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  1. Yeah I was thinking that alright, I'll have another look, thanks mate
  2. Have some good players in the IF position that I'm going to find a home for as strikers, but then I'll have loads of strikers. I know its only a game but I do have some loyalty to those players. Its a funny old game.
  3. Time to watch the real life team now.
  4. Hallelujah! The tactic is fantastic in the lower leagues no doubt, but I finished my second season in 8th but did manage to get to the final of the FA Cup. I cant wait to test out the new one as I'm about to start a new season.
  5. Oh I'm definitely staying out of trouble. Need to improve the status of the club though as not attracting the better players
  6. Feck I'll have to wield the axe hammer so Should I turn off the offside trap like a previous poster suggested, I'm third in the table for goals conceded. (something like 42 and its only half way point)
  7. Does it apply to kids with a high potential ability? I find if you play them, it increases their current ability.
  8. You will certainly find it tougher without that extra bit of experience
  9. Yeah I hear you about the time
  10. League of Ireland. At the time I brought Limerick from the first division to the premier league and eventually winning the champions league. You can easily become the best team in Ireland due to the ridiculous amount of money handed out for qualifying for the group stages in the CL.
  11. I've given the DoF the responsibility of signing good youth prospects but all the ones he brings to my attention are rubbish, and he's got good JA/JP attributes. Think I'll end up getting someone cheaper and have them negotiate the contracts for me.
  12. Yep its an interesting challenge to have a team full of your academy players winning the league. Have you ever tried poaching players that arrive on that day at other clubs? If you want a challenge - takeover a LOI club and win the CL with them. Did it once before in FM12 (I'm beginning to sound like myself irl when I go on about Rovers winning the PL in 95)
  13. Did you just get your academy and youth facilities to the highest level? And your youth recruitment?
  14. Managed to play 3 games last night of my second season. Drew 1-1 with recently promoted Villa in my first game (away), and then shock of the season, beat the all conquering Manchester United from last season 2-1 at home, even though they had us overrun, and all of their shots were going wide or straight to my keeper. Played Fleetwood away in the league cup and beat them 5-1. Hoping our season continues to be as good as these games.