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  1. No, that's because SI don't read here. At least they never comment. Btw, what you see is quite possibly a bug. Raise it in the appropiate forum and you're much more likely to get an answer.
  2. That makes sense. Of course they should. How could the game guess which teams to promote? I guess you entered 2 into the box for promotion places? From how I read what you wrote you should have 0 promotion places. 2 teams are then promoted via playoffs.
  3. If I remember right you need to add Stadium 0, Stadium 1 etc here: This is from FM18. The first stadium is Stadium0 and so on. This is from my own 16-team OCL
  4. My first guess would be that there are officials in the database that have set that they are refereeing the other competitions but since you created this one yourself there is nobody in the database set to referee any games.
  5. Sorry to say but you've thought of everything I could think of except one thing. Why do you use Stadium 0 for your fixtures? Shouldn't you use Host? Or at the very least have added a stadium that can act as Stadium 0. Remember that the first stadium in the list will be Stadium 0
  6. I think he actually means personal assistant. Check your first messages when you join a club. In my case it's typically a Swedish female name. I would also prefer to be able to change that but I'll admit it's quite low on my priorities list.
  7. Set the chairman's favourite club to be this one.
  8. Strange, but isn't this one tailormade for Albirex Niigata Singapore?
  9. Haven't done it myself but what you need are two separate sets of rules for the division. One set for first year and another for all other years. I don't recall the exact place in the rules but you could look at the rules for another nation that does this if you know any such nation.
  10. Nothing can be promised in FM-land but it is possible to create a non-player with these traits.
  11. Main league. The groups will then select teams automatically. To be clear, Groups are created in th nation rules. Not in the database.
  12. If you add nation rules then you select a competition first. Set it to Groups instead of League. Then you make sure that you select the number of groups and teams per group etc. On the last tab there's an option to have a championship playoffl There you select the number of teams you want to qualify for the play off. Obviously you need to make sure that the competition has enough teams first. A possible problem is that if you use one file to move teams to a competition and then another file for the nation rules then you need to update the maximum allowed number of teams. For example: League A has 10 teams in the original database. You add 70 more teams. When you add nation rules you must make sure that the competition can have 80 teams. It doesn't matter that the validation succeeds if you only have 10. Remember, you added teams in a separate file. This is a simplified description. It can be done with Basic rules. If you aren't completely green then you'll soon figure out the errors if any and how to solve them.
  13. He's been around for so long and managed to create so many files so I wouldn't think so. Maybe a transfer window will be a little off or the rules on bans will be wrong but that's the type of thing you probably wouldn't know anyway if you play in an exotic league.
  14. I haven't tried his updates but since I've done a fair few myself I'd say that if you know what you're doing, and know the details of the leagues, it's actually fairly easy to create league rules. That being said, I don't think there was perfect realism in all his leagues. On the other hand, would you really know?
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