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  1. I am inclined to agree with the first statement, its more intimidating then scary. The first time I used the editor (was I think either 14 or 15), I only used it to add my sons. But curiosity got the better of me and as the years progressed, I started dabbling in it more and more. Now, before I start the game it self, I set up my own custom database (with some of my old-school favorite players, some club legends, my own custom team with stadium and all, and edit a few advanced rules). I am no master at it, like, at all (as is evidenced with one of my more recent questions), but I am having fun messing about with it. It is truly amazing all the things I could add, removed and/or alter.
  2. Have a read at this here, mate: That should help you fix your issue. It did the trick for me.
  3. Good day to all you awesome people, I have a weird issue. As I like to do, I created my own team (with stadium, custom players, staff, etc) and swapped it out with Crewe Alexandra. And all is fine. But then when I go into the advanced rules, I get the errror below. Even without making one change to the advanced rules, I get this: I googled this error, and found only one post (that linked to here: And I am unable to find the solution elsewhere. Does one know how I can sort this issue and make some rule-changes, please? But when I swap my created team out and Crewe back, it does work. I know I am missing something, somewhere (and probably quite obvious), but I can't seem to locate. So, I humbly ask you people for help. Thank you all in advance.
  4. I was afraid you might say that. Ah well, back to waiting I go. Thank you gents for your swift replies, it is much appreciated!
  5. Goodday to you all, many apologies if this is in the wrong section, as I wasn't sure if this would in the Editor's Hideout or the Bug Forums. Staff, if its in the wrong forum, please move it. Thanks! So, on to my issue: I was very pleasantly surprised to see the editor available today on my Steam list. But then when I clicked it and tried to install it, I got this error: Any idea what the issue is? Is the editor supposed to be out yet? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Awesome, thank you so much for your quick response, I appreciate it! Have a great weekend!
  7. And this is the case this time as well? Is there any rough estimate as to when the editor will be released? I am asking but I just bought the game and wanted to use the BETA-period to start creating my custom database (custom team, stadium, players, along with some classic players/legends and kits). I figured I'd do this during the BETA so I'd be ready to rock once the final edition launches! Any news would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance, @FrazT
  8. Good day to all of you wonderful people, I have an issue I can not seem to figure out how to solve. I have been playing with the editor, creating my own team, players, etc. But for some reason, I am getting ''number of teams does not match with the the number of teams in the real fixtures''-error. This issue only pops up when I have swapped a League two team with my Created Team and go into the advance rules editing. When I swap the teams and do not mess with the Advanced Rules, it's fine. If I keep the basic teams and mess with the Advanced Rules it works fine as well. This error only shows up when I verify the rules when my Created team has been swapped into the League Two and I work with the Advance Rules. It is driving me mad... >_< I am guessing it is something stupidly simple, but I am just not seeing it. Any help and advice would be massively appreciated. Many thanks in advance, peoples!
  9. Hi guys, I hope that this actually goes here in this forum, if not, could a moderator please move it to the correct forum? Many thanks in advance! So, here is my question/issue. I have been playing with the editor before, creating some Footballing Legends, adjust the WP-rule for England and toyed with some teams to create balance in some leagues. But I am not satisfied with the balance I created. I basically lowered the rep from certain teams and cleaned out their roster. And for some it (sorta) worked and for others it worked too well (Bayern Munich relegating for example). I know that clearing their squad seems to be too effective. Lowering the rep seemed to be a solution, but what would be a proper rep to give everyone a chance to win the title? My main aim is to have teams other then Bayern, PSG and Barca/Madrid win their respective leagues. Anyway, enough jibba-jabba. Would anyone be able to suggest the correct alterations to make to create balance in mainly the German, French and Spanish Leagues? Many thanks, and hope you all have a great day!
  10. I hope I am posting this in the right forum, please move this if its in the wrong forums. My issue is as follows, I completely changed the for Crewe kits in the official editor to suit the ones I was going to create in CaT. Once I had done that, I selected the mode Create A Team to finalize the info, logo, etc. But for some reason, the kits I created in the editor, does not show properly in the ingame match engine. I create a home kit in the style of Ajax, the away-kit in the style of the '99 Ajax away kit (the black and white) and the 3rd official is all red with white stripes on the shoulders. Yet in the match, the home kits is all red, the away kit is darkblue/navy. I have re-created the team (through CaT) a few times, I even re-did the editor file, but no luck, at all. Is there an issue that I am unaware off, is this not possible to do? Any advice? Many thanks in advance!
  11. I did use the search function, but apart from ''add everyone to the EU'' I could not find anything helpfull. Can anyone please explain to me (preferably step-by-step) how I can remove the work permit rule for the UK by using the official editor? Many thanks in advance!
  12. I assume that I must be missing something, but can anyone tell me how to use a custom editor-file when playing the Create-A-team mode? I created a custom editor file with my sons in it, and want to use it with a new custom team, but I seem to be unable to locate the option to use the custom editor file. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Seems to work now, please disregard this!
  13. Just bought the latest FM, but so far my main feedback is my dissappointment with the resulotion not being able to be changed.
  14. I would really, REALLY like SIGames to bring back the option to set our own resolution choices. My laptop is set at 1920x1080, but I prefer to play FM in a resolution 1366x768. I find it quite strange that this option was removed tbh...
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