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    I dont play games, I play FM exclusively and have done for 15 years.

    I support Manchester City but usually pick a team in Skrill North or South and give myself 20 season to win the English Premier League.

    I enjoy creating, testing and releasing tactics. All I ask for is a stable ME...... from day 1 ideally !!

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  1. Yep, messing around with tactics at the moment. I'll be on this soon 👍
  2. Yep, its not a defensive set up, you will concede some bad goals but you should score a lot more. Arsenal are strong this year, playing them away is hardest game I face testing with Bournemouth & Man City.
  3. Great results. Not tried the DLF(s)-DLF(a)-DLF(s) set up, my worry would be the Mezzala's and DLF/s would run into each other. I prefer the 'double chevron' approach with the Mezzala's running into space vacated by the wide Strikers. Looks like it doesn't need tweaking by your results !!
  4. Knaps has a lot of ball retention TI's so I would expect them to play quite differently. He's also exploiting the flanks rather than the middle. Plus lower tempo. Its the same formation with opposing philosophies. I think we'll see a lot of 3 striker set ups this year as the ME is vulnerable to them. I did point this out early on in the general beta feedback thread. No one listening as usual.
  5. I've not tried it with Wingers so you would have to experiment. There's a good chance it would throw things off. Might be better retraining the Wingers into Strikers, I did it with Stanislas & ibe and they did well.
  6. Back in the day, people used to like some guidance on player roles, thought I’d resurrect it. Forward Line We employ a highly mobile forward line and are dependent on them seeking and finding space. They will also isolate defenders regularly and their ability to beat their man is key as once clear they will have time and space to pick a pass or shot. The skill to be able to do this is useful, but more often than not just being quicker than you opponent will get the job done. DLF/A Our wide strikers are absolutely key in this set up, they will be both your main goal scorers AND your main creators. At times they almost operate as high wingers and they actually cross the ball on a regular basis. Being able to outpace defenders is of great benefit as well as being composed finishers. I’d look for; Acceleration Composure Finishing Off the ball Crossing Sane stepped up when Aguero was injured, never lost his place in the team. Winger come Striker. Ideal. DLF/S Whilst they have less onus on them to make runs our entire front line needs to be highly mobile so this remains a consideration. Beyond that they need to be able to distribute the ball well being a creative hub before arriving to finish moves themselves. Operating as a deeper Pivot, linking midfield to attack he will also do a small amount of defensive work. Due to his positioning he will often be the ‘free man’ in the box arriving late and unmarked so his goalscoring ability must not be overlooked. Go for; Off the ball Vision Passing Composure Finishing Super footballer if you can keep him fit. An eye for a pass as well as an accomplished finisher. Midfield Nominally a 3, this fluctuates to 5 as the Inverted Wingbacks reinforce the Central Midfield area, before reverting to a 3 again as our Mezzala’s go marauding up the pitch. I’ve seen AI teams cope with only 2 central midfielders and I’ve done so myself so a ‘3’ with support around them is more than enough to come out on top in the crucial midfield battle ground. You need hard workers here though, people willing to put in a good shift. Mezzala/A Contrary to their description, Mezzala’s can and do put in a good defensive shift, even on ‘attack’ duty, which is great as this set up wouldn’t work if they didn’t. They are like Box to Box midfielders…… on Amphetamines….. one moment they are defending on the edge of your penalty area, the next they are almost auxiliary Strikers. They operate in the half & half spaces in midfield and are difficult to pick up. Brilliant in a midfield 3. You’re looking for technical athletes here, players who can get up and down the pitch all day but skilled enough to make a big contribution to all phases of play. I’d get; Work Rate Stamina Passing Vision Technique Solid contribution from Cook, getting better every game. CM/D Compared to the generalist requirements of the Mezzala we can employ a specialist in this role. An alert, diligent defender is what’s required here. A permanent fixture in front of our back 4 (back 2 at times!), capable of stalling counter attacks until our Mezzala’s and Wingbacks can get back into position. Whilst he will sometimes build from the back, he is only required to play simple passes to his more exuberant team mates. Rarely recognized by the pundits, back in the Dressing Room no one underestimates the contribution he makes. Look for; Decisions Determination Tackling Team Work Work Rate Fernandinho is the perfect midfielder. Even chipped in with goals. Defence Not much fat on this formation, everyone needs to manage their own workload well, if one domino falls, the whole lot comes tumbling down. This is especially true of our defensive unit. Whilst we allow our forwards and midfielders to harass and harangue opponents, we need our defenders to remain calm, stalling our opponents attacks is the main objective, buying time for the Cavalry to arrive in the form of our midfield who can then set about winning us the ball back. Our back line is the anvil, our midfield the hammer. IWB/S I tried all the Full Back variants and the IWB seemed to offer the best attacking and best defensive option at the same time. Sitting a bit narrower means they are more involved in play and seem to be better placed for interceptions when we lose the ball. Don’t overthink the role regarding ‘footedness’, they still cross from natural crossing positions, I still prefer my Left Back to be left footed and vice-versa, I just think of them as ‘narrow Fullbacks’. Still, they do get involved in build up play and have a lot of running to do so a mixture of Physical and Technical stats are required. I look for; Team Work Passing Tackling Decisions Positioning Not a tactic where the Fullbacks shine, but they still put in a shift. Centre Backs The Attacking Mentality results in a fairly high defensive line amongst other things, our Centre Backs can also get isolated so there is no doubt that having them be quick of thought and foot can save you a lot of pain. You do see them ‘mop up’ a lot of balls hit ‘over the top’, so having a quality pairing here will at least ensure that any passes played beyond the back line need to be of quality as general ‘hoofs’ will not threaten a decent Centre Back pairing unduly. Beyond that you need the usual attributes to deal with general defending and especially set pieces etc. Look for; Marking Tackling Jumping Reach Anticipation Positioning Solid season from Cookie. Goal Keeper Not much mystery in this role in terms of what is required. It is, however, worth considering our main vulnerabilities which are dealing with set pieces and giving up ‘one on one’ goal scoring opportunities. I look for; Aerial Ability One on One’s Reflexes Handling Command of Area 3 Keepers at Bournemouth, all had really solid stats.
  7. Greetings, Having now extensively tested OATHKEEPER I thought I’d put up a new thread with all the results from testing and some general feedback, observations and information as the one started in Beta is a bit cluttered with information pertaining to the Beta version of the tactic. I also re-ran the Man City test to verify the tactic performs with Elite teams. I think I’ve taken the concept of this 433 as far as I can. I also believe I have established a framework that can successfully be applied to other formations and will be investigating the 4231, 4141 as well as some 3 Centre Back set ups and will likely start a couple more threads over the next week or 2 before I crack on with my main Stockport Academy save. Testing Methodology I only test in ‘real world’ scenarios, if Aguero is out for the season, he’s out. I deal with it. (he was out for 6 months in my test). I play each season as I would a normal save. I Plug & Play Home & Away never changing the tactic for even 1 second of any game. The Philosophy I favour a high tempo, assertive, semi -direct, counter attacking approach to football. I do not prioritise possession and never use Team Instructions based around ball retention (Retain Possession, Short Passing, Work Ball into Box, Play Out of Defence etc). This is simply my own preference, I have a strong aversion to the sideways pass and anything resembling Tiki-Taka and could not bear to spend a 1,000+ hours watching my team play like that in FM. Nothing wrong with the possession approach of course and you are well served with those tactics elsewhere, it’s just not for me. Whilst this approach is generally favourable for Low & Medium reputation teams, getting this to work with Elite Teams can be tricky. Sideways pass? No thanks, Key Passes only here Lies, damned lies and statistics Whilst the results and stats are vital, they don’t tell the full story so I try to add some of my insights gained after extensive hands on use of the Tactic. Generally, I feel this is IDEAL for Low and Medium reputation teams whilst being FINE for top teams. No surprise here. What do I mean by that? Testing with the Strongest team in the Premier League, Man City is quite stressful, if you don’t win the League or are not in 1st position all season you’ll get sacked, so there is little margin for error or any kind of poor form. Whilst I managed this relatively easily on both tests I have a feeling that a more possession orientated approach could squeeze a little more out of the Elite Teams. However, I might be my own harshest critic here and in any event it’s good to know that a High Tempo, Countering set up is viable for Elite Teams for those people who find Tiki-Tika boring….. like me. Developing your team around this approach would likely raise performance levels further as would managing beyond season 1 as even after winning the League I got zero respect from the City squad. My Bournemouth team took to it well, they have some speedy Strikers and with their low reputation many teams were coming on Strong and we could crucify them on the Counter Attack. Reputations There was a marked difference in how teams set up to play against my Man City & Bournemouth teams. Against Man City teams were understandably more cautious but we were able to break down teams often enough to score 100+ league goals. Player quality obviously helps a lot, but the formation with only 3 in midfield and no DM means teams are still ‘drawn’ on to us and we can still create some overloading situations on the break. With Bournemouth, AI Managers are clearly a bit thick. King, Afobe, Wilson are all quick, powerful Strikers yet our opponents are more than happy to play a high line and send their full backs bombing forward. You can end up with results like this. This plays exactly in to our hands and explains why Bournemouth scored more goals than Man City. Results Original squads of course. I am satisfied that a good level of over-performance can be achieved with sensible management, this can of course be improved with good player recruitment. Rather than just ‘dump’ a tactic on you I like to try and explain my objectives and what I am trying to achieve. The attacking premise here is based on hitting the forwards early, either from a deep Counter Attack or from winning the ball higher up the pitch and feeding the ball forward quickly. The idea is to create lots of 3 on 4, 3 on 3, 3 on 2 situations, in other words creating high quality chances BEFORE your opponent has time to get in his defensive shape. The wide Strikers run the channels beautifully and really have an opportunity to shine as both creators and goal scorers. Like Josh King, 33 Goals, 30 assists. Defensively, our record has been good with City, whilst poor with Bournemouth, but that is irrelevant when you consider the goal scoring upside and points total. Games can be a bit ‘tense’ with a few high-lights showing opponents build up play outside your own penalty area, but you soon learn that as often as not this ends up with a gilt-edged chance for you as someone nicks the ball and you get on the Counter. It can be great to watch. Home vs Away Home form is never normally an issue, even sub-optimal tactics I tested did well enough here. However any weakness in a tactic is badly exposed in Away fixtures, this was a hard nut to crack. A more conservative approach yielded poor results, in the end I did a lot better when we just went for it so using the main tactic Home & Away has been fine. Playing Away, strong teams have enough about them to control or at least stay in the match, weaker teams have good opportunities to counter as Home teams over-commit. Sure, you’ll take a beating now and again, but you’ll spring some big surprises yourself and with 3 points for a win its better than trying to grind out draws. Other Bits Set your Full Backs to take corners NO Opposition Instructions Training, doesn’t really matter. Once the Tactic is fluid I go Balanced/Team Work Vary your pre-game team talks. At Half Time, I use ‘avoid complacency’ when sat on a 2 or 3 goal lead. If you’re drawing when you should be winning, or losing > ‘I’m far from happy’. Don’t be afraid to use assertive/angry tone. TACTIC OATHKEEPER.fmf
  8. Thanks, looks like rapid progress up the Leagues is possible this year. Mind you, I didn't have a relegation battle on FM17 on my Academy save until I reached the Premier League. Still, a fair bit easier this year I think.
  9. Hi Adam, Thanks for the feedback. Get a couple of pacey Strikers for the wide forward positions, run it for a full season and I would expect you to get a Champions League spot no problem. I'd take a look at Josh King, he's killing it in my Bournemouth test. Talking of my Bournemouth test, i'll put the result up tonight. 7 games to go, very interesting results.....
  10. Thanks stainyg. My Bournemouth test is going well. You'll be fine at Sunderland 👍