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    Second half of thrities, played CM since CM2, but my first FM is 2021 edition. Aside from football and football manager into metal music, history, paradox interactive games, FRPG, epic fantasy and SF books...

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  1. No way, they would be just cannon fodder. Worse than San Marino. Way to few people living there, for them to become even remotely competitive. Plus they can play against other regions and unofficial teams which is more balanced. If they could get one of those teams like Jersey bulls, Guernsey, FC Isle of Man into the football league system.. maybe. Also I guess political reasons, maybe Catalonia would ask then to become a member too. Although UK has a specific setup since they have independet FA since the beginning of football, so you get one country, but four national football teams.
  2. Did you already turned professional? In my current youth only save, although only two seasons in, but I still lack the finances to get the board to either turn professional or upgrade youth facilities.
  3. Did West Hame actually won the Premier League few seasons ago, judging by that league position history in that screen? Impressive.
  4. Well that is an unexpected and UCL final that I would love to see in real life.
  5. I think the hardest part of youth only is generating enough money to put all the facilities to 20/20 so it finally starts generating more quality players.
  6. Wow, that is quite a comback through the leagues for Bury.
  7. Athletic save.. one of my most favourite saves for FM.
  8. Being a person from the Balkan and studying Balkan history leaves permanent traumatic consequences I mean I am not a historian by profession, but history is my great love, hobby and I considered studying it, but then (smartly?) decided it is better to focus on IT. Pozdrav iz Beograda.
  9. I love youth only challenge, especially from the lower leagues. I followed several Isle of Man, Guernsey, Worchester youth only saves, and I am currently in the middle of one (might make my own thread out of it).. so, all that means I am sure as ****ing hell following this one.
  10. That is definetely wrong, I am sure there would be more than a thousand people for such a match.
  11. A bit of a tough start, but I guess that was to be expected, it doesn't come easy.
  12. I always love a save when you take on the bigger teams in town... now if you also make it youth only.
  13. Not many stars, but I would love it if that Hungarian, Bulgarian and Serbian guy could be moulded at grew to become at least quality squad players. Wishes often do not come true on FM but a man can dream...
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