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  1. 22 year veteran player here. I never play with attribute masking. It makes it frustrating for me to be honest and adds another layer of micromanagement that I'm not arsed with.
  2. Seem to be rarer in FM2019, or I've just been unlucky I get a lot in the 9.6-9.9 range but 10s are rare for me. I think I've had 2 in my current career when I've dominated over the 3 years so far with Everton.
  3. Without question Manchester United and it has been for years now. It would be nice if they were actually reflected as the 6th best team in England in FM20 and not serious title contenders... again.
  4. I still go back to it every now and then. Love it. I'll just unload some Super Greek nostalgia: GK Chioitis DL Kalogeras DC Anastasiadis DC Tobros DC Traianos Dellas DC Andrielos SC Skalidis SC Alexandros Papadopolous SC Angelos Charisteas
  5. Yeah, this happens all the time. In my current save I sold Sigurdsson to Man United for £60m and they hardly play him at all so he's just at the club on the transfer list with huge wages so no one will buy him... Bernard, £80m to Chelsea, same thing. Bruno Fernandes £90m to Man City, same thing. That's just my players... So many other examples like Zaha £50m to City, same thing... By a 5-6 seasons in the AI squads are often a little all over the place giving the human player even more edge. It's always been an issue, even right back to the old CM games and I'm always a little disappointed each year when it doesn't appear to be even close to being fixed. But I do understand the difficulty coding this type of AI across such a vast simulation.
  6. I find the game extremely easy and I can't remember the last time I had an unsuccessful save. But that's what 23 years playing the games relentlessly does to you.
  7. I'm suffering from a bit of burnout because I'm finding the game too easy and have done for a long time now. I can't remember the last time I was unsuccessful at the club, but I suppose that's what playing the game for 22 years does.
  8. I don't control friendlies once my team and tactics are settled, so 90% of the off season is hunting for and flogging players and sorting contract. Also a bit of this, maybe not that cut and dry, but I've no issue selling established players and replacing them with younger ones.
  9. This is what I usually do in this situation with a player I really want.
  10. Play match again and accept the result. I have to admit though if I had won a big final and the game crashed i would keep replaying until I won, a bit warped but there you go. Never happened to me though.
  11. And in addition to WorcesterLegend's post... Welcome to the forum
  12. I've lost the league on goal difference before but came 3rd the table ended up like this: 1. Tottenham 84pts 2. Man City 84pts 3. Everton 84pts I just stuck with it and the next year I walked the league after improving the squad again. So keep at it, you obviously have a good thing going for getting that close!
  13. I've just been promoted the Premier League with Torquay United and as my 6,200 capacity stadium isn't quite up to it I'm getting a new 18,500 capacity stadium built which is taking just over a year. Where will I play in the meantime... Bournemouth, it's a 212 mile round trip and Will take 2 hours 40 minutes each way. Can't drive? Well the terrible rail links to Bournemouth from Devon means it will take you between 4 and 5 hours each way! Worst I've had by far! Ashton Gate or even Home Park would have been much better choices!
  14. I've got this issue, I've got a really young squad and thier determination is taking a pummeling. So I've been trying to get in older players with high determination to offset it. I hope it works, I've never really encountered the problem before. My save is a little different to yours though, as I'm managing Torquay United.
  15. Not that I know of which is unfortunate. I remember in one save I had I noticed Stoke City were buying a lot of players and they finished 3rd in the league challenging for the title, thought it was odd, only then did I check and confirm they'd had a tycoon takeover. They became the best team in Europe the following years, being a thorne in my side and my biggest rival as Everton manager.
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