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    I dont play games, I play FM exclusively and have done for 15 years.

    I support Manchester City but usually pick a team in Skrill North or South and give myself 20 season to win the English Premier League.

    I enjoy creating, testing and releasing tactics. All I ask for is a stable ME...... from day 1 ideally !!

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  1. Ok, This is interesting, a few things were bothering me about the tactic, namely a bit lethargic, i've increased tempo, passing range, closing down. As we're playing through the middle i've tucked in the Wingers as well moving them to wide midfielders. The Poacher was isolated on 19.2, the False 9 also had 'move into channels' removed which i like so i've changed the role. The result was really good with Tottenham. New Formation upload picture and get link Harry Kane - Really interesting, only 9 Premier League goals but 18 assists, ALL from open play. Harry, basically a massive creative force teeing up the 4 midfielders for them to smash in. Running a Cardiff test now but excited about this. Latest version is 19.2a Set Right Back to take corner Set Right Back to take right throw ins, Left Back to take Left Throw ins. Steadfast 4141 19.2a.fmf
  2. Enjoying the ME. Only using 1 Striker so not really seeing issues with a lack of movement. True through balls are rare, just like in real life but I've seen some classics in this ME so they are there. Long shots a bit OP but it makes for exciting games so don't really mind that. Good job, but always room for improvement !
  3. Nothing obvious, corner routine to a point for sure. Just the way it panned out I think.
  4. It's Cardiff, not Man Utd. Less than Newcastle, Wolves, West Ham, Fulham and Huddersfield. Also scored more than Man Utd, Chelsea and Everton. I think finishing 12 places higher than media prediction is ok.
  5. Updated version for 19.2 added to opening post and here. Same formation and player roles, updated TI's, it plays out differently on this ME so will need to update opening post. Cardiff result with new tactic below. In top half all season, positive goal difference. Pretty satisfied we are back to pre-update levels. Right Backs to take corners. Will update post with new TI's etc later. Steadfast 4141 19.2.fmf
  6. Thanks for this. Should have an updated tactic out soon, picked up on a few things already.
  7. Westy8chimp makes a good point. Not only does the ME have to replicate some pretty sophisticated play from top level Managers and Champions League teams, the SAME ME has to also replicate lower league kick & rush football. It's a big job they've got on, impossible actually. Expecting them to replicate real life in a £30 game is a bit daft, and yes, it's a game not a simulation.
  8. Liverpool seem fairly dominant post update. i was curious about there +73 goal difference in my save. I would like to know there corner routine
  9. Ok, So you finished 9th on the old ME, updated the ME and are now bottom of the same league? My Spurs testing has been a bit off, but not that much. I'm running some tweaks. Thanks
  10. For Johan and anyone else, my thoughts on players roles/types below. Before we start, its worth discussing some salient points on team building, whilst we have 2 wingers with identical roles and instructions, James Milner will play this role differently than Raheem Sterling who will play it differently than Bernardo Silva (who will cut inside with the ball an awful lot). Same goes for the Box to Box midfielders, Eric Dier will play this role a lot differently than David Silva and this is not purely down to PPM's, the whole balance of attributes contributes to player behaviours on the pitch. So an additional level of thought can be applied to squad building about 'complimenting styles', whilst David Silva is one of the best midfielders in the world and Bernardo Silva is in great form and is accomplished in central midfield, would we want to play them together? Or would we rather play one of them and have Fernandinho or Delph alongside them with different qualities. We've all heard stories of great players who cant play together. I've suggested a couple of 'types' for most roles to help you think along those lines. POACHER Our Striker doesn't operate like a traditional Poacher, in fact he's very much a link player, collecting the ball with back to goal, laying it off before then operating a bit more like a normal advanced striker. As such pace/acceleration are not a must, but a bonus. He will only occasionally run in straight on goal instead he'll attack crosses with using his strength/movement to get in front of defenders. I envisage a couple of types of striker, a big,powerful Target Man type in the mold of Lukaku, Giroud, Ibrahimovic, Dzeko, Gomez, Costa or at a slightly lesser level Tosun, Slimani, Rondon, Llorente. You can adjust the attributes to find alternative or lower league versions. Alternatively you can go with a technical striker more in the False 9 mold, going back, Sheringham, Berbatov, Rooney, Tevez, Van Persie would have been nice, now Messi, Firminho, Suarez. Cavani, Aguero (Peps version) etc, as before you can adjust the attributes to find alternative or lower league versions. Target Man Type - Strength, Aggression, First Touch, Composure, Finishing Technical/False 9 Type - Technique, Finishing, Composure, First Touch, Flair Once you hit Elite level as a team you should have a Complete Forward encompassing most of the above, Kane, Lewandowski, Neymar if you coach him in that role. WINGER Again, we have a couple of 'types' to consider here, the Classic Winger, agile, quick, dribbler who can get past his man, Sterling, Sane, Pedro, Neymar (if you coach him there), Bale, Salah, Mahrez etc. The alternative is a Wide Midfielder, perhaps lacking the raw pace to beat his man but a quality passer who links play from the flank and offers additional defensive cover in midfield, James Milner, Sigurdsson, Lemar, Aaron Ramsey, often natural Central Midfielders who are accomplished out wide. Whilst i'm not saying you can't play with 2 out and out Wingers, 1 of each type offers a nice balance. The other consideration is the 'cuts inside with ball' PPM which is very influential here, having one of your wingers with this PPM is fine adding variety to play , but you wouldn't want this on both flanks. Classic Winger Type - Acceleration, Dribbling, Flair, Agility, Technique Wide Midfielder Type - Passing, Vision, Team Work, Composure, Work Rate BOX TO BOX MIDFIELDER Here we have the engine of the team. Again, whilst we have identical roles we can think about the type of players we field here, or to be more precise the combination of players. The full spectrum of midfielders can be employed here from the more defensive like Kante, Fernandinho, Matic, Jorginho, Casemiro, to the classic Box to Box player like Paulinho, Bonaventura, Khedira, Deli Ali, Hamsik to the magicians Isco, Messi, David Silva, Ericksen, Neymar, Coutinho. Your pairing can be varied according to the opposition, tough away match perhaps a Box to Box combined with a more defensive player is the way to go, strong favourites at home, then maybe an attack minded magician with a box to box. Some players are hybrids of 2 of these types of players, great ones can encompass all 3. Defensive type - Team Work, Marking, Tackling, Passing, Aggression True Box to Box - Work Rate, Stamina, Determination, Passing, Team Work Attacking/Magician - Flair, Passing, Technique, Vision, Dribbling HALF BACK Our main defensive shield. A couple of options here, you can use a ball playing Centre Back here, David Luiz, John Stones, Hummels, Bonucci etc. Most will have some familiarity with the DM position but if not retraining will be fine. This type of player brings good tackling, marking, heading to this position along with decent distribution. The alternate is more you traditional DM, perhaps not as strong in the air but highly mobile with good distribution, Torreira, Kante, Fernadinho, Jorginho, Biglia etc. Notice that i've not gone for the play maker type here (Pirlo, Kroos, Banega, Rakitic etc), in this set up they would be better served playing in the Box to Box role where they can be more influential in attacks. Converted Centre Back - Marking, Tackling, Jumping Reach, Composure, Passing Traditional DM - Tackling, Aggression, Work Rate, Marking,Passing WING BACKS We are looking for good all round athletes here, they will do the most running out of anyone in the team. A balanced blend of attacking and defensive attributes are required under pinned by strong physical aspects. I'd look for; Work Rate, Stamina, Tackling, Passing, Crossing CENTRE BACKS Nothing out of the ordinary here, however there has to be an emphasis on speed as our main vulnerability is balls over the top. We shouldn't neglect other areas though. I'd look for; Acceleration, Positioning, Anticipation, Marking, Tackling GOAL KEEPER We don't require the modern distributing keeper as we don't launch pacy counter attacks very often, distribution from our keeper amounts to simple passes to defenders. We can concentrate on bread and butter attributes, like; Reflexes, One on One's, Aerial Ability, Handling, Command of Area
  11. Thanks for the feedback Mutumba. Re the Half Back, as mentioned in the post, our Half Back doesn't do anything spectacularly different to any of the other DM roles when defending/attacking etc but its his passive effect, splitting the the Centre Backs etc which we are after allowing easy play out from the back. Rating are still heavily weighted to goals/assists which will see our DM miss out on high ratings.
  12. Hi Johan, Thanks for the post. You've been unlucky for sure. It's a shame you instant result as you are unable to use a couple of items in your tool box, good use of substitutes and half time team talks. This is a physical approach, we seem to get a few lethargic 1st half performances which are sorted by getting stuck into the team at half time. Your goal difference when you finished 16th is interesting. I've got some clear ideas on player requirements, I will post them today although I'm doing an academy challenge and I have limited control myself. I'm top of League 1 following promotion from League 2 based on a strong defensive record so I'm confident in the tactic.
  13. **Please see latest post for details** Latest version is Steadfast 4141 19.2a Greetings all, Whilst I had no intention of doing a tactics thread this year, the bug bites once you start playing the game and I really fancied having a good crack at the flat 4141, the Holy Grail of formations for me. I attempt this to a lesser or greater extent each year only to fail to score enough goals to meet my demands. Defensively, it’s just solid, getting enough goals is always the issue. This year’s results have been encouraging, winning the league with Spurs, a top half finish for Cardiff (Season 1/Original Squads) as well as an automatic promotion spot with Stockport in League 2 confirming lower league viability. Formation Overview Often the de rigueur choice for difficult away games, particularly employed by European teams for the away leg of Champions League/Europa League knockouts the 4141 and its brother the 451 offer a solid platform for controlling the midfield with easy possession whilst defensively being difficult to play through. When deployed with ambition, as we do here, the wide players are thrown forward creating a 433 when attacking. True counter-attacking is difficult as your lone Striker has to do much of the work himself, so instead we rely on a ‘delayed counter’ with some incisive flank play to get us in behind where we can feed balls to our Striker, opposing Winger and our midfielders with their late runs into the box. Here, the Poacher looks a bit isolated but as it’s the only attacking striker role which doesn’t have ‘move into channels’ hard coded into it we are stuck with it. In reality with the Box to Box midfielders being highly mobile this year they get into the box quickly even with their support duty. Opposing Wingers (those on the opposite flank to the ball during attacks) also come quite narrow into the box to became auxiliary strikers, so in other words, we get enough players into the box quickly enough for us to attack effectively. As mentioned earlier, our defensive shape is solid assuming we can get into it before we are hit, so the main weakness is counter attacks. This year even normal and deep defensive lines are vulnerable to the ball over the top so we might as well commit fully to the high line and the obligatory high press. We are fairly careful in possession without resorting to ‘work ball into box’, so we don’t lose the ball in dangerous positions too often. The defensive issues in having dual attacking duties on the flanks are mitigated by the very fact that we have 2 players on each flank, both fairly deep in the formation (no AMR/AML). Between them there is sufficient cover. Getting the upper hand Aside from just throwing together some roles & duties I like to try and create an ‘effect’ or combination of effects which yields results noticeably better than when that ‘effect’ is absent. An obvious example is combining a high line with an urgent press. Whilst both instructions are useful in isolation, when combined their positive effects are amplified. Normally there are gains to be had from encouraging some sort of central overload, but interestingly, not this year. Instead, these are some of the ideas I’ve tried to implement into the tactic. The ‘False 6’ The use of a Half Back has a number of ‘knock on’ effects which to my mind allows for the safest yet most incisive way to play out from the back. Whilst we might have a romanticised vision of our Half Back breaking up play before pinging pin point diagonals up the pitch, the true value is in the ‘passive’ effects his presence creates. As well as splitting the Centre Backs as described below, he tends to get heavily pressed when on the ball. In fact we want him pressed as this opens up midfield and he will always have a couple of easy lateral passes available to the Split Centre backs who should now have multiple options in front of them, more often than not up the line to his near sided wingback or he may even bypass him and go straight for our Winger. Whilst no more effective than an Anchor Man or Defensive Midfielder in the defensive phase, the true benefit of our Half Back is in building attacks. His triggering of formation changes set in motion positive effects which help us play through the thirds hopefully resulting in a chance for us to score. Overloading the flanks early The effect of the Half Back coming deep, the Centre Backs splitting, the Wingbacks pushing up the flanks putting them in close proximity to our Wingers gives us a very early overload on both flanks. This is a dangerous situation for our opponent with only an astute pass or 1-2 seeing one of our wide players in open space running in behind our opponents defence. Better yet, as the defence is drawn to the ball this leaves our opposing Winger in acres of space and available for a spectacular long diagonal pass seeing him with even more space to attack. Rest assured our Poacher is on it and is moving centrally towards the penalty spot, pulling defenders with him creating yet more space for our Box to Box guys to run into on the edge of the penalty area. Coup de Grace – The Late Overlap Nothing utterly undo’s a defence like the late overlap. With all defenders committed this see’s our man suddenly with time and space to deliver a cross or pass into the 6 yard box for a tap in or towards the penalty spot for our midfielders to run onto and finish. The Death Blow. So, the overriding idea this year, in the absence of strong central play, is both the early and late over loading of the flanks feeding a lone Striker and late runners into the box. Whilst obviously not all goals are scored like this I’ve found allowing/encouraging (not forcing) a wide overload, combined with the use of ‘overlaps’ is worth an extra 10 – 15 goals a season. Results. Cardiff - Weakest team in Premier - no issues here. Tottenham - Title outsider. Squeezed past City Stockport - Predicted 14th. Solid return in lower leagues Corners – the routine is set up for your Right Back to take corners, just set your 1st & 2nd choice as takers however if you have a preferred taker its worth tweaking the routine. SUITABILITY Would suggest usage for Underdogs, Mid Table & Upper Mid table teams Home & Away. Elite teams should probably use something more attacking although this should still be effective, especially for Away fixture TRAINING THREAD Steadfast 4141 19.2a.fmf