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  1. Hopefully it will come for Project Xcloud or goes on GEforce now. Given up on Stadia. Dont want a big PC, or a laptop. Only other option for me is something like a deskmini with a Ryzen APU. Will wait to see how the 5600g/5700g review. They will crush the processing and still offer the 3d match engine at medium settings with their on board graphics. Could be a great option for me.
  2. I suspect the problem lies more with Stadia than SI. Same issues with Madden & FIFA. Radio silence. SI could be contractually bound to stay silent. Whilst STADIA is technically good, they seem to be hamstrung by the fact that considerable development work is required for a game to work on Stadia (unlike GEForce now), this is compounded by atrocious communications. I suspect its coming, and coming soon. Time will tell.
  3. I've seen the loan player out promise hard coded into a contract offer many times. In fact every time it appears it cannot be removed in my save. Invariably i try to loan him out and there are no takers and he will come to me later and call me liar to my face, in the absence of the ability to punch him in the face, i was immediately giving them a free transfer, can't be dealing with cocky teenagers. However, i've since learn't that as long as you offer them out 4 or 5 times each window they acknowledge you've been trying and don't kick off.
  4. Lots of examples of players who look like great prospects when young but never push on. Robinho was labelled the next Pele, David Bentley, Phil Jones even Grant Hanley to name a few off the top of my head. In FM terms, these would be players who were fully formed by 18 years old, hitting their PA cap early with people understandably thinking if they are that good at that young age they will be great by there mid twenties. The exception being Robinho, who in FM terms would have a high PA, but a low ambition stat meaning he would be unlikely to get there. Static PA makes
  5. Stress and then the subsequent release of stress through achievement 'in game' is a key hook in ultimately enjoying gaming. In FM, thinking about my long term objectives keeps me on an even keel. 5 seasons from now my current losing streak will be meaningless. There are limits however, I no longer play demanding 'twitch' based games (Sekiro), as that stress is both mental and physical (heart rate, adrenaline etc) which i find inappropriate for what is supposed to be a pleasurable past time. FM and anything 'turn based' is where i'm at.
  6. I've been getting a lot of unambitious personalitys and despite continual mentoring havent been able to change any of them to a different personality yet. Having said that, if you persist in giving them a lot of game time they can still develop 10-15 points a season.
  7. Thanks for the update. I’m now 26 games into my League 1 campaign, no Red Cards so far, but of course lots of fouls & yellows as we are breaking up play. I’m in danger of getting promoted to the Championship, as I’m playing an Academy Challenge I know I won’t be ready to stay up in the Championship for another couple of seasons at least, and that is with my next 2 youth intakes being good. Tempted to sabotage my season to ensure we don’t go up, but that would be against the spirit of the game so I’ll do my best to get up and live with the consequences which runs the risk of me g
  8. It would normally need a preseason to bed in the tactic, but you started well so that can't be the issue. Beyond that, it's about keeping morale high when you're winning without drifting into complacency. Stick with it, it should come good in the end.
  9. I wasn't referring to star ratings, just raw PA (potential ability). This is an absolute number and has nothing to do with the quality of your team.
  10. I pretty much do exclusive Youth Academy challenges and have done for years so I have some experience of this. In nearly all saves I get the year 1, stellar intake, with no investment in facilities anomaly. Always struck me as odd. In my FM21 save i didn't (and I was pleased) . The biggest influence on the quality of the youth intake, in my opinion, is simply the Division you are in. This is obviously tied to many things, not least reputation and NATION RATING. This year i've had back to back promotions from the National League to League 1, with no investment in facilities or coachin
  11. Anyone in the DM position doesn't stand a chance. 6.1, 6.2 ratings routinely. Getting no credit for tackles and headers. Disappointing, needs a hot fix as a priority.
  12. Post patch I would say the game has become slightly more difficult. I've now been on the end of some horrific comebacks, lost some 3 goal leads on the back of Half Time AI team talks which results in them becoming an unstoppable force in the 2nd half which no amount of tactical tweaking can seem to stop. However, The game could easily be made a nightmare, so careful what we wish for i guess, 4 simple steps below could result in a much more difficult game. Make the finances much more restrictive (realistic), lower wage budget, transfer budget etc. Lower amount of pla
  13. That's what happens when a proper manager takes charge, rather than the fella who used to put the cones in and out for Pep
  14. Rather than clamouring for the 'click to win' Beta ME, people should be more concerned with the potentially game breaking Newgen Bug, right under everyone's noses.
  15. Are you on FM21? (this was for FM20) Tactics aside, its about managing morale once you are in a slump, getting that 1st win will be enough to set you back on your way usually. I just back right off, go for low pressure team talks, 'we're underdogs, nobody expects a result, go and play without pressure' etc. the exception being when you have a winnable home game when i revert to 'its time to turn around our slump'. If the games are coming thick and fast, make sure you keep rotating 1 or 2 players as they will get fatigued. If you call or get called to a team meeting, go for
  16. In a similar boat. I don't have the patience to wait for my laptop to churn between games, not buying a gaming laptop, they are overpriced junk. Stadia would be the ideal option. Geforce now would be good. I would even subscribe to Shadow Tech but they have a 6 month waiting list. I was hoping to never buy another console or PC and hop aboard the streaming train, but it's very fragmented with no one service offering enough by itself.
  17. I feel the defensive record is good and doesn't need tweaking. Cover duty will mess up the offside trap. The only change I considered was changing the central CB, to Stopper, but again I couldn't see an issue so I left it.
  18. I just plug and play it at the moment. Having said that, i've been on the wrong end of a few comebacks, i'd drop the AMC down to DMC when protecting a lead. i leave it as it is when chasing, we score a lot of goals as it is, any tweaks i've tried made it worse.
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