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  1. This is something I wouls reload the game for, yes it's realistic, but to me it's not what I call fun, in anyway at all.
  2. There is no middle ground for me. I started a save with Plymouth and really struggled and was on the verge of the sack near the end of my first season. Got frustrated and started a game with Everton. Won the league in each of my first 6 seasons, 2 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, 2 Champion's Leagues 2 World Club Championships, 2 Super Cups and 1 Community Shield. I'm now on a 48 unbeaten run at the end of my sixth season. I've used one formation, a 4-2-3-1 and have hardly varied it at all after tampering throughout my first season. The only adjustment I make is to go from Control which is my normal mentality, to Counter for difficult away games. Thing is I'm not just winning most games, I'm absolutely smashing the opposition, with 4-0, 5-0 and 6-0 fairly common scorelines. I've even managed an insane 52 shots on goal in one match recently. My team is ridiculously good now though, the AI isn't clever enough to put a team together as good (except Chelsea, who regularly beat me in finals and semis). They also seem to be crap at negotiating contracts, my highest paid player is on £160k p/w (Angel Correa), whereas all the other big clubs are paying several players way in excess of £200k p/w. Yeah, I'm bragging, but I'll be honest, it hasn't taken a lot to get here apart from a good transfer/youth policy. Maybe after 16 or so years playing the game each year, I just know what to do now, except with LLM...
  3. Fingers crossed this doesn't wreck my current save... Had that happen before after a patch. A long time ago though. I miss manually installing them, instead I get back from work to it automatically installed. I would have waited.
  4. Got him on a bosman after two years. Nearly two years later he has developed well but his tackling stat is a killer in my formation, so I'll likely sell him. I retrained him at AMC, but he's not as good as Angel Correa or Ross Barkley. I play two CMs but they are both defensive, Youri doesn't have the Strength or Tackling to be better than McCarthy, Strootman, Gil Romero or Barkley in that position. Shame, I'm sure he'll come back to haunt me.
  5. On my current save with Everton, I dread the Hawthornes and St. James Park, always seem to drop points. Also my home form is awesome, only three losses in four years in the league, two of them to Stoke City...
  6. This isn't FIFA 15 career mode!
  7. Always been like this for me. In my 4th season and I just won it for the first time in this version. Bear in mind I score over 100 goals a season in the league and many of them stunners, it doesn't seem right.
  8. Lol, I had this happen on numerous CM01/02 saves. I resorted to an editor back then or kept buying my local club (Exeter City's) players for stupid fees to keep my balance down.
  9. There's always one that completely misses the point and tries to spin things negatively. You are that poster. On FM2012 I had an absolute monster of a right winger playing for my Everton team, he was world player of the year on a number of occasions and he was from Thailand.
  10. I play this formation against the weaker and similar ability teams and get my width from my full backs by ticking the look for overlap team instruction. It's very successful. I've also got Wanyama set as a Ball Winning Midfielder. Against stronger teams or in tricky away fixtures I suggest playing a more defensive narrow 4-1-2-2-1 formation, I've had superb results again the top teams with this.
  11. I just thought I'd post my my save, I've been having a superb time. I've bought or sold nobody, kept the same squad. I was trying to hunt someone suitable down but didn't really find anyone that would improve the squad. I've used a 4-2-3-1 formation most of the time changing player roles and player and team tactics depending on the opposition, I've also used 4-1-2-2-1 in away games where I am struggling or playing better opposition. It's been going great, here are my results so far: D Arsenal 0-0 SAINTS W SAINTS 1-0 Fulham - Ward-Prowse W SAINTS 3-2 Accrington Stanley (CC) - Osvaldo 2, Rodriguez W Crystal Palace 0-1 SAINTS - Yoshida W SAINTS 4-0 West Ham - Lambert 2, Fonte, Wanyama W SAINTS 3-1 Cardiff - Lambert, Fonte, OG W Watford 1-2 SAINTS AET (CC) - Lambert, Ward-Prowse W Hull City 0-2 SAINTS - Lambert 2 W West Brom 1-3 SAINTS - Osvaldo 2, Lallana W SAINTS 3-2 Sunderland - Lambert, Hoiveld, Ramirez My best team is: GK Boruc DL Shaw DR Clyne DC Lovren DC Fonte BWM Wanyama MC Schneiderlin AMC Lallana AMC Ramirez SS Lambert AF Osvaldo ISSUES - Osvaldo has been a bit crap, in the last game I gave him a talking to before the game and he scored a brace. Hopefully now he's off the mark in the league he'll get scoring, if not I'll have to change how I use him. BEST PLAYERS - Fonte has been my star CB, better than Lovren. Shaw and Clyne have been immense as overlapping fullbacks and often get assists and high ratings and Wanyama has been a beast in midfield, he wins everything. Lambert is top scorer and ideal in that shadow striker role. AREAS TO IMPROVE - I really need another CB, the back up just isn't good enough, another more creative AMC would be good as well. THE REAL TEST - I have to play Man City twice, Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea in a row soon... It'll be interesting to see how those 5 games go. Really enjoying this, well it's hard not to when you are winning, but I've taken things slow and make sure I prepare for each game properly and set up to face my opposition without drastically changing my shape. It's been good reading others post on here as well, just to get an idea of how people are playing. Up the Saints.
  12. Thanks, now I can play without being blinded!
  13. Just decided to start my first save on FM2013 and I can't use the editor without it flashing to the point where it feels like it's going to give me a seizure. Back to 2012, again....
  14. Was just about to start my first save on FM2013, not sure now...
  15. This is the one single reason I don't play classic. I know the aim is to be quick and smooth but I still think the option should be there, but bring up a big warning if you select more than 3 to say that performance will be affected. This is by far my biggest disappointment with FM2013. As far as I know there is no way around this, if there is, I'll be delighted. If not I hope we have this option in a future patch (very very doubtful) or in the FM2014 release.