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  1. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Manager Profile|Incoming Transfers Starting this again in Poland this time with Błękitni Stargard. There were already 3 transfers arranged when I took over so I will have those players listed on my transfer screen for the first season. The good news is the squad has more players than I'll need this time round so no relying on grey players!
  2. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Well then...my adventure in Switzerland hasn't gone well and although I haven't been sacked (yet) I think I'll be restarting in another country. Many of my 'real' players have performed worse than my grey players and I didn't have a single solid centre back in the squad. We quickly became the league whipping boys and after 10 consecutive league losses and 11 consecutive competitive losses I think its time to pack it in.
  3. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I've been reading through a bit of this thread and thought I'd give it a go myself. Added a manager in Switzerland, reset date is the 20th of June. I've taken over SC Cham, I'll post a shot of the facilities later but it looks like it will be pretty tough, especially as I might be relying on lots of greyed out players to begin with.
  4. I started a game unemployed in Portugal and took a job with Olhanense in early December. They are one of the higher reputation sides in the Portuguese Championship and as a result would normally be expected to be fighting for promotion. 13 games in however they were just outside the relegation zone. I don't recall exactly what the board detailed as their expectations in my job interview but i'm fairly sure they said competition expectations were not an issue at that point, as is fairly normal coming in halfway through the season (usually they just want to see an improvement). After being in charge for 12 games now I've steered them a bit further away from relegation and I've lost only one game in that time, amassing 21 points in 12 games, compared to my predecessors 16 points in 13 games. Unfortunately it now seems my job is under threat for not getting the team close enough to promotion with just 5 games left in the season. I'm not sure whether this is due to me not realising I was still expected to win promotion or if the expectations haven't been updated to reflect the fact that I only took charge in December after a poor start. I've outlined in red my form since taking charge as well as the league table and the minimum expectations. It also appears as though I'm being judged for our performance in the cup games, even though I wasn't in charge when the team was eliminated. EDIT: Disregard the cup comment I checked the save again and it says they won't be judging me for that competition. I have uploaded my current save file using the name charlo116_board_expectations.fm. I also have an earlier save from before I took the job although I'm not sure that will be of much use as the previous manager hasn't been fired yet in that one.
  5. I imagine the 80 million would be more realistic if he wasn't suspended. Barca are supposedly attempting to sign him for a 'cut-price' because of the circumstances. Would happily take anything near 80 million for him though.
  6. Pinilla gets tattoo of his shot that hit the bar

    This tattoo is about his shot in extra time that would have won the game is it not? Didn't his penalty go straight down the mouth of the goalie?
  7. It clearly hasn't been. This sort of delusion from Uruguay is the kind of attitude that must have convinced Dalglish that denying racism charges was the right way to go.
  8. Well the other premier league teams are, no doubt where this "ban for life" mentality is coming from. No doubt he needs a seriously harsh ban but there are much worse offences that have been committed in football that haven't resulted in lifetime bans. Any sort of illicit drug use would be just one example.
  9. A headbutt is less likely to draw blood. Besides most headbutts in football are little head bumps and nothing more.
  10. He has surpassed even Balotelli in terms of entertainment value for the neutral.
  11. I think if he was at Man Utd the only difference would be Liverpool fans calling for lifetime bans rather than the Utd fans currently calling for it. Also, I feel like he copped a lot more after Liverpool handled the Evra incident so appallingly.
  12. The Socceroos Thread

    Kennedy is injured. His back injury flared up in training before our last friendly apparently.
  13. Group B - Australia, Chile, Holland and Spain

    Tbf winning an argument in this thread is about as close as us Aussies will come to winning anything to do with the World Cup.
  14. Tottenham

    It's not unusual for one or two sides in the epl to build strongly, personally I would see overtaking them as a challenge as opposed to hoping the AI fails to build adequately. Strong troll attempt. How's mid-table?
  15. Liverpool New Game

    In the Good Player & Team Guide section of these forums there is a Liverpool thread where you can ask these questions.