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  1. Not sure I'd play the game mode, but I don't mind it being added. I assume they would hire staff for a specific team developing a women's version, so not really worried about it negatively affecting general FM development. No matter what people say, women play the game differently than men and the game mode should reflect that. Changing the 3d player skins and pronouns while everything else being copy&paste would be a very disappointing development.
  2. Both your links lead to the same player. A centre back with 10 pac/acc and below 14 in most key attributes isn't what you want for Champions Leagues or Europa League. But it all depends if you can find someone better within your budget.
  3. It sounds like you have very limited experience with this game, so forgive me for being blunt; most of the things you've said just aren't true. When you extrapolate over 10 years, even 10 mill a year will seem significant. But it really isn't. Anyone with experience that play this game for 10+ seasons will not run into money problems, because the game makes it so easy to generate. You mentioned selling a player for £200 mill. That's basically five seasons of the difference in income between a 30k and a 60k stadium. And that's from a single player. Can you run into trouble spending a
  4. Sold out 60k stadium, full EPL season + 8 cup/CL home games: £53.4m gate recipes + £26m season tickets. It's not nothing, but compared to the numbers you are throwing around, it's really not a big factor. EPL TV money is £100m+. But yes, that money is lost and it's generally super pointless to try to hoard cash in this game. The best advice is don't worry about spending too much on wages, as long as you are successful you can afford it, and if you aren't you'll get fired anyway so who cares.
  5. In my experience, the only clubs that you can find an agreement with are those presented on the first list. You used to get 4 options presented, this is just an expansion of that. It's not a chance to pick any club in the world.
  6. Sorry for nit-picking, but the highlighted part just cannot be true. If the contract was made void, the player would now be a free agent and not receive a salary for half a year. I assume you mean the option was made void, but my head can't grasp how a new contract can supersede options in the old contract, while the old contract is still in effect.
  7. Okay. In previous versions I've definitely seen transfers cancelled because of the auto renewal, so this must have changed. I don't know how it would work IRL, but intuitively I would agree with you, just because the clause isn't exercised yet, it should still be valid until the contract runs out.
  8. Sell him and buy him back. But no, not really. Never seen a team offer this clause as a buyout.
  9. Pretty sure the transfer will get cancelled if he plays another game. The previous contract should always supersede a new one.
  10. To quote you exactly, you said that the "AI perceive player's PA more accurate than we (the players) can.". That is simply not true, and if it did you would be seeing different transfers. Part of why the AI is bad at transfers is to keep a realistic game world. If all EPL clubs only went out and bought 160+ PA players the game would get very stale. The AI probably has about the same success rate as managers IRL when buying players. The problem isn't really the AI, it's that the user has access to way too much, way too detailed information and is better at using it. In your specific c
  11. It can also happen when very young players sign a huge contract. I've had it 5 times in 15 seasons, so it's not what I would call incredibly rare, but it definitely depends on the club you're playing with. If you are 19 years old and earning £100k+ a week, I could certainly see some young players lose drive and ambition IRL. I don't look at hidden attributes, so I can't tell you exactly what has dropped, but one of the players got stuck with unambitious personality, so ambition and professionality dropping would also be my guess. I carried on with all of the players mentioned, and most of them
  12. Not going to happen, nor should it. Frankly, the less we know about the intricate details in AI player evaluations the better. If this was figured out, it would lead to all sorts of exploits. I understand that in some games you need to go under the hood and figure out how the game dissects things, in order to beat the game at the highest level. But this isn't the case for FM. I would advise you to accept things as they are, and that not every single decision has to make sense in order to create a good football manager game. Looking at things you aren't supposed to look at is likely just going
  13. Without knowing exactly how the AI work these things out (because it's not just a decision based on PA/CA, clearly), it's probably the opposite. The AI should be MORE focused on CA and PA in the decisions it makes, and especially helping players reach their PA. This isn't for the sake of realism, but because the AI is gimped enough compared to the average FM player, that if it started buying more players based on form, the long term squad building would be even worse than it is right now. Also, to all the people saying the AI should do this, how many players do you buy based on form?
  14. I vehemently disagree with this. There are so many examples of football players and indeed athletes of any sport reaching a very high level, while lacking ideal ambition, professionality or determination. And the opposite is true as well; you don't suddenly get more potential by being ambitious, and it would feel plain wrong if the game treated it like that. Instead of looking at scouting reports, people would just look for ambitious personalities, and know that it was linked to high potential.
  15. I've done what you're doing for many years, but I always end up being annoyed when my players miss out on various awards, team of the season and so on because of rotating too heavily in different competitions. So I have gone fully to a squad for the league, and one for cups/Europe. It's rare now that I make changes to these squads, other than injuries. But there will always be some injuries, as I am less picky about players with high injury proneness than most people, which means my first team is around 28-30 players. The 5-7 extra players will be talented youngsters that don't need to be
  16. Low Determination really shouldn't scare you away. Even with the mentoring changes, you can still get decent determination gains from young players. The absolute game-changer is fining players for bad performances though. I've had players go up 5 determination in a season, due to playing poorly for u18/u23 teams. It's crazy to the point that I've considered trying to make my youth team perform worse, because after a couple of season they usually dominate and the fine option doesn't turn up very often
  17. And for Juve! 25 clean sheets in 38 matches, 5 POM and 7.44 average rating might be the highest I've ever seen on a keeper..
  18. Sometimes I wonder if I play a different game than everyone else on this forum.. In my games, Jose, Arteta, and either Klopp or Guardiola are usually fired in the first season. In some bizarre twist, I've seen Klopp take over City and Pep take over Liverpool, but only after a stint at Real Madrid.. The only manager I've ever seen stay 10 years, and the team that nearly always overperforms in my games is Ole at Man Utd. Chelsea slip out of the top 4 very quickly, and sure enough they keep spending and paying way too high wages, but the only thing they ever win is the Euro cup.
  19. I don't actually think it has changed much since the replies in this thread:
  20. You can have a 140 CA player with a good attribute spread and good hidden that will perform better than an unbalanced 180 CA. You can't automatically assume that a player is this or that good based on the number. Either way, the number is hidden for a reason, and you should never buy a player based on it because you've gone under the hood. It's a fun thing to check when you're done with a save, but it's not something to actively use while playing the game.
  21. It's definitely a bug that you have £267 mill transfer budget with a £23 mill balance. No club should ever allow a transfer budget that, if spent, will cause the board to sell off the training facilities. It's pretty clear that your £200 mill cash injection caused this though, so not really sure it's something to report. Weird input = weird output. All you can do is pay attention to your balance and not spend too much, despite being able to.
  22. Quick google search found this - https://maestroben.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/fm-naturalisation/ "Years to gain Nationality: Never" It's old information, but if it hasn't been updated in years, then it's likely players can simply never gain Malaysian nationality because of their RL rules. The game still counts it under eligibility, because under some competition rules you don't need a specific nationality to qualify. Like home-grown players in EL and UCL, Pogba can be home-grown for England and Man Utd, even without being English. It might be something that's only used in Europe,
  23. This could turn out to be both a blessing and curse if you are doing a road to glory type save going from non-league to prem. A new stadium in League 2 is way too early to get a big station. You'll get a 7-10k stadium at most, with some expansion potential. That's going to hurt your finances in the very long run, because it will quickly become too small as you progress up the league ladder. But, because you are getting a stadium this early, it's also likely to include terracing. The EPL does not allow terracing and enforces a 12.5k stadium minimum requirement. It isn't always possib
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