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  1. This is absolutely the reason, and it's been that way for years.
  2. The way seeding is done now, there can only be 1 team from each top 6 league in layer 1, plus the Champions League and Europa League title holders. So it is harder to break into this layer than in previous years. The rest of the seeding is done via coefficients rankings, which you can also find in game.
  3. There can be a hundred reasons why the AI will bid like that, but none of them have anything to do with the AI conspiring to make transfers more difficult for human players. Saying that this happens in some cases, doesn't mean you can claim such a broad statement as fact. If your player is in demand, set an asking price you are comfortable with and reject anything below that, same as the AI will do when you bid. Don't negotiate, just flat out reject. The AI transfers will almost always have clauses and instalments, but the news item isn't giving you such details. You can absolutely
  4. Is it optional or mandatory? If it's optional you'll need to pay for it with your budget, if it's mandatory it should already be deducted.
  5. What's stopping them is that it would be illegal, and the player wouldn't be eligible to play for the club. All minors that belong to academies must be tracked and registered. If that minor just shows up in another country and wants to register there, it would require clearance from FIFA. Even for players outside of academies, the club must provide proof of the player living in the country for 5 years before their receive clearance. Again, nationality, or second nationality has no bearing on this. It's also far harder than the game makes it seem for south americans to get a legit nationality (
  6. The nationality isn't relevant anymore, only the country the player is based in. Currently there aren't any ways to sign Brazilian u18 player, and it's also pretty much impossible IRL. If there were loopholes, you'd see all the top academies use them. Takefusa Kubo is a recent example where Barcelona tried to get around the rules, but ultimately failed.
  7. I'm not making a case for improving youth intakes. I'm simply outlining that in FM, given 9 years and starting at a Premier League club, you can easily build a full 22 player squad of true world class players in every position. A team way beyond any of the great teams you mention, a team where the second XI can win the Champions League. Because of that massive jump in player quality, your own youth intake becomes less and less relevant over time.
  8. Can you name even a single premier league team where that is currently the case? Even so, that's easily possible in FM. A ton of people have played youth only challenges with great results. Those 3* youngster coming through are often 130-140 PA, which is Premier League quality. The "problem" is, as a human manager by 2029 you should be looking at 160, 170 or 180 CA average in your squad. It's not that youth intake quality is bad, it's that building a team of absolute superstars is way too easy. This in return makes youth in-take seem underwhelming, when it's in fact pretty well balanced.
  9. Yes, there's some kind of bug where goalkeepers don't go up as much in value as they should. It doesn't affect every single goalkeeper, but it has happened a few times during my saves. Usually it will correct itself as he keeps playing, but I don't know of any short term fix.
  10. I'm sorry, but that's a bunch of nonsense. The AI isn't conspiring to make transfers more difficult for you, and you can't just say that a specific player worth 50 mill should be sold for the same amount every game. Demand is everything. If you are actively trying to sell a player, never expect more than his value. Sometimes you can get lucky and get more, but it's rare. The only way to consistently sell a player for more than his value, is to create interest in him naturally. You do this by playing him in your first team, or loaning him out to play first team football somewhere else. Once the
  11. Assuming that the player wants to move, you can buy any player in the game with enough money. If the scout reports "doesn't want to sell", it just means you'll have to overpay. If the player is worth 1 mill, paying 10x that isn't really an issue. With high value players it becomes difficult. But it's absolutely the same principle, there is an amount of money which will get your bid accepted. Often because the board of the other club will step in and accept the bid. The bad news is, for a top player from another top club, that number is sometimes £300 mill.
  12. Once you are a top club with top players, 90% of intakes will look like this. The final comment seems to be based on the average, or top 5 average of PA, so you could have a 200 PA player and 4x 100 PA and it would still say that. You could also have a "good crop" and it's 5 players with 130-140 PA.. Either way, no mater how much you optimize, youth intake is just an unlikely-to-win dice roll and should be treated as such
  13. All of them are top tier, I don't think you'll see a discernible difference in quality of youth in takes matter who you choose.
  14. FIFA has a rule in place that means it's only possible to sign domestic based players under 18. While there are workarounds and exceptions IRL, I belive FM simply dumb it down to not being possible. Transfers like Sancho and Bellingham make use of some of those exceptions, meaning they wouldn't be possible in FM. EU/EEA used to have a special status where players could move at 16, but I think that was removed as well. If you are managing in the UK that's a moot point anyway because of Brexit.
  15. These are early June offers. You need to reject the AI 3-4 times over the summer to get the highest fee possible. Once you reject these offers, the players will likely come talk to you, and you'll be able to set a minimum price which will keep them from getting super unhappy. Don't pay too much attention to in-game value, it can get inflated from winning the league/continental cups + long term contracts. I've had back ups jump up to £80m just because of that, they usually come down significantly during the next season.
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