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  1. I suggest using the nation rules with default db unless it's absolutely necessary to do changes together with nation rules. In such a case you need to be extremely careful that these changes don't exist in more than one db.
  2. You should only set Estonia to Playable and then you set all other leagues to View Only. This way only players already in the database and meeting the limits for whatever setting you chose will be included.
  3. It's a 1-200 scale for ability. To get an idea how far around 100 would take a player you could take a look at players with current ability around there. My guess is you'll find plenty who play or played in the Swedish or Portuguese or Austrian leagues and similar but not as stars and certainly not near the national teams. You would also find good players from the league below in this time of decent enough countries.
  4. Then you'll have to post it in the Bugs forum. Posting here won't make a difference.
  5. Can't open your file since I don't have FM20 but I'm fairly sure the reason for this is that you have forgotten to set the number of games. DId you set the number of rounds under Competition-Stage 0-League settings? If not you're likely meant to add number of rounds under Competition-Stage 0-League Schedule-General where the option to set number of dates exist.
  6. Are there many of them playing the game IRL? I always had the impression they were rugby players first.
  7. Do they add things like ethnicity or hair colour to that too? Or where applicable language?
  8. There isn't a whole lot available as far as I've seen either but have you seen this? http://kff.kz/en/youth-tournaments/5 It's clear there are regional tournaments that are followed by a national final. What's unclear to me is whether the national final is played by regional all-star teams or if it's the winners from each region? It does look like the former.
  9. I'm not from Kazakhstan but I did research a bit before. The reserve league no longer exists and teams are replaced by U21 teams playing in the normal pyramid. Yugo zapad means south west and severo vostok is north east.
  10. That's a workaround that seems to do the trick. I'd still say that the reason some immigrant clubs are the way they're described is because it's hard coded. IMO, if more clubs are immigrant clubs it should be mentioned to the country researchers.
  11. AFAIK I know you don't add reserve and youth teams there. There's a separate header called Reserve divisions or similar under nation rules where you can add custom divisions.
  12. Try removing the # on the Santos row in your file.
  13. What is intended? I don't see the contradiction since "retiring after spell at current club" says nothing about how long time it will take, just that he won't transfer.
  14. I guess that really means that being in the A-league makes the team worthy. Still strange since it's Australian. I guess nobody at SI ever thought we'd try this.
  15. Or the reputation of the club but since that is dependent upon them being in A-league it's more or less the same thing.
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