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  1. Off topic, but what database did you use for your Brazil save please?
  2. @Mr U Rosler, do you replicate this into the youth team schedules or just let the youth team manager deal with it?
  3. @knap is dribbling or crossing more important for the receiver in your opinion?@
  4. More than happy to test this for you mate
  5. @Mrt90, i would like to start a save with Brasilia FC but they do not play in any state competitions and i have holidayed 2 seasons and had 1 friendly in that time! Is this something i can fix in the editor or a bug that others have experienced?
  6. I have a few with Dulwich Halmet in friendlies but not tested properly with a big team.
  7. @knap which version of this tactic are these screenshot from? Also. I am trying a strikerless version of this one, would you like to try it out?
  8. I would like to join your server on Discord please @knap?
  9. So not the one in the OP? Where is the link for the test file?
  10. Hi @Dan BHTFC, great job on the database mate. I noticed a couple of things in the Anglian Combination. The Sterry Cup is what you get if you win the Anglian Comb Premier Division. The cup with the Prem and Div 1 teams in, is called the Mummery Cup. I am changing it myself in the editor so no bother, just something for future reference.
  11. Great work @danbhtfc Does that include county cups such as Norfolk Senior Cup?