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  1. It seems that teams can have no part of their kit looking similar to their opponent, however sometimes teams wear similar socks, etc. For example sometimes in the Manchester Derby both teams will wear white shorts. I would love the ability to choose team kit pieces before a match, but limiting tops to differing colors.
  2. Can't think of how many times I have faced Liverpool and gone to their team page Team Report > Senior Squad > Overview and been told I need to request a member of my scouting team to compile a report on this team. It's the 4th time we've faced them this year, is the backroom staff burning the reports to keep warm? In all seriousness I'm sure it's a burden on memory/etc. but would be great to maintain reports on opposing senior squads who you've recently or commonly faced. Then I can prepare for the match more than just a day ahead of time
  3. Lokomotiv Moscow head coach retired on in June 2021. It is September 2021 and they still don't have a head coach despite playing 10 games in their season and now starting Champions League. I have uploaded save file from the day before he retired (6/16/21) called "Lokomotiv HC prior retire" and also save file from September 2021 "Lokomotiv CL"
  4. Wow, this would be an awesome implementation!
  5. Frequently I want to give some starters a day off training after a match, but the day after a match is only Recovery then Rest, Rest. So I have to simulate past that day and THEN give my players the rest day. It would be great to just be able to, perhaps on the player > Training > Rest submenu, choose which day to give them off so that they don't sit out on the recovery day
  6. I have uploaded the latest save I have from before the news item which is unfortunately about a week ahead of time, sorry. Hope it helps. File name is "March 22 - leasing trophy march 28.fm"
  7. Specifically I am wondering about the Squad Comparison page when scouting opponents (attached image) and think it could use some clarity. For example, when I select Midfield, do these values include all midfielders on each team, only players who are currently in the Starting XI, all players who played last game? And does it include AML and AMR, even though they are moreso wingers? This page isn't very helpful because it isn't clear who is being compared, so my suggestion is to... Allow us to select multiple specific players to compare. First, it is obvious how this could be used on this screen - I want to compare my trio of Pogba, McTominay, and Fred against their Barella, Sensi, Eriksen or whatever. Then i can learn where I have advantages or not. In addition, this could be expanded to the current "Compare Player" feature found on each player's page. It would be great to be able to compare 3+ players at the same time. I currently use an Excel sheet to compare ~10 players at once, but would be great to have the ability in-game.
  8. My u23 team won the Leasing.com Trophy, then I got a Loan Round-Up email explaining how various players away on loan helped my team win the trophy. See the attached image. Uploaded game file is "Loan Roundup on March 29.fm"
  9. Summary: On Player Comparison screen, picking "Player's best position and role" or "Position the player was last played in" does not highlight any attributes Description of Issue: For example I am comparing CB's Edson Alvarez and Rafael Toloi. Both have best position as Ball Playing Defender (Cover). But choosing the "Player's best position and role" does not highlight any key attributes. Choosing the other option also doesn't work. Note that going through the submenu to Defensive Roles > Ball Playing Defender > Cover does work edit: playing latest version of FM20
  10. Oh. Thanks Glenn! I have uploaded .zip file named "Winless Norwich Save Games". Inside is "Milik In.fm" which was the last save file I had on hand before the match, but game date is a few weeks prior. Also "Norwich Winless 14.fm" file I loaded "Milik In" and vacationed until the night before the match, and verified Norwich still had their winless streak intact.
  11. Seems my save files are considerably bigger than my allowed 9.77MB, any ideas?
  12. Would be great to see a graph or something which tracks player value over time! Could update every 6 months or so
  13. Summary: Team hasn't won in 14 games (has some draws) but milestone says they have lost 14 consecutive games Description of Issue: Norwich milestone should say they haven't won in 14 games. This is not the same as having lost 14 consecutive games Most recent version of FM20
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