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  1. Isn't that Squad Selection Eligibility in the fixture rules?
  2. In the case you describe it can't be done because then Gibraltar's logo is hardcoded and can't be changed(unlike all other countries). So when you say you changed other countries and it worked I wonder which countries and what you changed? Flag ≠ logo. From what you're saying I'm not 100% sure you actually updated Gibraltar's logo. If you did then my first sentence is true.
  3. You should be able to stop B/II teams from being promoted from the Regionalliga in the fixture rules. I actually think the issue is more related to lack of players in lower divisions in Germany so the only teams that are full are the B/II ones. Have you checked that non-reserve teams look ok from that p.o.v.?
  4. Years ago I saw something similar due to extinct clubs. I can't open your file(don't have FM21) but I'd consider checking if you made the duplicate club extinct before you changed the contracts. If you did it may be that the players are still there.
  5. You can't. This is unfortunately one of the more annoying problems we have. There are lists of names hidden somewhere we can't access with names from all countries.
  6. Did you add the parent competitions on the Competitions tab?
  7. You mean apart from naming the award something with an allowed number of letters?
  8. One more thing. I actually think this should be done as conversion from basic rules because I think it makes it harder than necessary for someone new. I'm still happy to compile it.
  9. It's no problem for me to do that during the weekend. However, there's a small problem. I'm not using FM21. I don't think much if anything has changed for the very basic stuff but you never know.
  10. Yes, that's how I meant. My thinking is that the game first decides to ignore Gangwon's reserves before selecting any eligible team.
  11. Interesting. Then it clearly doesn't work to resrict the team this way. What a pity. The other way I immediately thought of is where you select 'Get all teams from...'. There you could try to set to ignore Gangwon. Do it before the 'Get all teams from...' and see what happens. Set team type to Reserve. If that also doesn't work then I won't know what to do
  12. Yes. I'd like to try if that means that the reserve team never plays in that division.
  13. I also wonder about having U18 team twice but that's a separate but related topic. It seems you can have the reserve team at two places.
  14. Under Reserve teams to create you have an opton to set 'never used'. Can you add your reserve teams there and add division and tick the box. That's what I thought you could try.
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