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  1. According to Steam stats at https://store.steampowered.com/stats/support response times vary between approx 2 hours to 2 days. You’ll just have to wait for a response. While you’re waiting make sure you do all this...https://help.steampowered.com/en/wizard/HelpWithAccountStolen
  2. Nothing SI will be able to do about it unfortunately. You just have to keep chasing it up with Steam.
  3. Best thing to do is post your budget on the thread in the main FM forum at The spec for FMT on PC is roughly equivalent to full FM and they’ll help you get the best spec for your money.
  4. Personally I think press interaction is perfectly pitched now so I wouldn’t want to see specific press conferences added. There are occasional questions which you can choose to answer if you wish and should you answer can have positive/negative influence. The key to its success however is that should you choose not to answer there appears to be no negative or positive influence which basically makes it an optional feature. If they could implement team talks in a similar way then I’d be in favour. However the trouble with team talks is that if the AI can do them there immediately becomes a potential negative influence on players who choose to ignore them or leave them to the assistant, which is not in the spirit of FM touch as it was originally conceived. Having the option to turn them off would solve this but it’s unlikely SI will want to spend time implementing a new feature which a lot of players would just turn off. Personally unless they can nail this balance I’d prefer them to be left out.
  5. Team talks and press conferences were the main features excluded at the launch of FM classic (now Touch) as they were the features people who wanted a streamlined version most commonly requested to be removed. Personally I was one of those who disliked the team talks and press conferences in the full version and so moved over to Touch once it was launched. However they have since introduced a streamlined version of press interaction and I wouldn’t be against a very streamlined version of team talks to provide some input into morale during the match. I would be against just porting the full fat version of team talks in though as I think they are absolutely dreadful!
  6. For anyone that wants to change the name of the skin so that you can tell which is the base skin in the dropdown list: 1. Edit the skin_config.xml inside the skin folder (Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020 Touch\skins\fmc\skin_config.xml) 2. Delete the text <translation id="name" translation_id="402421" type="use" value="Football Manager Touch[COMMENT: skin name]" /> 3. Add the text <string id="name" value="FMT Base Skin [COMMENT: skin name]" /> on the same line (replacing the FMT Base Skin text if you prefer a different name) 4. Save the file and reload FMT I just copied this out of the base skin templates from last year and it seems to work.
  7. I’ve had this happen a few times to me too so came in to see if had been reported. First couple of a times it was last 15 mins of game so thought maybe id been unlucky and play hadn’t stopped. Then it happened about 5 mins into a game and I couldn’t make any changes. I’ll make sure I note some details down and upload my save next time it happens.
  8. You have to buy FM 19 (or just FM Touch 19) on your mac through Steam, then also buy FM Touch 19 through the App Store. Providing you keep the league restrictions in place when (and if) you start your FM Touch game on the Mac you should be able to then cross sync over to you iPad.
  9. I’m not fundamentally against team talks actually, particularly half time ones. The trouble is they are such a chore in the full version. If someone could maybe suggest a way of making the team talks interesting I’m all ears.
  10. No to this. Just play the full game if you want team talks.
  11. You can’t change it. It’s Just calculated based on your other settings.
  12. You’ll have to pay for the iOS version separately. Steam is for PC/Mac/Linux only. Worth noting that FMT is for tablets only so it won’t work on your phone.
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