first list. You used to get 4 options presented, this is just an expansion of that. It's not a chance to pick any club in the world.
  25. Sorry for nit-picking, but the highlighted part just cannot be true. If the contract was made void, the player would now be a free agent and not receive a salary for half a year. I assume you mean the option was made void, but my head can't grasp how a new contract can supersede options in the old contract, while the old contract is still in effect.
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