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  1. Hi Guys, baby on the way and looking at a cheaper option than the macbook air, which I plan on selling. Ideally something very portable 13" max (as i currently have the smallest macbook air) Its primary use will be for Football Manager and I would like something that can deal with 3D easily and dealing with many leagues/nations simultaneously, whilst browsing the net and dealing with spreadsheets Was thinking of something around £750.00 Would appreciate and be interested in any advice or help
  2. I just went through some old posts I have done on this forum about FML and even just reading them, it brought back some great memories... The below post was on the FML First impressions thread replying to Ov Collyer: Re: First Impressions Thread (esp non-beta testers) Hi Ov, well what can I say, apart from a brief specific post yesterday I havent felt the need to come onto these forums since my Lineker Gameworld Launched on Tuesday... simply because its that good. Firstly, I never beta tested the game and my first encounter with FM Live was upon official release The only reason I post now is due to my return to work, after booking a day and a halves holiday to play the game upon release. If I was at home I wouldn't be on here as I would be playing FM Live, but unfortunately work would not welcome an FM Live stint, during office hours! Quite literally I am obsessed, like a girl you see every day who you cant stop thinking of, my only thoughts currently are of FM Live. What tactics, what skills, what strategy to take in terms of when to sign/who to sign - I cant stop thinking of FM Live. In fact I would go as far to say I would kick any girl off any bus, if I could go home and play it now. The game itself is a credit to all at SI/Sega and to all the beta testers. Thanks has to be given to the mods who are wonderfully helpful in the chat rooms, despite my inquisitive nature on every aspect of the game. I really would urge anyone to drop into the chat rooms every now and again, for chit chat or specific help on tactics or just help in general... it really adds to the community aspect. Around the community aspect, a lovely little touch which I like is when you add a contact, you receive updates in terms of latest scores when they play a match. Great feature, which really adds to the community aspect of keeping up with your friends teams performances, hell why not go and watch the game like i did, if it looks an interesting game. One thing I thought would add to that feature, is if you could add the goalscorer to the pop-up that appears when a goal goes in, as this would prompt me to enquire about the availability of that striker who keeps on appearing having scored. As a complete newbie to FM Live and a person who really likes to take their time over things and get deeply involved in my club/players etc, I took around 3 hours to manually pick my squad. Really, Really enjoyed that whole process, did not experience any lag that I noticed at all. Ended up picking a squad of 16 players, based soley on what attributes I needed, not taking any notice of player names, i just went by the players that met my strict attribute criteria. Now this resulted, in me only having heard of two players Freddy Grisales and Thomas Mhyre (Sp?), not a problem this is a strategy I am going for. Over the course of the last couple of days I have played Non Ranked Friendlies and Senior Friendly matches, at the end of day 1 I was 300+ ranked, now after day 2 I am sitting in the 500+'s. In all games, I have a record of 7 Wins, 7 Draws and 6 Losses, which I have to admit I am a little dissapointed with as just dominating possession but not creating enough clear cut chances. That's by the by and possibly I am digressing from the point I am trying to make (but if anyone can help me tactically on creating more chances for my 4-5-1 tactic could you PM me), in that the match experience itself is a very exciting and engaging one. Largely opposition managers are a delight to play against and I can see many of them becoming friends. However, I have taken a few knocks from some, relating to playing games at "Normal Speed". Unfortunately my personal preference seems to differ from the majority, and I would like to actually play at even a slower speed. So from an FM series player, who normally plays on extended highlights etc, getting used to the speed the matches fly by, takes a little while to get used to. Overall a fantastic game, complete value for money and a whole new world (my mate rung me up after signing in for the first time and started singing that) Connor FC Ballaghkeen Lineker Gameworld
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