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  1. Motjeka Madisha has died. https://www.enca.com/sport/sundowns-defender-motjeka-madisha-dies-in-car-crash
  2. I’m also pausing my gameplay until this ones sorted because it’s game-ruining if you’re managing an international team where the league isn’t or cannot be loaded.
  3. Oh, damn. Is there any intention to ever make it playable? (Without leaderboard breaking additional files)
  4. I play hot seat multiplayer FM with my brother and friend. We all own FM individually and so obviously have our own Steam accounts, but okay it on my brothers computer when we play together When we play a long term game, the achievements of my friend and I aren’t reflected in the Steam Leaderboard - they just get tied to my brothers Steam account. When adding a new manager at the start, where we choose our social logins (Twitter and YouTube) maybe you could add Steam so that if I win the league, despite playing on my brothers computer where his Steam account is logged in, it would be
  5. Why can I add division 3 as active but am unable to add a manager below the two division 2 leagues?
  6. Planning on getting way into this. Not sure how I feel about realism regarding covid, but it’s about as predictable as Fabian Barthez at this point so who knows how to deal with it in a football management game.
  7. Sorry to gravedig but can anyone verify if this is still true of FM20? I'm trying to decide on a new processor and am trying to weigh up the age-old number cores vs core clock speed debate. Do I get the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X with 16 cores and only 3.5 Ghz speed, or the slightly cheaper AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT with only 12 cores and 3.8 Ghz speed? I've set aside a fairly large chunk of money so price doesn't come into play - I just want to know which will let me play FM20 (and future versions of the game) as fast as possible, with as many leagues as possible loaded. If FM20 only utilises
  8. 17 years later. Not sure why I decided to stick it smack-bang in the centre of my rear window, mind. Anyone else still got theirs?
  9. Sorted. Thank you very much. Not being able to change the individual training of youth players may outweigh my desire to play Targetmen in my Reserves/U20s though, so might revert.
  10. Okay. I have relinquished control of individual training for my Reserves and U20s. Now what? I can no go to Dev Centre > Reserves > Tactics but can't change anything, besides switching between my first team's tactic or my Reserves Manager's preferred 4-1-4-1 DM Wide tactic. Still no Targetman.
  11. Hello. I've been looking around the menus for this for absolutely ages now and simply cannot figure it out. I am managing Corinthians, who have a Reserves and U20s team. I play a 4-4-2 with the main team, where both strikers are Advanced Forwards. My Reserves and U20s also seem to play this same tactic. How can I change it so that the strikers in the Reserves and U20s are playing the Target Man role, rather than Advanced Forward? If I click on AF-At underneath the number 9, the menu shows but I cannot click on anything: I thought I'd cracked it by going to Re
  12. Another mate is Rangers so I’d rather not go there. Real Betis have already gone too so Barca/R Madrid are out the question too.
  13. My mate is making a save where he will create our group of friends as managers on the editor and follow our careers. We can pick our starting clubs. One mate has already chosen PSG. What are the most one-sided leagues in the game? So my manager can bank on getting a few league titles under his belt before inevitably moving on. Last time he did this on 19 I was Juventus. Was hoping for something a bit more obscure this time. Doesn’t have to be the top league in the country either. Thanks
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