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  1. under review

    @Madness212 i think it is youth level. mine is currently 4 but i am upgrading to 3 next season and see if it makes a difference. It would be nice to get an update from Si rather than the issue being ignored.
  2. under review

    @Olly Kenney this has happened now for the 2nd season in a row. I take it from your lack of response you dont know whats causing it?
  3. under review

    Any news?
  4. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! i am trying out something similar and re training ppms on the DLP and AP roles. What ppms would you recommend for any other roles in the system? wingbacks get forward more and hug line i would think, IF's move into channels and cut inside at a guess. If you could advise any more i would be grateful! Cheers
  5. I need to finish in the promotion places first! Hopefully if i do things will work out. I will be savage if not!
  6. i am worried this will happen with my save. I am Dulwich Hamlet and i have had a new stadium built already which is at maximum capacity already. Never seen 2 new stadiums built for 1 club before in the game so i am concerned all my work will be for nothing!
  7. under review

    Any news on this?
  8. under review

    I have had to move stadiums in the game so i wonder if this could be why? I have moved previously but i cant remember having this issue.
  9. I am in pre season and my board insisted on participation in the under 18s league. I continue past this and the games for the u18s league arent scheduled. I have uploaded on the ftp, if you could investigate i would be grateful. Cheers
  10. It helps to understand how shape influences roles and duties and dispells a few myths around it. Great work on the thread by the way @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!
  11. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! where did you get the spreadsheet from? its got me intrigued!! The numbers on your formation tell me that your CMA and Poacher are 15 and 17 and are on the left side of your formation, and the other midfielders and WBS are 10s and 11s. I assume this is to encourage link up play between the CMA and Poacher?
  12. I have used it with an LLM side and once i got the right players for it, i had some great results. I used the wingers on support rather than attack and we were pretty solid. Did struggle against a 4-2-3-1 though, so had to change to wingbacks for that.
  13. Uploaded as DW Press Conference Error. Its at the exact point the question is asked. Also i got asked about AFC Wimbledons promotion chances and they are already promoted as well.
  14. ok, at work atm but will do later
  15. Hi. I was asked in a press conference about my chances of promotion after i have actually got promoted?