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    I dont play games, I play FM exclusively and have done for 15 years.

    I support Manchester City but usually pick a team in Skrill North or South and give myself 20 season to win the English Premier League.

    I enjoy creating, testing and releasing tactics. All I ask for is a stable ME...... from day 1 ideally !!

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    I ain't new to this. Ain't never been new to this.


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    Football & Golf

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  1. I have a team full of home grown wonder kids, so i've had to get good at this. First thing, ignore all offers. It will be 2 or 3 weeks before you're forced to give an answer, a big chunk of the transfer window. Never reject, always negotiate, set a non negotiable offer to a level you know they will not pay I.e. they offer £20m, ask for £50m. They will withdraw bid. Rinse and repeat until the window closes. Never lost a player doing this. They dont react or get upset. Only issue is when they make non negotiable offers, you are forced to reject or if the player runs down his contract, both rare. Asking price is academic, they ignore it and offer sub market value anyway.
  2. Nice post Santy. Moving through the leagues in my save (from non league) I've never been concerned about running into AI teams running 3 strikers (use a flat 451 myself), however, on reaching the Premier League you start to encounter a truly elite Striker. There seems to be a point where a combination of attributes cause a player to reach a critical mass, I always thought it was based around acceleration, agility, balance, dribbling, (probably a minimum of 17 in all 4) whereby they annihilate your back line running with the ball. (you don't mention dribbling?). Run into a 3 striker set up with one or, god forbid, two of these players running the channels and your toast. Running an Academy Challenge, its a dream to get one of my player to hit those numbers, can't quite get there at the moment.
  3. Showing 1 game, 20 seasons into the future without context is meaningless.
  4. Mr U Rosler

    City are awful on this game!!!!

    I think its more related to passing range/directness of play. Mourinho plays direct/semi direct, Pep a possession based short passing game. Looking around the tactics forums, no ones really advocating the Tiki Taka model this year. In terms of whether its making the game easier, probably not, if an AI manager employing a semi/direct approach gets in at a top Club they can be hard to topple. Those that start the game at a top Club, like Mourinho, can stay there for years and years. Hopefully this will be balanced for FM2019, we don't want to see Pep becoming a journeyman manager.
  5. Mr U Rosler

    City are awful on this game!!!!

    Is Pep still in the job or did he get sacked?
  6. Mr U Rosler

    City are awful on this game!!!!

    I think it's largely down to Pep's in game tactical approach. It doesn't get good results. If they sack him early enough and get a good replacement they can remain a force, they pick up the Title every once in while in my current save. Mourinho does really well, I've had a couple of 20 year saves and he's still at United in both of them, in one of them he won the Premier League in 14 out of 15 seasons. So the problems Pep, not City per se.
  7. Ok, persisted with the 442 all the way through my first premier league campaign following promotion, this is the biggest test in the game imo. Never really in trouble, although a great run from Burnley ensured that 40 points would not be enough to stay up. My young team has the potential in forward areas and midfield to develop into a team to threaten a title challenge, however my back 4 is firmly Championship Level. I'm not producing quality defenders, I've sacked my HOYD and replaced him with a more defensively minded one in the hope of influencing my youth intake to include more defenders. Even if I get a couple of promising defenders it will be 3 or 4 seasons before they get close to fulfilling their potential. Playing the long game, i'll continue to develop my forwards, some have the potential to play for England, max out club facilities and hopefully get a new stadium. Scored plenty, conceded plenty!
  8. Interesting. Mo's massive season surprised most people. Wonder how highly rated he was in game and whether he got an attribute boost mid season.
  9. I fit the players to the tactic, never deviate.
  10. Ok, were up. 4 promotions in 5 seasons just using players from my academy. This player came in my very first youth intake. Played in midfield for the first couple of seasons before becoming my first choice Striker until the middle of this season, he'll be a back up in the Prem next season before moving him on. (unless I get relegated!).
  11. Nope, if you have set ups you trust, go for it.
  12. Yep, as long as you upgrade Junior Coaching/Youth Recruitment and get a good Head of Youth Development there's no reason you need to sign players. In previous version good youth prospects were scarce, FM18 is pretty generous, I was getting multiple prospects with Championship potential even when I was non league. Can be scary playing 15/16 year olds in your first team, but you can carry 2 or 3 in your starting line up no problem. Give them first team experience and they improve really fast.
  13. How are you in the league, you need Tom to get you up? £400k is not much if it costs you promotion.