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  1. Halifax Town (CM 01/02) - 25 seasons taking them from the conference to kings of Europe. Great fun that save, I'll never forget it. Manchester United (CM 01/02) - Always remember this as well. I had Van Nistelrooy and Shevchenko up front, I always remember thier first game up front together, I beat Southampton 8-0 and they got 4 each. Won pretty much everything over around 20 seasons and had the best regen I ever had a player called Guiessepe Manco who was my only player ever in CM/FM history to score over 100 goals in a season. Took over Norwich City after 20 seasons to try and catch the empire I had created at United, lost interest once I won the league ahead of them. Arsenal (FM 2012) - I loved FM 2012, it was the most fun version of the game IMO for a long time. I played 15 seasons, brought youth through and had an entirely English team who dominated Europe and England. It was really hard to narrow it down to three. I've had loads of great saves with Everton (my team) and I've also done what I did with Halifax with Alfreton (FM 2012) and Dagenham & Redbridge (FM 2008).
  2. Just played 8 hours tonight, got to the end of October with Halifax Town, the game crashed my entire PC. Re-loaded, the crashed replicated in exactly the same point. Re-loaded, corrupt save data, lost all progress (and no the auto save took me back to pre-season). I'll upload the corrupt save to the bugs forum tomorrow. I completely undertand it's a beta but I'm livid at the moment, having wasted my entire evening for nothing. I'm done with FM2017 until the full release.
  3. Nice. Downloading now. Have to go foos shopping now with my GF... Gutted. I'll be back in an hour though then Salford City here I come.
  4. Brexit and FM17

    I don't like it personally. I wouldn't mind if there was an option to opt out, but it doesn't sound like there is. But I suppose it will add to the challenge and make you focus more on home grown players.
  5. I just can't wait to get started, I'm not one to lose the plot over a few bugs, in fact I will avoid the forums completely until a few weeks after the full release. Still haven't decided on who to be yet though... I'm split between Truro City and Salford City for a long term LLM save but Coventry City also tempt me as do Portsmouth. Not sure... Truro City - To get the first Cornish side ever into the football league Salford City - To fulfill the dream of the class of 92 and get them into the big time Coventry City - Get them back to the Premier League Portsmouth - As above
  6. Wanted the beta this weekend. Massive bonus that it's going to be tomorrow.
  7. You can do it but the speed it hardly at a 'quick pace', even with a high end i7. The 16GB of RAM is also irrelevent with 2016 and before as the game can only utilise a maximum of 4GB (well less than 4GB) anyway.
  8. To be fair any boost will just be a bonus for me. My PC is pretty good and can comfortably load 100,000 players with all major and semi major European league on with some of the the lesser leagues as background leagues with completelt aceptable performance. We'll see though, hopefully only another few days until the beta.
  9. I have 16GB, it'll certainly be interesting to see how much difference it makes, but we won't know until we try it out in the beta.
  10. All seems OK, nothing that really excites me though (except the 64bit, finally means my PC will be fully utilsed when playing FM). Still looking forward to playing it though, beta this weekend would be good as I'm completely free all weekend. My only worries are if the social media thing will actually add anything or will be just more fluff to irritate me when going about my everyday business, Facebook and Twiter annoy me enough IRL. I'm also a little concerned about the transfers dragging on/being more fleshed out etc. I know it will be more realistic, I just hope signing players doesn't become a chore. Not fussed about the lack of added tactics, what's there already is more than enough for me. I still get confused by the tactics despite playing every year since CM3.
  11. New Save For FM17

    Trying to decide between: - Truro City as I'm from the South West and I like the idea of being the first manager to get a Cornish team into the Football League. - Salford City as I like the idea of fulfilling the dream of the team of "The Class of '92" and take them to the big time I assume Salford will have quite a bit of money so Truro will be the biggest challenge. I don;t know whether that helps you, but two potentially fun challenges IMO.
  12. This is something I wouls reload the game for, yes it's realistic, but to me it's not what I call fun, in anyway at all.
  13. Shameless bragging topic.

    There is no middle ground for me. I started a save with Plymouth and really struggled and was on the verge of the sack near the end of my first season. Got frustrated and started a game with Everton. Won the league in each of my first 6 seasons, 2 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, 2 Champion's Leagues 2 World Club Championships, 2 Super Cups and 1 Community Shield. I'm now on a 48 unbeaten run at the end of my sixth season. I've used one formation, a 4-2-3-1 and have hardly varied it at all after tampering throughout my first season. The only adjustment I make is to go from Control which is my normal mentality, to Counter for difficult away games. Thing is I'm not just winning most games, I'm absolutely smashing the opposition, with 4-0, 5-0 and 6-0 fairly common scorelines. I've even managed an insane 52 shots on goal in one match recently. My team is ridiculously good now though, the AI isn't clever enough to put a team together as good (except Chelsea, who regularly beat me in finals and semis). They also seem to be crap at negotiating contracts, my highest paid player is on £160k p/w (Angel Correa), whereas all the other big clubs are paying several players way in excess of £200k p/w. Yeah, I'm bragging, but I'll be honest, it hasn't taken a lot to get here apart from a good transfer/youth policy. Maybe after 16 or so years playing the game each year, I just know what to do now, except with LLM...