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  1. You have to buy FM 19 (or just FM Touch 19) on your mac through Steam, then also buy FM Touch 19 through the App Store. Providing you keep the league restrictions in place when (and if) you start your FM Touch game on the Mac you should be able to then cross sync over to you iPad.
  2. I’m not fundamentally against team talks actually, particularly half time ones. The trouble is they are such a chore in the full version. If someone could maybe suggest a way of making the team talks interesting I’m all ears.
  3. No to this. Just play the full game if you want team talks.
  4. You can’t change it. It’s Just calculated based on your other settings.
  5. You’ll have to pay for the iOS version separately. Steam is for PC/Mac/Linux only. Worth noting that FMT is for tablets only so it won’t work on your phone.
  6. Based on a couple of hours play last night I think FMT 19 is looking pretty good. i like the tactics changes. Much easier now to set up a coherent starting point and start to tweak it as required. I definitely noticed the difference between the initial tactics I tried from different approaches. Very pleased to see control of mentoring is now available. As I like to build with youth it was one of the features I’d wanted. The concept of groups is good and simplifies the mentoring process instead of the painful old conversations in full fat. Looking forward to making some more progress tonight and seeing what else I find.
  7. I’m sure it used to be possible to change the attribute colours in the player profile for Touch by editing a file in the skin. Maybe ask in the skinning hideout forum as if it is possible someone there will know.
  8. The end of a sprint is actually kind of an optical illusion. Most sprinters reach maximum speed between 30-40 metres and are actually slowing down from around the 70 metre point. The sprinter who appears to be hitting maximum speed is actually the one who is slowing down less!
  9. Pre-emptively clearing out your squad has likely caused your current predicament. I did the same playing in National League once and discovered that players who were interested in joining suddenly lost interest after my squad clear out. I assume the lack of players must in some way impact on your club stature and this makes the players less interested in joining. I found that each time I managed to sign a new player a few more players became interested. It was hard work getting the numbers up initially though.
  10. It’s certainly possible, I’ve been approached by bigger clubs on quite a few occasions.
  11. I have to agree with the UI in the matches being disappointing. It’s taken a big backwards step from even FM16 (I didn’t buy 17) and it feels like a work in progress. some of the analysis screens are all over the place and I end up just randomly clicking buttons trying to make something vaguely useful appear! It may just be me but I Didn’t have this trouble in 16. Edit - Meant to add, if you’re playing on PC head over to the skinning forum. There are some mods for the match which drastically improve the UI.
  12. Did they have financial issues which resulted in them losing most of their players? Looks like they conceded nearly 4 goals a game too which is spectacularly bad!
  13. If it’s a very simple matter as you state, perhaps you could explain the process SI would have to go through to allow a game purchased through Steam to be downloaded for free via the Apple/Google stores.
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