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  2. After holidaying the first season, I just started a new save with Dynamo Dresden for the 2020 season in Germany's second division. Having an awesome time so far. I struggled to get into any of my previous saves but I feel this one's got me hooked already. The team has a great history with awesome fans and a cool kit (I've always wanted to play a yellow team). I started with a few million to spend and there's plenty of good bargains willing to come and play there. Highly recommend!
  3. I cant see any reason why this should not be available under the beta tab in FM 20, Properties. I have checked and it is available for me. Maybe best to open a thread in the Crashes and Technical section of the Bugs forum
  4. Nice. Even though you are removing nations will regens from some of the nations have them as second nationalities? So that their names and looks are different, such as Kyrgyz players looking East Asian and having different names, as do those from more Arab nations like Tajikstan and such. I once did an edit like this for FM15 but clubs from replaced nations always had generic russian players, so I had to change the "Based in" for cities IIRC so that some generated players had the looks and names from those countries, like for example changing Bishkek to Kyrgyzstan based so that the players had the names and look from Kyrgyzstan.
  5. My experience with tactics so far in the beta.. Underdog (Wrexham- Wimbledon- Aston villa- Daco Getica) : Leipzig> Venom> Beowulf> Scillian .. not working tactics for me: Wulf 4-1-3-2(inconsistant) and Argus (inconsistant, conceded much but may be my players were not good for it) Subtop (Oulou- Honka- Viitrolul) : Beowulf> Venom> Wulf4-1-3-2> Preachin blues 4-1-4-1> Leipzig .. not working tactics: Parisian (inconsistant), Preachin blues 4-5-1(conceded much) and Scillian (lots of draws where i need to win) Any better suggestion other than the aforementioned tactics? playing Watford and CSKA moscow next
  6. If you look at the comments before yours, that we had on that exact thing, this is already applied, but will be increased in an update.
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  8. Apsolutely, point of memes is exactly to exaggerate
  9. I'd recommend the following in beta: Change dlp to s duty, bwm to bbm, left winger on attack, right winger on attack, left back iwb but keep him left footed, right back also iwb and right footed, both put on automatic, both strikers as af, for ti defensive line on higher, line of engagement on much higher or higher, defensive width all the way to the left on narrow, slightly shorter passing, counter and much higher pressing intensity, remove hit early crosses as they are ineffective, but check cross from the byline for iwb's, and most important, set mentality to cautious, if you are loosing go for attacking instantly, also higher tempo all the time and overlaping on both flanks. It all may and will seem contraintuitive given you are managing a inferior team in epl, but judging by those statistics, your team seems to be too stationary and conservative, not looking to exploit the open opposition. You need the goals, and the more you attack, less will the opposition. Let me know how it goes if you try this for a game or two.
  10. Agreed 100%. My first season in MLS was really challenging and enjoyable. Every game I had to sweat to get at least a draw. Now in my second season and right off the bat I'm dominating MLS. Even with my second XI wins come so easily. I wonder what's causing this? It does remind me of the good old days with CM 01/02 but I don't think that's what I'm looking for anymore...
  11. Do you play on the public beta or retail version? Some PIs might not be available due to specific general TIs and some PIs stays after you change TIs but they make no difference
  12. This did make me laugh but got love for the mods !
  13. Starting United save today want to use the formation shown here but i struggle to score goals with it, the reason i want to use it so to stop all the counters or at least combat them a little as likely going to dominate Any suggestions on tactic tweaks and signings to fit it would be amazing guys thanks
  14. No Matter How Full The River, It Still Wants To Grow FK Partizan / Ivory Coast - Season Review 2034/35 I’ll readily admit one thing. I should have told Stana about Selene the moment she returned. Not that she’d have been pleased, but the reality was that I had not done anything wrong. I had nothing to hide. But now I find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop. For my omission to be somehow discovered. And I find myself thinking of Selene. Remembering our time together. Of course, by not telling Stana, it now looks like I do have something to hide. Maybe I do. The reality is that seeing Selene again – only for a few moments, more cryptic than anything else – has rekindled a flame that I thought was long since extinguished. A big year for Nicolaj Bur. Obviously, the highlights on the field were: (1) winning the World Cup with the Dutch; (2) immediately securing the Ivory Coast job; (3) reaching the Champions League knockout stage and acquitting ourselves well, for the most part when facing some of Europe’s elite; and (4) continuing our utter dominance in Serbia, securing the Super Liga title with 35 wins from 37 matches, a record 107 points, with a +87 goal difference and only 8 goals conceded. This is still an absurdly young squad, in our first year playing with the “final” PM Haaienbek tactics. We’re only going to improve from here, and generally have enough financial muscle to keep ahold of the players we want to keep (one immediate task this summer will be contract renewals). I don’t see a need for big changes with the squad, so there will only be modest tweaks (Ismaili is on his way out, to make room for Didier Kone, a young Ivorian forward). My impression continues to be that 2035/36 is a year when we'll be capable of making a run in the Champions League, provided that some luck falls our way, and a legitimate contender in 2036/37. Goals for 2035/36: Make a run at Tunisia 2035. Defend our Super Liga title. Make a run in the Champions League. Squad | League Overview | Transfers Finances | Income | Expenditure Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Fixtures 3 European Review In the Champions League, Pep Guardiola's Monaco beat Javi Gracia's Atalanta, 1-nil (aet), on a 111th-minute banger from non other than Erling Haaland. In the name of Taylor Swift, I tell you what...that lad must follow one hell of a skin care routine, for a man of 35... Doesn't look a day over 19 if you ask me... I'm just sayin'... Kidding aside, though, this is a big year. Monaco are Nearly Men no longer thanks to Sir Pep the Bald, First of His Name, while Atalanta join the list of eligible teams! Woohoo! The updated tracker is below. Champions League Overview | CL Knockout Rounds In the Europa League, Marcelo Gallardo's Liverpool beat Stanislav Genchev's Chelsea, 1-nil. Europa League Overview | EL Knockout Rounds In the Europa Conference League, Marco Rose's Valencia beat David Bingham's IFK Norrkoping, 2-nil. Europa Conf. League Overview | ECL Knockout Rounds In the active leagues, after a brilliant 2033/34 where was saw some "elite" clubs get knocked down a peg or two...we reverted back to normal. Ugh. Marcelo Gallardo's Liverpool reclaimed the Premier League title. Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus won their 14th straight Serie A title, their 23rd in 24 years. Antonio Conte's Barcelona reclaimed the La Liga title, after Genchev left Athletic for Chelsea. Julian Nagelsmann's Gladbach defended their Bundesliga title yet again (their 5th in 6 years). Paulo Fonseca's PS-****ing-G reclaimed the Ligue 1 title. Marko Arnautovic's Gent knocked off Club Brugge in Belgium. Thomas Tuchel's Panathinaikos won their 11th straight title. Finally, David Bingham's IFK Norrkoping won the 2034 Allsvenskan title. Save/Challenge Overview Cross-posted at From the Cheap Seats.
  15. Could be a small update 150mb for privacy issues
  16. Highest profile win of the save so far. Dec 2033. Champions League Group Stage. I'm delighted with this performance despite not qualifying for the Knockout stages. I think I'm right in saying that 3rd in the Group Stage of the Champions League means that we should drop into the Knockout Stages of the EURO League, but the rules don't say that and to be honest this save is so bugged that anything could happen. There has been no media comment or message, but it is definitely happening.
  17. Its funny you mention it. I had a very similar set up in my second version of the tactic (as I show in the article) with regista and mezzala on attack and bwm But then I changed it to the final third version because I could not really see Mata playing as regista well. Also I really wanted to recreate enganche type role which I just couldnt convince myself regista could be. Regista role is too much about dynamic movement IMO. It intrigued me though. Maybe I will still go back to that tactic in the future. Particularly seeing how Garner is developing into a really great regista (except for his low off the ball). Although you are right, Oyarzabal would be a sweet regista too
  18. NK Zadar: 2021/22 season review The season after promotion was a worry for me as the team that were relegated last year finished on 9 points and had better plays than mine. However, we managed to put in some decent runs and just missed out on europe on the head to head rule Goals were a struggle with my two only senior strikers going long periods without scoring. Only one player in the whole squad averaged above a 7.00 rating for the season. Youth intake wasn't as good as last season, although this guy could prove useful. I will definitely be hiring a new Head of Youth as most of this year's batch also came with either low detemination or unambitious. Transfers below. Annoyingly the board decided to sell a promising youngster despite me protesting. The board then moaned that the transfer fee was too low Managed to get the board to improve the youth recruitment spend. Now classed as average.
  19. Are you including recent transfers up to now like Young to Inter?
  20. So i started a carrer with AD Oeiras (Portugal lower leagues). And when i reached the first division i was presented a under 23 team and a B team. I noticed in responsibilities that there was an option that lets my HoYD purchase players and sell players for my under 23 and under 19. As you can see in the image below there is no info about the under 23 things, but, for the under 19 ones there is. The problem is, i go to the "set all" and i click "take control myself", save. But i have control of nothing. HoYD continues to accept offers for no aparent reason. continues to attempt to loan players, when i need them and set especificly "not available for loan". And in the next day HE IS AVAILABLE FOR LOAN (!!??). Cant really play my save cuz part of my project is youth development and the rogue HoYD keeps doing his thing without asking me, its actually depressing. So, just to end, i ask you to find a team without a under 23 squad, and placing them on a league that creates that under 23 squad automaticaly (for exemple a 2 league portuguese team doesnt have a under 23 team but a 1 league has).
  21. I've found Venom&Faith442 p100 to also be okay in the beta, about the same as Beowulf p107, but Venom&Faith p100 is showing to be pretty solid against same level teams and stronger teams also. All round tactic for now. Tried to tweak it little by little, as i tend to do with all knap tactics over the years to try to make them even more efficent, no luck tho. Two CF(s) seem to be working weird, you can score more goals, but also for some reason concede more than with 2 AF's
  22. I've taken over some ridiculous rosters, but that's just obnoxious. I guess they were playing a really, really old school "Pyramid?"
  23. @Totalfootballfan Hello iv'e started a new save using your Raptor V4 tactic possibly with the RDF attacking narrow tweak with inter, I have three questions regarding player instructions When you click on WM where's the option for close down more? When you click on WB why is it not letting me click on cross less often? When you click on BPD how do you activate the option to play it shorter? it's not letting me
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