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  1. Youth Improvement With the facilities now being worked on we have moved up to Category 2 for our youth category!
  2. End Of Season Results Survival was the aim and as long as we could string 1 or 2 wins each month it was going to be comfortable enough for us. A very good run in March confirmed we would be playing League 1 football again next season. League Table We were actually up in 11th before the defeat on the last day. However 15th place is great for a team predicted rock bottom! FA Cup A nice little run to the 4th round where we got a massive tie at home to Chelsea. We gave them a good game but their quality told. Carabao Cup Out in the f
  3. Youth Intake 2027 - The Players Just showing you the big 4 here! Down the line I will show you others: Really needed a player like this. The wing and striker we didn't have much cover. Could be the player to replace Heaton! Another big keeper prospect! He will develop first in the u23's! Oh I like the look of him. Possible striker here as well as a really nice AMC! Another good winger prospect which we need!
  4. Youth Intake 2027 - The Overview Again really good potential here. Per usual we get our standard goalkeeper! Also a big winger/striker prospect which was badly needed and it seems we got the attacking midfielder we were after as well as we lacked any real depth there outside of Haavisto! Lets look at PA vs PPA.... 4 players over 100 PA is great and the personalities as a whole are pretty good!
  5. The Entertainers The very next game after that was this.....
  6. Just did some quick maths. In our 36 games this season there has been 175 goals at an average of nearly 5 goals a game. We have scored the most and conceded the most!
  7. FA Youth Cup We managed to get past Middlesbrough in the FA Youth Cup but then a goals galore game away to Man Utd finally knocked us out!
  8. FA Cup 4th Round We did ourselves proud but they were just too good for us.
  9. Youth Facilitie The sale of Heaton has also let us increase the youth facilities again!
  10. FA Youth Cup In all the previous seasons the 2nd round was the furthest we have got. We have now made it into the 5th round which is a great achievement!
  11. Mid Season Update Results Survival is what was required this season and despite going through some blips we are now on a 6 game unbeaten run which means we are safe currently! League Table Only 3 points clear of 21st placed Doncaster but we do have a game in hand! FA Cup We fave Bristol Rovers in a replay in the 3rd round. If we get past them at home we have Chelsea next! Carabao Cup Backup team played and gave Brentford a very good game! Papa Johns Trophy Again our backup team played in these games. We lost
  12. Youth Intake Preview A striker would be a real help and another attacking midfielder wouldn't go a miss. Wingers is our biggest area that need improvement and it doesn't look like this is happening here!
  13. I do think it is the most rewarding of saves. It can be tough sometimes when you get your big prospects stolen by other clubs or a transition period from ageing players to your new younger players but when you do get some form of success it makes it all the more worthwhile!
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