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  1. Update: He demanded a transfer after the final game of the season due to my 'broken promise' of not letting him take free kicks, despite the fact he took all free kicks in attacking areas and even chipped in with a few assists from them. I saved the game before talking to him as I wanted to try every available option to appease him- obviously in normal circumstances this is cheating but in order to get round a bug it's perfectly justified. First time I told him to just 'get on with it' and he didn't back down. Second time, I asked him why he'd leave such a great dressing room and, for the first time ever in FM I think, he backed down! So I managed to resolve the situation in the end, but it's still a bug that needs to be fixed.
  2. No, I've never seen the option either on any FM version, but it isn't actually needed if you add the squad that the player plays for onto the main squad page.
  3. But there is the option to select them for the first team without moving them, isn't there? When you're on the 'squad' page, select filter in the top right corner, select 'U23 squad', 'Reserves' or whatever, and the players from that squad will all appear on your squad page without them actually having been moved.
  4. I have an identical issue. I've taken Cambridge into the Premier League with maxed out training, youth facilities etc. but my U23 team has never been invited to join a league and has only ever played friendlies. My file is called 'Smart People'.
  5. Now that I've had a bit more time on my hands, I've just updated the post with all the relevant information.
  6. Summary: A player signed a contract with the promise of 'will assign player as free kick taker' and despite being number one choice for all free kicks, he doesn't feel that the promise is being fulfilled. Description: I've given my star player a new contract with the promise that he takes free kicks and penalties. I gave him those two promises when he signed and there were no issues as he has always taken all free kicks and penalties, but now two-and-a-half years later after renewing his contract with the same promises, he feels time is running out to assign him as free kick taker. My initial theory was that because he was already free kick taker, he hasn't been 'assigned', so I've just tried removing him, forwarding the game, and then re-adding him, which hasn't worked yet but might work after a few more matches. But that doesn't explain why he's happy that the penalty promise is being fulfilled and the free kick one isn't. Are there any solutions to this bug? It's my tenth season and I'm loving this save having taken Cambridge from League Two into the Champions League, but this has the potential to be a real game-breaker if my star player hands in a transfer request because of a bug. I'm running out of time too because there are less than three weeks until the promise ends and he throws his toys out of the pram. Steps to reproduce: Give Antonio Zilic a new contract (I think he's unhappy when the earlier file starts on 9/3/29, but he got over his unhappiness in mid-March and then I immediately offered a new contract) with the promises of assigning him penalty and free kick taker. Files uploaded: I've uploaded the current file at 25/4/29 called 'Smart People', and I've just managed to get an old copy from 9/3/29 that was on the cloud, which is called 'Earlier Smart People' and is now slowly uploading. The player in question, Antonio Zilic, signed a new contract on 25/3/29. The version is 20.4.1-1363262, but the game was created on 1343694.
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