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  1. Oh dear, I sent it to the wrong email address. What a doofus am I. Re-sent and re-claimed.
  2. It's funny how Brexit makes more sense in the game than in real life...
  3. Football Team Name of the Day: Electric City Shock Took me a while to get, but damn that's clever.
  4. Well done. This has been great. Really enjoyed reading this.
  5. Oh dearie me. Is there something in the water in Kansas City?
  6. This is great! Loved the summaries. Poor Klopp. Kicked out of Kansas. Hehe.
  7. Not sure if we have any New Zealanders on here, but today's events have just sickened me to the bone.
  8. BTW, while I naturally would gravitate towards Wenger in Washington, it's hard to look away from Klopp and his Kansas Kickers.
  9. Oh I love this! Geography-based football stories always fascinate me for some reason. Also, you have quite a fun and humorous writing style. I hope you stay for a while.
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