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  1. Fredrik

    Ukraine missing

    that's pretty clear,isn't it? If you removed any teams you need to put them back.
  2. Fredrik

    HELP! Stadium name change

    Most likely the lnc file can't find the id number 98047531. I'm far from an expert on this but I wonder if the id number is unique or if it's used by several editor files.
  3. Fredrik

    Names Translation

    Which language are you using in the editor`? I think entries have one name in each language. See for example city 1300358. If you use English it's Turku. When I switch to Swedish it becomes Åbo without any recorded changes. I think that's what you should investigate.
  4. Check transfer rules. Should be a option to select Contract Expiry Month
  5. Fredrik

    Adding reserve and youth teams

    This is in the nation rules and you could change the league to allow less than 16 teams. My oppisition to all of this is that lower league teams more often use a 2-team instead of u21. it just is waste to have all these U21 teams when lower leagues are active.. In practice it often is u21 or younger but some flexibility is allowe. I think changing the rule must be done in advanced rules.
  6. Fredrik

    Names Translation

    I don't have FM19 but in 18 there were two files related to this. I don't know if they do all you need but it's a start. My catalogue was as seen below:
  7. Fredrik


    Is Steven Davidson an official source? I don't know the name but if he's SI then we have the answer we need. 200 players it is. Since I prefer playing in exotic leagues I don't like checks to determine if there are enough quality players for the national team but such a check exists then I have to accept it.
  8. SI SEGA didn't have the license to allow this. I thought that changed though. Which version of the game are you playing?
  9. Fredrik

    Irish League & Munster League Connected?

    I think you should report it as a bug,
  10. Fredrik

    Select Leagues Broken

    Have you checked the list of files and/or nations if there are any triangles with an explanation? IMO this is how it looks when verify failed.
  11. Fredrik

    Team enthenticity

    wouldnt the obvious be to do the other way around?
  12. Fredrik

    Get Best Teams From Division

    I think it will work ok from the second season onwards if it's playable. Otherwise the game just picks a team seemingly at random. For the first season you still have to name the participant separately. I have done this to set teams for the African Champions League in earlier versions and it worked for me.
  13. Fredrik

    Advanced Rules - How do I save the changes

    Make sure the file is added when you start a new game.
  14. Fredrik

    Get Best Teams From Division

    Try adding Cove Rangers to Registered Teams for the competition with correct year set(2018) in the editor.
  15. Fredrik


    Enlighten me, where did you buy the game and don't need Steam?