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    I support Manchester City but usually pick a team in Skrill North or South and give myself 20 season to win the English Premier League.

    I enjoy creating, testing and releasing tactics. All I ask for is a stable ME...... from day 1 ideally !!

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  1. Since I posted on Sunday praising the beta, the game has had a couple of updates which seems to have taken the game backwards. Not seeing the improved first touches evident there anymore or the first time finishes. Much fewer goals from open play further emphasing a reliance on set piece goals, pretty boring matches to watch at the moment. Strikers seem to very easily get on a run of not scoring, lose confidence and then miss those good chances they do get and this can spiral downwards. The excessive red cards seem to have been toned down which is good. Tired, fatigued players perform noticably poorly in matches, this is long overdue, well done for that. It looks like your soak tests on previous versions indicated too many goals, so you neutered finishing and creative elements in the ME to get 'real life' goal statistics, sucking the life out of the game in the process. Too many set piece goals = nerfed attacking play to hit 'real life' goalscoring stats = boring game. If you can't fix set pieces this year, better to allow more goals and some fun rather than trying to hit arbitrary real life statistics.
  2. Playing with tight marking, hard tackling and heavy closing down appears to be longer viable. 10 Red Cards in 25 Games. Previously this was possible on Balanced mentality and below, the higher mentalities have always had issues with this approach. Now its a problem regardless of mentality. Not a criticism, just an observation. Removing hard tackling and tight marking didn't impact performance too much, extreme closing down still works well even without the other 2 instructions.
  3. Impressions on the beta ME. Clearly a refinement on the existing ME rather than a major overhaul, probably a good thing at this point. No update to tactic required. Observations A lot less offside goals Improved variety and frequency of thru-balls including some nice lofted passes Strikers first touch much improved, seen some great take-downs and finishes Seen Strikers nudging ball wide of keeper to open up the goal Better defence of set pieces (corners, throw ins) Less high scoring games Long shots still prevalent and effective. (I don't mind this) Some wild challenges resulting in red cards Penalty given for shove well off the ball, nice touch Slight increase in variety of goals scored Overall a solid improvement and about as much as we can reasonably expect this year. Thumbs up from me
  4. Greetings, A bit late in the day, quiet on here, to be posting a new tactic, especially with a possible ME update looming but I’ve already done all the work, was just going to update the 4141 thread but that ends up confusing everyone and I have quite a bit of information to post. I've also run some tests on the new 19.3 Beta Match Engine which will likely drop with the Winter database update, similar results actually so hopefully this will be future proof if/when the updated ME drops. I wanted to get away from the ‘Attacking’ mentality I’d used to good effect on the 4141 changing it to ‘Balanced’ for a slightly more authentic experience, a by-product of this is that the ‘tackle harder/mark tighter combo’ no longer leads to disciplinary issues with this more cautious approach. I originally tried the 4141 on ‘Balanced’ which whilst very good, flatters to deceive, statistically you are very dominant but you seem to draw games 1-1 you should really win. Not quite enough goals. Enter the 442, which I initially tried on ‘Attacking’, whilst this set up scores a load of goals, the midfield area is basically left vacant with no DM to hold as our Box to Box guys rush forward, not acceptable to me, however on ‘Balanced’ they operate as proper ‘support’ players only moving to advanced areas when relatively safe to do so. Whilst this ‘nerfs’ their attacking threat somewhat, this allows our Wide Midfielders to step up as we will see below. RESULTS As mentioned on the 4141 thread, won Conference South with one of the weakest teams, actually East Thurrock although I was experimenting with the create a club feature so its rebranded as Hever here, but it’s the same team. Solid result. Stockport have proven to be a powerful team in the Conference North and I have a daunting result from the 4141v2 to compare it against, namely 116 points and an unbeaten season. Not expecting to match that but hoping to be in touching distance of it with a few more goals. how to do a screenshot on a pc Really can’t complain. League was won by February, 2 defeats and a handful of draws. A very strong 110 points, very slightly off the 4141 pace but that is standard variance, on another run the 442 could just as well come out on top. Scored a few more goals with the 442 despite the lower mentality. Overall, I enjoy playing with the 442 more, not the constant threat of sendings off as with Steadfast 4141 v2, less fouls given away, less suspensions. And it’s nice to play with 2 strikers. An interesting observation is that your Wide Midfielders are potentially your highest scorers. Kirkby on the left was my main goalscorer, he’s bang average but has high finishing, longshots and technique for this level and managed to score 32 goals. Mantack on the right had a fine season but we can see he is not as an accomplished finisher and couldn’t get near that tally. Our Strikers did well enough with 22 and 15 goals respectively, but with some shrewd recruitment and/or retraining Strikers to ML/MR we could see some potentially murderous goalscoring returns from our wide midfielders. The System Out of possession we are looking at a 451, 460 formation as our Strikers drop into midfield to help defend. This is obviously beneficial defensively with teams having to work hard to break us down, but the lack of a Striker on ‘attack’ duty nullifies our counter attacking threat, but this is not what this tactic is about. When in possession we transform initially into a 424 as our wide midfielders become auxiliary Strikers, prolonged possession see’s this become a 244 or even a 226 as our Wingbacks become emboldened and push very high up the pitch. With opposing Centre Backs occupied with our Strikers, opposing Fullback tied up with our Wingbacks it is our advanced Wide Midfielders who are often the men in space as exemplified by their goalscoring return. Although, as with any successful tactic, the key to dominance is the regular creation of ‘overloads’, whether centrally, out-wide or in this case the simple overloading of our opponents back line. We have very high shot tallies, often 30 or even 40 plus. Approximately 40% of these will be longshots, whilst we attempt to mitigate this by applying ‘shoot less often’ & ‘work ball into box’, I accept this is a result of our focus on central play. Our Wide Midfielders don’t cross and are often situated within the width of the penalty area, width and crosses are provided by our Wingbacks but this is not our primary source of attacks and they are largely decoys pulling defenders away from central areas where we attempt to dominate. There is also a tendency towards longshots in this ME anyway, they are an effective means of goalscoring as well, I’d suggest 30-35% longshots would be about optimal on the ME anyway so we’re not too far off and can live with this. Our main defensive vulnerability is balls over the top, but the positives of a high defensive line outweigh the negative so again, we accept this. Notes · Right Backs to take corners. · Right Backs to take right sided throw ins. · Left Backs to take left sided throw ins. Player Roles Whilst I play Academy Challenges I can still mold and shape players to suit the system. Those who are able to buy ready made players should be able to positively influence results with proper player selection. These are my ideas on what fits well with this tactic. As a general rule, don’t sign any player noted in his report as ‘inconsistent’, prioritise any player who is noted to be consistent performer. Strikers (False 9 – Support) Role:Creator/Goalscorer Priority Attributes: Flair, Technique, Passing, Finishing Wide Midfield (Wide Midfielder – Attack) Role:Runner/Goalscorer Priority Attributes: Dribbling, Finishing, Long Shots, Technique Central Midfield (Box to Box – Support) Role:Creator/Tackler Priority Attributes: Passing, Vision, Work Rate, Tackling Defender Right/Left (Complete Wingback – Attack) Runner/Creator/Tackler Priority Attributes: Stamina, Work Rate, Passing, Tackling Central Defenders (Centre Back – Defend) Tackler/Marker Priority Attributes: Tackling, Marking, Jumping Reach, Acceleration Steadfast 442 v2.fmf
  5. OK, 442 version on the way. Balanced mentality this time so its a bit more realistic and deals with the yellow/red card issues. Just won the Conference South with East Thurrock, one of the weakest teams in the League i think. Re-running it with Stockport, will be comparing it with the 4141v2 results which is a tough benchmark considering i had an unbeaten season, scored 106, conceded 27, points 116 with the 4141. The 442 is higher scoring despite the lower mentality. Looking for 120+ goals and 110+ points. So far 10 wins and a loss in my first 11 games, averaging nearly 4 goals a game,..... so far, so good.
  6. You'll be fine. I'd just train the central midfielders to box to box to fine tune them, wide mid-fielders to Wingers/Attack. Thanks
  7. I couldn't stay in the Championship after 4 straight promotions. But then I was only using the original squad plus some academy players. Lost my first 8 games but ended up on 40 points so a decent effort. Some very high quality players in the Championship, light years ahead of my own at that time.
  8. I tend to train strikers in the Advanced Forward role and Central Midfielders in Box to Box roles as they seem to hit all the right spots. Beyond that i mix and match, i retrain positions a lot, so if i'm converting a Central Midfielder to DM or Centre Back and they are already good passers etc i'll often choose the more defensive role to bring on that side of their game, i.e. i might choose Anchor Man in the DM Spot or limited defender in the DC spot to bring up tackling/marking. Same sort of approach if i'm converting wingers to wingbacks etc. The only way to improve consistency is via matches time, and a lot of it. Might take 3 or 4 seasons to move it 1 or 2 points at most. If i have someone highlighted as 'needing to improve consistency' i'll normally bin them. Means they wont play to their full potential very often. Better a weaker player with high consistency.
  9. On the subject or Red/Yellow cards, now I’m back in League 1, a more appropriate level for my team at the moment they have reverted back to normal levels. i.e. lots of yellows but red cards are rare, we are top of the league, morale is high, mental states/body language in game are neutral/positive. My thoughts on this are thus; All things being equal, you are well enough equipped to compete in your league etc you will see neutral results, lots of yellow, few red cards. (in this set up). This situation will be improved when you are in a good run of form, winning and playing well which see’s you dominant in matches, seeing lost of possession and under little pressure, in game body language is positive, you players are comfortable and will make good decisions on challenges. Conversely, when you are poorly equipped to deal with your league opponents, you get in poor form, in game body language is negative, your chasing the game, your players are under pressure and anxious and will make poor decisions, rash challenges when on a yellow which results in a higher frequency of sending’s off. This negative situation has the potential to ‘snowball’, sending’s off results in a poor result, suspensions and low morale which in turn leads to more poor results and so on and so forth. It takes pretty extreme circumstances for this negative spiral to occur, very rapid progress up the leagues resulting in a season where you are well out of your depth. This is what happened to me when I attempted to compete in the Championship with NO Championship rated players and most of the team rated as decent for the National League or League 2. Having tried the tactic with less intense closing down and tackling, it loses its edge. Best to leave the tactic as is. Improved form, will lead to improved morale, will lead to improved in match body language/mentality, will lead to better decision making, will lead to less cards and sending’s off.
  10. Great work. Very useful for newbies...... and oldies like me! Big fan of personality based recruitment, players and staff.
  11. Not really, I tend to just plug and play. The 4141 is pretty defensive anyway, you could probably just drop the mentality to balanced or lower and play a bit of keep ball to see out games.
  12. I also had big problems with cards in my Championship season. After 4 promotions in a row we got relegated, I put the high number of cards down to being massively outclassed and continually chasing down teams in possession. I didn't like it. I'm trialling a toned down version in League 1 next season. I'm expecting automatic promotion so it should be relatively easy to benchmark.
  13. Ok, Time for an update. As noted earlier I restarted my Stockport Academy Challenge, i reported the unbeaten Conference North season and promotion into the National League. What followed was 3 more back to back promotions so 4 in a row WITHOUT signing any players. That's nuts. In fact, my starting 11 that got me promoted to the Championship this Season featured 7 of the original Conference South squad complimented by 4 of my academy products. Entire back 4 are 'originals', Duxbury, Keane, Palmer, Mantack. I alternate Turnbull/Dimao in the Half Back spot, both Stockport originals. Warburton also an 'original', is a monster in midfielder even though he's pants (rated decent for National league). Detailed below. Up top is our original, Mulhern who upped his game as we moved up the leagues. Warburton, model of consistency and maxing out your ability. Mulhern, banging them in, in League 1 Flying up the leagues. Expecting to get spanked in the Championship but hopefully can hang on in there for 2 or 3 seasons as we build up the squad and bring through some players who can take us to and compete in the Premier League.
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