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  1. Ok, it then works like it should. I was wondering whether 2005 would be two start years but from your description now I understand it's an end and a start year. An even worse workaround would be to ending the window a week earlier but I'm sure that's something you won't consider and neither would I...
  2. Afraid not, I'm sure you already checked that weekdays weren't added to your transfer windows and/or squad selection windows right? Only the dates should be in IMO. It's also not a leap year so I don't know why it moves one day, let alone two. I would question why you have rules for 2000-2005 and 2005 onwards. Doesn't that mean 2005 is duplicated?
  3. I would also consider the idea of amending the Chinese foreigners rules. I don't know what is hard coded there but in 1988 there were no Europeans/South Americans/Africans going to play in China(at least from what I can find). Don't forget that China has changed a lot.
  4. If I'm right it would help to duplicate competition. I'm using an ancient version of the game but in my editor I can see this: What's in your rules? If you didn't select the middle one I also suggest trying that first. The fact that you're getting stuck when the second round(with the premier league teams in the original rules) is being scheduled is further indication that it's got something to do with those teams.
  5. You haven't dabbled with Registered Teams, have you? My initial guess is that you for some reason qualify teams via more than one path. I haven't tried editing Carabo myself but I did take a look in my old version. There are Registered Teams representing the Championship and down. Premier League looks like it's added via rules in code. Have you removed these registered teams if they're still used? Otherwise I can see why it would be a mess. This is also something I would check if I'm you: have you set it up to use those or do you want to have your nation rules completely stand-alon
  6. No, that sounds like how you should do it. I don't know how much you have invested in your rules but is it possible to revert to basic rules and ask the game to create the rules? Except the below I don't know where one can mess up otherwise but as you know there can be something really odd sometimes.
  7. If you have the same setting as I then the league should be ok IMO. Is the playoff stage name the same in that round? And does what does the fate action look like? In my rules they look like this:
  8. There's only one round in stage 1 and then there's fate action for all teams.
  9. In advanced it looks like this in stage 0
  10. A simple setting like this one is verified. Admittedly it's not FM20 but anyway. and this too This obviously means directly promoted and relegated are adjusted so that 2 more are promoted in order to accomodated the teams relegated via playoff.
  11. Is it in Basic or Advanced rules? What's your settings? Actually it does sound like you have mixed the number of teams with either the directly promoted or directly relegated teams so these settings would interesting too.
  12. I believe you are missing two central things. 1. African nations are set to -1 because "nobody" moves there. This is not about African players moving out which is set in the receiving countries' preferences. Transfer preferences are about transfer in, not out. 2. Defaults are likely added due to previous complaints about unrealistic transfers. If you see an odd combo and wonder why it's there then you shouldn't think it's unnecessary just because. Some of the defaults shouldn't be removed no matter what but I think you realize that. Eg. Armenia/Azerbaijan or Israel/many Musl
  13. He's asking which file you find that in? Presumably in XML-format.
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