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  1. Are you sure these are real people? Otherwise there's an option to add staff when you start the game so regens will be created.
  2. Pretty sure there is a name pool for each nation that's outside the database or at the very least that some names just can't be deleted. In older versions I've seen something called person_name(not visible in the editor) where you could stop some names from being used by regens.
  3. I wonder if something is hardcoded with Ajax and/or directors? Could you perhaps test with another director in another club to see what happens?
  4. I prefer avoiding amateur status for the reason you mention. The central question is how many intra-season transfers there are normally. If the Belgian lower leagues usually see a lot of activity then it may be as intended(and you can steal other players yourself) but if it's normal that players stay full seasons then you're better off suffering through financial problems. Btw, my experience has been that the game adjusts finances after a while for AI teams. For yourself you just have to be realistic about what kind of squad you can have. Maybe you'll have to accept that
  5. What do you need help with? It's hard to fix something you don't know what it is.
  6. The issue is that it's the Champions League and Confederations Cup that needs to have their rules updated to use Cape Verdean teams. I'm afraid that could/would mean re-creating the rules from scratch.
  7. What's Nationality Info? In general it looks like a higher level of detail is possible.
  8. Do you have a concrete example? There aren't so many things you can change and I don't think I've ever had a failed change in that area.
  9. Are Division III players coming back at the same date as players in I or II? If so, then the explanation is that the national mid-season break overrules any divisional setting.
  10. If you want 20 in each sub division you set the parent division to 20 too. Whatever you set for the parent division acts as a high and low for each individual child division. When you set 40 the editor thinks it needs to be able to schedule for 40 teams.
  11. No, it's not obvious what's wrong but I think that it wasn't the last team in my trial save that was due to be relegated shows that something is hidden. You could check where the champions is set. Stage 0 or 1? I mean checking the result from the game and see which team it was.
  12. I couldn't see any obvious errors but from using the file it's clear that the game somehow treats Stage 1 as a friendly tournament of some sorts. What was weird was also that looking at Stage 1 it was the ninth team that was marked as going to be relegated. I do wonder about mixing Group and League but if it's worked before then it's probably not that. And btw, testing the game is the longest way of doing things. Just verifying the file is enough. The downside is obviously that the verification is just that the logic is sound, not that it's doing what you want.
  13. I'm not sure it's impossible but there are a few question marks. 1. Can you really sort teams in the first phase the correct way? I haven't used seedings so much but maybe that works? Teams can be seeded with incremental or decremental seedings. Would that work? 2. It should be doable to qualify teams for the the second stage. Qualification rules under League Settings should be explored. 3. Relegation should be set as a fate action for Group C only, if possible. If it's possible then this works. If these three can be done then it should work. The caveat is that I haven't
  14. But that is a setting in the lower division that you need to adjust, and not in the Premier Division. The division below should be something like this:
  15. No, it's the right thing to do even though it feels wrong to do so.
  16. I can't access FM20 files because I have an older version but what you need to do in the Advanced rules are at least two things 1. You have to explicitly tell the game you want more teams in a division 2. You also need to make two versions of the division. Maybe it works anyway but I'm using a new version of the league. Update the number of teams in the league to the new. Then you set the start and end year like this for the first season: The second season looks like this: The obvious question is: do you need to recreate rules from start?
  17. Ok, it then works like it should. I was wondering whether 2005 would be two start years but from your description now I understand it's an end and a start year. An even worse workaround would be to ending the window a week earlier but I'm sure that's something you won't consider and neither would I...
  18. Afraid not, I'm sure you already checked that weekdays weren't added to your transfer windows and/or squad selection windows right? Only the dates should be in IMO. It's also not a leap year so I don't know why it moves one day, let alone two. I would question why you have rules for 2000-2005 and 2005 onwards. Doesn't that mean 2005 is duplicated?
  19. I would also consider the idea of amending the Chinese foreigners rules. I don't know what is hard coded there but in 1988 there were no Europeans/South Americans/Africans going to play in China(at least from what I can find). Don't forget that China has changed a lot.
  20. If I'm right it would help to duplicate competition. I'm using an ancient version of the game but in my editor I can see this: What's in your rules? If you didn't select the middle one I also suggest trying that first. The fact that you're getting stuck when the second round(with the premier league teams in the original rules) is being scheduled is further indication that it's got something to do with those teams.
  21. You haven't dabbled with Registered Teams, have you? My initial guess is that you for some reason qualify teams via more than one path. I haven't tried editing Carabo myself but I did take a look in my old version. There are Registered Teams representing the Championship and down. Premier League looks like it's added via rules in code. Have you removed these registered teams if they're still used? Otherwise I can see why it would be a mess. This is also something I would check if I'm you: have you set it up to use those or do you want to have your nation rules completely stand-alon
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