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  1. Yes, coaches can have a small effect on the rare "star" or "freak" newgens when it comes to CA/PA. I'm not sure I've ever had one of those, based on his description in the thread. I understand this opens up for all kinds of speculation about other stuff members, but SI have never indicated anything like that, and the question has been asked several times. One of the answers is in the thread you linked: Q: "Can even U18 Physio, Data Analysts, and Sports Scientists have an impact?" A: "Just those involved in training"
  2. Yes, that is absolutely the case in my experience. Players seem to know what others with the same status are getting paid, and will often want parity. IMO, you should never sign someone as a star player though, maybe in rare case as an important player if they demand it, but nearly everyone should be squad player or first team player. Helps to keep the wages down, and much less complaining when you rotate.
  3. Cut backs happen, but you are right that they are probably too rare. Getting wide men with good height/jumping/heading is very beneficial this year.
  4. It's already happening, Pep is literally complaining about what we would call "getting FM'ed" https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/53302856 "We played more than good but it is not enough to win the games," "We cannot say we are not a team who score goals this season. We are leading in goals. We create a lot of chances. We are a team who concede less - no team conceded as few chances as us but we lost a lot of games." (Manchester City have faced the fewest shots in the Premier League with 249 - 59 fewer than Liverpool, who have conceded nine goals fewer) "It's difficult even for me to find a reason why but you have to insist and talk about the game, the way they play and try to do more, concede as few as possible and score up front." Maybe he should post in the tactics forum.
  5. This is absolutely the case in real life, and there's countless articles every cycle about which players get to go, even those initially eligible are often doubtful to go because of their club. There also seems to be some bias, where teams like Brazil are excellent at getting big stars to go (Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Hulk in 2012, Neymar in 2016), other counties can't even get their eligible players released for it. Then there's the whole thing about England not being able to go because Great Britain is the IOC member, not England. All that is probably too complex to code for FM, for a small tourney every 4 years. I understand that. I'm not even sure where you'd begin, because it seems like the clubs make these decisions on an individual player basis, so PSG might allow Neymar, but block Mbappe (in theory). It's a bit of a catch 22 though, because If they gave the option to withdraw like clubs have IRL, the AI would no doubt either withdraw too many or withdraw none. In the first case, it would be a really weird tournament not reflective of how it is in real life and we'd lose some realism. In the second case human players would have an advantage as the AI would be missing players and they wouldn't (because lets face it, we'd all withdraw them unless there was some kind of punishment for it)
  6. This is only true for players over 23. Players under 23 that are picked for the Olympics do not get the withdraw option. Something that needs to be added for sure. You are also not allowed to withdraw players from an age specific team if they are playing an official qualifying match or international tournament, so your post is all over the place really (in regards to FM). Here's a screenshot:
  7. If there's a job open that you want, apply for it. The AI will assume you are happy at the biggest club in the world, probably with a long term deal, and that's the reason nobody comes with offers.
  8. Seems reasonable enough for Bristol, it should be higher for Fulham though, for the reason already mentioned.
  9. The boards ambition plays a huge role in that. I'd expect in the region of £60 mill, but you can rework it to 2-3 times as much with instalments and clauses.
  10. It's a pre-concern.. You've got like 2 years until he starts bothering you, and even then it's an easy conversation to dismiss him. The issue here is probably that he is earning a lot less than other players with the same squad status, 1.7% of total payroll is very low. Always try to lower the squad status, even if he'll be playing a lot.
  11. Fan days are good for this, bit random if you get them. Did you start in a very small city? That will also have a negative long term impact, compared to a team from Stockholm or Gothenburg.
  12. This is your problem. When is the last time the Utd academy has produced a Ballon d'Or candidate? Because that's what a 4-5 star PA player would be. In 4 years, you should expect to produce a number of good premier league quality players, and it sounds like you have. Don't write them off just because of stars.
  13. That's actually the key difference. With the optional future fee, it's the way you describe. But with the mandatory fee after x amount of games, the game has already agreed the transfer fee and contract. You do not bid again, it will be confirmed as soon as the clause is triggered. Yes, technically it doesn't say there's a bid on the player, but the move is in the database already and can't be changed by the user. Never send someone on loan without a recall clause
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