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  1. Hi SI Any news/updates on the project due to be soft launched before the world cup. Interested to hear about it when the time is right, but is that timescale still likely?
  2. Of the Integrated Graphics card would someone tell me please, what is decent for FM? (on medium settings) I would rather a fast processer and want to get something a bit more portable (13" screen), budget is around £1000.00 Would anyone have any recommendations around the above please?
  3. Out of interest was the Nintendo Switch FM18 release, one of these Projects?
  4. Would that graphics card be any better than Intel® UHD Graphics 620? Would the Intel be ok for FM? Many thanks
  5. Hi All is the below graphics card suitable for FM 2018? AMD Radeon™ 530 Graphics with 4GB GDDR5 graphics memory
  6. True it can't be considered an official account of SI and everyone should know that who follows Miles, as he makes that fundamentally clear on his profile However, that same profile was used to outline their plans to not work on a title anymore and mention the two new projects. Two new projects from SI personally could be of interest to the SI community and I look forward to hearing more, when they deem it fit to share that information
  7. The quote on twitter from Miles was as per below... interestingly posted after the announcement that SI are no longer working on Football Manager Online that was released in South Korea/China Miles Tweet - was as per below ....and some have started work on a new project at the studio which has a codename of "Project Yuka". And another new project which doesn't have a name yet, but should hopefully be soft launched in time for the World Cup!
  8. I thought this may be something they wanted us to know about, given Miles communicated about the projects on twitter... am surprised no one else has asked about it, so far
  9. Hi, is there anyone out there that knows anymore about these two new projects?
  10. Hi All I was really interested to see Miles on twitter talking about two upcoming projects that SI are working on. One called "Project Yuka" and another being referenced as being Soft Launched ahead of the World Cup. I see that these two new projects were talked about after an update about Football Manager Online, no longer being worked on by SI, so wondered if these two new projects may well be some form of MMO mode for Football Manager, or just pure coincidence Also would be nice to know more about the two projects specifically, or when we might hear more Many thanks
  11. Apologies if this is a silly question, if someone went into a store and bought me FM18 for Christmas, would that boxed version come with a Steam Code and or a CD/DVD? as my Mac does not have a CD/DVD drive... so want to ensure it will have a Steam Code in it, in order to activate and play the game. Do they need to ask for a specific type of boxed version?
  12. I noticed SI games are recruiting for someone to work on FM Online. Just wondered after 3 odd years since releasing in South Korea and then China, just how much closer we are to it either being released here in the UK, or the online model within the normal Football Manager game here in the UK, having a proper online ranking/league game infrastructure (other than the draft mode) Even some feedback on how the game has done in South Korea/China would be interesting
  13. I see the FM18 System Requirements for Mac state the below Graphics Cards: Cards equal to or better than the following: Intel GMA X4500 NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 My Video Card/Graphics is a HD Graphics 5000, is that equal or better than the Intel GMA X4500? Should I be okay and not need to upgrade my laptop for FM18? Thanks for any advice
  14. Ah ok so the System Requirements HAVE been released also, albeit just on steam Perfect thanks
  15. Thanks Hunter, something worth bearing in mind then, assume System requirements will be released before pre-order discount offer, is over?
  16. Out of interest, have the system requirements been released? If not, obviously that is something worth waiting for, before pre-ordering, if the risk is it could be diferent
  17. Anyone bought from hidevolution.com, International sellar?
  18. Hi Guys Irrelevant of budget what would you recommend, considering all of the below wish list of wants and needs: * Best for being Lightweight & Size (compact) - ideally < or = to 15" screen.... * Best at not running hot under load (not burning my lap when playing) * Best for Graphics on 3d Match Engine -(Nvidea graphics card etc) * Running Many Leagues * SSD Drive * Minimum 16GB * Best possible i7 Chip Having looked what's out there myself the Gigabyte Aero 14 below looks the best out there... but would anyone else have any thoughts as to wh
  19. Hi All/SI I just wondered if there was any news/update as to how the game is going in Korea and whether SI are exploring yet, rolling this game out to other countries (England)? Many thanks
  20. Hi all has it been confirmed if there will be a lower resolution version released?
  21. Thanks very much for the options and recommendations Welshace if I did go up to a 14" what's the better options out there?
  22. Hi Guys, baby on the way and looking at a cheaper option than the macbook air, which I plan on selling. Ideally something very portable 13" max (as i currently have the smallest macbook air) Its primary use will be for Football Manager and I would like something that can deal with 3D easily and dealing with many leagues/nations simultaneously, whilst browsing the net and dealing with spreadsheets Was thinking of something around £750.00 Would appreciate and be interested in any advice or help
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