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    I dont play games, I play FM exclusively and have done for 15 years.

    I support Manchester City but usually pick a team in Skrill North or South and give myself 20 season to win the English Premier League.

    I enjoy creating, testing and releasing tactics. All I ask for is a stable ME...... from day 1 ideally !!

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  1. Test seasons are done on 'holiday' mode with the AM in charge. Same Match Engine without the nuances of team talks, substitutions etc so performance is similar with the scope for improved results when you take charge properly. AM won't hand out new contracts or rotate much so at end of test half of squad is upset!
  2. Prefer left on left, right on right. But not a big deal in this set up and being 'wrong footed' has its advantages. I'll always train the weaker foot on wide midfielders, should be able to get weaker foot to at least 'reasonable'.
  3. I don't recall doing a SUS tactic, must have been someone else's. The 4141 should do the job, but unless you're visibly under pressure i'd leave it on the 442 if that's what you're running with. See above, best form of defence is attack!
  4. Yes, a lot worse. Finished 2nd behind Liverpool. Understandably scored considerably less goals, but also conceded more. Most likely a case of the best form of defence being attack, for top teams at least.
  5. Key Player Attributes False 9 – Off the ball, Technique, Flair, Finishing Wide Midfielder – Dribbling, Passing, Off the Ball, Finishing Box to Box – Passing, Work Rate, Tackling, Long Shots Wingbacks – Work Rate, Stamina, Crossing, Tackling Centre Backs – Jumping Reach, Acceleration, Marking, Tackling Goal Keeper – Aerial Ability, Handling, One on One’s, Reflexes Half Back (in 4141) – Marking, Tackling, Positioning, Passing
  6. Greetings, Now the final ME update is out I thought I’d wrap up this year’s tactics into one tidy thread with final versions of both the 4141 and 442 which I have been using this year. 19.3 seems favourable to the 442 with very little downside from playing without a holding midfielder (which is a shame), using a DM and the 4141 remains the more effective option only for relegation candidates as illustrated below. ‘Attacking’ mentality seems to yield superior results and performances for all teams at all levels. Cardiff attacking Home & Away, week in week out, should see them relegated yet even the 442 saw them finish comfortably mid-table. That’s a bit disappointing, I hope the lower mentalities become more relevant next year, with perhaps a Defensive approach yielding better results for weak teams. Anyway, onto the 442. Here we see our two wide midfielders sitting narrow on attacking mentality, they interact heavily with our forwards who are encourage to operate fairly deep often running beyond our strikers for a shot or a reverse across the 6 yard box. Our Wing backs overlap, but we don’t force play into them via over lapping instructions, but allow it happen when they are in plenty of space and a pass to them is the best option. They influence play by pulling defenders out of the central areas which is where most of our attacks are focused. Our Central Midfielders are encouraged to join attacks which in theory should leave us exposed centrally but due to the limitations of the match engine it doesn’t as long as we have a fairly strong team. Goalscoring is spread nicely across the front 6. Behaviours across the team can be classified as follows. Strikers – Creator, Goal Scorer, Disrupter Wide Midfielders – Runner, Creator, Goal Scorer Box to Box – Tackler, Passer, Marker Wingbacks – Runner, Disrupter, Creator Central Defenders – Marker, Tackler, Header Half Back (in 4141) – Marker, Tackler, Passer Whilst the above doesn’t relate directly to the match engine it helps me visualize how a tactic will play out and ensure duties are balanced. Employ the 442 with a top team and you steamroll the opposition, Home and Away. My City test saw us average 3.07 goals a game whilst conceding at 0.44. Something has to go terribly wrong for that to be overturned in a 1 off game. (it happened once). Whilst I cannot recommend the 442 for the weakest of teams, Cardiff still stayed comfortably in the division, scored a good number of goals, but conceded too many. However, using the 4141 for Cardiff saw a very solid 8th place finish and a nice positive goal difference and only 10 league defeats, a strong improvement over the 442. I would recommend the 442 for teams predicted to finish 12th or above. The 4141 for teams 13th and below. (Using Premier League as an example). It becomes tricky to judge this in lower leagues, especially when you’ve been promoted. I’ve often won the league when predicted to finish bottom at 1000-1 odds. My advice is to move to the 442 as soon as you can get away with it. If in doubt, start the season with the 4141 and if you find you are challenging for top 6 move to the 442. Patterns of Play (442) I would say the play is ‘mixed’ with a 65/35% split between Central and Wide play. With 2 Strikers Counter Attacking is an option with approximately 25% of goals coming via this route. You will see some high shot tallies, 30 or 40+ fairly often. Often 50% of these might be long shots for various reasons namely tendencies in the Match Engine, Direct Free kicks and our focus on central play. Its all good, 20 long shots out of 40 still leaves 20 shots from inside the penalty area. Long shots themselves are effective, deflections can lead to goals and corners. The basic premise is just to build up pressure, pepper the goal with shots, get lots of corners and attacking throw in’s and just pin opponents in their own penalty area. Mixing and Matching Whilst I tend not to do this much, situationally I will do so. Perhaps to break a poor run of form, if I’m 3 nil up at half time with the 4141 I might switch to the 442 to turn the screw, i might switch to the 4141 for a tricky away Champions League tie etc. You can use your judgement of course. But generally, one formation or the other will be optimal for your team at a given time and I’d need a compelling reason to change from it. Beyond that, have fun, feedback welcome! My approach to training is here; No OI’s Left Back to take left corners and thrown ins Right Back to take right corners and thrown ins Rosler 442 19.3.fmf Rosler 451 19.3.fmf
  7. Although it's working well enough as is, there will likely be an update for 19.3, discovered a few things whilst working on the 442 which will likely translate well to the 4141.
  8. Having seen the beta versions of 19.3 i was a bit worried, but this version looks excellent so far. Some good movement, nice first touches, good through balls with the ball being zipped about quite nicely. Set pieces remain strong, but they are in real life. Processing between matches seems quicker which is always welcome. Looking forward to a massive save until FM20!
  9. Greetings, The Winter Update has landed and with it version 19.3 of the Match Engine. I fired up a Stockport save, plugged in the tactic and holidayed a season to see how the ME changes effected the tactic. No drama's here, some possible fine tuning along the line but looks like we're good to go
  10. Since I posted on Sunday praising the beta, the game has had a couple of updates which seems to have taken the game backwards. Not seeing the improved first touches evident there anymore or the first time finishes. Much fewer goals from open play further emphasing a reliance on set piece goals, pretty boring matches to watch at the moment. Strikers seem to very easily get on a run of not scoring, lose confidence and then miss those good chances they do get and this can spiral downwards. The excessive red cards seem to have been toned down which is good. Tired, fatigued players perform noticably poorly in matches, this is long overdue, well done for that. It looks like your soak tests on previous versions indicated too many goals, so you neutered finishing and creative elements in the ME to get 'real life' goal statistics, sucking the life out of the game in the process. Too many set piece goals = nerfed attacking play to hit 'real life' goalscoring stats = boring game. If you can't fix set pieces this year, better to allow more goals and some fun rather than trying to hit arbitrary real life statistics.
  11. Playing with tight marking, hard tackling and heavy closing down appears to be longer viable. 10 Red Cards in 25 Games. Previously this was possible on Balanced mentality and below, the higher mentalities have always had issues with this approach. Now its a problem regardless of mentality. Not a criticism, just an observation. Removing hard tackling and tight marking didn't impact performance too much, extreme closing down still works well even without the other 2 instructions.
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