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  1. Can't believe he's not been mentioned yet but my first go to wonderkid was Mark Kerr in CM01/02. And Javier Saviola and Fernando Cavenaghi.
  2. Never, didn't like when it first came in in CM01/02 so never used, still think the same now. It's hard enough to work out if a player is good enough even with all the stats available. Plus adding what I personally consider a level of tedium to scouting, just does not appeal to me at all.
  3. I'm going to leave my one post of feedback and leave as I don't think it needs much more than that. These are my opinions. I've been playing the game for many years like many others and have bought every iteration since CM3. After 220 hours with FM2020 this is my opinion: Unfortunately Football Manager 2020 is one of my least enjoyed games in the series for many years. The way FM plays means there is a fine line between a chore and a game, this feels like a chore to play. I've never really been into a lot of the fluff added to the game and things like media conferences, shouts, tunnel interviews, opposition instructions, training schedules and many more are just seen as a nuisance to me. However these can be ignored or assigned to your assistant, which is great to have the option. The bits in FM that I do enjoy are the tactic creating, the transfer market, contracts, managing the squad, scouting and off course - the matchday. In my opinion three of these things aren't all that enjoyable in FM2020, which makes me want to turn it off and play something else. 1. Managing the squad - I can't stand this now, when a player has a complaint, for example wants a new contract it feels like roulette, hit the line of text and hope you don't make the player unhappy. There is no consistently and it's almost impossible to have a guess at what players want to hear and these interactions happen frequently. I hate hitting continue only to be interrupted by another player whinging at me out of the blue and I have to stress over which random option to pick this time. I despise this part of the game and often save before player interactions just in case half the squad kicks off at me clicking the wrong text box. The main issue in recent games is the sheer frequency of these events. 2. Tactic creation, to be honest this is kind of the same as point 3 as it all links in. It feels like tactical instructions are often ignored and the vision I selected for the players in is not reflected in the game. In FM2020 I feel like I'm battling the AI of a computer game instead of being a Football Manager, this is killing the immersion for me. 3. Most of all the match day experience, I know the match engine is a fine balancing act, but the current one for FM2020 is an abomination, it's not enjoyable to watch, it's not carrying my tactics out to what I personally feel is an acceptable level and the sight of Mbappe missing several one on ones a game is getting frustrating and tiresome. Same with penalties. Same with many other aspects covered all over the forum by other users. It feels like SI (and the consumers more so) have been victims of the annual release schedule, this match engine and the tweaks and changes it has had in the last year or so is clearly not working properly and surely isn't working as intended by SI. FM2020 should quite simply have not been released with a match engine in the head bangingly frustrating state it's in. This is the crux for me, games are just not fun to watch unfold. ‐-------------------------- Now I love Football Manager and this version has saddened me to be honest and will make me think twice about purchasing next year at launch. I could have gone into more detail above but feel like this has been covered so much that this is more my overview of the state of the game rather than a technical unpicking. I would love to see a year break where instead of just forcing out an iteration every November, it would give SI longer to get fundamental long running issues with key in game systems ironed out of the game, but we all know that won't happen as money talks. Well there it is, will probably achieve very little, but feel as though I needed to posting something. I will also caveat, I have had success. This isn't a post born out of frustration. I've done 4 seasons with Chelsea and have won the lot in season 2-4 less a few cups. In another save I have got Leeds promoted as champions and finished 9th in the Premier League the next season. So this isn't me doing badly and getting frustrated, this is me doing well but failing to get the enjoyment I usually get out of this great gaming series.
  4. I'm two seasons in and I now relax when I see the AI running though on goal for a one and one as I know the chances of them scoring are slim. But the same goes for me, when the highlight is a one on one for me I know it's very rarely going to end in a goal. That isn't right. I'm more excited when my centre back has the ball miles out or I have a corner.
  5. Teeeeeeeee, tell you what, tell you what, it's 9 and a half thousand pounds.
  6. I always enjoy these threads, I'll post some of mine later, picked up a few beauties a far.
  7. You will get such a big transfer budget at the end of the season that you are better off releasing Willian, Giroud and Pedro to increase your wage budget and replace them with better younger players on lower wages.
  8. This is close to the method I've been using, feels little close to cheating... but there you go. Signed some amazing players this way already.
  9. It happened! Asensio just scored from the byline much like Roberto Carlos did from near the corner flag. My first one that hasn't gone into the side netting in 200 games.
  10. Second summer, this is now my team, won the treble in season 2. Will probably play one more season and then I'll move on to another save: GK Kepa / Blackwell DL Alaba (£115m) / Gaya (£67m) DR James / Aarons (£50m) DC Škriniar (£65m) / Christensen DC Rúben Dias (£52m) / Tomori MC Mount / Arthur (£60m) MC Pogba (£65m) / Florentin Luis (£40m) ML Asensio (£55m) / Hudson-Odoi MR Chiesa (£52m) / Sancho (£97m) SC Mbappe (£215m) / Haaland (£40m) SC Lautaro Martínez (£75m) / Abraham Spent £700m in one season. You get so much money.
  11. Good work! You need to add Lynn Benfield to the database to have as your assistant now.
  12. I sold Rudiger to United for £62m and replaced him with Milan Škriniar for £80m, will both go through in January. Still have £67m transfer budget, £350k wage budget and £270m in the bank. Second season I lost the Super Cup to Arsenal, but other than that I've steamrolled the Premier League so far. Played 12 won 12 conceded 5 goals, beat Liverpool away 3-1, Spurs and City at home both 4-0. Lautaro Martinez and Pogba are a real step up, they are unstoppable. I'm going to try and sell Kante and Dembele in January and buy Mbappe. Just going to have fun with this save now until the match engine is improved in the next major patch and I'll start my LLM game with York City. There is only so much enjoyment I can get with steamrolling the opposition!
  13. I used him as a CF in my first season and he did pretty well. But I've now sold him in my 2nd season as I have far better players both up front and in midfield. Out of the English lads at Chelsea I've only sold him and Barkley as they just aren't quite good enough.
  14. And you misunderstood the post you quoted. The post was talking about passes received, not passes made.
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