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  1. You could but not directly. You would need to set the foreigner rule to allow for 0 foreigners. Then it's possible in the editor that in each nation assign non-foreign status to some other nations.
  2. It's the teams that will be in the tournament.
  3. At least report it. SI won't know if nobody tells them.
  4. Sure looks like a bug if you haven't touched the Indian rules. You should report in the Bugs forum.
  5. Have you checked that this happens after registration too? Because from your screenshots it looks like this is during the registration period. What do ACL squads look like on the 19th of February after registration has closed? I found another possible error too: The Thai league squad selection period is for the wrong year. This is likely because you switched between 2000 and 2018 as base year.
  6. As far as I know you can't choose individual players but you can select everyone from a particular team, division, nation etc The latter you do when you start the game. I always have people with international reputation and those participating in continental competition in. It creates a base of fairly good players from a number of countries. It's a bit strange that Garde isn't in but supposedly his non-player attributes are too low. I would have thought his career in England would have meant he was created. I was of the impression that the bigger databases included people who played in these leagues. Do check if you have set leagues to playable or view only since the latter creates way fewer players.
  7. There are similar teams in Switzerland and probably other places. Call them immigrant teams if you want. That's most likely hard coded somewhere because nobody's ever been able to show what to change to make this happen.
  8. Depends on your computer. A good one means you can play with more leagues.
  9. If you hoover above the triangle it should tell you what the actual problem is. It wouldn't surprise me if your downloaded file was made with an earlier version of 19 and you use the latest version of 19. If something material changed then you can't use that file unless you fix the problem.
  10. Charlotte being relegated is a headscratcher. I'm not too good with fate actions and similar. Maybe some teams for some reason are safe but I wouldn't really know. Sorry. Sorting I know better. It's found here:
  11. in the nation rules you can change their age. Look in the transfer rules. I guess they're few because the quality is low but that is just guessing.
  12. 0 would, IMO, mean a random number and hence most likely a terrible one. I'm not sure because I've "always" had youth intake in my leagues. At least it's never occured to me I didn't have one. I'd try to increase the ratings for a few select teams and see what happens. I hope you're not up against some hardcoded stuff. I would also make sure that I reach the end of the year when youth intake is supposed to happen and check then.
  13. No, there aren't necessarily any youth players at first. What happens to me is that scores of 16 and 17 year-olds end up in senior squads and I have to manually move them to the empty U18 squad. Regarding your second query you need to search for a club and then click on it and then:
  14. Check at the same place as the Stadium settings. There's no Youth Intake box to tick but the youth ratings are there. However, when you say there's been no youth intake I assume you've played until that date? I would check the MLS youth teams also but i guess you may have already done so.
  15. I can't seem to find the answer to this but I'm pretty sure someone from SI posted that these are generated randomly. I use this quite a lot since I play in exotic leagues and the only difference I've ever seen is how many players are generated. The quality is typically crap.
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