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  1. Finland - All leagues Italy - Tier 1-2 England - Tier 1-4 Spain - Tier 1-2 Germany - Tier 1-2 My Setup- Nations - 5 Leagues - 12
  2. I wonder if there's something we can do in the editor? There are a few non-player attributes that look like they could be relevant such as pressing or sitting back.
  3. Losing only 0-4 at home to Liverpool in the game? It's funny and sad when the example in the TS is a team that's much better on paper than IRL. Does this mean any semi-competent manager would be able to lead Man Utd to success or is it FM researchers that are too partisan?
  4. In this case it's easy know what's gone wrong. Somewhere in the rules for International Championship you've set base year to 2020 or 2021 instead of 2000(like it should be). The same question was asked two posts below.
  5. Sure, in Dutch language it should be a no brainer it's called Nederlands unless prohibited to do so. I thought we discussed the name in English.
  6. We won't know. It depends on what counterparties have told SEGA. My guess is that German and Japanese federations were less angry than the Dutch federation. The reason could be anything including being told by Royal Netherlands Fooball Association to use Holland.
  7. Even though I agree that the name of the country is the Netherlands and that Holland is 'just' the central parts of the country it is still known as Holland when they play football. To speak in FM terms: Long name: Royal Netherlands Football Association Short name: Holland
  8. I started playing as Ekenäs IF and the 2nd team is called FC Glid. I find it in my development centre. I haven't checked the others. Can you please add these Swedish city names Finnish - Swedish Espoo - Esbo Porvoo - Borgå Vaasa - Vasa Sipoo - Sibbo I'm sure there's more but these were obvious ones.
  9. Are names of cities and stadiums a database or translation issue? I started the BETA in Finland and play with Swedish language. I have noticed a few places with their Finnish names when a Swedish(which is an official language of Finland) exist.
  10. Norton warned me against the game but I'll ignore that. I see the game has evolved since FM18. I did play a little FM20 but this is still a bit of a chock.
  11. How much different are they? Is the difference the same each round or is it "random"? Have you set the season start date? DId you include or exclude weekday?
  12. That's my experience too albeit with FM18 and before.
  13. Isn't this because the names are picked from the Mexican names? I have an older version of the game but there it's obvious that the game does not recognize the majority Hispanic areas of the country such as Rio Grande Valley or many parts of Southern California.
  14. Not sure if there's something already created but you can do it yourself. When you start the game you just choose to load all players from certain nations, regions, divisions etc. Bear in mind that a few of the smallest nations can't be managed because they don't have enough players. I know it can happen in the Caribbean and would assume the same goes for a few Pacific nations.
  15. What was it? There's so many things that can go wrong so it would be good to hear what it was.
  16. Could you please check the division in the database? Check if there's any team with Next Division set. If so, then that's the reason. If not you could check in the advanced rules for this division how it finds teams. Under the division rule you will hopefully find a stage called 0. That's where you need to look. Is it all qualified teams? In that case I think there's something wrong with promotion or relegation rules. You need to verify that the exact number of teams being promoted and relegated match. I know that sounds obvious but it's easy to set the wrong rules when you're working on a editor file. This goes both up and down in the pyramid.
  17. Ok, it just feels strange to create files this way. Have you tried using the editor instead? It feels like that may be the easier solution. Is there a particular reason why you're not using that one?
  18. Have you activated the lnc-file in the game? It's not enough to create the file. EDIT: I don't really follow how you can sometimes create a file and sometimes not, though. Wouldn't you always use notepad?
  19. It's been commented upon by SI in the past.
  20. This is probably one of the most discussed topics around editing. It appears this is really difficult to get it completely right. There are a few things you can and need to do first to maximize the chances of getting it right: Make sure all clubs have their regional division set for each level Make sure all clubs have a stadium and a city. After that you can ask the editor to sort qualified teams into child competitions.
  21. This is strange. Do you have the original files still saved somewhere? If yes, can you please delete the files in the editor data folder and paste the original files again. Then please load a file and check that the editor says it's Verified. If yes, then the file works. I'm not sure but it does sound like you changed something that you couldn't save. My next question would be if you sent the original files or the ones in editor data folder to your friends? It makes sense if you sent the original to them because they should work. The ones in editor data folder shouldn't work. If all of this is true (and you have deleted old files and pasted the original ones again) then my next try would be to change the rule you want to change, save the file and run the verification again. If you again get the message about 'chinese_naturalised_in_squad" and didn't touch that then I don't know what to do. It may have something to do with "flexible rules" or not using those but then it's getting complicated.
  22. Ok, I misunderstood. If this is the case then I'm afraid I think there something wrong with the rules. In this case I don't think this is a topic for the editor forum but is a bug in the game and should be addressed in one of those forums. In particular I think you should report it in this thread which is the Spanish league bug thread. EDIT: I don't have FM21 so I can't look at the nation rules myself. I'm not sure if it's an easy fix or not.
  23. Not really but I have a question. Did you use basic or advanced rules? I have had issues with scheduling with advanced rules that somehow sorted themselves when I reverted to basic rules. I do have a suggestion even if it's a longshot. In the advanced rules there's an option about valid years. Is that one selected and what does it say in that case?
  24. I'd guess he means to rename and change the rules of the existing ones. Guessing does no good though so I would heed the advice to check the UEFA Revival files. It's a recurring advice in fact to check other files. It's incredibly difficult to write a handbook of how to do things because it's almost impossible to anticipate what other editors want to achieve. That's why it's helpful to see what others did because if it works for them it surely works for you. In addition to that I can only add that sometimes it's best to just accept that the editor works in its own ways and just do what seems to work even though the terminology is confusing or the clicking seem counterintuitive.
  25. The "no support found" message means you can't do it there. However, I wonder about the error message. Are you changing the rule for how many Chinese players in the team? It didn't sound like that so I wonder if you can tell for which nation you try to change and also show a screenshot of the rule and the error message?
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