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  1. Going to apply the changes to v2 and see how I get on, its a goal machine in the pre-season anyway
  2. Think i might try the regista version instead of the 343 as most of the good wingers are waaay out of my price range or are mad for money! Just played PSG in a friendly and we hockeyed them 5 nil
  3. Dont recall seeing a regista version!?
  4. Ended up 2nd to Chelsea in the Premier league. Utd fell away somewhat towards the end as did we as we lost our second last game and our last as we needed to beat Chelsea at home to win the league. In the month of January i switched to the momox tactic and then back to yours to finish the league out. It solved our bad run of form. Going to be interested to try the 343if for the next season.
  5. They are dominant in my game but have beaten them a few times both home and away. City and Chelsea are tough to beat.
  6. Going to start next season with the 343 - hard to find quality out and out strikers though that want to play for Blackburn even though our facilities are top notch and have a growing rep.
  7. Any update on how the 343 is going? I've had to stick with the 352 as it was pretty hard to find any wingers that wanted to play with the team
  8. You know when the scout comes to you about the next opposition, do you follow their advice for match preparation, such as def positioning, att movement, att set pieces etc?
  9. Tactic looks good. Good instructions too. Must give it a try. What do you for training? Do you use your scouts advice on the match prep?
  10. Sadly despite a great start to the season, we've been throwing away points and our performances have become quite boring with the players not receiving that many good ratings despite our lofty top half position. Dont know whether its the match engine or what the hell is going on. Maybe its the players themselves, I'm not quite sure, as I thought this was going to be our season!
  11. How are you doing Mr Rosler? Season so far is going well with the 3 - 5 - 2! We've only lost two matches across all competitions since the start of the season and we're into december. Sitting 3rd in Premier League and top of our europa league group
  12. Ended up finishing sixth which in the grand scheme of things I'm not too unhappy about. Other teams had games in hand on me so that came in to play. The new 352 was a lot better defensively with combined with half of the season with 4231 created a new record at the club of 15 clean sheets. Ended up with a few draws too which were never really there under the 4231 and hey 1 point is better than none, am I right? And we managed to beat Utd twice (once in the league and once in the semi final of the FA Cup) speaking of FA Cup - won that for the first time since 1928. Already planning for next season. The 4231 definitely plays a bit more sexier football but look the 352 gets the results and thats the basis of Sam Allardyces long ball career. It gets his teams results. There have been one or two outstanding victories with the 352 and some absolutely amazing goals.
  13. I'm doing quite well with the 4231 but I'm interested to see how this will turn out. I'm facing into Feb in 5th place with a match against the league leaders and champions Utd, so will see how that goes. Played City a few matches ago and they were barely able to beat us, 1-0 due to a flukey goal.