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  1. This still stands for me, I will at the very minimum wait for early access opinions, specifically on the match engine. Still, I'm very much looking forward to see what the new game offers. I still have high hopes.
  2. Didn't expect this for a little while longer so a nice surprise. Fingers crossed the match engine is a vast improvement on the last few games, particularly 2020 where it as a gamebreaker for me personally. I won't pre-purchase yet like I normally do, I'll wait until early access and see what the consensus is. Great work to get it out only a few weeks later than normal given the circumstances and as one of the many people working from home permanently, I know how hard this has likely been for SI and the amount hard work that has gone into to getting a game released in good time. (I will have have my brand new gaming PC by then too)
  3. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Max Aarons. Great RB, I've had him 7 years in my long term Newcastle United save.
  4. I had him for 3 years in my Newcastle save and made him captain for 2 of those. I played him as one of two Attacking Midfielders behind the striker and he was brilliant. Sold him only because I had better players come through and I changed tactics which no longer needed two AMC players. He left a club legend, highly recommend him.
  5. I had him for 3 years and he just may not have fit my system as other (on paper) less talented AMC players comfortably outperformed him.
  6. Just had an astonishing season with Newcastle (6th season) where in my first season partnering Mbappe and Haaland together they scored 53 and 42 respectively in all comps.
  7. You're just being needlesly pedantic and ignoring the point of the OPs frustration.
  8. Just bought him at the start of my 6th season with Newcastle United for an eye watering £252m from Barcelona (min fee release clause), paying him £525k a week. I've been playing the same 4-3-2-1 formation for 5 years and in order to fit Mbappe in and play my long term main striker Haaland in the same team I've completely changed system to a 4-4-2. I begrudgingly sold two of my long standing AMCs (Asensio & HJ Traore) to fund the move and a couple of very good youth prospects for excellent money. Actually in pretty good shape financially as I spent £400m, but raised £330m in the reshuffle. To be honest I was getting a little tired and wanted to mix things up as I've won the last 4 league titles and 2 UCL in those 4 years. So a change of system appealed to me. Did it pay off? In a word. Yes! I've played 14 in the league, won 13, drew 1, smashed my closest rival Liverpool 5-2 (Mbappe hatrick) at Anfield and next closest Man City 6-1 (Mbappe hatrick) at St James Park. Mbappe has scored 24 goals in 18 games and Haaland is on 15 in 17. I'm scoring far more goals than I was and I'm smashing most opposition off the park. Only a rejuvenated Man United and randomly Shakhtar Donetsk have got draws off me and I've won all my other games. Even better Liverpool went on a terrible run after I battered them 5-2 early on in the 6th season, Klopp got sacked and they sit in 12th more than 20 points behind me. Good to see as I quite frankly hate Liverpool IRL and they've been a massive thorn in my side this save. They've lost as many league games (6) in the first 14 games of this season as the previous two seasons combined. I hope they don't claw thier way back and qualify for Europe, probably will though, they've appointed Pochcetino and have won three games on the spin since. Excited to see how many goals H&M get in the coming seasons.
  9. Nice, Seems to be working well up front then! Great goal return.
  10. Best player in the thread IMO, an absolutely disgusting player for 16. It would be interesting to see how he turns out. Definitely more of a CM than his natural SC in my opinion.
  11. All bought, but these three are regulars in my squad for me. They've all been great so far. Particularly chuffed with Bukusu as he had poor finishing and long shots when he came in (12 and 11 respectively) and I've seen vast improvement over a short period. Hopefully I'll get them up further. Barber was a bargain, got him from Reading for £15m and loaned him straight back for a year, he won player of the year at Reading and effectively saved them from relegation from the Championship before coming straight into my first team. Xu Shuo cost me a lot of money from PSG, think I paid £25m up front rising to nearly £60m based off of many clauses, high starting salary too. I didn't expect him to perform so well early on, but he's giving my first choice RM (Jadon Sancho) a real run for his money already in his first half season. I'm not sure how much the impact of singing Asian players is on world reputation and merchandise sales but I like to find talented Japanese and Chinese players if I can in the hope it does have an impact, this guy stuck out like a sore thumb in the Chinese national team.
  12. I just sold Havertz in my Newcastle save after 2 and a half years performing below my other AMCs (Asensio, Almada, Bellingham). He played better in the MC role but still not as well as other players (Doucoure, Camavinga). It must be the Work Rate and Determination that does it. Really disappointing, don't miss him in my first season without him. Real Madrid's problem now! I replaced him with Hamed Junior Traore, who was bargain and scored a hat trick on his debut, something Havertz didn't manage in 2 and a half years in his position. He's been a far better player than Havertz already.
  13. The number sheer number of these types of topics shows that SI have not explained the star rating system very well in game. It's on the verge of being useless anyway and either needs to be tweaked to make it more useful, made less prominent or removed all together. It has to be the most misunderstood thing in the game and I don't blame the average player for that. It needs looking at IMO.
  14. Now I know this has been done to death, but after playing Championship Manager 01/02 for a few weeks and going back to my FM2019 save for a few seasons, I had the urge to give FM2020.4 a go by making Newcastle rich in the editor and going on a buying spree. However, it's so frustrating, the game is so poorly balanced. Please fix this for FM2021... The same old problems. This screenshot is an extreme example of what I pretty much experience on a game by game basis. I beat bottom of the table 6-0, of these goals my centre back Lascelles scored a hattrick of headers from corners, my other centre back (Basila) scored a header from a corner, my central midfielder (Bentaleb) scored a header from a corner and my other goal was unbelievably not from a corner, but you guessed it it was a from a free kick from outside the area (another common way of scoring direct freekicks and long shots). Meanwhile my striker Diogo Jota had 5 clear cut chances in the game, all of them sitters with just he keeper to beat. Not one goal, he fluffs everything. I won this game 6-0 with a ridiculous 39 shots, I should be happy and revelling in the big win, but the way the game played out was so unrealistic, strikers can't hit a barn door and I often score more goals from corners in one match than some Premier League teams do in entire seasons in real life. (https://www.premierleague.com/news/661812) Another issue that I have with the newer games is players constantly coming to me for new contracts, every other week a player is asking for a new one and I have to participate in response roulette (is there any way or indicator to know what option to pick when talking to players?) to try and get him to back off, only for him to ask again a few weeks later and if I give a new contract he'll be asking for a new one in less than a year.anyway... It's infuriating. Yes this is a negative post and I'm sorry, but I just feel like my most played and one of my favourite game series of all time is falling to pieces. My main worry is the fantastic reception on Steam (which has been emphasised more by the very generous free giveaway during this health crisis) means that issues like this will take a back seat as long time fans who will noticed these glaring issues will just get ignored. I've seen SI employees disregard these issues in this very topic. (https://community.sigames.com/topic/514560-football-manager-2020-january-february-transfer-updates-feedback-thread/?do=findComment&comment=12305407) Anyway, that's my rant over, sorry to be so negative. This is a feedback thread and I've left some feedback (again).
  15. I removed Ashley as owner in the editor and put the Saudi Prince in instead.
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