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  1. Just a suggestion, based on the current form in their youth teams, I think:
  2. I started my game, and I am still in preseason. Disabled first transfer window, I am quite thorn between going with youth only, or even academy only... or going all guns blazing and doing what I wish would happen IRL and get Håland, Camavinga, Sancho, de Ligt...
  3. I am also quite surprised.. well, pissed is more like it, but I am biased as hell in this.. but both Joe Hugil and Charlie McNeil were not updated in the new update, even though they are tearing apart U18 / U23 leagues. The thing that actually irks me is that some other players recieived a significant boost to their PA (not fixed so varies) because they are playing very well in those leagues... but not United ones.
  4. Do you guys play friendlies during traning camp in the preasos, or is it better to just leave players to training only?
  5. As they say, form is temporary, class is permanent. I don't think knocking / adding a few points of CA/PA for a player because he had a good, or bad run of form is, 'right', especially if it is done to some players, and not to the others. I do agree that United's, or Liverpool's for example, attackers are having a bit of downturn, but I don't think that warrants such changes, especially if it is their potential. I would understand if it is CA... but anyway, we can argue about this in circles until the world ends so...
  6. To be honest, I migth be, and probably am biased, but I think that whoever did data research for players either dislikes United or is really biased by the instant media of today, given how low (compared to some other potential wonderkids or stars in the EPL), potential PA or PA for some of United players is. While it is certain that not everyone from United's current crop of youngsters will make it to become regular firt team players, it's ridiculous that they are so un-appreciated but some teams, some of whom barely have any player from the academy at all in the first team, get a bunch of pla
  7. It says 18th January, not 18th November. I belive it is a typeo in his DoB, /1/ instead of /11/ for month. Transfermarkt Wikipedia
  8. I think your DOB for Luka Romero is not correct. But I wanted to ask is there somewhere a complete changelog?
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