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  1. toon_84

    Random World Cup stuff

    Yeah they said last night the previous record was Italy who scored 8 but conceded 2 in their first 2 games.
  2. When will people learn that there is whatsapp instead of posting it on twitter
  3. toon_84

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    Our lass is adamant he's gay. I think her gaydar is broken though as she refused to believe her very camp brother was gay until he eventually came out. Reading all this back I think she might just be a bigot.
  4. I bet the ref was twitching then
  5. I stopped listening after he went on about being frisked
  6. toon_84

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    I caught our lass listening very attentively to Cesc before. "I thought you didn't like Spanish blokes?" "He's Spanish? I suppose I could make an exception" Whore
  7. toon_84

    The hot girls and guys thread!

    I'm no Doctor but that looks like an adams apple to me
  8. toon_84

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Mine was 1 or more goals and over 7 corners. There was only 5 in the Poland game. Just to show how crap my selections are I went for a Colombia/Poland/Russia treble
  9. toon_84

    World Cup Betting Thread

    That's my 1000/1 shot finished with I've given up on betting already. I've been awful with my selections.
  10. toon_84

    Poland - Senegal, 4pm BST

    Poland appear to have forgotten what to do with that round thing full of air
  11. toon_84

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Guess who walked out of the pub when Lotus-Cheek came on
  12. toon_84

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    I'm pretty confident about it. England appear to have a proper tactic, the right players and the perfect attitude of just on the edge of confidence/arrogance. I'm going for a comfortable 2-0 win.
  13. toon_84

    World Cup Betting Thread

    I've got this wrong and it's actually at least one goal and over 7 corners. Amazingly it's still going!
  14. Willian is such an annoying player. He's either very good or very ****.