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  1. This was where I got to then my first game on Classic I got 25 seasons in as it focused just on tactics and squad building which were the bits I was interested in. I was always terrible at the man management side so almost the complete opposite! Developing players was difficult in the early Touch versions but this has definitely been improved of late. I always buy the full version every year and give it a try just to keep up to date with the new features. I may one day return to full FM when I have a bit more time and don’t want to be completely lost when I do!
  2. I play touch for exactly the reasons you do. If it didn’t exist I wouldn’t play FM anymore. From the point of view of creating tactics I actually think it’s far better as you don’t have to worry about familiarity affecting things so you can tweak as much as you like. ultimately it’s just a game. As long as you’re having fun that’s what matters surely.
  3. So when you win it’s the game manipulating the result and when you lose it’s the game manipulating the result. What behaviour are you expecting exactly?
  4. Clubs in Germany must be majority controlled by fans under the 50+1 rule, hence the member only ownership type. This pretty much prevents takeovers in the way you’d see in other countries. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/50%2B1_rule
  5. If it’s PC/Mac one of you will host the game so that player must be online for the other to access it. Not sure about other platforms though.
  6. In previous versions you could unlock it by winning manager of the year. I guess it’s probably the same this year. If you don’t want to do that you have to pay to unlock it.
  7. FM Touch should just be listed in your game library alongside full FM. Sounds like you’re looking at the store page.
  8. Downloading right now! Had to restart Steam to make it show up.
  9. I created a very attacking gegenpress style 4-2-3-1 tactic in FM 14 and it was definitely more effective than any tactic I’d used previously. In FM20 I actually found a bog standard 4-4-2 with a split block more effective than gegenpress. Was more solid defensively and because it created less chances it was also less frustrating not having watch strikers pea roll loads of shots at the keeper.
  10. The 1650 will be considerably better than integrated. Ask in this thread lots of good advice: https://community.sigames.com/topic/530852-fm21-new-pclaptop-advice-thread-please-read-opening-post-before-posting/
  11. +1 for this. I used to struggle with bad form at the end of the season and I managed to avoid it by rotating players a bit more through the season and also lowering training intensity as the season progressed. I also try to give the whole squad a couple of days off occasionally. This combination definitely helped.
  12. I’m going to wait until the demo is available and see how the match engine is before buying this year. Judging by the improvements mentioned in the match engine blog it looks promising though and many of the things which frustrate me about the FMT 20 match engine seem to have been addressed.
  13. I suspect if anyone had answered the same questions repeatedly as many times as @Lucas they might occasionally get a tad frustrated. Either way aiming terms like condescending at someone who provides a lot of help on this forum is only going to lead to them not bothering anymore. There should probably just be a big FAQ sticky thread to refer these questions to.
  14. With ball and without ball shapes were in the game years ago and they dropped it so I don’t think there is much chance they’ll bring it back. I hope I’m wrong though as I really liked the extra control it gave for creating tactics.
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