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  1. Hi Banks, There are games with a lot of longshots, depends how your opponent sets up of course. I have a low reputation in the Championship so most teams are taking me on and we have fairly open games so not seen many games with a lot of longshots. If a team sits back and defends in numbers then I could well imagine it being difficult to break down. My Striker has 11 goals in 15 games so far this season, but he will no doubt go off form at some point. In the absence of an all conquering tactic all you can do is stick with something, play your way into form and ride that as long as you can. Don't be afraid to use the defensive tactic to grind out some draws if you're in poor form, even at home sometimes. Surprising how often a run of defeats turns into a run of draws and then a run of victories once you break the cycle of losses. You could say FM has become a game of managing your runs of form, extending the good form as long as possible, keeping the runs of poor form to a minimum.
  2. Unlucky on the play off final. Yep, you get games like that but normally a few where the shots fly in. Turning the 4411 into a 442 will leave you wide open, the AMC/S does a good defensive shift making a 3rd midfielder, turning it into a striker will leave you too exposed. How many games did you run the 4321 for? You really need to keep a close eye on your striker, 6.4 or 6.5 after 55 minutes you need to get him off the pitch.
  3. Ok, little bit reluctant to put something up as FM17 doesn’t lend itself well to a plug and play approach in fact in my previous promotion season out of League 2 I used 11 different tactics to get me up. However, during my tactical journey I came across a setup that seemed to offer a level on consistency I had not been able to get before, I used this (and the defensive variant) to get me out of League 1 and then consolidate in the Championship. This is during an Academy Challenge so it’s not about superior player quality. On a previous Academy save I yoyo’d between league 1 and the Championship getting relegated from the Championship each time as the step up in quality was too great for my team. So to comfortably avoid relegation this time around at the first time of asking gave me the confidence to put this up. Besides, I feel I have a little unfinished business on this year’s game. The Tactic The currently unfashionable Christmas Tree formation most famously used by Ancellotti to win the Champions League with AC Milan in 2007 (although he was 36 points behind Inter in the League), sighted at Palace in the 70's, fleetingly across Holland in the 80's, Elland Road with Leeds in the 90's under Howard Wilkinson and famously with England under Terry Venables. In truth the modern 433 often plays like this although no one admits it! image hosting So were looking at the Xmas Tree 4321. AMC’s on support effectively gives us 5 in the central midfield area which means we are a nightmare to breakdown and means we can ‘get away’ without a player in the DM spot. It pretty well established that winning the midfield battle is key to success on this year’s game. Having a 3 across midfield means our box to box players add some much needed width to attacks and are positioned to help out on the flanks should attacks be routed in that direction. Traditionally the central of the 3 midfielders would favour a Deep Lying Playmaker but I prefer a simple CM/D with my set up. We don’t focus play through the middle but the formation tends to result in centrally focused play with some very high passing and possession stats. Although this was not the express objective of the tactic, the fact that this occurs ‘organically’ without ‘forcing’ (no short passing, slow tempo, retain possession, work ball into box etc) is satisfying to me. The passing is actually ‘mixed’ and the default ‘control’ tactic is pretty high tempo with minimal team and player instructions. As Strikers are a bit ‘streaky’ on this game it’s important that the scoring burden is spread, the 2 box to box midfielders and of course the AMC’s chip in with a good number of goals in addition to those scored from set pieces so we still have a good chance to score even when our Striker can’t hit a barn door with a banjo. I use the Control version for Home games and when I’m a firm favourite Away, I use the Defensive Version for most Away games and to see out games in the last 10 to 15 minutes. It can be a bit boring to watch when play is being re-cycled outside our opponents penalty area but there are some great breakaway goals and we do score a few from crosses. Anyway, it should lead to a decent level of consistency which is hard to come by on this year’s game! League 1 Campaign, predicted 24th & last, Comfortably Champions. free picture Meeting the challenge of the Championship. As this is an Academy Challenge this is exactly the same team that was predicted to be bottom of League 1. Never in trouble, I was confident enough to play from March with a 15 year old Goalkeeper & Centre Back who came in my Youth Intake hoping to kick start their development. image Some interesting stats, despite being the weakest team in the league, highest possession stat and highest completed passes by a considerable margin. Not what I intended and certainly not caused by possession focussed team or player instructions, a simple by-product of the formation and player roles. image image hosting no DOWNLOADS - Control/Home version - Defensive/Away version NOTE; Corners are a bit fiddly this year, its set up for the AMC/R to take corners by default, you would need to set your first and second choice for this position as Corner Takers.
  4. Yep, abandoned this myself a while ago. FM17 doesn't really lend itself well to a plug and play approach. However, I think I finally have something consistent. I'll put it up later.
  5. Whilst I've ended up back at a 4141 (+ defensive variant) I actually used 11 different tactics during my last promotion season seeking consistency. I still have the 2 central midfielders on support but don't focus play through the middle, with a lone Striker I have a very strong urge to get support to him fairly quickly, the DM provides deep cover and is available for recycling possession. Our backline does get exposed at times but we do a fair bit of exposing ourselves and i'm happy to play on the front foot most of the time. Every system has strengths and weaknesses as there is no perfect set up, i'm over achieving and happy with this............ for now!
  6. I had the strangest sequence of results in any version of FM (over 10,000 hours) on this years version. Was 3rd in the League and one of highest goal scoring teams and playing great, I then lost 10 games in a row without scoring a SINGLE goal in those 10 games It got silly in the end, losing 5-0 with all the goals against 25-30 yard longshots finding the top corner. I have a lot sympathy with Streaky Strikers although you see this a lot IRL. My analysis was that I employed a narrow tactic with play focused through the middle (41212 Diamond), my Strikers scored the vast majority of my goals. During this period 2 of my 4 strikers were injured so I had to play 2 out of form strikers during this sequence, out of form they could not hit a barn door with a banjo, I lost a few games which then snow balled into terrible morale at which point tactics and player quality seemed irrelevant as some other 'force' seemed to take over which meant opponents could score from anywhere on the pitch whilst I missed multiple clear cut chances. The upshot of this is I only use a lone Striker now (4141), don't focus play through the middle and spread the goalscoring burden across the team (especially midfield) so you are less vulnerable to Strikers hitting a lean streak.
  7. Just missed 7 in a row, 2 different penalty takers. Seems streaky, if they miss one the chance of them missing the next one seems to go up.
  8. If you keep using the same formation then definitely tweak at least one position, especially if you get the message about refusing to change tactics etc. I have a defensive/time waste formation/tactic, i'll occasionally start a game with that just to stop being predictable even if its just for the first 10 minutes.
  9. I'm persisting! In League 2, lost in playoffs 2 years running, last season I was top with 5 games to go and only needed 4 points from my last 5 games, lost 4, won 1 to miss out on automatic promotion on goal difference. Winding me up big time. Don't know if its because I've got a young team and they bottled it but something weird happened and its not that first time I've had a late season collapse. Hard to be consistent in this years game. Will do a proper update when i'm out of league 2..... hopefully this season!
  10. One way to partially alleviate the problem of only 2 midfielders is by using Inverted Wingbacks. They operate centrally essentially turning your midfield 2 into a 4 at least whilst you have possession. They can be very effective in the right system (i'm using them in a 4411) essentially forming a 'box' midfield which enables easy ball retention in central areas. As with most things in FM, anything with an 'upside' has a potential 'downside' but in a 442 set up you already have width built into your attack so I personally don't miss having full backs in wide areas.
  11. Ok, at the request of Tompa, happy to share what I’m up to at the moment. Not worth a new thread as its pretty quiet on here these days and as stated previously the days of the triumphant tactic release with a load of fanfare are long gone as the ME is robust enough to stand up to anything we can throw at it. That doesn’t mean we can’t share ideas and there are still marginal gains to be had which can still give us a bit of an edge at times. So, my main tactic is a 4411. Control/Fluid combined with some ‘fast & loose’ player roles & duties make this a pretty attacking tactic. free screen capture software The key objectives are to dominate the centre of the pitch first and foremost and then create our chances via through balls to our forward or our runners from deep. We achieve the first objective by using a support duty on our AMC which pulls him back into midfield much of the time and by using IWB’s which operate centrally, so our midfield 2 becomes a midfield 5. We encourage the delivery of through balls by focusing play through the middle and sitting very narrow. When things click you create a ridiculous amount of clear cut chances, like this………. disappointed to only convert 2 from 9 CCC's. post a picture If you are a low reputation team (which I usually am), opponents will come gunning for you early season and you get some mental games. This was my first game of this season. The next team tried it as well and got a good gubbing, I’m not sure if the reputation system is more dynamic this year but things calmed down after that and teams started showing us a bit more respect. picture hosting But if you see a team playing a high line you’re in for a treat as you should rip them shreds. The ‘HOLD’ tactic is a full on, run the clock down for 10 – 15 minutes to see out a game tactic as Ai teams are plain nasty at the end of games when they need a goal. Results. This was 1st season in my Academy Challenge. This was with a deeper defensive line before I realised the tactic worked better without it. Predicted 8th so not a team of mugs but a good season. image search After that I’ve been predicted 24th in the National League and been flirting in and around the play-offs as I allow my young squad to develop, I’ve reached the point this season where my team have improved to the point where they are starting to demolish teams and we should have a good run at promotion. Not tried it with a top team but it’s an aggressive in your face tactic potentially high scoring with a clearly defined style of play focused on releasing runners onto through balls. Should go well with atop team. STANDARD HOLD
  12. Hi Tompa, Back to a straight forward 4411 again albeit with a couple of key tweaks, the hold tactic is a full on defensive mentality, short passing, time wasting job now just to run the clock down. Wide Midfielders, you are looking for well rounded players (James Milner) however I value Technique above all the other attributes in forward players, it seems to be the foundation of all the other offensive attributes (finishing, passing, long shots, free kicks etc), without good technique all of these are diminished. I will happily put them up later (when home from work) for anyone whose interested.
  13. I knocked that on the head in the end, I noticed a couple of times AI players positioned just beyond the wider centre backs with the sweeper playing them onside and then getting a free run in on goal. Made me laugh actually, it looked deliberate, hats off to them for being 'clever' enough to do that. I think more than ever its about player quality and squad harmony this year, a wide range of approaches and tactics can be successful with the right players. The days of the 'uber' tactic are now gone I think (thank god) and the best we can hope for is 'marginal gains' in a few areas to just tip the balance in our favour. Eventually settled on a narrow 4411 with play through the middle and inverted wingbacks ensuring you flood the middle of the pitch. Doing an Academy challenge its inconsistent until my players are sufficiently developed but then we start to steam roller teams. Fun to watch which the main thing for me now.