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    I dont play games, I play FM exclusively and have done for 15 years.

    I support Manchester City but usually pick a team in Skrill North or South and give myself 20 season to win the English Premier League.

    I enjoy creating, testing and releasing tactics. All I ask for is a stable ME...... from day 1 ideally !!

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  1. Watching with interest. Not sure how the graphical presentation will come across on someone's 70 inch OLED. Both the in match representation and the mountains of text outside of match days. Great to see it on XBOX though, might get one now
  2. Whilst i'm broadly satisfied with this version of the game, i do find it odd that set pieces could not be slightly toned down with this compensated for with a slightly better conversion rate of chances from open play. I appreciate even this seemingly straight forward change is difficult to implement with possible knock on effects. Had this been achieved i think we'd be in a pretty good place. Fingers crossed for FM21.
  3. No changes to ME in update. Still going well for me in the Championship. Poor results tend to come in clusters, just need to persist and play your way out of it.
  4. I've tried both. The tactic is definitely better with get stuck in on. The press is a bit pointless if you're standing off. You see much more turnovers in dangerous positions with get stuck in on. A bit risky but worth it. Any player on a Yellow with a rating of 6.4 or lower substitute them in the 2nd half.
  5. Quick update. 1st season in League 1, made play offs but lost out. 2nd season in League grabbed 2nd spot and automatic promotion. Wright Phillips was my top man,17 goals & 17 assists, pretty 1 dimensional but a good runner/dribbler and crosser. Looking forward to consolidating in the Championship for a season or 2 before taking on the big boys in the Prem. But that's 3 promotions in 4 seasons.
  6. 1st season in league 1, going well. Suspect automatic promotion will be just out of reach. even though we have a couple of games in hand. Bit of reputation lag after rapid promotions, struggling to sign league 1 players, central midfied is very weak. But just dumped premier league Norwich out of the FA Cup.
  7. With no defensive midfielder we're a bit restricted in what we can do with the central midfield roles. Mezzala's will just vacate the central area and leave us exposed, as will box to box midfielders to some extent. Perhaps a DLP/s & Box to Box might be a good combo for top teams if you feel you have to change it. I tend to use 'magicians' in the wingers positions.
  8. Hi, I'm running with the 442 at the moment. Aimed more at underdogs but its pretty attacking, should go ok with a high rep team.
  9. That's back to back promotions (3 if you include the 1 Jim Gannon got for me before i joined ) share images
  10. Normally i'd just train to the role, i.e. Strikers train as Pressing Forward attack. The exception for this are, for example, if i have a young midfielder with strong Defensive qualities already, i might train him as Advanced Playmaker/Attack to bring on his attacking attributes and round him out as a player.
  11. TRAINING This year I am employing the same tried and trusted training schedules from last year namely; PRE-SEASON MATCH WEEK DEVELOPMENT WEEK PRE-SEASON should be employed immediately upon the players return for a new season until the week before your first competitive match. It is designed to recover physical attributes lost during the off season, build team morale, and improving conditioning and injury resistance for the main season. MATCH WEEK should be employed in any week where you have 2 OR MORE games. Pursuing player attribute development is pointless during these weeks, instead its all about recovery, conditioning and arriving on Match days in the best physical and mental shape possible. DEVELOPMENT WEEK can be employed if you only have 1 match this week leaving a run of training days to work on coaching and improving players whilst still gearing up for match day. PRE-SEASON.fmf MATCH WEEK.fmf DEVELOPMENT WEEK.fmf
  12. Greetings all, Now the final (?) ME update is out and I’ve started my main Stockport save it’s time for a Lower League Special detailing what I’m running with to get me up the leagues. Whilst holiday testing is ok, nothing beats playing a full season and having just done that with Stockport here are my results. Very happy with that, Barnet ran us very close and it went to the last game of the season, but a good points total for a team predicted 20th in the league. Broke the goalscoring record for the division and picked up the FA Trophy as well. I added one player to the default squad. My strongest Striker got his 30 goals, my other 20 so good signs for those who like their strikers to perform well. The System The idea was to produce a straight forward 442 with minimal team and player instructions, keeping a simple system which is easy to implement and recruit to its strengths you can plug & play Home & Away. The strengths of the 442 are the wingplay which we gently encourage by looking for overlaps and the fact that we can run with 2 strikers. The weakness tends to be a lack of numbers in central midfield, more specifically I like to use 2 support duties here which can cause problems defensively, we mitigate this by the conservative behavior of the Full Backs we are instructed to sit narrow and cover. The downfall of most 442 system is the insistence on having overlapping Wingbacks on attack duty, whilst it’s the easy option for creating attacking play you are brutally exposed defensively. Here, our Full Backs tuck in, recycle possession and cover, only venturing forward when it is deemed very safe to do so. Apart from the advantages of this behavior tactically, we can now recruit a different type of Full Back and don’t need to worry about them having to run a half marathon during a game and therefore being unable to play twice a week. So essentially, whilst we’re banging in crosses for our Strikers the central midfielders remain fairly influential and are able to construct some decent central play as well. We have the obligatory high press which is still well rewarded in the ME. The Attacking Mentality sees a nice blend of Counter Attacking and incise Attacks during phases of sustained possession without prolonged passages of passive play. Left Back takes left corner and throw ins Right Back takes right corner and throw ins NO OI's Plug & Play Home & Away Once I have a tactical set up I trust, I like to focus on building a team to absolutely fits that system of play. The Full Back behavior in this set up are a good example, we don’t need the quick, agile, dribblers with great stamina and crossing of a Wingback System, here converted Centre Backs are fine, even ideal. The Defence We can build a really solid platform here, no reason why all of the back 4 should not be good in the air and quick. You can even go for a Tony Pulis style ‘4 Centre Backs’ approach. As well as being ideal for open play, having 4 strong headers in the team straight from the off is great for both attacking and defensive set pieces. As you move up the league’s you can get more greedy and seek more complete footballers. Prioritise Marking Tackling Jumping Reach Acceleration Positioning Goal Keepers – Aerial Ability, Handling, Reflexes, One on One’s Midfield Working on the principle that ‘a good biggun beats a good littlun’ our central midfielders are required to blend both the Physical & the Technical. We are looking for committed, hard working players with an eye for a pass. They are up against it with only the 2 of them holding the central area of the pitch. Look for; Work Rate Strength Determination Tackling Passing Wingers These are the only roles where there is no requirement for physicality, if they have that as well, great, but we are looking for highly mobile ball carriers with a trick or two up their sleeve. They tend to come in small packages. Beat their man, and cross from the byline is what we’re after here. Prioritise; Agility Balance Acceleration Dribbling Crossing Strikers Again, the Biggun vs Littlun analogy applies. Despite our request for low crosses, many will come in at head height and it would be a shame not to put them away. As we employ a crossing system we need our strikers strong enough to battle Centre Backs and as pressing forwards, close down opponents and win possession. But ultimately, these are goal scorers and when presented with chances we need them to put their fair share away. Look for; Acceleration Technique Finishing Strength Heading So, working to this system we have at least 8 Physical Outfield Players giving us a presence in open play and a good chance to outcompete our opponents at set-pieces. The higher up the leagues you go the more technical attributes you can layer on via good recruitment ensuring your standards for strong physical players don’t drop. FM20.3 LLS 442.fmf
  13. Scored a few headers, missed a few more. No biggie, like real life. Must admit, seen a lot of great saves in the NATIONAL League. But I'm having very exciting games with loads of chances, without super keepers games would finish 6-4. Not very realistic but a blast to play.
  14. Not tried this on the new ME, but using the AP(s) resulted in more goals scored, but more conceded. Over the points tally was better with the Enganche.
  15. I will when i'm not at work...... In the meantime it would be good to know what's been changed and what hasn't, contradicting reports on here.
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