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  1. cheers for the reply. corners seem to work well though
  2. @Totalfootballfan do you get many goals from throw ins?
  3. Seconded. The club i want to manage is at Level 10 so i would be more than happy with this version. Only if its ready though of course.
  4. @wicksyFM Nice job on the tactic, i cant find the article on that website which talks about scoring on the roles. Are you able to post the link please mate?
  5. Had a run on this on FMT. Adjusted the defending free kicks a bit and also noticed that if you defend wider your goals conceded from crosses goes down, as i found these were the main causes of conceding. Long balls are still a problem but found lowering LOE and DL helped. I still managed top 6 finishes with unfancied teams and got promotion through play offs, so cant complain too much really! Thanks for sharing this, great work.
  6. @knap, what is your best double DM system please? I need one for a major underdog!!
  7. Thanks Freddie, Is this likely to be fixed for full release?
  8. Uploaded. File is called 'Haringey'. 1st team has 8 games in each of the 1st 3 months of the season. Just seems very excessive!
  9. Noticed this as well, except i have a lot of games on Mondays which is odd. It might be because of the Qatar WC but i dont see why the Lower leagues would be affected, unless the schedule of the FA cup is effected as well, My players are knackered!!
  10. This is intense stuff! The latest spreadsheet is really good and how attributes work together is something that i hadn't really thought about in depth until now.
  11. I saw that a re-incarnation of Ancona FC is way down the pyramid so would love to have a go at that. The 2 lower league Dbs i tried last year had bugs where the youth team leagues were not scheduled so fingers crossed for this year.
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