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  1. Brexit has put a real dampener on my game. I'm Liverpool and have just won the Champions League yet had to resort to signing Joel Ward as backup fullback because I'd already gone past the 17 foreign player limit. Joel Ward!
  2. Sorry I should have said the Steam key you get from CDkeys is EU. So basically if you don't live in North America, South America, Africa, Asia or Australia, it will work for you. (I explain it like this because not everyone understands brexit lol UK is still in europe don't worry.)
  3. Can you confirm if a data update is being pushed on Tuesday? I don't want to start a new game on Sunday only to feel like I have to start another new one on Tuesday evening.
  4. Hello. I am in January 2019 on my game that I started in the BETA. Now the full game is out, is it worth starting again or is the database still the same? No point starting again if it's no different, but I worry there are bugs in the BETA that will spoil my game if I get really far in. I started it on day 1 of the BETA before any patches, afaik.
  5. CDKeys is listed as £27.99 and I think you can get 3% off by liking them on Facebook? Brings it to £27.15. Helluva bargain!
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1340474838&searchtext=REAL+WORLD+CUP Thank you.
  7. On a previous version of FM I remember downloading a saved game that had the correct world cup groups. Is it possible to do this on FM18? (Unless it was done by reloading millions of times to get them right!) Does anyone know where I could download a saved game that starts not long before the World Cup, with all the correct groups? Or is there a way I could do it myself with an editor?
  8. I let my board pick and they got me Philadelphia. Happy with that! had a choice of Philadelphia or Vessel in Japan. Hopefully I’ll get a Japanese one next and that’ll be Australia, USA and Japan. Where else is good for merchandise sales to generate lots of money?
  9. I've noticed there are a lot of different variations of 5-2-3 with wingbacks and three strikers. All of them seem relatively successful, but they also seem to concede a lot. I downloaded three popular ones just for screenshots: I play this formation (albeit with different roles) on my current save and have experienced great results, however defensively we are absolutely hopeless. I've played three seasons: first one I conceded 70, second I conceded 57 and third I conceded 69. Offensively we were impressive but I'd honestly rather win 1-0 than 6-2. Has anyone found a tactic anywhere that plays this formation, but is defensively sound? If so, please point me towards it so I can scour it for guidance. Thanks.
  10. With Fulham I’ve tried twice and failed twice in choosing my own feeder club. Board said no to INF Clairfontaine and then vetoed Guangzhou at the last minute. Any idea who I could get? (I have Leyton Orient & Perth Glory) I’d prefer another money one, ideally.
  11. You've gotta wait til the board trusts you more, might take a season or two and a trophy win, before you can ask for specifics.
  12. Back in the day my brother, my mate and I used to play a three player save on every version. I'd be Liverpool, my brother would be Arsenal and my mate would be United. Infact, we still do this! But one time, on CM03/04, something really special happened. My mate went the whole season as Man Utd only conceding 9 (NINE) goals. Sure he only scored 61, but he still won the league with 89 points. It was actually one of the very rare times ever were we got the top three. Thankfully I still have the screenshot to prove it: Now I know the game was very different back then, and for all I know there could have been some match engine problems that meant it was a little easier to defend, but nothing can take away from the fact that only conceding 9 in a whole season is incredible. I mean, look at the second best defensive record: 5th place Blackburn who conceded 27. That's three times as many goals! So here's the challenge for FM18 - can you replicate this amazing feat? Can you go a whole season and concede less than 10 goals? No editing, no cheating, no controlling every team you face - please be honest. I'm hoping as a community we can create a tactic that is defensively solid. To be honest I'm not too bothered if it's an all-conquering, 1-0 every game, league-winning title at this point. I just wanna know if repeating the 9 goal season can be done. So let's here your thoughts and see your tries. I plan on starting a game and setting everything up and saving it as a master file, then saving it with a different name to actually play the game, and then once I reach the dreaded 10 mark, delete that game and start again from the master. Constantly tinkering the tactic with every new save I create. Who do you think the best team is to try it with? Or do you fancy a challenge and want to play your game as normal and just try to complete the challenge with every new season? That's my plan once I've had a few saves to get the tactic close to what I hope to achieve. Once it's looking defensively sound and I'm making it past Christmas (it's 26th November and in real life United have conceded 6, City 7 and Burnley 9) without hitting 10, I'll start a "proper save" and try to concede less than 10 every season as I play through them. Surely it's only a matter of time, right? Hopefully others can join in and we can share ideas, formations, tactical instructions, recommended players and more.
  13. Oh dear. Don’t blame me. Hope it gets better. PS how’s the weight and battery life?
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