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  1. Pogba has won it in my first 2 seasons which is weird because Man Utd haven't won anything and there hasn't been a world cup yet for France to win. I'm Barca manager btw and have won everything apart from the Copa del Rey in both seasons. Messi has been injured a lot though and in the second season I have hardly been using him as I am letting him go on a free for the challenge I am doing.
  2. Version 47.0 I've noticed it does it every time if you hold down delete when you have a quote in the reply box
  3. As thread title says. Only does it every so often.
  4. Sissoko making me look slightly less of a bellend for picking him first in the FF draft. I knew there was a decent player in there somewhere.
  5. Looking forward to La Marseillaise, the French have out done themselves with it so in the tournament. Expecting it to lift the roof off tonight. Also 2-1 France
  6. Sit rep for my last remaining bets There needs to be 18.5 or more goals and more than 3 red cards in the final for me to lose So what a final it's going to be Just need to cover Portugal lifting the trophy for a tidy bit of profit.
  7. I'll be surprised if this finishes 11 v 11
  8. On second look that's a penalty for me
  9. Football, bloody hell
  10. Penalty?
  11. greedy *******
  12. Has any French player?
  13. Sommer did well as did Grandad pants
  14. Think Umtiti is a gamble. Looked OK against Iceland but this is a whole different game tonight.
  15. Deserved. This is tournament football, you're there to win the thing not entertain neutrals.