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  1. Whoa whoa whoa. 10 teams of awful footballers and then Ninkovic.
  2. Jumping reach takes height into the equation, so a player with higher jumping reach, regardless of their height will reach a higher point. So in your example the defender has the lowest possible jumping reach stat the attacker would just have to have anything higher than that to reach a higher point, even if he's considerably shorter.
  3. I thought he was right footed too but he's almost exclusively played on his left foot so far. A few times he wasted good chances by trying to shift onto his left rather than use his right foot.
  4. Season 1 (2018/19) - Błękitni Stargard League Table | Transfer History | Squad Season Summary I started the season with quite a large squad and pre-season was spent mostly trying to judge which players fit into my 4-1-4-1 the best. Many of them have very poor determination and technical ability which didn't fill me with a lot of confidence heading into the season. Despite the clear limitations of the squad we put together some decent runs to finish a respectable 10th. Most notably we went on a strong run just after the winter break which saw us move from 14th to 6th, before
  5. Thank you @Sn00gle, my Poland save has been going much better than my first attempt in Switzerland. I'm in the 2nd half of the season now so should be posting an update soon.
  6. Manager Profile|Incoming Transfers Starting this again in Poland this time with Błękitni Stargard. There were already 3 transfers arranged when I took over so I will have those players listed on my transfer screen for the first season. The good news is the squad has more players than I'll need this time round so no relying on grey players!
  7. Well then...my adventure in Switzerland hasn't gone well and although I haven't been sacked (yet) I think I'll be restarting in another country. Many of my 'real' players have performed worse than my grey players and I didn't have a single solid centre back in the squad. We quickly became the league whipping boys and after 10 consecutive league losses and 11 consecutive competitive losses I think its time to pack it in.
  8. I've been reading through a bit of this thread and thought I'd give it a go myself. Added a manager in Switzerland, reset date is the 20th of June. I've taken over SC Cham, I'll post a shot of the facilities later but it looks like it will be pretty tough, especially as I might be relying on lots of greyed out players to begin with.
  9. I don't think my players were happy about the penalty decision.
  10. Clearly not as determined to be a coach as he is to be a player.
  11. ouch thats harsh, getting sacked for winning a world cup.
  12. i wanna know what happened at the world cup. its only 2010!
  13. irl i think there was a belgian player who scored 3 own goals in one match...his team lost 3-2.
  14. I thought this was funny: An error by Nemanja Vidic allowed striker Samuel Eto'o to score a powerful effort. It came up when i was playing a couple of days after the champions league final irl.
  15. lol wouldn't you send them home because seeing a specialist costs money and they will be out for longer?
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