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  1. Would you rather everyone waits for a single patch which takes longer to deliver so that your 3rd party tool continues to work? Just saying.
  2. If you had a problem preventing you playing the game which was fixed by one of these updates would you consider them excessive?
  3. There isn’t anything wrong with complaining when there is something wrong. In this case you’re complaining in the wrong place and you should be directing your complaints to Steam.
  4. First time I’ve seen SI get criticised for fixing the game! Would putting Steam in Offline mode prevent updates? I’ve never tried it myself but I think it would.
  5. @3runhomer If it keeps happening head over to the tactics forum, post your tactic and describe what’s happening and what you do at the moment to negate it. You’ll get some some good help in there if you ask nicely. @BuryBlade Your final paragraph is spot on 👍
  6. Have you tried doing anything at the end of each half to prevent this “scripted” behaviour? Maybe the opposition team are doing something to cause this. Perhaps you could do something so that the “script” works in your favour instead?
  7. There isn’t a way to do this that I know of other than just doing it yourself. The person who is hosting can just force continue so that anyone who hasn’t joined will just have their team managed by the AI.
  8. The star rating can be fairly unreliable. Best to just play the game and try out different graphics settings until you get a trade off you’re happy with between quality and frame rate.
  9. I’ve found fantasy draft to be a bit flaky when joining the game initially and progressing through the draft. When I’ve used it we just had to start a new game until we got through the whole process. Once into the season it seems solid though.
  10. Yeah without showing your tactics and some more detailed match stats it’s hard to say what’s going wrong. Looking at the info you have provided I’d guess the games where you dominate possession it’s because the opposition are sitting back and counter attacking you.
  11. Not really. There is extra work to do to make the game available on iOS so making it available free wouldn’t make much sense from a business perspective.
  12. You have to buy it again from the App Store. The Steam version is PC/Mac only.
  13. The resource archiver has never been available with FM touch. Not sure why. Also no need to shout!
  14. According to Steam stats at https://store.steampowered.com/stats/support response times vary between approx 2 hours to 2 days. You’ll just have to wait for a response. While you’re waiting make sure you do all this...https://help.steampowered.com/en/wizard/HelpWithAccountStolen
  15. Nothing SI will be able to do about it unfortunately. You just have to keep chasing it up with Steam.
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