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  1. my thoughts would be: A) your stikers being marked out of the game quite often. specifically the AF. making his chances primarily from range, or a header perhaps. what sort of chances are being created (even the ones off target), are they shots with feet? or headers? where from? contested or free? B) I would expect this really. Mez is the only actively looking to get forward, albeit into the wide areas. BWM is a ball winner, his priority is to win it and move it on. While the DLP is focused on longer ranged, riskier passes. This leads into C, also in regard to strikers playing back t
  2. while i see the exact same issues as mentioned above. Teamwork rating is something to look at and improve throughout the squad.
  3. not really a fix, but have seen such pauses in network games before. between highlights, do you have a bar towards the top/centre with a 'spinning loading symbol' and the words 'waiting for next highlight'? if you do and its taking a long time, this will be an internet connection related issue. if not, check that instead of one player pausing, one players hasn't accidentally pressed rewind instead, because if it is not live it will appear as paused for the other player. as for the non-continuing when pressed. there is a nice bug where the icon said 'waiting' but it hasn't actually
  4. why gamebreaking numbers? the way i look at alot of the stats in FM (and which ones i pay attention to) is how the game records it. sure, the numbers appear low but take into account how they're recorded. so are you looking for wingers who are repeatedly going past their opponent? or ones that collect the ball and follow your TIs/PIs to run with the ball? An additional argument to the recording of stats in CCCs. In the beta, they were 'moderately' recorded, it appeared mostly reasonable with the numbers coming up. Following the winter patch, these numbers were skewed m
  5. well im not far into my season, but if it gives you something to work with, great!
  6. Has your friend tried hosting? That is an odd one, if there is no history of internet drop outs then the only thing i can suggest is to 'verify integrity of game files'. Right click FM21 in Steam library > properties > local files > verify Perhaps test with just a single nation/league loaded, completely rule out game performance and don't have any custom databases loaded. Outside all that, i can only suggest raising a bug report
  7. am playing in Ireland at the moment. mine doesn't show full list either. But, 1st - UCL qlfy 2nd, 3rd - EL2 qlfy 4th - EL2 qlfy (Depending on FA Cup winner)
  8. our network save is working again. Host: save the game > restart FM > reload your game should then be visible
  9. still going strong here with steady member growth. several new streamers and content creators also on board. if you're from downunder and fancy joining our FM community, drop me a message cheers
  10. set it visible to anyone. then have your friend search for the name specifically. in saying that, im not sure if online games are 100% in beta. we've not started our new save, will wait for full release. if you think there is a problem, raise it in bugs/troubleshooting forum
  11. there'll be slight delays for the joiners, but if everyone has decent internet its not an issue. host wont experience any delays in screen load times. dont go too heavy on the DB size too, that'll of course increase load times.
  12. you wont need hamachi anymore. FM links between steam and epic games fine. when you start a new game, make sure you press host online career and in preferences make sure the circled section is set to 'anyone' or 'friends only' your game should be visible in the game lobby for your friend to search for, or join off steam. i host a game with 9 other players through steam. i have mine set to viewable by anyone, but have it PW protected.
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