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  1. I had to google North Shields and found it's next door to Newcastle. Don't really understand your question? That's precisely what you'd expect.
  2. "use main team division" means you use the same divisions as the first teams. "use regional" is self explanatory. Geographic sorting. "use custom" means user created leagues.
  3. That's a new one. I've never seen that before. That being said, maybe investigate the team mentioned if there's anything about them. Btw this is advanced rules, not basic rules.
  4. Can't load the file since I have FM18 only but I'd think your problem is related to how qualification from the two lesser tournaments happen. Where is the game picking up these teams? I know that one can add registered teams which usually solves it when the game selects the wrong teams in the first season. Unfortunately I don't know how to make the game see that a particular registered team qualified through one of the cups instead of their local league. Next step would be to see if setting previous winners would help qualification from those tournaments.
  5. You could probably set the time needed to become English to 99 years or similar. This is done via the Nation tab in the editor.
  6. I'm not completely sure what you've done and what you're trying to achieve. You want to update De Ligt's CA and PA? Why are you mentioning atp files? What's in that file? You see, I don't follow why you've done something outside of the editor and then expects it to work in the editor? I guess I'm missing something obvious here so it's probably better you try to elaborate a little bit more .
  7. This is an old topic. From the looks of it you can't remove any names from a database, only add. This means that the original names are still there as you saw. SI hasn't made it possible for us to stop "person names"as they seem to be called in the db from being used.
  8. Just to clarify but did you use same version of the game all the time? Of the db changed then this could happen of you use different versions
  9. If you removed any teams from the competition they must be replaced. The message is quite self-explanatory actually. If you didn't touch the number of teams then something is up.
  10. Choose from the list in the dropdown, verify(in the top menu), save, play
  11. You need to select nation rules for Germany first.
  12. There's another field where you add actual days in nation. This is from 2018 but I doubt it's changed.
  13. But you do have both files selected during start up? I have a feeling you can't have both CIV and CRO leagues active(as in files selected) at the same time due to a clash between them. This means you can't continue. If you had one or both as playable(or view-only) they could be de-activated as a test.
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