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  1. Oh no. Sorry to hear about your troubles mate. I imagine it must be tough for a lot of us. I'm not having it all that easy either but comparatively I'm actually much more fortunate compared to many others. I still have a job, I'm reasonably healthy (I think), so I guess I have much to be thankful for.
  2. 4 red cards. Blimey, I do have some anger issues.
  3. Not sure about the title, but intriguing start.
  4. So, football is back with the Bundesliga. Interesting experiment to see how it all pans out amidst a world-changing pandemic.
  5. Best Story Title of the Year. I'm calling it now.
  6. Ooh, Manager of the Month! Fancy
  7. Congrats mate. Who was the other name you put forward Mark? LOL.
  8. Here's a slightly more cheery topic we can discuss: What made you support the team you currently support? For me (not sure if I've told this tale before), I initially supported Arsenal for quite silly reasons. My first encounter with football was the France 98 World Cup. I remember such highlights as Dennis Bergkamp's goal vs Argentina, a young Thierry Henry being tipped as the 'next big thing to watch', and a certain Davor Suker of Croatia whose name I thought was funny (I was 11 years old) but who ended up as tournament top scorer. Following that, I had a copy of the Premier League sticker book, and Arsenal, being the first name in the book alphabetically, jumped out at me. So I literally picked the first team in the book as my favourite team. I only casually followed Arsenal at that time, until the summer of 1999 when Arsenal signed, yes, Davor Suker. It was then that I felt, you know what, it's meant to be. Thierry Henry signed shortly after and that pretty much sealed the deal for me. One of my most memorable first games I remember was that epic 3-2 turnaround at Chelsea where Kanu scored a hat-trick in the final 15 minutes. I literally jumped up and down on the sofa when that third goal went in during injury time.
  9. Hang in there mate. Get as much rest as you can.
  10. All the best Gav. Thank you for your work around here. Keep in touch mate.
  11. Take care guys. I'm still lucky enough to be employed and working from home so I'm comparatively more blessed than a lot of people. But likewise, if anyone wants to talk, we're all here.
  12. Votes sent and claimed. That's quite a long list of stories there...
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