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  1. Further to this, for example, my AML is playing as an IF-S. He has the trait 'Runs with ball down right' This apparently affects the 'Cuts inside with ball' instruction for the role. I've not really noticed too much change, but perhaps without the trait he would venture further into central positions? Any idea how much affect this trait would have on the instruction?
  2. check that both have the speed of matches, both during and between highlights the same. As well as type of highlights, key, extended etc. As it will automatically go with whoever has the slower/more extensive highlights. if the other 2 players are watching the game this will slow it down also. data is being sent from those 2 players, to you, the host, and then back out again.
  3. would the half back have similar output to a BPD-Stopper? The HB description states an 'aggressive sweeper' but the role doesn't drop deeper than the defensive line from what i've seen. The attributes for each role are quite similar so would i be right in thinking you produce much the same result from the 2 roles?
  4. second season with Belper, won Northern Premier Div One East, convincingly first season. currently top of Northern League Premier. But my FA Cup adventure is the reason for my post Macclesfield and Cambridge 24th and 23rd in L2 so that lack of form helped. Spurs currently top the EPL. Clubs biggest defeat was 12-0 back in 1965.. but its all about the money, right Lost 6-0, had 2 men sent, but..
  5. Fair question and im interested to know too. Only reason i've done this on FM19 is if i want to have a first team player mentor them. I would like to think that also being part of the senior training would aid their development.
  6. if you've got a separate install. you could add it to your steam library as a 'non-steam game'. all you would miss out on is the achievements
  7. solid start. can't fault the progress considering the resources.
  8. If I’m desperate to clear someone’s wages off the books in lower league, I’ll sometimes offer out for free. the fees in LLM can be negligible so just clearing the wage is beneficial long term
  9. I know i'm one of a few that got South Shields, but is was an easy choice. My other options being, Kettering, Tamworth, Chesham, Kingstonian or Warrington. Transfers In Senior Squad Finances Started very well and then the realisation of our squads quality set in. But, top half is my aim with the resources. Southport and Blyth scoring freely with both their main striker already in double figures. We're hanging about where we want to be.
  10. I'm ready to get stuck into this. will put some more detail up after training tonight.
  11. what determines a second or third player closing down the same man? decisions? team work? on numerous occasions i have more than 1 player close down the same opponent leaving another unmarked. this seems to occur regardless of how aggressive i have the TI and PI set.
  12. January - February 2019 Player Profile - Erjon Vuçaj With the January window now open, we can register Vuçaj who has been limited to Reserves and Cup football during his time so far. 28yr old Left footed AMC/L who's career hasn't taken him outside Albania at club level but has plenty of experience with over 200 appearances. Spent much of his career at Laçi playing 130 games for them and spent single seasons are various clubs since. Erjon has also been capped at U21 level on 8 occasions, making his debut is 2010. He was called up to the first team in 2012 for a friendly v Moldova but was an unused substitute. He will operate on the left wing for us and be a long term replacement for aging captain, Gërxho, who at 33 doesn't have the physical attributes required. Ins: Also now making his move is 18yr old Sebastián Sola. Spanish AMC who looks to have plenty of ability and can hopefully be a replacement for both Bakiu and Elmazi soon as both are 31. We were fortunate to snatch him while trialing at Kukesi. We're still on the look out for a RB, affordable pickings within Albania are slim so i've got our scouts looking at Italy, Bulgaria and Croatia. Final bit of transfer news, we've secured the signing of Asjon Daja from Partizani for next season. 28yr old DM who will imrpove our depth and is also Home Grown. With 3 weeks between our league matches, I organised a hit out vs Laci a week prior to the match v Kamza. Everyones Match Fitness back to where it needs to be and a little morale boost after they stuffed us in the cup. 20/1/2019 - Albanian Superleague Dinamo Tirana 2 :Thana '53, Bakiu '56 : Dervishi : NA Kamza 0 :NA : Doka : NA ATT: 3238 Took us until the second half to put them away but we were well in control of this match throughout. Thana's effort a bit of quality, curling one in from outside the box on his weaker foot. Lalaj picked up a foot injury late and will miss 3-4 weeks 27/1/2019 - Albanian Superleague Vllaznia 0 :NA : NA : NA Dinamo Tirana 1 :Hyseni '65 : Sefgjinaj : NA ATT: 5350 Probably the finest defensive display i've seen performed in my FM time. They were rampant, threw absolutely everything at us, including the kitchen sink. We absorbed the lot. Discipline was spot on, shape was exactly what i wanted too. This hasn't been written yet but I've been giving a bit more variation to the setups, not necessarily the formation but roles and instructions. Sure, this probably sounds like standard practice to most but i hadn't needed to change much first season, nor did i have a squad i was confident of getting much from, outside the basics. However, due to our inconsistent away form I decided the time was right around the turn of the year to see what little bits extra i could get. This may come with a little less flare and explosiveness up front, but i would rather win 1 or 2-0 in stead of 6-4 and 4-3 etc. although we weren't doing either on the road earlier on. As for our goal, Hyseni has hit another bomb from outside the box, similar to that against Skenderbeu, we only managed 6 attempts but when these fly in they're a bit special. Deadline day inclusion: We've managed to find a Right Back, from our Italy search. Cristiano Spirito on a free from Prato. 27yr old who is product of Lazio and has done the rounds at various lower league clubs. Provides good support to Rexhepi and I the hope is he will take over the role before seasons end. 2/2/2019 - Albanian Superleague Dinamo Tirana 2 :Hyseni '49, 'Hoxha '88 : Malaj, Smolovic : NA Teuta 1 :Ribaj '65 : Mici : NA ATT: 3228 Very happy with this win, we probably made it a little hard for ourselves as we were poor in the final third, however I had set us up to try nullify the flat 3 they had up front, which put 4 past us last time. It worked well enough, had 2 of the strikers at 6 rating and Ribaj and 6.9 with his goal. Skenderbeu have drawn 0-0 with Vllaznia so we have closed the gap to 3 points. 10/2/2019 - Albanian Superleague Kukesi 1 :Danilo '78 : NA : NA Dinamo Tirana 1 :Hyseni '13 : NA : NA ATT: 251 3rd vs 2nd here and it was very tough. I've set up similar to the Teuta match after we took the lead, 3 in a row for Hyseni, although we were on the back foot for majority of the match they weren't threatening/ 71st minute we had the chance to put it away with a penalty but Bakiu blasted straight at the keeper, he 6/6 til now, typical. Then shortly after they catch us out at far post and equalise. Still a good result though. Skenderbeu won but they've got Kukesi next so dropped points there would be ideal. 17/2/2019 - Albanian Superleague Dinamo Tirana 1 :Hyseni '84 : NA : NA Partizani 0 :NA : Progni : NA ATT: 4788 Hyseni!! This lad does not miss, which is fantastic because we're relying on him at the moment. Really good performance here and a thoroughly deserved goal, couldn't break them down in open play but if a ball in knocked down for Hyseni in his current form he'll bury it. Skenderbeu drew 0-0 with Kukesi which gets us back to 3 points. 24/2/2019 - Albanian Superleague Luftëtari 0 :NA : Aleksi : NA Dinamo Tirana 1 :Vuçaj '10 : Dervishi, Smolovic : NA ATT: 254 So, going into this game we knew Skenderbeu had lost the day before, 3pts would see us top for the first time. 3rd away game since turn of year and yet to be defeated, only conceded once too which is great. We're creating enough to put the games to bed but we unfortunately can't always score. Nikolic did make his first start since returning from injury here so that will hopefully give us that bit of extra up top. Great to see Vuçaj bag his first league goal too. Dervishi suspended for next match with that yellow. League Table Absolutely phenomenal period has us challenging Skenderbeu, delighted as they have a far higher quality squad with several International players. A tough little spell coming up, home vs Flamurtari next followed by 3 away games which includes Skenderbeu and KF Tirana.
  13. December December is a massively important month now, 6 league games, 4 of which are at home and then followed by a 3 week break before a couple fixtures at the end of Jan. We're having a few of the injuries now close to a return to training so we'll look a bit healthier by midway through the month. 2/12/2018 - Albanian Superleague Partizani 1 :Progni '49 : Tafa : NA Dinamo Tirana 2 :Bakiu PEN '14, Nikolic '73 : Malaj : NA ATT: 3753 Very handy and somewhat fortunate win against our lesser rivals. Started very well and earned the pen with some nice play. Then we were pegged back for much of the next hour which saw them equaliser shortly after the half. Rexhepi's clearance/long through ball found Niko late on and gave us a rare away win. 5/12/2018 - Albanian Cup Laçi 2 :Idrizaj '28,'32 : Boiro, Berisha : NA Dinamo Tirana 1 :Vuçaj '25 : NA : NA ATT: 859 Really disappointing performance, Vuçaj gave us the lead only for us to get hit by 2 long ball in quick succession. Wasteful and never looked capable of getting the upper hand. The only positive was Vuçaj scoring on debut, no registration required for cup games but he should be an asset for us coming off the wing. Malaj copped a knock but should only miss a few days and maybe the next match. 8/12/2018 - Albanian Superleague Dinamo Tirana 2 :Nikolic '20, Thana '34 : Hyseni, Sefgjinaj : NA Luftëtari 0 :NA : Aleksi : NA ATT: 2930 Much better performance with our stronger 11 out there, controlled throughout and got revenge after we crumbled against them last time. Rexhepi had a day out at wing back creating a handful of chances and assisting both goals, deservedly man of the match. 12/12/2018 - Albanian Superleague Flamurtari 0 :NA : NA : NA Dinamo Tirana 4 :Bakiu '17, Gërxho '28,'71, Nikolic '33 : Dervishi : NA ATT: 886 Games are coming thick and fast this time of year, but we're coping well. We do enjoy putting 4 past this mob. Clinical display and 10pts from possible 12 in our last 4 which is great improvement. Hoxha has returned to training and will have a run for the reserves soon, will be great to have him as another option as Nikolic as been playing non-stop. 16/12/2018 - Albanian Superleague Dinamo Tirana 1 :Gërxho '65 : Peqini : NA KF Tirana 1 :Ezequiel '16 : NA : NA ATT: 8595 Far better performance in the derby this time around, unfortunate to concede against the run of play early, Ezequiel once again proving to be a pain for us. We carried on and always looked capable of scoring, the captain getting us a deserved goal but unfortunately we couldn't find a winner. 19/12/2018 - Albanian Cup Dinamo Tirana 3 :Lalaj '18,'38, Turdiu '59 : Buzi : NA Laçi 3 :Idrizaj '10,'22, Çela '28 : Sahiti, Boiro : NA ATT: 3287 Well cup campaign has ended, fairly early in just the second round. We relied on the fringe players and it cost us, not that i mind too much as it's not a priority but we should have still been better. Idrizaj yet again catching us out with movement in behind for that ball over the top. Lalaj looks class and i'm very much looking forward to getting him registered in a couple weeks. We had 13 of our 17 shots on target to which gives you an idea of our wastage, Nikolic and Lalaj both with 5/5, striker especially has to do better. Squad Health Skafar has just returned to training after 3 months out so he will be eased back into matches. Hoxha made his return to the reserves against KF Tirana but sadly had a relapse of his injury and will miss another 3 weeks. We'll hopefully see him back after the January break. Dervishi has also returned after 4 weeks out. Selman Stërmasi In case you were wondering, this is where we play. Built in 1956 (not 1946 as FM states) it has a capacity of 12,724 but after renovations in 2014 now has a full seated capacity of 9,500. It is now owned by KF Tirana and we rent it from them, Partizani had also used the stadium previously. It is named after KF Tirana legend, Selman Stërmasi who played a major part in their history. 23/12/2018 - Albanian Superleague Dinamo Tirana 2 :Hyseni '43, Smolovic '79 : NA : NA Skënderbeu 1 :Gavazaj '23 : NA : NA ATT: 3127 Outstanding win to come from behind, they are by far the best team in this league and have multiple International players in the side. Their striker Adeniyi was identified early as a threat and we did well to mark him out the game but they have enough threat elsewhere that they still found the net. We pushed on from there, Hyseni scoring this peach right before the half. We weren't troubled too much in the second half and got a deserved winner on the break, Bakiu finding Smolovic who's initial shot was saved by he was able to stab home the rebound. 26/12/2018 - Albanian Superleague Dinamo Tirana 1 :Gërxho '71 : NA : NA Partizani 0 :NA : Batha, Ibrahimi, Biracaj, Cekici : NA ATT: 5007 Fantastic end to the month, although we controlled the match they were tough to break down and disrupted play with a lot of fouls. Took a scrambled finish off a corner to get us the points. League Table Unbeaten in 7 in the league and following the great result against Skenderbeu keeps us within sight of them. With 2 winnable games in January against Kamza and Vllaznia, while they have KF Tirana and Kamza, we can hopefully find ourselves within 1 games of them. But it's only the half way point so i shouldnt get too carried away. January means we can look at strengthening, i'm expecting big things from Vucaj and if i can secure the other areas i wanted we'll be in good shape.
  14. November 2018 So January will come round in no time, starting to get a few transfer targets together. Looking to add a an extra Right Back and a Striker. I have a 17yr old AMC joining Jan 1 who will sort the depth out there. Spanish regen who I managed to snatch while he was on trial at Kukesi. We also have an aging squad so i will need to consider replacing some of them if we aren't looking capable of winning the title. 4/11/2018 - Albanian Superleague Kamza 2 : Nika '2, Morina '57 : Kuqi, Zefi : NA Dinamo Tirana 5 : Bakiu '51,'55 Pen,'75 Pen,'90+6 Pen, Gërxho '78 : Bakiu, Nikolic : NA ATT: 574 Just the result we needed, first half was poor and Malaj had a nightmare, but after a half time rage at them, they got going. Dominated play, created plenty and wasted a few easy ones. However, we were doing the right things which made us dangerous and got that bit of luck for 3 pens. Bakiu's yellow means he'll be suspended for the next and Elmazi managed to strain ligaments in the days and will miss 3 weeks, so we'll have to fill in the gap for the match v Vllaznia. Which one? hah! 11/11/2018 - Albanian Superleague Dinamo Tirana 2 : Hyseni '34, Marku OG '69 : Smolovic, Peqini : NA Vllaznia 1 : Lika PEN '50 : Goçaj, Lika : NA ATT: 2840 Improvement again on last game, well controlled throughout, limited their space moving forward and they only managed 6 shots with 1on target, being the pen. Our shooting was well off yet again, but we're creating plenty so it should hopefully only be time before someone cops a proper battering. 2 more injuries to manage, Hoxha out for 6 weeks 'kicking a ball', good job. And Dervishi 5-6 weeks after jumping. They make it sound like a comedy act. No game now for 2 weeks so I wont be organising a friendly and instead will try get some players back fit. Reserves & Under 19's One thing i hadn't shared yet was the apparent quality of our Reserve and Youth Sides. Not in terms of player quality, as that looks fairly standard for a club with minimal facilities, however the results have been something else! Reserves this year are so far mid table, but here is 2017/18. and the U19's 2017/18 | 2018/19 24/11/2018 Teuta 4 : LRibaj PEN '8,28,PEN '43, Hila : Hodo : NA Dinamo Tirana 1 : Popov '66 : Buzi : NA ATT: 3072 Well that was complete garbage. Buzi had an absolute mare, conceded 2 pens, carded and at fault for Ribaj's other goal too. Subbed at HT but damage was done. Poor performances from many but we're a bit light on versatility with all the injuries so not much impact was made from the bench. Desperately need my key lads back. 28/11/2018 - Albanian Superleague Dinamo Tirana 1 : Bakiu '29 : Hyseni, Turdiu : NA Kukësi 1 : Jefferson '25 : Liçaj, Jonuzi : NA ATT: 2641 Disappointed by this result as we have been relying on our home form to keep us in contention. Although as you'll see below they're no mugs and can be satisfied knowing that we didn't lose much ground as on FK Tirana won of those above us. League Table --------------------------------------------- Still have to be happy overall, if we can win our game in hand we can be back in second and then need to try find a way to slow down Skenderbeu. Have to rediscover our scoring ability and most of all, solve our away day woes, which i know where the issues are, just a matter of getting the fix across. Finally, we're not having a good run with injuries and can hopefully get some stability back in the squad by end of year. That along with some additions in January can help us progress.
  15. A quality first couple seasons with the resources and limitations you've set yourself. I do enjoy the small european nation game, A good challenge and can unearth some tidy unknown lads. Finding the same in Albania at the moment. Will fillow
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