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  1. These new AI models can be used to generate unique player conversations and press conferences based on your free text input from the user. However whether the user would want to enter free text rather than the current multiple choice options is another question.
  2. Really good idea tbh. SI could fine tune these types of models on real press conference transcripts to make the press conferencesmuch better. No idea if SI have a data science team though. If you do or youre looking to have one then hire me please as I would very much enjoy brining better AI (non-match) to the game and Im an experienced data scientist lol.
  3. Nope if you are set to initiate it means that your DoF wont actively look to sell players. Having him set to negotiate though means that he will be in charge of any incoming offers and will choose to accept/reject them. There should be an option for what you've described though.
  4. I basically play the same as you but the big issue I have is contract renewals. SI havent implemented the functionality to tell the DOF the playing time you want to give to a player when renewing contracts (but you can when buying a player) so I've often gone back and forth between allowing and disallowing myself to renegotiate if my DoF fails due to e.g.a £20 difference in wage for a youth or playing time issues when I would give the player the playing time that is requested. Think I'll try your way though as its the most realistic out of the two options, but really we should be able to tell the DoF the playing time we want the player to have.
  5. How is the DoF for players for negotiating contracts for players in your youth academy?
  6. I've wondered this too but havent done a simulation to check it yet. I'll probably do it today now
  7. Yep your findings are the same as mine. Very odd transfer, loan and playing time decisions lead to newgens (in the big 5 european nations) not playing enough so not playing for their national teams. In one of my saves I found a 195 CA newgen player who was by far the best player in the world in 2031 and got the goals, assists and avg rating to back it up have a lower reputation than most elite 'real' players. He played for Real Madrid - it took way too long to for a top team to buy him btw. The reputation for newgens has to increase faster somehow - the challenge is that this has a knock on effect on so many other areas of the game including transfers, starting line ups, club vision, player happiness and more. Tbf though I have only simulated a 5 nation database but I think (?) this is a similar setup what most people play with. As you say I think this is a very big issue for longer term saves. Hopefully the bug reports and the interest in the issue mean it can get solved soon.
  8. One of the best situations I've seen - but of course every database set up is different and there is also random chance. The problem seems to be biggest in the big 5 european nations, there are lots of nations where players develop really fast. And yep it does look like its reputation that is causing the problem which is something I had also mentioned - to be clear I'm not saying the players can't develop, I'm saying they arent developing because of squad management (reputation) issues.
  9. I would guess that you have under 5 newgens in total across the Italian, English, Spanish and French national teams - assuming you made those leagues playable? Unfortunately that seems to be the case almost every time now - I've done quite a few long term holidays since the update. I agree that developing players is harder which is great and I am really happy about that! Unfortunately AI squad management means there arent enough top quality players being developed for the big nations in particular and most nations have old teams. Great to get your views as a youth only player
  10. lool, we still have to beat Senegal, which is not a foregone conclusion
  11. Yes but the award winners can often not be from for the big 5 European nations (e.g. the award winner is from Portugal or Egypt), so it doesnt solve the problem for the big 5 nations. The award issue is still an issue that contributes to it but I dont think its the main cause. I think @Daveincid may have a different opinion to me though
  12. Increased the home/world reputation of the awards given to the best player and young player of the year in the big 5 European nations for any awards where it was set to. Also did the same for some other awards such as Top Goalkeeper awards
  13. I initially thought it was only due to the incorrect reputation scores for awards, but I did a test with fixed reputation scores and it didnt solve the problem. I think newgens arent getting the required game time so dont develop to become first team starters even though they clearly have potential to be top players.
  14. How long has it been without him making any first team transfers and how long had the transfer window been open during this period? If it's only been days or possibly even weeks then it's not a problem, but if a whole transfer window has passed, especially the main transfer window, and there havent been any signings then there might be an issue.
  15. Yeah youre doing well already. People that find it too easy are people that wouldnt spend more than 2 seasons in a league. In real life its very rare for this to ever happen
  16. I want iran to score get this pen and score. Would be a nice end to the match for them after they made such a big statement against the government
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