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    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Season 1 (2018/19) - Błękitni Stargard League Table | Transfer History | Squad Season Summary I started the season with quite a large squad and pre-season was spent mostly trying to judge which players fit into my 4-1-4-1 the best. Many of them have very poor determination and technical ability which didn't fill me with a lot of confidence heading into the season. Despite the clear limitations of the squad we put together some decent runs to finish a respectable 10th. Most notably we went on a strong run just after the winter break which saw us move from 14th to 6th, before an eventual slide down the table in the final 8 games of the season. Apart from our league performance there isn't much to report on from this season. We performed poorly in the Polish Cup, however I am optimistic as I have many first team players from this season that are still young and showed great improvements late on in the season. Youth Intake I forgot to get a screenshot of the whole youth take as I immediately cancelled the trials of all but two. Krystian Krol (YP01a) - The best player from this years intake and probably the only one of the two I signed that will make it to first team games. I'm glad to have a young striker coming through as my first team options are all pretty poor. Milosz Nowicki (YP01b) - Not very promising but the 2nd best player that came through our youth intake. As you can tell the rest of them were pretty dire. In addition to some promising young players in my first team I also have a young regen from the season before I took charge. Adam Krychowiak (YP00a) - A young centre back, it will be interesting to see how he goes next season. Next Season With many young first team players who are still improving I'm aiming to push into the top half of the table next season.
  2. charlo116

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Thank you @Sn00gle, my Poland save has been going much better than my first attempt in Switzerland. I'm in the 2nd half of the season now so should be posting an update soon.
  3. charlo116

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Manager Profile|Incoming Transfers Starting this again in Poland this time with Błękitni Stargard. There were already 3 transfers arranged when I took over so I will have those players listed on my transfer screen for the first season. The good news is the squad has more players than I'll need this time round so no relying on grey players!
  4. charlo116

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Well then...my adventure in Switzerland hasn't gone well and although I haven't been sacked (yet) I think I'll be restarting in another country. Many of my 'real' players have performed worse than my grey players and I didn't have a single solid centre back in the squad. We quickly became the league whipping boys and after 10 consecutive league losses and 11 consecutive competitive losses I think its time to pack it in.
  5. charlo116

    FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I've been reading through a bit of this thread and thought I'd give it a go myself. Added a manager in Switzerland, reset date is the 20th of June. I've taken over SC Cham, I'll post a shot of the facilities later but it looks like it will be pretty tough, especially as I might be relying on lots of greyed out players to begin with.
  6. Ordhead Athletic A poor run of form that saw the end of Ordheads time in Division One also saw team manager and founding club member Peter McDonnell resign from his position. Stepping down from his role with the first team McDonnell took a position with the youth team, looking to recruit more young players from the local area with a view to teaching them how to play the 'Ordhead' way. In his place team captain Archie Knight took the reigns as a player/manager allowing 25 year old midfielder Hugh Wilson to be appointed captain of the first team. Locals in Ordhead, happy to see change at the top urged the team to look to play on the front foot more often, however many were left bemused by the decision to appoint a new captain when Knight was expected to retain his place on the field. When questioned on the atmosphere amongst supporters Knight was steadfast in his pledge to maintain Ordheads balanced approach to the game. He refused to comment on the controversy surrounding the appointment of Wilson as captain.
  7. I think he means he adds or takes away the bonus points before dividing by the number of games.
  8. I'd love to see an updated map. Might be useful for people to identify areas with no representation for new teams as well.
  9. Ordhead Athletic Ordhead Athletic continued to impress with their performances in their first Division One season allowing them solidify a position amongst the best sides in Albaland. However, a rather disappointing semi-final exit from the Unified Cup against Division Two side Port Bannatyne Anchor overshadowed Ordhead's league performances. Representatives from the club appeared to be indifferent to expansion talk surrounding the second division including team captain Archie Knight who was quoted as saying, "We're looking forward to many more years in Division One. We have no intention of rejoining the lower divisions any time soon." Glenlonan United Club chairman William Cunningham expressed his frustration at Glenlonan's inability to improve upon last seasons performances. This has been compounded by the success of nearby Ordhead Athletic continuing their charge up the Albaland football league system, with the 1915/16 season marking the third time in three seasons that Glenlonan United have been eliminated from the Unified cup by their Northern Albaland rivals. Cunningham expressed his desire for the second division to be expanded as soon as possible in the hope that new teams added to the league structure would prove easier opponents for his under performing Glenlonan men.
  10. - Should Division Two expand to 14 teams? Yes - Should the bottom placed Division Two team be relegated to non-league? No Delighted to see Ordhead claim promotion with their first trophy!
  11. I'd also Like to add Glenlonan United - Attacking. Home - White Shorts and socks Away - Black shorts and socks
  12. Ordhead Athletic Badge Home Kit Away Kit White shorts, Blue socks Black shorts, White socks Small signs of improvement in that second. season for the club, at the very least not setting the record for the biggest home and away defeats as we did in our first. 1. I'd like to see the formation of a 1st and 2nd division, I wouldn't mind if the 1st division has more teams to begin with (22 teams currently could be 14 team 1st division and 8 teams in the 2nd). With more teams to be added later on. 2. I agree with the idea for a cup for all teams with byes given to the top sides.
  13. Would love to jump in on this. Ordhead Athletic FC - Normal
  14. I started a game unemployed in Portugal and took a job with Olhanense in early December. They are one of the higher reputation sides in the Portuguese Championship and as a result would normally be expected to be fighting for promotion. 13 games in however they were just outside the relegation zone. I don't recall exactly what the board detailed as their expectations in my job interview but i'm fairly sure they said competition expectations were not an issue at that point, as is fairly normal coming in halfway through the season (usually they just want to see an improvement). After being in charge for 12 games now I've steered them a bit further away from relegation and I've lost only one game in that time, amassing 21 points in 12 games, compared to my predecessors 16 points in 13 games. Unfortunately it now seems my job is under threat for not getting the team close enough to promotion with just 5 games left in the season. I'm not sure whether this is due to me not realising I was still expected to win promotion or if the expectations haven't been updated to reflect the fact that I only took charge in December after a poor start. I've outlined in red my form since taking charge as well as the league table and the minimum expectations. It also appears as though I'm being judged for our performance in the cup games, even though I wasn't in charge when the team was eliminated. EDIT: Disregard the cup comment I checked the save again and it says they won't be judging me for that competition. I have uploaded my current save file using the name charlo116_board_expectations.fm. I also have an earlier save from before I took the job although I'm not sure that will be of much use as the previous manager hasn't been fired yet in that one.
  15. I imagine the 80 million would be more realistic if he wasn't suspended. Barca are supposedly attempting to sign him for a 'cut-price' because of the circumstances. Would happily take anything near 80 million for him though.