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  1. I think he's also referring to the tactics screen, where it will actually say "hampered by the injury". It can also say "affected by the injury". Sometimes there's also a line saying "but wants to stay on" or "wants to get subbed off". I think there's one like "can shake off the knock", maybe with a different wording. Since they are different flavour texts, it could be assumed that "hampered" indicates a worse injury than "affected". But it's pretty clear that no-one knows that answer, only SI. When it comes to watching the 3D, I've never noticed a player with a knock actually playing
  2. XG of 7 is pretty funny. U-18 isn't really as competitive as RL, so it's easy to dominate there. But your coaches also rate this kid at 2½ stars, indicating he's almost as good as your average first team player.
  3. 12/12 dribbling/crossing is perfectly fine for wingbacks, even CWB's perform well with those attributes. A lot of the best wingbacks IRL are players that either have played or can play as wingers, so it makes sense that FM doesn't create a lot of natural wingbacks with high dribbling/crossing. Tackling and positioning are absolutely crucial attributes for my wingbacks, as they get very involved in the play up and down the pitch. Which means a lot of tackling, and being able to take up the right position to defend quickly. Quite confused how another comment mentions them as irreleva
  4. Very sure it's not in the game, but it's in the competition rules IRL, so that's why FM also adds it in rules. Circa CM 00/01 it was in the game, but obviously it wasn't a good look on the game or the player. Headbutts, brawls with multiple reds have been in the game too.
  5. He has played 120 minutes across 3 games. I'd pay zero attention to his stats/average rating at this point. Ideally you'll want a minimum average rating of 6.8-6.9 long term, but sub appearances are always bad for average ratings.
  6. Spend your wage budget. Even if you went into negative balance, there are safeguards in the game to prevent you from "ruining" the club. Not that 1.2m per week would ever do that, that's like 65 mill per year and you've already got 230 mill in your pocket.
  7. Form can cause huge swings in star ratings. And it's pretty obvious he was overrated by both the scout and the staff when he first arrived at the club. And yes, these things can happen, always look at a players attributes over star rating.
  8. If you've won the CL 3 times in a row, giving you the highest reputation in the game, then players will expect to be paid top wages, even the prospects. If you aren't willing to pay that, they will want to move to teams that do.
  9. This is absolutely the reason, and it's been that way for years.
  10. The way seeding is done now, there can only be 1 team from each top 6 league in layer 1, plus the Champions League and Europa League title holders. So it is harder to break into this layer than in previous years. The rest of the seeding is done via coefficients rankings, which you can also find in game.
  11. There can be a hundred reasons why the AI will bid like that, but none of them have anything to do with the AI conspiring to make transfers more difficult for human players. Saying that this happens in some cases, doesn't mean you can claim such a broad statement as fact. If your player is in demand, set an asking price you are comfortable with and reject anything below that, same as the AI will do when you bid. Don't negotiate, just flat out reject. The AI transfers will almost always have clauses and instalments, but the news item isn't giving you such details. You can absolutely
  12. Is it optional or mandatory? If it's optional you'll need to pay for it with your budget, if it's mandatory it should already be deducted.
  13. What's stopping them is that it would be illegal, and the player wouldn't be eligible to play for the club. All minors that belong to academies must be tracked and registered. If that minor just shows up in another country and wants to register there, it would require clearance from FIFA. Even for players outside of academies, the club must provide proof of the player living in the country for 5 years before their receive clearance. Again, nationality, or second nationality has no bearing on this. It's also far harder than the game makes it seem for south americans to get a legit nationality (
  14. The nationality isn't relevant anymore, only the country the player is based in. Currently there aren't any ways to sign Brazilian u18 player, and it's also pretty much impossible IRL. If there were loopholes, you'd see all the top academies use them. Takefusa Kubo is a recent example where Barcelona tried to get around the rules, but ultimately failed.
  15. I'm not making a case for improving youth intakes. I'm simply outlining that in FM, given 9 years and starting at a Premier League club, you can easily build a full 22 player squad of true world class players in every position. A team way beyond any of the great teams you mention, a team where the second XI can win the Champions League. Because of that massive jump in player quality, your own youth intake becomes less and less relevant over time.
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