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  1. Hi @knap have you done a flat 451 with 2x volantes? Just interested to see how that would do.
  2. How come Fabinho has a ridiculous amount of goals for a DM? Set pieces?
  3. No thats cool. Its just i have a really good AMC so wondered if it was a 4-4-1-1. Looking forward it seeing the new one!
  4. Hi @Seb Wassellthanks for the feedback. I have noticed that we have picked up a few injuries in training so looking where i can take a few out to add rest sessions in. If you have any suggestions they wold be most welcome!
  5. Thanks, been toying around with the 2 matches in a week schedule and will post about these soon. I have seen the average training rating go up over time. So far so good!
  6. I have spent a while looking at training for FM19. Seeing what other people are doing and reading guides. If you are like me and want to get your team training to reflect your playing style, it can be quite daunting when you see how many sessions that are available and what to pick that will help your team play how you want it. I decided to break it down and see what the schedules the developers have set up, take different elements from it and create my own. Here is my base tactic: The way i play is mainly based on Controlling Possession. There is an element of Tiki Taka and also Gegenpress. I do encourage my team to play wide as well. So what i am thinking is when i look at the developers schedules for these different styles there will be some crossover between them. As you can see between the styles there is a cross over with a lot of them. I counted up how many each session appeared between the 5 pre-set schedules and highlighted the following for a 1 match week and 2 match week. So the challenge now is to put these into a 1 match schedule and 2 match schedule, alongside some other sessions that appeared a few times in the analysis. 1 Match Schedule So here i have used Physical, Defending Engaged, Attacking Patient, Transition Press from the analysis. These are the sessions that i think will benefit my style of play the most from the ones highlighted. I am going to go with some other ones that were no highlighted as much, but i think these will help aspects of my system which are Defending Wide, Attacking Wings, and Chance Conversion. To help balance it out, i have also included a Goalkeeping session which my keepers will get individual attention, plus Delivery as i am have devised some good set pieces and i want some attention paid to this as well. On Fridays, i have dedicated the day to match preparation with shape training and the match preview, plus match review the day after. I have read from a few sources that it help things like team cohesion and tactical familiarity. To ensure that i have balanced the workloads between the defensive units i have drawn up another spreadsheet to show how the sessions are split so each unit has a good amount of focus. I used the sessions to see the percentage points and scored them from 1-100. As you can see the split between Attack and Defence focus is equal, the goal keepers arent too far behind. I will see how this performs in 3 months time and report how training has gone. I have taken over Crewe in the National League after they got relegated so i have a few unhappy players which is not helping training happiness as morale is low in most of my influential players. 6 games into the season i am top with 5 wins and a draw so things are not too bad right now so hopefully they will will see the light and put on happy faces!! I am going to look at a 2 match week next with the same rationale, maybe with some changes to reflect the heavier workload. Please note, this is as yet untested as i have spent a few hours today thinking this through and if anyone wants to test this out feel free. I am by no means an expert and i have tried to use a process of elimination and common sense to the schedules i am creating. Any comments or feedback would be very welcome especially from @cleon or @Rashidi whose guide has helped me understand the new training aspect of the game.
  7. I have noticed that the team that gets relegated from League 2 in the 2018/19 season gets entered into the Scottish Challenge Cup? Bit odd! I dont have a save game before it happened but heres a screen shot of the comps i am in plus the 2nd round draw that has Crewe and Tranmere.
  8. Off topic, but what database did you use for your Brazil save please?
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