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    I dont play games, I play FM exclusively and have done for 15 years.

    I support Manchester City but usually pick a team in Skrill North or South and give myself 20 season to win the English Premier League.

    I enjoy creating, testing and releasing tactics. All I ask for is a stable ME...... from day 1 ideally !!

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    I ain't new to this. Ain't never been new to this.


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    Football & Golf

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  1. Yes, a retrained Centre midfielder is good. Vision and passing are key, should rack up double figure assists from open play. They do need to be fairly mobile, a fat bloke who's a good passer wont really cut it
  2. Crikey.... the cut off for 'old people' is 30 years now..... that ship sailed long ago!
  3. All the '60,000' users proves is there is a massive appetite for a Football Management game, and currently there is only 1 game in town. I'm one of the 60,000, doesn't mean i love this version of the game, it just means i don't have any choice other than to stop playing (which is not a choice!).
  4. And therein likely lies the problem. I suspect many of the ME issues we face come from trying to get ‘the stats to match’, most significantly the average goals per game which seems to be the primary focus with everything working back from there. Sure, it would be great for the stats to match up to real life, but not at the expense of a neutered match engine. As an entertainment product I’d rather they produced an entertaining Match Engine first and foremost with the focus of matching real life statistics as a secondary issue. As the moment it seems to work the other way round, trying to be realistic at all costs resulting in a sterile Match Experience. Putting the cart before the horse.
  5. Hi Adam, Yes, the only difference being the Complete Forward/support is more of an 'Attacking Midfielder' type of player i.e passing, vision, off the ball, technique. More of a supplier in this set up than an out & out goalscorer.
  6. I personally found the DLP doesnt work as well in this tactic, we need a disruptive force pushing aggressively forward otherwise our attack is blunted. Pressing forwards are good, and certainly an option as long as at least 1 is on attack duty. But i've found the complete forwards work better in a wider range of match situations. Having 3 centre backs gives us licence to have some freedom through the rest of the team. In fact, in order to spring out of our defensive shape effectively we need to encourage this. No issues myself using these roles in the lower leagues
  7. No, i just plug and play it and ride it out. It ain't pretty at times but its getting the job done for me.
  8. Half the battle is just sticking with a tactic through thick and thin on a pretty ugly match engine without tweaking or changing the mentality. Quick update on my own progress. Played the previous season half on the old tactic, half on the new tactic, made the play offs and lost, had a few doubts about the tactic but I did have a young, improving team which was no match for those teams which had come down from the Championship. This season was much better, pretty much topped the table from start to finish. Basically the same team but a year’s worth of development for my young players plus I picked up 2 highly rated midfielders although I didn’t get one of these until January. Having said that, it was no cake walk, pretty attritional football with not much in most games, but obviously we came out on top more often than not. (Not sure what other tactics are like). Good defensive record and a decent amount of goals scored spread across the team with my advanced Striker picking up his 20 goals despite missing a couple of months with injuries. Looking forward to establishing us in the Championship, desperately need a better support Striker, some central defenders as all my current ones are rated as League 2 and hopefully a new Left Back. Gonna be a busy transfer window! Staying in the Championship with the lowest wage budget looks like no problem.
  9. I personally don't mind players having the odd weekend off but you could schedule in a Practice Match or 2 or 3 of your preferred sessions onto one of the days. (i'd make sure they have 1 day off).
  10. Personally i just plug and play it, otherwise i'd be 2nd guessing myself all the time. The only thing i do is 'interrupt' a 2nd half come back. i.e. you're winning by 2 or 3 goals at half time but in the 2nd half your opponent scores and is all over you, i'll make a substitution. Although this is largely based on paranoia, the 'result' of the 2nd half is calculated at half time, you then view the highlights of this during the 2nd half. When i get the 6th sense that a comeback is on the cards, making a substitution causes the match calculation to happen again effectively re-calculating the result. Although its probably confirmation bias i can usually hold onto the win. I'll put my league 1 team up later, although most of them are league 2 rated i have a couple of gems who have made a real difference, 1 being Rushian Hepburn Murphy.
  11. Hi Luke, Thanks for the feedback, you're doing better than me! Been stuck in League 1 for a couple of seasons now, think my recruitment & scouting skills are a bit rusty having done academy saves the last few years, struggling to attract players who can improve the team. Got a run at the playoffs this season though. You will pick up yellows, i don't mind them its the Reds i dislike and i get very few of them. A suspension is an opportunity for a player to rest as far as i'm concerned, squad rotation is useful this year anyway so i manage it as i go along. When down to 10 men, if i'm winning or drawing i'll take a striker off and play with just the 1 up top, if losing i'll keep the Strikers and go to a back 2.
  12. Hi, With 3 centre backs in position my feeling was we could afford to have a more mobile role here, the DLP is bit static. It supports the general idea of being fairly compact when out of possession but throwing players forward quickly during transitions.
  13. Hi, I arrange friendlies for Saturdays in pre-season mainly, with a couple mid-week. Last year i would use Saturdays exclusively and use under 18 & under 23 matches to get everyone fit in preseason, but they made a mess of setting availability for 1st team players for u18's and u23's this year so its a bit of a faff, hence the couple of extra mid-week friendlies. Familiarity should not be an issue, but given the state of this years game who knows
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