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  1. Where do you push back the start dates of those windows? In the screenshot they start the same year as the others as far as I can see.
  2. If you just downloaded someone else's file it should work if that file is in a valid format. What I wonder is if you actually selected the file in the game? It's not enough to put it in the editor data folder. You have to manually select it in the game(even before selecting leagues).
  3. That's right. SI doesn't let us. I guess they don't want to share.
  4. I don't know Go the the People tab: search for Germans only. No.
  5. All Germans in the database created the surnames list. The only way you can see is by filtering for Germans and see which names they have. There is no specific name list you can search in.
  6. Ah, the elusive 'person name' field. Many years ago I managed to activate the gui so I could see it but I could never retrieve the data. In addition to ethnicity, which in itself will help with generation of names, you could use this for any new or overwritten nation to prevent 'old' names from being used. Or names that are not suitable for whatever reason you find valid.
  7. Unknown Hacker is of the same opinion as I am. Change minimum age for senior matches. I thought I had circled what you should edit but I did replace the first picture so must have forgotten.
  8. it's in the nation rules. Have you used these before? If not you may need a short tutorial for that too. I won't add it now but I'm sure you'll tell. If you already are familiar with nation rules you can just check below. This is from FM18 and for another country but I'd be surprised if it has changed: Be aware of the age check date near the end. That's what decides when youth players become old enough(or too old).
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't add too many details on players I only know the minimum about. In addition to what you already mentioned I would consider year of birth if it's easy to add. To avoid teams full of juniors. Obviously more details is better but I find it works quite well, and especially compared to the newgen players. I mean you will always have outliers but in general this approach creates a base of players that are decent enough. To be honest, what you're doing is not much more random than taking names from Transfermarkt that you know nothing about. That's also pretty much random in my opinion. Of course it's kind of nice when players have "real" names.
  10. I didn't see any evidence of it. Just to be clear also. Some Fijians were Kiribati level garbage but there were some that were as good as expected and even a few perhaps too good. The variance was higher with the Fijians and to me it looks like these are generated more or less randomly according to the levels we've set for youth training, facilites, recruitment. I don't know exactly which one is most important but I can see the aggregated level of them seems to make a difference. In my opinion real players are always preferable but from my experience it's often the case that teams with more real players are near the top of the league. That itself is also sign that the generated players are not good enough.
  11. I'm still at FM18 but my tests in Kiribati and Fiji give me vastly different CA/PA. Unfortunately some from Fiji have extremely high PA.
  12. You need to check under the reserve teams tab. If the II team is there then select it and change the colours that way.
  13. Very basic question. Did you actually remove the excess teams from their divisions in the database? It looks like you either didn't or are using another version of the game than you edited. Considering you did get the rules verified I wonder about the second part of my question.
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