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    I dont play games, I play FM exclusively and have done for 15 years.

    I support Manchester City but usually pick a team in Skrill North or South and give myself 20 season to win the English Premier League.

    I enjoy creating, testing and releasing tactics. All I ask for is a stable ME...... from day 1 ideally !!

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    I ain't new to this. Ain't never been new to this.


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  1. PREFERRED ATTRIBUTES Inverted Wingback – Runner, Passer, Tackler Centre Back – Tackler, Marker, Header Winger (a) – Runner, Dribbler, Crosser Winger (b) – Passer, Creator, Crosser Box to Box – Passer, Tackler, Marker Advanced Forward – Finisher, Runner then 1 of Dribbler, Creator, Header Runner Acceleration-Pace-Work Rate Passer Passing-Vision-Technique Tackler Tackling-Determination-Aggression Marker Marking-Positioning-Decisions Header Jumping Reach–Strength-Heading Dribbler Dribbling-Balance-Agility Crosser Crossing-Vision-Technique Finisher Finishing-Technique-Composure Creator Flair-Vision-Technique
  2. Ok, Final patch is out. Tactics on my previous thread were a bit scratchy after recent updates, performing decently enough but without the satisfying level of over performance I need to really enjoy my save. I had been going along nicely with a back 3 and wingbacks, but I just couldn’t get the goal return I wanted. Looking for an average of over 3 goals a game with Liverpool without being leaky at the back. 442 has been potent for goalscoring this year but only having 2 midfielders meant you tended to be too weak defensively to use this week in, week out as a plug and play tactic. However, I wanted to set a goalscoring benchmark to see what we could do, I was aware that using Inverted Wingbacks plugged the holes in midfield so I went IWB/S and Winger/A. 92 points, 136 goals score and 37 conceded. Not bad, but not good enough for Liverpool. However, I’d set a goalscoring benchmark to work towards. Before moving on from the 442, I thought I’d try flipping the duties, put the Wingers on Support, Inverted Wingbacks on Attack. I didn’t think it would work, the IWB would not help out defensively enough, the Wingers would not contribute to attacks enough. What do I know? 102 points, 122 goals only 23 conceded. Salah 64 goals all competitions. And an unbeaten season to boot. Ok, how about a poor team. Was pretty sure Attacking Mentality and a 442 with relegation candidates would be too much, step up Fulham. Not bad at all. Well clear of relegation, albeit in the Leeds mould of hammering teams then getting hammered in turn. All in, 53 points, 2 goals a game both for and against. Improving Fulham would be easy, the more you improve them the more goals you score and the less you concede and that goal difference starts to open up and you move up the league. A workable tactic for sure. The football on display in varied and entertaining. A good number of through balls for your strikers to run onto combined with some precise wing play. This is not a ‘blood & thunder’ 442 with flying wingers, its more considered with nice lateral play across the box. Full Backs take corners & throw ins. NO OI'S Rosler 442 21.7.fmf
  3. More points, less goals. its playing out fine, but i'd like the goals back. Working until Sunday but will tweak then. I ran this test a few times and the Goal Difference was usually 70 plus.
  4. OK, As promised the 4132 i'm currently using. Any half decent tactic can get low 90's points with Liverpool but goal difference is typically around plus 70. Managed to squeeze a bit more out of it here. Probably not worth a new thread, will see how it goes. NO OI'S WINGBACKS TAKE CORNERS 4132 96p 87gd.fmf
  5. Greetings all, I've had a short break from FM, now i'm back after the final update, i'll review this with fresh eyes and see where we are and whether some tweaks are needed. Thanks for the continued feedback.
  6. Hopefully it will come for Project Xcloud or goes on GEforce now. Given up on Stadia. Dont want a big PC, or a laptop. Only other option for me is something like a deskmini with a Ryzen APU. Will wait to see how the 5600g/5700g review. They will crush the processing and still offer the 3d match engine at medium settings with their on board graphics. Could be a great option for me.
  7. I suspect the problem lies more with Stadia than SI. Same issues with Madden & FIFA. Radio silence. SI could be contractually bound to stay silent. Whilst STADIA is technically good, they seem to be hamstrung by the fact that considerable development work is required for a game to work on Stadia (unlike GEForce now), this is compounded by atrocious communications. I suspect its coming, and coming soon. Time will tell.
  8. I've seen the loan player out promise hard coded into a contract offer many times. In fact every time it appears it cannot be removed in my save. Invariably i try to loan him out and there are no takers and he will come to me later and call me liar to my face, in the absence of the ability to punch him in the face, i was immediately giving them a free transfer, can't be dealing with cocky teenagers. However, i've since learn't that as long as you offer them out 4 or 5 times each window they acknowledge you've been trying and don't kick off.
  9. Lots of examples of players who look like great prospects when young but never push on. Robinho was labelled the next Pele, David Bentley, Phil Jones even Grant Hanley to name a few off the top of my head. In FM terms, these would be players who were fully formed by 18 years old, hitting their PA cap early with people understandably thinking if they are that good at that young age they will be great by there mid twenties. The exception being Robinho, who in FM terms would have a high PA, but a low ambition stat meaning he would be unlikely to get there. Static PA makes sense to me.
  10. Stress and then the subsequent release of stress through achievement 'in game' is a key hook in ultimately enjoying gaming. In FM, thinking about my long term objectives keeps me on an even keel. 5 seasons from now my current losing streak will be meaningless. There are limits however, I no longer play demanding 'twitch' based games (Sekiro), as that stress is both mental and physical (heart rate, adrenaline etc) which i find inappropriate for what is supposed to be a pleasurable past time. FM and anything 'turn based' is where i'm at.
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