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    I dont play games, I play FM exclusively and have done for 15 years.

    I support Manchester City but usually pick a team in Skrill North or South and give myself 20 season to win the English Premier League.

    I enjoy creating, testing and releasing tactics. All I ask for is a stable ME...... from day 1 ideally !!

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  1. Interested to try this with the Regista, are you using the Mezzala or Carrillo version?
  2. Same in my game with Man United absolutely dominant, they've won the league 12 seasons in a row. Mourinho still there. Need to beat them home & away in the league to have half a chance.
  3. 343 Player Roles and Overview. Judging by a couple of posts, thought I’d better clear up a bit about the Tactic as it play’s out slightly differently than the other one’s I’ve put up. As alluded to earlier, we have a defensively sound formation, a back 3, Wingbacks ‘only’ on support duty ensuring they defend well and a midfield that closes down aggressively. No obvious weak points or areas where opponents can focus attacks. Unusually for me this year I have the AMR/AML (Inside Forwards) on attack duty which means their defensive work is limited, the upside of this is that they are usually ahead of the ball when we win back possession and with the right players you’ll see some devastating counter-attacks. They are often in advance of our Striker who acts as a deeper creative pivot feeding passes into our Inside Forwards. IF IF DLF With the Inside Forwards sitting narrower than traditional wide attackers they are often ‘in the channel’ and are not being directly marked. During more sustained attacks, the Wingbacks over lap whilst the central midfielders support centrally giving us a lot of options. Although I’m doing an Academy Challenge my 3 best players are my 3 forwards, my Inside Forwards are both naturally two footed and they create havoc. Its fair to say you are reliant on your front 3 doing a lot of the attacking work between them, so I’d blow whatever budget you have on these roles. DLF Whilst they still carry goal scoring responsibilities they are also required to be creative and should have the vision and passing to hit you IF’s early. I’d look for; Passing Vision Technique Finishing IF’s Ideally you would like explosive pace, with and without the ball, to expose defenders on the counter attack. Think Salah, Sterling, Rashford etc. Hybrid creator/goal scorers. Ideally 2 footed, if not you can train anyone to be ‘reasonable’ on their weaker foot. Acceleration Dribbling Flair Technique Box to Box At first glance you’d think these guys will get outnumbered in midfield and overrun. However, the Wingbacks step into midfield at times, they have 3 centre backs blocking the middle of the pitch and all of the forwards will eventually drop back if you are under sustained pressure. Having said that, they do carry a big workload, moving up and down the pitch with a mixture of defensive and offensive responsibilities. Hard work and determination are a priority, if they can play a bit, all the better. Work Rate Determination Stamina Passing Wingbacks Another 50/50 role, whilst they are tasked with protecting the flanks the wider centre backs will cover & help them out when they venture forward. When its relatively safe to do so they will get to the byline and across from there as well as pinging in some crosses from deep. Again, balanced ‘all round’ footballers is what you after, I’d look for; Decisions Determination Work Rate Passing Centre Backs Bread and butter Centre Backs are fine here, they usually have simple passing options available so basic competence on the ball is fine, pacey, tacklers who are good in the air is what you want. Marking Tacking Jumping Reach Acceleration
  4. Not played any more games since last post, taking a break. I still think the 343 is the way to go. johangod, I've noticed some flat first half performances with all tactics, maybe i'm getting my pre-match team talks wrong, after a first half with not much happening i'll give them the hairdryer treatment which normally see's a much better 2nd half performance.
  5. Had a good season with the 352 finishing 3rd in the Prem, before deciding it was a bit too boring. Tried the 4231 but that is a bit mental at this level. Essentially I've now mixed the 2 tactics, hopefully best of both worlds. image upload no ads Closing the gap on Man U, maybe next year. 343 Classic 343if.fmf
  6. Managed to finish 4th, within sniffing distance from Chelsea & City but miles behind United. Mourinho is still at UTD, hoping when he leaves they calm down a bit. The new 352 has been defensively outstanding, also beat the clean sheet record, although I did have a run of 5 games without scoring myself, you are relying on your Strikers being on form, finished the season really strong with 6 straight wins conceding only 1 goal and scoring freely so hopefully that's a better reflection of the tactic. My squad is pretty maxed out other than a young striker and wingback who can improve a lot, hopefully Champions League football will see a reputation jump which will help me attract better youth players so in time I can challenge Man u. Only giving myself to 2040 though as id be 70 then and would retire.
  7. Training Pre-season Fitness/match tactics Then balanced/teamwork Suggested player attributes; DLF's Finishing Composure Off the Ball Acceleration Apart from the obvious requirement to finish moves, you need these guys adept at finding pockets of space, the pace to run in behind is always useful. Carrilero's Work rate Marking Tackling Passing Very much a support role, in attacking phase can be involved in early build up play before lurking outside the penalty area to recycle possession and break up counter attacks if you lose possession. Centre Midfield/Attack Off the ball Flair Technique Passing A key component in your attacks they link the midfield to the attack during build up play before arriving late in the box to get on the end of moves, they also put a good shift in defensively. Put your best midfielder here, converted AMC's are fine. Complete Wingbacks Work Rate Dribbling Acceleration Crossing Whilst they still have defensive responsibilities they are the players which will have acres of space to receive the ball and play. The ability to go past a man is very useful meaning they can get to the byline and cross from there. Whilst its great when they whip a cross onto your forwards head, even misplaced crosses can be dangerous as your central attackers get to a knockdown or 2nd ball first. If I had a big budget to blow, I's spend it here. Centre Backs Marking Tacking Positioning Jumping Reach With decent defenders there will be a lot of games where your opponent resorts to longshots unless they have real quality players who can hurt you. They usually have easy passing option up the flanks to Wingbacks which is an effective way to start attacks. Goal Keeper Reflexes Handling Aerial Ability One on One's A good shot stopper is fine, they will be dealing with long shots most of the time with exception of set pieces.
  8. Ok, Made a few changes to the roles in the 352. As mentioned above, I wasn't seeing a good return from the Mezzalla's so I've shifted the wide attacking responsibilities to the Wingbacks, we are covering their foray's upfield by employing Carrilero's who cover laterally, the fact that they are more defensive means our central midfielder can go on attack duty, which means i'm now happy for the forwards to pull wide into the Channels creating space centrally for our runner from midfield. A bit like this; All outfield players in the screenshot, our right sided Carrilero on the ball with an easy pass to the right Wingback or a reverse to the left Wingback. Out Central midfielder is making his run into the box, 1 Striker in the channel with the other central. A lot of options for our man on the ball. Defensively we are really solid, one of the best records in the league. Finally look like we're pushing for a European spot. Obviously my teams a little stronger each year but this set up seems very well balanced so far. TACTIC Classic 352v2.fmf
  9. The 4231 is already defensively vulnerable, I wouldn't mess with the Full Back duties unless you are one of the top teams in the division. I'm revisiting the 352, not getting the returns i'd expect from the Mezzala's, think there is a better arrangement of roles and duties across all of midfield. Will report back.
  10. Always liked the attacking play of the 4231, but in the premier league I've found the defence a bit suspect, having said that my teams a bit better now and I've not really given it a good run on control mentality. I like the way the 3 centre backs/wingback set up defends, forcing opponents into longshots.
  11. Not quite satisfied with either formation myself, my Stockport team is an established premier league team now but i'd like European football. Were very competitive against run of the mill premier league teams, but the top 4 or 5 teams are at a different level. Like real life really. Man United have won the league 11 times in the last 12 seasons, they have elite players everywhere, ridiculous wingers. I have a couple of my academy players in the full England team but they are not world level. I have one guy who I think will be world class, i'm hoping he can carry the team into europe, but will need a better tactic to challenge Man U, looking at some variations now.
  12. My team now favour's the 4231 (on Control), but i'll slip in the 3232 occasionally or to break a poor run of form. Keep changing my mind on which way to go but I have some great Inside Forwards.
  13. Using a mix of both tactics at the moment. But CONTROL mentality now.