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  1. Hey Mr U Rosler - glad to see you are still actively playing! I've been bitten by the FM Bug again. Just wondering if you still think this tactic will work in the new ME update or would it be worth going with your latest 442 tactic?
  2. Finally got past the top three teams and out down a marker for the Premier League title, even though I had won it previously it was won this time on merit and not by other results going my way. I did sacrifice some cup campaigns, but I was just after completing a three in a row Champions League run. And now I've become the new Wenger and havent spent any money bar one or two young lads for the future.
  3. Without doubt the Premiership is the hardest. I havent tried any of the other top leagues
  4. Managed to get the squad down to a respectable number and filled it with some young signings as while we get one or two half decent regens, we've not had a top one for a few years (this is 2025) so I'm hoping a good mix of teenagers/young twenties will win the title. I got away with not winning it last season winning the champions league. The players that were previously unhappy has signed a new contract and has improved morale. To be truthful nobody met my expectations of their value to let them leave. I'm lucky to have the best keeper in the game and he's only 23!
  5. Added this for the last two games, and won the FA Cup Final 2-0 against Utd and ended up beating Barca 4-0 in the Champions League to retain the trophy. Disappointing finish to the league though finishing 6th.
  6. how do you deal with injuries on such a small squad, bring in youngsters. I might have a look at their team status so, that makes sense.
  7. Seems like a similar season to me. I struggled to keep morale high in the team despite having a good winning run, but the amount of draws killed our chances in the first half of the season. I made Carabao Cup final and lost to Utd who I'm also facing in the FA Cup final and I'm in the Champions Cup final for the second year in a row facing a strong Barca side. I've three matches in the league left but I'm currently 5th (when the board wanted me to win the league ) Hopefully next season with the tactic with a season of bedding in will see an improvement. One thing, there is one or
  8. Morale is high and my u18's using the same tactic are flying high. Even with morale high, and even though we are now a big club, the likes of the bigger still clubs like Barca, R.Madrid & At. madrid are hounding my best players
  9. Not going great for me with the 442, its November and I've had 7 draws in the league already (had only 7 in the whole of the season last season with the 3322) Have only had 2 losses so far, but the dropping of points with draws is killing me in the race for the title
  10. Have you come against any very good teams yet? I agree with the conceding, its still early days though for me. See how it goes through the whole season, I'll have a better picture. If only I could get paid for playing
  11. Played two games last night with this against Chelsea in the Euro Super Cup and won 3-0 and played a strong Liverpool side in the opening game away and won 2-0. Funny thing is with all the other tactics I've won all my friendlies, but this one, is the first time I've lost and lost against Huddersfield. All the other friendlies were won well however.
  12. Just about to start a new season - can you share the 442? I'd like to see how I could get on? On the subject of draws, I won 25, drew 7 and lost 6 in the league. Our quarter and semi-final in the champions league ended up in agg draws. I think thats a pretty good run of matches
  13. A fantastic tactic - had my best ever season. It was the 150th year anniversary for Rovers and we held onto the Carabao Cup, finished 3rd behind both very good City (1st) & Utd (2nd) sides. We didnt win our games in hand but did manage to beat them, could have won had we've been a bit more consistent. Knocked out of FA Cup Semi final by a goal but ended up winning the Champions League by a goal against Juventus. Star Striker scored 42 goals and broke man of the match record at the club with 11 awards. WBL broke the assists record with 16. GK had 23 clean sheets Uwe Rosler
  14. I dont tend to score a lot with the new incarnation of the tactic. My form dropped off the face of a cliff towards the end of last season, finished third above my expectation of 6th despite being 1st/2nd for most of the league. Lost in Semi final of Euro Cup after being knocked out of group stages of Champions League. Lost in FA Cup Final but did win the Carabao Cup. Couldnt seem to win our games in hand which killed our hopes of landing the top prize. How do people find it on counter attack instead of control?
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