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  1. I wouldn't say that's necessary. I'm currently on a 16 match win streak in the league having conceded only 4 goals and scored 70
  2. Franky - I think this is better than the destroyer tactic! I've just beaten a mid-table team in the league 12-1 away from home with my substitute DLF scoring a double hattrick and my AF (only because he's a poor CF) scored 4!!
  3. Franky - I see you have made some changes to Hustler 1.2c - can the same changes be made with the destroyer tactic or would it not work?
  4. And sometimes you lose to inferior opposition and bitter rivals despite the stats
  5. Just gone 37 games unbeaten in the league stretching back to last season. Some way off my record of 87 games unbeaten though
  6. I don't know lads, I don't think there's been much of a difference. My only downfall was selling some of my aging players to make way for younger players. Got severely punished in the CL as a result.
  7. Noticed no difference Franky, had two matches against CL opposition against Olympic Lyon and Chelsea, have OL a good run for their money away and lost 1 nil and lost 4 nil at home to Chelsea even though we played well. Much like the Italians in the rugby last week, if i had better players it wouldn't have been such a landslide.
  8. Social Feed

    It's kind of pointless to be honest when there is a news feed already, I've missed out on players because I wasnt notified in my inbox that a player on my shortlist was attracting transfer offers. Most of the responses are rubbish too.
  9. The changes you list here make the destroyer tactic, the ultimate destroyer! I've yet to test the tactic against stronger champions league opposition but I'm absolutely killing it in terms of goals scored and games won in the domestic league
  10. Europe will be the big test for me too with regards the changes but it's made a difference i reckon
  11. Used mostly youth team in a cup final and won 2-1 with the above changes.
  12. I think you should rename the tactic "Frustration" as i just frustrated the hell out of a Bayern team I was expected to lose heavily to! Ended up winning 2 -0 in our first knockout round match in CL at home!
  13. Do I need to play my right wing backs on the left and vice versa to make this work? Dont think I'd get 8/10 suitability from the players if thats the case.
  14. Whats the modification or does it require further testing?