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  1. Thanks Ben, it seems when you click on view club next to his name at the top of screen you view the club as if you arent managing it? This save game was started before the latest hotfix as well would this have something to do with it?
  2. I have loaded up a game on the served named AAchen Transferbid, where a club has bidded for a player that does not appear in my squad? I have looked everywhere for him but no where to be seen. When i go on the development tab for the player there is no option to move him to the senior or under 19s squad. Can you please check this out to see if it is a bug or if i am blind!?
  3. @knap, what is your best double DM system please? I need one for a major underdog!!
  4. Thanks Freddie, Is this likely to be fixed for full release?
  5. Uploaded. File is called 'Haringey'. 1st team has 8 games in each of the 1st 3 months of the season. Just seems very excessive!
  6. Noticed this as well, except i have a lot of games on Mondays which is odd. It might be because of the Qatar WC but i dont see why the Lower leagues would be affected, unless the schedule of the FA cup is effected as well, My players are knackered!!
  7. This is intense stuff! The latest spreadsheet is really good and how attributes work together is something that i hadn't really thought about in depth until now.
  8. I saw that a re-incarnation of Ancona FC is way down the pyramid so would love to have a go at that. The 2 lower league Dbs i tried last year had bugs where the youth team leagues were not scheduled so fingers crossed for this year.
  9. Ah ok, still getting used to the new game!
  10. Cool. I was looking at them for the Dafuge and saw that they didnt have any 'U' sides at the beginning so just interested thats all. Been reloading trying to get Corinthian Casuals to come up but no joy so far!
  11. Do you not have an under 18s? Just curious as i am involved with a club who are in the same league as their reserves and they do have a full academy set up. Maybe this needs to be reported to SI as a bug? Their set up is similar to Kings Lynn whos reserves play in the same division. In the game KL have an under 23s and under 18s.
  12. Summary: I go into a pre match Tunnel interview and it asks me a questions as if i am the Telford Manager (my opposition) Description of Issue: I am Gateshead but asks how i will cope with Gatesheads style of play Steps to Reproduce: Go into the next game and it will take you straight into the interview. I have reproduced it 2 times with the same outcome. Game is uploaded onto the cloud Server - Matthew Hagon - Gateshead
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