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  1. I'm doing a long term save with Torquay United in FM 2019. I'm in my 3rd season and already in League 2. I've found it a little bit too easy to be honest, but I put that down to my 24 years expereince with the series and the fact I always go a long term lower league save with every edition of the game. I might turn this into a journeyman save though, already had some solid job offers. QPR being the biggest so far. Just watched your 10 year video, great stuff.
  2. I lost 5-0 to Real Madrid in the 2nd leg of a Champions League semi-final with Everton. Score from the first leg? 4-0 to me... Thier final goal came in injury time as well. My fist nearly went through my monitor, but I just about restrained myself. This was in FM2015. Not my biggest but my worst by far. Biggest that I can remember would be reaching the 3rd round of the FA Cup with Conference North Salford City in the first season in FM 2018, I lost 9-0 away to Aston Villa... At least I got a lot of money from it!
  3. On current form, it's about right for Everton... Despressingly.
  4. I often give up before being sacked, but in all honesty I've not struggled with an FM save for many many years. I just know the game well now and success is pretty easy to come by.
  5. Easily FM2012 for me, played that for 3 years as it was so good. But overall noting beats the years and hours of enjoyment I got out of Championship Manager Season 01/02
  6. I've had one in FM2018 in my long term Salford City save. He's called Damien Ares and plays for my arch rivals Man City, I've tried to buy him countless times and even an up front bid of £220,000,000 wasn't enough to entice City into accepting. He's a Central Midfielder with insane stats across the board, I had a cheeky look at his PA... It was 200 and his CA is 196. Monster of a player! Will post an image when I get home, he's probably the 2nd best regen I've seen in my 25 years playing the series. I just wish I could of bought him!
  7. What skin is this? Love how clean it looks. Thanks.
  8. Getting rid of the picnic benches would be a great start!
  9. Good for you, well done. Ignore all the negative responses. It's an achievement I've never managed in 20 years playing the series, and that is a lot of seasons. EDIT: Have you got your transfer history? Curious on what you paid and recieved for your players?
  10. I've never done it, closest is 4 draws. Done quite a few unbeaten seasons over the years though. How did you get on in other competitions? Oh and your squad is an absolute disgrace! No wonder you are getting results like you are!
  11. I remember signing Ian Muir on an emergency free transfer due to injuries in my squad on CM01/02, he was 39 at the time. I was Portsmouth in Division 1. He scored a hattick on his dedut and kept his place until the end of the season, banging in goals despite his poor stats and I got promoted through the playoffs to the Premier League, he got an assist in teh playoff final. I'll never forget him from that save, was only of my favourite CM/FM moments. I actually bought him on my next save with Manchester United for sentimental reasons and played him in cup games and the occasional sub appearance until he retired, he still got the odd goal! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Muir
  12. I hard coded Everton movig to BMD before I started my save this year.
  13. I'm with you here TC. As a long term and avid player of the game I can't stand the amount of conversations I have to have. I wouldn't mind as much if the conversations didn't feel like a lottery and as you say getting player whinging about ridiculous things when you are winning trophies and games is infuriating, click the wrong thing? He's randomly unhappy or happy and sometimes the whole squad goes down with him. I love FM but the 'fluff' that is added to the game each year such as this is something I do not like at all. I actually find the conversations in general in FM2019 better, but there are more of them...
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