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    I dont play games, I play FM exclusively and have done for 15 years.

    I support Manchester City but usually pick a team in Skrill North or South and give myself 20 season to win the English Premier League.

    I enjoy creating, testing and releasing tactics. All I ask for is a stable ME...... from day 1 ideally !!

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    I ain't new to this. Ain't never been new to this.


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    Football & Golf

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  1. Hi, I use this one, 3 strikers is a bit 'gamey' this year, you'll see more authentic football from the 4231.
  2. I don't stress about this, what suits your squad. I retrain all my forwards to use both feet anyway. Bear in mind, anyone with a starting 2nd foot of weak/very weak cant be trained passed 'reasonable', but I make sure all my forwards are at least reasonable on their weaker foot.
  3. Hi Gauvner, Protecting a lead probably better off leaving the mentality alone but you can change the Full backs to defend duty. Should help you shut up shop
  4. Started my main save now, looking good non-league
  5. Nope, same tactic, just tested on latest match engine.
  6. Correct. Or in other words, if you were building the most effective player you could from scratch and had 150 'ability points' to spend, the implication is that you'd be better off not spending a lot on the decisions attribute due to the 'weighting' and instead spend those 'points' elsewhere.
  7. Updated opening post with 18.2 result (more goals, both ends). Added player Instructions for Touch players.
  8. In FM17 it was hard not to end up with a tactic which routinely gave you 60-65% possession even with average teams, many ill's stemmed from that. You don't see that in FM18, although there are some pretty big holes in the ME which should allow you to progress just as fast, if not faster. Not sure how exactly AI teams end up using the formations and tactics they currently do, I think each AI manager has tactical preferences he works to and applies, these could be tightened up and improved upon considerably offering a more formidable challenge and hopefully stopping instances of top AI managers continually failing (Pep/Klopp etc were sacked by Christmas across a lot of saves).
  9. No OI's. Did you mean PI's? Should work fine, i've attached it below. 4231 DM CA.fmf
  10. Thanks Chris Could move a DM to CM, if you are happy committing another player forward might be better off changing one of Segundo Volante's to attack duty.
  11. Not quite finished by re-test of Bournemouth under the new patch, there are more goals at both ends, won't really be able to call it defensively solid anymore, but its not too bad at the back, we are scoring more and most importantly we are heading towards a similar points tally so its perfectly usable. I don't focus on PPM's other than making sure they don't directly conflict with something i'm doing in the tactic.
  12. A few more games under the new ME, few more goals at both ends but still going well and tracking for a good finish. Pretty satisfied its still a solid tactic after the update.
  13. Re big teams, I go toe to toe with them. At Home i'm doing well, Away at 'elite' teams are tough, even with Man City. I don't think any amount of tweaking will fix that, as West Brom, might as well view it as a free hit and hope you get lucky.
  14. Hi Robbo, Not overly familiar with West Brom but i'd suspect Chadli is not quick enough to flourish in the Left Attacking Midfield role. Philips doesn't waste his ability in areas that don't matter, he's a good crosser, dribbler and that little bit quicker than Chadli, 15 acceleration vs 13 would be significant here. Chadli is a nice two-footed passer and a good finisher, i'd play him in the AMC role ahead of Morrison. Looks like you'll need an AML, before buying anyone i'd give Oliver Burke some games, strong, fast, good crosser and he looks like he could kick on.