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  2. SI said few times there are no ME updates for FM19 after 19.3 We can only hope FM20 will be like FM19 Open Beta improved and bugsfree at least
  3. Hey Team, today i have got several crash dumps, please help. I allready updated graphics card drivers, deleted cache and preferences Folders. Nothing of these steps helps. Thanks in advance. DxDiag.txt FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.05.25 10.30.31).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.05.25 10.33.37).dmp
  4. I am not surprised that no one answers your raised concern. SI don't care about their game being realistic. They are even worse than EA Sports and love to censor everything that challenges them although it's backed up by FACTS. They will just say it's your tactics and behave like they are the elite. By the way, Mr executive producer, why have you decided to refuse considering statistical analysis? Can you come out of your shell and explain it?
  5. Losing Dybala based on a useless draw against Ecuador.... That is, that is, Aaaaaaaargh
  6. But out of all the possible reasons to criticize the ME, graphics is probably at the bottom of the list... As said, the purpose of the 3D ME is to give us a visual representation of the match and to monitor how things are going for our team. A FIFA-like graphics isn't really necessary because we don't need photorealistic players' faces to see that our Winger can't put a decent cross in to save his life or our CBs are lethargic sloths who get constantly dragged out of position. To be honest, we don't even need actual 3D models for the players... The 2D dots of the post-split CM "traffic cones" would fulfill the same purpose, but I also see either will look rather bush-league in 2019. So what we have, albeit far from perfect, is a fair compromise between usability and looks. About the movies comparison: a car accident in an action movie and one in a drama can (and should) be shot differently because their purpose is different. In the former, car flips and explosions are expected and will enhance the visuals and the general feel of the movie. In the latter, it must be character or story-driven, so the more realistic and gritty, the better. It's not about the quality of the scene, but about the meaning.
  7. Question about the u18 format. If an under 18 team wins the u18 performance league should they be promoted to the u18 elite league? In my first season playing with Ayr my u18s won that league but never got promoted then the following season st Johnstone u18s won it but never got promoted to the elite league either. Furthermore I noticed the same issue with the advanced league as queen of the south u18s won that but never got promoted to the performance league. Is there any reason why u18s teams don’t seem to get promoted or relegated from the leagues they start in?
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  9. It is my intention to put it in the tactics forum because I believe at some point during the season I will run into issues tactically at which point I hope to analyse and try to find out what went wrong. At the moment I guess it could quite easily fit into the FM career updates section as I've fleshed out the thread with a lot of stuff maybe not relevant to tactics. I've done this however to try and provide a lot of information about my players. Also to show my thought process with regards to player recruitment and tactical changes in game.
  10. One of the best goal i saw in my first season with BvB. Another on with great build up;
  11. interesting what you say about brazil. Are still thinking of a save in brazil? also have you thought of setting up a feeder club there maybe?
  12. I have it in my own skin too and it's in other skins as well. We talked about it with @bluestillidie00 it's probably some ID change by SI in the recent time. Time from the time it appears in my skin without a problem and the stars are here as usual and before. But there are missing when I restart the game and appear randomly again during playing.
  13. Cheers Knap, finding the 442 inconsistent with Dortmund but think it's the strikers not being lethal enough & the central defenders getting done for speed. Is that something you've noticed affects the tactic?
  14. hi @knap once again thanks for the tactics... I couldn't see, is there a version ıf Pilgrimage 4141 with the newest set pieces? or how can i make it... thanks in advance
  15. I'll ask steam for a refund then. I can't play like this.
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