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    I dont play games, I play FM exclusively and have done for 15 years.

    I support Manchester City but usually pick a team in Skrill North or South and give myself 20 season to win the English Premier League.

    I enjoy creating, testing and releasing tactics. All I ask for is a stable ME...... from day 1 ideally !!

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  1. I'm at work now, will post up the player instructions later. If I was building a tactic around Pogba i'd probably still use him in Central Midfield so you benefit from his powerful running as well as his technical ability. Advanced Playmaker/Attack would be my preferred option (or Central Midfield/Attack if I didn't want a playmaker). I'd change the AMC to Attacking Midfielder/Support to balance things out. So you're re-worked midfield would look something like this. Attacking Midfielder/Support Advanced Playmaker/Attack (POGBA) Ball Winning Midfielder/Support Anchor Man or Defensive Midfield/Defend I'd ensure Pogba was in the channel behind your more advanced Striker so he has room to attack, in your case on the left side. With the Attacking Midfielder now on 'Support', he will no longer run beyond you support Striker very often so you might consider changing the Deep Lying Forward to Complete Forward/Support to push him up a bit. Doesn't mean its right, but that's what i'd do!
  2. Yep, only have one TI myself (play narrower). I only use them for what I can't do via player instructions. I also ended up Control/Flexible oddly enough. I don't use playmakers myself (unless I have a player much better than everyone else) as I try not to artificially force play via one or two players and prefer attacks to occur more organically, but that's just me, nothing wrong with playmakers. It sounds like, with so many great players, you wan't them all to be man of the match! I wouldn't stress, you have one playmaker already, i'd still expect Pogba/Herrera to contribute plenty of goals/assists even with their relatively mundane roles as well as putting in a good defensive shift.
  3. I'm using a very similar set up, to great effect. I would recommend using the ball winning midfielder as one of the two central midfielders (can be support duty), using a BWM in the DM position will leave your Centre Backs exposed (especially as your full backs are pushing on) as he will aggressively close down vacating his position, no doubt many of the goals you're conceding are from counter attacks. An Anchor, DM/D or even Half Back will likely give you better protection and will still contribute to build up play and recycling possession. I think the 442 Diamond is a great way to go this year
  4. This is a squad of new gens in 2024. Probably only strength is a bit OTT, the rest of the physical attributes are probably consistent with someone playing first team football since they were 16 years old. Not massively helpful in isolation but I can upload the save if need be.
  5. I'm doing an Academy challenge at Stockport and my team is exclusively newgens. I can personally vouch that good acceleration/pace is certainly not a given with newgens, I've had a raft of solid but slow Centre Backs and I had to retrain the best player I've produced as his 9 acceleration does not fit the profile of the strikers I like to use as I move through the leagues. (he makes a great AMC). I'll take a look at my squad later, I think you're probably right about 'strength' but will be interesting to see.
  6. 442 is not an optimal formation this year, even a 4231 is hard to get right. 2 central midfielders with no one holding leaves you too open. Of course, with top players anything can work but you'll likely find it easier with something like a narrow 41212 diamond, or 352 (wb). Strikerless set ups are good although I refuse to use them myself.
  7. The match result is calculated instantly the moment you start each match, you know, the same way as if you used ‘instant result’. The 16 calculations per second phrase is not helpful as this imply’s some kind of live, dynamic environment when you’re watching highlights when in fact you are watching a match that has already been decided. (substitutions & tactical changes aside). Those 16 calculations per second equates to roughly 86,400 calculations to decide the outcome of each match. Whilst sounding impressive it takes less than 1 second to compute but is more than adequate for the purposes of this simulation. ‘doucong’s observation is interesting, it is possible after the number of re-starts it took him to do this he got a match where the first few calculations were identical, later calculations are based on earlier calculations and the pattern was set and he ended up with the same match until he altered the pattern by making substitutions and causing a re-calculation to take place. Nothing sinister taking place and this is entirely plausible.
  8. Doing only youth academy challenges these days with and without using the editor I can tell you scouts are pretty poor at judging PA. Certainly lower level scouts. CA is pretty accurate as it should be, its self evident in watching players during training and matches what their current ability is. PA, they can be way off. Both ways, underating a future star and overrating quite a limited player. Not sure where you got 99 % accurate from.
  9. The formation is solid but the roles are likely sub-optimal. I use a similar set up albeit with the centre of the midfield 3 in the DM spot giving us a classic diamond and different roles. Attacking wise a front 3 like this will tend to generate a lot of shots although a lot of them will be 'straight on', when your strikers are 'on' and finding the corners it can be very high scoring but on off days you'll see them hitting shots straight at the Keeper. Defensively he has the centre of the pitch sewn up, that AMC on support will drop in with other 3 and form a near impenetrable barrier, any team trying to play through that will get chewed up. Conversely AI formations 'double teaming' the flanks (442, 4231, 4411 etc) has the potential to cause a lot of problems. It would be more than capable of stringing good results together especially if either of the Strikers are running hot, don't worry, sooner or later he's gonna run into trouble.... like we all do! Player quality is key of course.
  10. I seem to have sequences of great form, hat-tricks for strikers, 3-0 up after 20 minutes etc, followed by sequences of defeats - giving away penalties, players sent off, missing lots of clear cut chances, conceding from outrageous long shots, I then get a sequence of draws before I start winning and the whole cycle starts again. It does feel a bit 'off'. However I am doing an academy challenge so are tipped for relegation every season, I can't imagine this would be the case if I managed a top team.
  11. I don't think value comes into it, every poster on here must log 100+ hours and many like me are into 1000+ hours. However, when playing FM12, if someone had asked me what the game would look like in 5 years I would have expected a lot more than FM17 has to offer. Media interaction is hugely repetitive however this is a tricky one as a real life manager might have 3 games and the associated press in a real life week whereas in FM you can have 50 games and all the related press in one session. Whilst being realistic is important it should not come at the cost of making the game tedious as none us play seasons in 'real time', more thought should be given as to what the user experience is during a major or even typical session, at the moment that would involve answering the same questions 20+ times which sucks the life out of the game. I think there must be a physical limit as to how many times you can answer the same questions without throwing up, its likely in the thousands but I don't think i'm too far off. The tactical side of the game is a bloated mess and the match engine seems to be built solely around stopping exploits resulting in possession being endlessly recycled in the middle of the pitch. I'm not sure how much genuine progress there has been over the last few versions and you could argue certain areas of the game have taken steps backwards or in the wrong direction at least. The cycle of patching, tweaking, updating databases, a few token additions and pushing that as a new version is fine for a few years but without genuine innovation at certain points people will move on when they realise they've put 5,000 hours into basically the same game albeit over a few versions of it. I think i'm playing more out of habit these days, FM is a hard game to love at the moment.
  12. This is where PA/CA can be misleading. A Striker with 185 CA might appear to be World Class but if a lot of those points are swallowed up in sub optimal areas (tackling, marking etc) and or they have low consistency then they are not world class. A 140 CA player might be a better Striker if he has better distribution of attribute points. You cannot look at PA/CA in isolation.
  13. Hi Kesper, I've had to abandon this as it somehow stopped working season 3 (albeit with my very weak team). But I've stumbled onto something else that looks like an absolute monster at the moment, will do another full seasons testing before I update anything as you can have very good/bad runs on FM17 for seemingly random reasons so you need a good 70+ games testing to have any confidence about anything. Watch this space though.
  14. 9 is not that low and its easy to tutor determination so it improves dramatically. I would let that put you off him.
  15. No problem. I've a few big hitters in my academy save, don't think any have hit 1,000 + yet. Many thanks