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  1. @JarheadFMAfter much deliberation i gave this a go, and won the league and cup double with my first club as non of the higher rep clubs wanted to hire me. Losers!! I gather this would count as completing stages 1 and 2?
  2. Sorry might be being blind but cant find this tactic, have you posted it yet?
  3. Thats great thank you very much. Would this be ok with all leagues loaded do you think? Sorry for all the questions!
  4. @kevhamsteri have a macbook pro and it really struggles with the 3d match engine and running a lot of leagues. I have read you can buy an external graphics card for my Macbook. Is this something you have come across before or is it worth paying £500-600 for a dedicated FM laptop? Any advice welcome cheers!
  5. Hi @knap, where can i find the ME Thiago tactic you mentioned as i couldnt see it on the google doc?
  6. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced a crash just before a match with this database? If so how did you cure it? Usual stuff like verify game files?
  7. @Totalfootballfan do you get many goals from throw ins?
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