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  1. I I'm on mobile on mobile waiting outside my daughter's dojo, so no screenshots. I am a manager who almost literally always uses a dmc and 2 centerbacks- i.e. 4-1-4-1, 4-4-2 diamond, etc. Currently playing in the Turkish 2nd level and my team is seriously deficient in centerbacks, so I have come up with this system: GK: sk/support DCL: dc/stopper (converted lb) DC: dc/cover DCR: dc/stopper (converted lb) ML: dw/s (gets further forward, roams) MCL: cm/d MCR: b2b/s MR: dw/d AMC: amc/support (holds up ball, roams, moves into channels, closes down much less, risky passes) - basically an advanced playmaker without attracting the ball FCL: df/d FCR: df/s Team instructions: close down more, get stuck in, highest tempo, highest defensive line, work ball in box Standard/ Very fluid I built this from the back up. My second ans third best defenders were left backs, so I made them my stoppers. I have one good dc so he gets the job of cover. In my experiences with a stopper/ cover combo the cover position should go the best player if appropriate. I'm not sure yet if that rule of thumb applies to 3 at the back. So after setting up my defence I looked at the wings - I have the players to play wingbacks, as in a 5-3-2. But my best player is a natural AML/R. So I decided to try defensive wingers, as I was afraid to try wingers or wide midfielders without defensive cover. Since I was already in unfamiliar territory I decided to go for broke and try all the new concepts; thus, defensive forwards. The midfield is pretty standard, I think. The high tempo is because my team is physically inferior to most, and at slower tempos we just get stripped of the ball mercilessly. Very fluid was chosen to compress the team, to limit the gaps opponents might exploit. In just four matches I must say I'm delighted with the way this tactic looks. Good possession stats, even with the crazy tempo, we are solid defensively, and we've had good results as an underdog - 2 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss. I would like to try and generate more offense, though. I've thought about switching to control, and have actually tried that for stretches in a match. Most of my shots are from fairly long range. Is it just a matter of waiting for my team to become proficient in the tactic? Or is there some tweak I should think about making. I know I have literally no players on attack duty. Perhaps swapping the b2b for a cm/a? Thanks for reading, i look forward to your feedback.
  2. I'm pretty free with this pi. I'll give it to any attacking player with good mental stats. My current main setup is a 4-1-4-1. Four players have the instruction: both wingers, the cm/a, and the b2b (by default). I find without this pi I struggle to get goals.
  3. I don't always follow the guide either... To put my interpretation another way, structured means my guys will adhere to my instructions. Fluid means they are more likely to respond to game situations. So in fluid too many pis or specialist roles, in theory your tactics could fall apart. Whereas in structured you need to give your players specific instructions...
  4. Right, I know - I consider that an extension of my interpretation. Defenders defend - they adhere to the role and instructions in a structured setting. In a fluid setting they are more likely to attack etc.
  5. I have interpreted it this way - structured means that I have more control over how a player behaves. Fluid means he will more often deviate. That's why wwfans guide limits the specialist roles in fluid setups - because those roles generally have specific instructions i.e. hold up ball, sit wider, move into channels.
  6. Apologies if this has been asked and answered: Is it possible in a 4 man midfield to have 2 box to box mcs? I am thinking of trying this alignment: ------cf/a---dlf/s------ --bb/s--ap/a--bb/s--- --------am/d--------- fb/s-dc/d-dc/d-cwb/a Any reason why that midfield couldn't work?
  7. Two obvious things: 2 central defenders on cover is a no-no. If you're having trouble scoring consider NOT working the ball in the box.
  8. I have made some changes: the central line now looks like BTB/s CM/a BTB/s The DM I switch from HB/d to Regista/s depending on match odds. I have changed tis: retain possession exploit flanks work ball in box Mentality has been changed to standard. Still at a loss what to do with the forwards. Currently trying AF/a and CF/s, but they still look very predictable to me, and I'm not scoring as often as I think I should be. We hardly ever give up a goal, so I'm winning, but the season is almost over and my top three forwards have 11, 10, and 7 goals. I am getting quite a few from my midfield - my top midfielder has 11. It may be that nothing is broken, and I'm looking for a problem that doesn't exist.
  9. Thanks for the helpful comments. I will try adjusting the fcs pis. I am also going to tinker with the fullbacks roles/duties. Any ideas on how to get the CM/a to be more of a finisher, or is that not totally possible with this formation? Also I'm generally happy with the defensive performance of this tactic, but have been tempted to turn on offside trap. I've never used that shout but this seems like a good place to try it. Any insight is appreciated.
  10. Only the central midfielder gets forward and roams around. Mcl and Mcr have no pis. For certain matchups I do change the fullbacks to support role. The half back, in my experience, is the key to a strong defense. Having a back 3 prevents quick counter attacks and allows my team to regain its shape after losing possession. This particular shape seems tough for the AI to break down. Most of the goals I concede do seem to come against my DL, either runs around him or crosses over him. I am confused about what to do with the forwards. My basic plan on offense is for the two forwards to break wide, allowing space for my CM/a (who is generally a 3rd striker played out of position) to get open in the box. So far most of my goals have been scored by my AF.
  11. Playing as Morton in the Scottish Championship. Trying to play very tight defensively. Offensively the idea is have 3 forwards against 2 centerbacks leaving somebody mismatched. ----AF/a---DLF/s --CM/s--CM/a--CM/s -------HB/d FB/a-CD/d-CD/d-WB/a --------SK/d TIs: work ball into box, retain possession, play slower PIs: MC get forward, dribble more, roam from position FCs roam from position, DLF move into channels. Mentality - Control Fluidity - Fluid This tactic has worked ok so far but I think it could do better. Any insight is appreciated.
  12. I construct my roster to have a 2deep at each position but I don't rotate. Backups play in the reserves or when somebody's hurt or tired. I don't care about awards, but I want to win every game so I play my best players. I do often give players a game off for cup matches.
  13. Nation: NOT UK, Germany, or Italy Division: 2nd or lower European Competition: none Media Prediction: not 1st Board Expectation(s): any Transfer Budget: any Wage Budget: any Finances: any Other: Looking for a club with some history, a decent stadium, but an irrelevant present. In prior games I have played as Stade Reims, Morton, or Pro Vercellis.
  14. Playing in the Scottish First Division as Morton, I've made 4 signings that have gotten regular playing time: Nick Ross, midfielder, on loan from Inverness CT. I've had a pile of injuries and he's gotten regular playing time. Omar Koroma, free from Gambia. Playing a 4-4-2, he's been the third striker, starting 2 of 5 games, and scoring 4 in the last two. Martin Camano, DC from Argentina. Because of injuries he's been a regular on the back line. Lionel Djebi-Zadi, DL from France, has been a regular starter.
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