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  1. Bumping because I've just experienced this issue recently in fm 17. My central midfielder Ascacibar plays a pass out to my right midfielder Vafiadis who crosses the ball for my striker to score but the assist was credited to Ascacibar rather than Vafiadis. It occurs with the first goal in the 26th minute. Karlsruhe v BMG.pkm
  2. I imagine the 80 million would be more realistic if he wasn't suspended. Barca are supposedly attempting to sign him for a 'cut-price' because of the circumstances. Would happily take anything near 80 million for him though.
  3. Pinilla gets tattoo of his shot that hit the bar

    This tattoo is about his shot in extra time that would have won the game is it not? Didn't his penalty go straight down the mouth of the goalie?
  4. It clearly hasn't been. This sort of delusion from Uruguay is the kind of attitude that must have convinced Dalglish that denying racism charges was the right way to go.
  5. Well the other premier league teams are, no doubt where this "ban for life" mentality is coming from. No doubt he needs a seriously harsh ban but there are much worse offences that have been committed in football that haven't resulted in lifetime bans. Any sort of illicit drug use would be just one example.
  6. A headbutt is less likely to draw blood. Besides most headbutts in football are little head bumps and nothing more.
  7. He has surpassed even Balotelli in terms of entertainment value for the neutral.
  8. I think if he was at Man Utd the only difference would be Liverpool fans calling for lifetime bans rather than the Utd fans currently calling for it. Also, I feel like he copped a lot more after Liverpool handled the Evra incident so appallingly.
  9. The Socceroos Thread

    Kennedy is injured. His back injury flared up in training before our last friendly apparently.
  10. Group B - Australia, Chile, Holland and Spain

    Tbf winning an argument in this thread is about as close as us Aussies will come to winning anything to do with the World Cup.
  11. Tottenham

    It's not unusual for one or two sides in the epl to build strongly, personally I would see overtaking them as a challenge as opposed to hoping the AI fails to build adequately. Strong troll attempt. How's mid-table?
  12. Liverpool New Game

    In the Good Player & Team Guide section of these forums there is a Liverpool thread where you can ask these questions.
  13. funny arguement with my keeper

    His u21's side have been referred to as Barcelona in the conversation.
  14. I was interested in building a tactic like this with liverpool although my biggest issue with the squad is that Johnson is only rated as competent at WBR. Obviously he has played predominantly as a full back whilst at liverpool but it is quite clear that the wing back position comes very naturally to him.
  15. Fm how do you watch yours

    Well on previous versions of fm i found the 2D view had larder dots that seemed less proportioned with the field and the movement looked less fluid, as in the dots and the ball seemed to make jerky movements. 2D classic just always had a nicer feel to it.