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  1. It could be quite an appropriate thread given all the dead rubber games today
  2. Cracking quiz, well done @Wigmore Congrats to both winners
  3. Looks like I'm not the only person to miss that round. If it hadn't have taken me so long to do the dishes after tea I might have made the deadline. I tried to do it at dinner time but I got side tracked watching football focus and then I had to go to the shop as the pizza my son was supposed to be having for his tea got fed to him for his dinner.
  4. Why don't we just split the difference and you just give me 5 points
  5. I haven't got a clue to any of the answers for November so I might have to give this one a miss
  6. Either Scott has cheated or he has had a post-it-note with gonads written on it stuck on his monitor for 2 months
  7. Back to making up answers again Sent.
  8. I've got 3 points to be added on as well so I'm right in the mix.
  9. Easy round that. I only had to make up a few answers. Sent.
  10. Answers sent and an appointment booked with a psychiatrist as I don't think I'm wired right with some of the answers I've been sending.
  11. My answer for 9 was ironic. Fair enough it wasn't the "correct" answer but it's still ironic. These points you keep pinching off me - added to the amount of cheats on here - surely makes me the real winner.
  12. I can now relax this weekend. Answers sent.
  13. You're missing out if you've never been to the deli counter at Sainsburys.
  14. I only get quiche from 2 places, family parties and Sainsburys and I didn't go to any family parties in April
  15. I knew I booked tomorrow off for a reason
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