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  1. While we are waiting, couple of questions 1) Is it safe to start your main long term save from when Beta is out? 2) Will graphics etc be safe to use in Beta?
  2. Going full Colombo mode here, but looks to me like other video's on Alpha are dropping This means the beta will come later today and then it gets released tonight... in my head this makes send
  3. One thing I noticed from the screenshot, is that whilst the goalscorer was detailed, the "assister" wasn't I remember when FM21 was released this was the case also and then the "Assister" was added later Will this be included from release this time I wonder?
  4. Have a Macbook Air M1 myself, can confirm it runs hot on 3D, 2D no issue (and 3D still runs on high details but chassis does get hot) Overall though purely for FM, the Macbook Air M1, is probably the quickest (in terms of bang for buck) you can get to play FM (Check out benchmarking thread, mutiple examples near the top of those tests) My only cons, would be screen size if you don't connect it to an external monitor (which I do) and running hot on 3D
  5. Hi Guys Managed to add the faces to the bench, appreciate this mod Thank you
  6. Suddenly when I click on a player during a match, after returning from their profile screen, I can no longer see their position on the Line up overview at the bottom of the screen, area/it is just blank and no longer there? Could anyone help please?
  7. This is a wonderful Mod, how likely is it to work on FM22, as a life save for me on a lower resolution?
  8. Would be interested to know what skin people are using for the Macbook Air M1? I seem to be having difficulty finding a skin that fits it's native resolution exactly Many thanks
  9. End of Season 1 - Progress Update League Finish - 8th FA Cup - 5th Round League Cup - n/a (already out) Summary End of first season of this challenge with Leeds It really took me time to turn the big ship that is Leeds around, at one stage I was concerned I was going to be relagated/sacked, winning only the once in my first ten games. But with a lot of perseverance eventually, things started to happen and in a major way, losing just 2 of my final 24 games of the season (I feel we were unlucky to miss out on Europe) When I arrived we were already out of the League Cup, with us being knocked out by Arsenal in the 5th round of the FA Cup Kalvin Philips and Raphinha being my standout players Would hope for a deep cup run next season! Challenge Progress - End of Season 1 Domestic Titles 0/13 Premier League Titles 0/5 The Emirates FA Cup Titles 0/4 Carabao Cup (League Cup) Titles 0/10 English Community Shield European Titles 0/2 UEFA Champions League 0/1 UEFA Europa League 0/1 UEFA Super Cup 0/2 FIFA Club World Championship
  10. Thanks Smurf for you input and offering alternatives to the Macbook Air M1 Based on you stating the 5600h might be the way to go, I came across this... any good in terms of a deal? https://www.box.co.uk/G513QC-HN014T-ASUS-ROG-STRIX-G15-AMD-Ryzen-5-8GB-RAM-5_3611816.html
  11. Hi All Budget of £900-1000 looking to purchase a new laptop in next couple of days. Computer is simply for playing FM and surfing/watching Netflix etc (no other games played) - Portability & Battery Life are "nice to haves" Looking into the Benchmarks thread I see nothing better than a bog standard Macbook Air M1 at that budget in terms of cpu performance for FM which is THE priority (screen size no issue for me - so willing to go for anything in between 13-16 inches) Have used both Macbooks and Windows laptops before, so happy with either OS. Would appreciate if anyone can recommend me any alternatives at around the same budget, if they think I can do better Many thanks in advance
  12. Following the latest 5* Potential Podcast, I have decided to take up this challenge, to see me through the rest of this FM So, it seems Leeds are the team for me! Updates to follow hopefully (How often and what kind of updates are required as proof please?)
  13. Hi Guys Due to PC issues restarting from scratch as Hendon, really looking forward to this, as mentioned before I am a slow player, so please bear with me!
  14. I am playing on a 15 inch laptop and really like your skin, but in order to see all panels I need I am having to play on 85% zoom (125% windows - windows recommended) Using 1920 resolution but the player face seems overly big and takes up too much space, compared to other stuff I would like to see bigger. I am not a skinner at all, but has anyone any ideas/mods on what might help me here please?
  15. Hi Guys Really looking forward to this and joining in with the challenge! A one club save is what I enjoy most, so something to really get my teeth into Hornchurch are the team I have chosen, probably the most local to me of all the promoted clubs and colours matched the Sunday league team I played for, back in the day. Am a slow player (it might now take me a day or so to click continue!!!) but will be back with what I hope will be a successful first update
  16. Hi Guys Unfortunately due to financial issues at this current time, I am selling my current laptop, which was bought specifically for FM and then upgraded to 16GB and additional two Power Supplies included (all HP official) - ideal for FM and been great - lovingly looked after If anyone is interested - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324348987760
  17. @RooneyeCan you mock one up with the words "Football Manager" instead of a team name please?
  18. I have now downloaded the original TCS version 1.3.1 from the original post which I now have alongside the work the space version and this then causes the game to crash Any advice on how to fix this please?
  19. I would like to use the Work the Space version 1.3.1, but having downloaded it off of FM scout, and understanding I need the same normal TCS version 1.3.1, the link actually takes me to the 1.5 version, which after downloading also and going into the game and selecting the Work the Space version, my game crashes? Can anyone help me fix this please, perhaps by me downloading the original TCS version 1.3.1? Thanks very much in advance
  20. Apologies if this is a stupid question but have a laptop and am looking to purchase an external monitor to then use with the laptop at home Do I need to be buying a screen with built in speakers? If not how would i get sound working (how would I connect it)? many thanks
  21. Downloaded the FM Editors Lower league database, but want to create my own club and add it into Tier 10 via the editor. However, cannot see the Tier 10 division clubs to replace in the FM Editor... am I missing something or is it just not possible? Thx
  22. Hi All - Am looking to play a network game with just one other person, hopefully become pals along the way. Private Message me to discuss more Game: FM20 Type of Game: Career or Draft (Never tried draft) - used to playing in England but open to discuss a network game idea Age: 39 Timezone: UK - GMT When can you play: Evenings 8-10pm Steam Username: mroc21
  23. Its a simple question at this stage of whether there will be a further match engine update, that will ensure there is some transparency, surely it's one of the below: a) a definite update to the match engine will be done b) they are attempting to provide an updated match engine (but cannot guarentee it) c) that's it for this version and no further updates to the match engine I think that would help maintain a good dialogue with your customers, whilst also keeping people informed enough to help retain custom of those who feel let down. Personally, I am enjoying the game and feel SI are doing their best to address what they can, but they need to be more forthcoming with info where possible, which I believe has already been recognised as being looked at.
  24. Agreed - Would be good to know definitively if the recognised issues with Central Play etc, have been specifically addressed? That is stopping some people from even loading the game, not myself, but will be clearer for customers who are = more potential sales for SI and retention of customers
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