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  1. our network save is working again. Host: save the game > restart FM > reload your game should then be visible
  2. still going strong here with steady member growth. several new streamers and content creators also on board. if you're from downunder and fancy joining our FM community, drop me a message cheers
  3. set it visible to anyone. then have your friend search for the name specifically. in saying that, im not sure if online games are 100% in beta. we've not started our new save, will wait for full release. if you think there is a problem, raise it in bugs/troubleshooting forum
  4. there'll be slight delays for the joiners, but if everyone has decent internet its not an issue. host wont experience any delays in screen load times. dont go too heavy on the DB size too, that'll of course increase load times.
  5. you wont need hamachi anymore. FM links between steam and epic games fine. when you start a new game, make sure you press host online career and in preferences make sure the circled section is set to 'anyone' or 'friends only' your game should be visible in the game lobby for your friend to search for, or join off steam. i host a game with 9 other players through steam. i have mine set to viewable by anyone, but have it PW protected.
  6. my online save has custom db. its career mode, so not sure if that makes the difference or not. we have 7 players and no crashes regarding it.
  7. i dont have an epic account and it has does not affect my online save at all. what process are you doing when hosting? i would suggest you do the following: -load your online game -go to online preferences, set it to visible by anyone. then save your game with a new name. -restart FM -load your online game that you saved with the new file name. this is the processed used to get it working prior to the latest hotfix. since hotfix no issues have been found at all, however i still did the above sequence as a precaution.
  8. hi all as host of a 6 player save, we had the same issues but managed to get it going successfully last night and no issues tonight either. hopefully these steps help you too. I did exactly these steps, they may not all be necessary but it worked so im running with it. HOST 1. delete preferences and cache from C:\Users\*User*\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020 - you will need to turn on hidden files to see this. 2. load the save, go into online preferences and set server visibilty to 'Anyone' 3. set a server name, but leave password blank. 4. save your game a
  9. far from it. Im Belper in VNNorth and i have this player on loan from Atherton Collieries. so you can imagine ability. But also, consider opposition keeper is also of poor ability. So out of position opening the option of lob.
  10. here you go, mate fbea2df94f956bffb422be245ba0c592.mp4
  11. got yourself a strange one there. might me worth raising a report in the bug section.
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