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  1. Hi all I have bought FM20 which is the first version I have bought since FM17 When in a match, I notice when viewing your teams - player stats, relating to in game, that the view has changed and that there are multiple views (general, defending, attacking etc) However, I much preferred seeing them all in one scree, showing all passes, tackles, shots etc, is there anyway to get that in FM20? Many thanks in advance for any help
  2. Had to google him, as don't follow MMA. Can see a slight resemblance perhaps
  3. Really impressed with the realism of the face generator after using a photo of myself:
  4. Please find attached crash dump files Please let me know feedback and if you require anything else from me Many thanks FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.21 13.20.52).dmp FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.21 22.34.55).dmp
  5. Hi All Starting my own thread as have had two crash dumps, post updating to v 20.1.4 I have deleted preferences and cleared cache and reverted to using an original skin, so will see how I go. Out of interest, I have the dump files which I will upload, but am unsure how to open these myself? (in terms of what app) - perhaps this does not matter and I just need to upload and SI can take it from there? Many thanks
  6. I have always liked the roam from position team instruction when trying to keep possession but I cannot find it on fm20 i am coming from FM17 so has that team instruction been removed? many thanks
  7. As per the title, if I have skipped an induction, how do I re-start them please? many thanks
  8. Your position of "actually knowing" what you are talking about, sounds like you maybe are the guy that fixes issues, rather than a user experience. So in this scenario you would be SI and I ( would be the user) - this a consumer situation (as post sale) and that's probably why given the issue, my experience in customer relations, would be a useful opinion to consider, as well as yours also I don't need to report any of your posts as I can challenge your points respectfully, as like your own opinions, other opinions need to be respected also (as long as they are made in a constructi
  9. Your missing the point entirely, perception is king for customer retention. My concern is that it could be seen as not being transparent on social media to loyal customers, when they are still plugging the game and saying start careers etc in addition a thicker skin is not required and saying stuff like that, isn't helpful (and to be honest just comes across like you can't stand being challenged politely. I know it can be frustrating everyone complaining, but you need to differentiate your tone, between those people shouting without being constructive and someone who has been a fan for ma
  10. I believe you have misinterpreted what I have said purposely to try and make a point It was just a suggestion to be honest, for a simple concise update given a timescale of expected resolution (I didn't suggest every 2 mins, nor am I being needy) I think as a customer and forum member of SI (of nearly 20 years) who has bought the game, around a month or so ago, that it was a reasonable constructive suggestion, having seen the multiple unconstructive forum posts on it. However, I would suggest you review your own tone as that is most definitelty not constructive
  11. I understand there was a meeting where the attribute issue was to be discussed within SI at 10.30. Just a suggestion... Given the situation, I think it might be helpful for SI to provide an update once known after that meeting, on how long timescale wise, they expect to take to provide a fix for this issue. I think that's a reasonable request, in the interests of transparency, especially when I am seeing multiple social networks plugging and communicating, the release of the game. Often from a customer service point of you, how the issue is handled and updates communicated,
  12. You would hope that given how "material" an issue this is, that a fix would be provided today
  13. Will this attribute/determination "bug" impact my save if I am starting high up in the Premier League with Tottenham?
  14. Apologies, its the one where apparently, even if you do achieve your objective within the club vision first year plan, that you can get sacked?
  15. I haven't personally tried the nitro as I heard it runs quite loud
  16. I have bought the HP Pavilion Gaming £560 model you listed about a month ago. In terms of bang for your buck, specifically for FM, I do not believe you can get any better and thats after testing around 10+ laptops, specifically for FM (and sending the rest back within the first 14 days as just was not happy) Money was no object for me so the ones I tested ranged from around 500 to 1500 GBP and that HP is the quietest running and just ticks all the boxes for FM, in my opinion... it's the ultimate value for money option for me and the sweetspot for my "three P's" performance/portabilit
  17. Hi All Does anyone know if the Club Vision issue is now fixed, only asking as due to the apparent vastly improved match engine, I am considering starting my long term career. Obviously the club vision issue that has been mentioned, if not fixed yet, may impact any long term game? Just not sure whether to start or wait until Tuesday? Many thanks
  18. I have not managed a top flight club for many versions of FM, but this year I go back to the team I support, once the game is full released
  19. Out of Interest when the game comes out on the 19th of November, does it normally actually release at midnight on the 18th/19th? Only asking as wondering whether to book the 19th of 20th of November off of work? Many thanks
  20. I think my issue is due to me not having started a game, I have resolved this by uninstalling the game and steam Something I have noticed is that when adding my face from a photo, my skin tone then does not appear to be able to be altered and shows me as black and I cannot change it to white - Is that a known bug/issue do we know?
  21. Hi Kubi This didn't work as I did not have a Profil1.xml file I have uninstalled the game, reinstalled and then deleted preferences and cache folders, but still no joy Any ideas?
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