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  1. I'm no expert but a couple things I see: WB (a) and AP (a) don't feel like a natural pairing. CWB and Treq might work better together. Could also try an IWB on that side. When I've used three at the back instead of asking the DCs to stay wide I've used the team instruction (I think it's force opposition inside or something) to excellent effect. Might also experiment with using Sortelle as a BWM, it's a fantastic role that has often really unlocked tactics for me. Just my $0.02
  2. Have you considered using Gouri as a ramdeuter? Maybe even switch him to the right flank?
  3. My biggest, most consistent struggle is figuring out what striker roles to use. I feel like I'm just guessing until I find something that clicks.
  4. I think BWM is an underutilized role and Lex looks like he could do a real job, he does need to improve his mobility though. Worst case he should be a solid anchorman/half back. McInroy looks like a classic winger but would also make a lovely mezzala or B2B. I'd cross train as a CM.
  5. I think this might be the key: instead of putting pressure ahead of the defensive line (where the dm is), put that pressure behind the defensive line. Use an AF or poacher, and then pair that with a shadow striker, ramdeuter, or inside forward. Something like (sorry, on mobile): Af (a) R (a) - If (s) Car (s) - b2b (s) DLP (d) CWB (a) - dc (d) - dc (d) - CWB (s) The box to box (mezzala could work also) could occupy the dm, leaving the three forwards to overwhelm the back line.
  6. Apologies if this has been asked and answered: Is it possible in a 4 man midfield to have 2 box to box mcs? I am thinking of trying this alignment: ------cf/a---dlf/s------ --bb/s--ap/a--bb/s--- --------am/d--------- fb/s-dc/d-dc/d-cwb/a Any reason why that midfield couldn't work?
  7. Two obvious things: 2 central defenders on cover is a no-no. If you're having trouble scoring consider NOT working the ball in the box.
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