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  1. far from it. Im Belper in VNNorth and i have this player on loan from Atherton Collieries. so you can imagine ability. But also, consider opposition keeper is also of poor ability. So out of position opening the option of lob.
  2. here you go, mate fbea2df94f956bffb422be245ba0c592.mp4
  3. got yourself a strange one there. might me worth raising a report in the bug section.
  4. vara


    In addition to another post i saw regarding online play that @Ruberker made, which were absolutely spot on. I'd also like to request a couple things. Remove the Force Continue Idle timer and bring back the old force continue timer, where a host could select what % of players needs to continue before a timer starts. IE. 4 players, when 75% have continued a 1min timer starts. The current force timers/stop timers are pretty useless and I struggle to understand how they were considered a better option than the old way. Also to bring back the 'server' type system, so if I as host arent going to be online for a session i can run the server and the others can join and continue, without having to co-ordinate it so that I can holiday. Currently if I load the save early, i would have to wait for a member to join so i can holiday, or the game would progress without everyone. Thanks
  5. Torquay has no youth recruitment. he'll need to ask the board to upgrade it. costs about 80k from memory Torquay-
  6. Hi mate one of the mods will likely move this over to the Tactics section for you, there are plenty of members over there with a wealth of knowledge to help you out.
  7. While i agree there are some issues, as XaW states they can be sufficiently overcome without too much time consumption and frustration. Aside from DFKs, which there isnt much you can do about those flying in the top corner (other than trying not to concede FKs in the first place). Since making a set of defensive set piece tactics for corners and IFKs, i've noticed a drop in the goals conceded a decent amount. But, that is only part of the picture, conceding the goals is one thing, what i found across a few saves was the amount of set piece match highlights being shown were considerably less. Which makes it even more worth while doing as to me, it means we're dealing with them well and it doesn't warrant a highlight. EG. from my last match, the opponent had 9 corners. Only 1 of those was a 'completed cross' but it did not turn into any form of registered shot. I'm playing as Belper and the quality of player is as you would expect, below average. But even the smallest amount of focus on a few areas will make a difference. In my last 50 league matches, i've conceded 4 corners and 5 free kicks (DFK/IFK)
  8. agreed the u23 and B team does clash/overlap somewhat. However, how many levels of Portugal do you have loaded? the B team does play in a competitive competition if you have the leagues loaded, which will provide them far better development than in the u23 league. of course its a good place for your fringe first team players to maintain some fitness and development as per usual, regardless of age.
  9. i'm using counter systems more often than not. most recent success. only conceded 16 goals in the league, using 4141 (or 41221)
  10. evening all. slowly getting some aussies and kiwis on board, 5 of us also with a network game on the go at the moment which has been brilliant. recently setup a discord channel too, which offers a far better communication tool and interactivity compared to steam. invite codes regularly change so send me a message for an invite. cheers
  11. which version did it change to using steam friends though? as used to have to click 'run as server' in preferences
  12. i dont have 18 installed anymore to check it. can you post a screenshot of the online preferences page?
  13. i don't know and its not written anywhere easy to find, so i would assume like you have, to wait for the new season.
  14. go to the menu > detail level you'll come to this screen where you can adjust what results you want to see
  15. You should have no issues. The game uses Steam to matchmake network games so if you're friends on steam then seeing/connecting should be fine.
  16. vara


    can confirm handballs are in this version. can recall 3. one of which led to a pen for me and a red card for them. ive put the screenshot in a thread somewhere on this forum, will try find. but, they are few and far between.
  17. yep so set your name/pw and who you want to allow access too. so friends or anyone will be fine, you'll have it password protected anyway. you will have to have the game loaded on your end for your friend to see the game, obviously. if you are both controlling a team, it will wait for you both to press continue before moving forward hours/days. a little icon will display in the 'continue' box to indicate how many people are left to press continue. in the 'game status' screen, it will list who is in and who is managing a team. so if you loaded the save, but didn't take control of your team, your friend could take control of his and continue processing through the season without you. similar if you were to stay in control but go on holiday and your friend didnt, he could continue playing as normal. there are other options in the preferences to set timers on continuing, once it's waiting for 1 person (or percentage of players) can also limit match details and the likes. but with just the 2 of you, you probably won't need that.
  18. nice finish, Llanelli far too good unfortunately, shows the step up required when you do get promoted. the club choice interested me so i had to research a little. fun logo
  19. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/FMAUSNZ You probably get the gist, FM group for Australia & New Zealand Newly created to encourage those downunder who are interested in playing online have a group with a frienly timezone. Whether you're looking to play online or just want to chat with other players more locally, we're here. Ranging from GMT+8(Perth), GMT+11(Melbourne/Sydney), GMT+13(Auckland) Looking for a few more members to start a scheduled online save. Currently via steam but once up and running will move to Discord. Drop by and say hi, get in touch for more info. Cheers
  20. Iceland, Norway, Czech, Albania, Switzerland. - Scandinavia in general is good. Albania been fun with good rules, easy to blend youth in and can get young foreigners with no restrictions.
  21. when you're starting a save and setting the database size (small, medium, large) there is also an 'add players' you'll be able to add players from specific nation and then choose whether you want all from that nation or just certain reputation etc.
  22. would have been probably FM15. multiplayer game with my bro. he got automatic promotion from League 2 with Stevenage i think. I had to settle for playoffs, iirc i was Cheltenham. Won 2-0 at Southend first leg of semi, lost 7-3 at home 2nd leg. yep.
  23. Good luck, mate. an unspectacular start for sure but it’s a long season. must replace Camp!!
  24. i've made defensive tactics for corners and fks, i wouldn't say they're great by any means, but in 30 league games we only conceded 3 goals from corners and 3 from fks. highlights of the opp from set pieces were definitely down, but the quality of league i'm in is quite low too so who knows exactly how effective they're being, if better players were involved. anyway, ive uploaded them for you. note: i also have defend setpiece training in my schedule. corners and freekicks alternating weekly a couple days before a game. If semi-pro, i alternate fortnightly. attached: cnrdef - defending corners far - attacking corners fk dr - direct FKs fk sdr - direct small chance of shot fk idd - indirect deep fk idw - indirect wide cnr def.fmf far.fmf fk dr.fmf fk idd.fmf fk idw.fmf fk sdr.fmf
  25. probably worth checking the thread attached to where you downloaded it from. i've not tested, but the English league expansions posted on this forum (in the editors hideaway) are generally well tested. https://community.sigames.com/forum/728-editors-hideaway-download-forum-fm20/
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