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  1. Squad Review - Part 2 Centre Midfielders Definitely our most stacked area (although 2 of these are loans. Ben Hur despite being the dirtiest player in Scotland is developing really really well. Keogh is another of our American recruits on a free transfer. Not really ready for this level but I will give him game time against smaller teams where possible. Levitt was another free transfer previously off Man Utd. He has really good quality and covers a lot of positions which is handy! We brought in Doyle (Man City) and Sousa (Porto) both on loan. They are quality players and will really help us with all the competitions we play in. Wingers It may look like we are short here but we have Massimo, Hur, Sequiera, Levitt, Puglisi and if need be Scheck that can play in the wide areas as well. Clarkson came in on loan from Wolves and is starting on the right whilst Ruiz starts on the left hand side. McPake I kept as we need to hit some form of home grown status in the CL. Strikers We are looking solid here despite losing Ruocco. Friars is the player we spent our whole transfer budget on. Transfer listed at Leicester he came in for just over £5m. He will be our main striker and really does look like quality! He is also Northern Irish (like me) and I used to live in a place called Friars Wood. Everything points towards a wonderful relationship! Cassio came in for 500k from Brazil. Current ability isn't as great as some of our other strikers but in terms of potential he can be a world beater. Will get quite a few games this season! Scheck is another American who comes in. Again has very good potential and will try and get him some game time throughout the season to aid this development. Puglisi has been tracked all summer by a few clubs. He will still get quite a few games but our positions this season will definitely be rotated a bit more. Aubameyang was the old star we decided to go with this season. He still has really good stats and can definitely do a job for us. Covers a lot of positions also!
  2. Squad Review Part 1 Goalkeepers Patricio was brought in on a free transfer. He still has a lot of qualities and even at 35 is a very good goalkeeper. Pucko is still developing but will get a lot of games this season still. Full Backs Ralston and Sequeira (free transfer) tend to be our starting 2 full backs although we do have a couple of centre backs who can play out there in Hesp and Ostigard. Massimo was brought in on loan mainly due to the amount of different positions he can play. Very solid player to have on our books. Lapper is one of 5 players I managed to poach for free from the States. All of which I got work permits for on appeal. I wasn't planning on having him in the first team this season but he will be our backup left back. Centre Backs Wes is a superstar in the making and my scouts have to take all credit for this. Costing only 400k he will be starting this season. Ostigard can play at centre back or right back. He will get quite a few games at full back this season in the big games. But is more a centre half. Forrester is our 2nd of the American boys to come in and in my eyes is probably has the most current ability out of the lot. I will try and get him a few games this season to aid his development. Hesp came in last season in January on an 18 month loan deal. He is fantastic for us and covers the whole back line. Vieira was another played brought in on a free transfers. Can play anywhere through the middle. Probably utilise him more in defence simply due to the quality we have in centre midfield now.
  3. Transfers Out 9 players have left the club permanently and 3 on loan. McKenna was no longer required as our squad is simply much better now. Lima we got good money back on. We have a number of players who can play in that position now and we are still quite a small club so any fees over 1m is really good for us. Laidlow was our number one 2 seasons ago but like McKenna the better players have forced him out. Musada heads across the Atlantic. He moaned last season about wanting more games where I immediately dropped him. Gomes I probably could have kept but at 34 years old we have some younger players coming through. So he was sold for just under 100k. Eboue was very good for us but an offer for 2.5m was too much for us to turn down especially with better quality players coming in. Wellinton scored some important goals for us last season but hasn't really developed the way I wanted him to so he's off to Spain for a nominal fee. Boutsingkham was very good for us last season and I wasn't actively looking to sell him but he complained when I brought another left back in so is off to France for just over 1m. The one I really didn't want to sell was Ruocco who again had started the season very well but SPAL met his release fee and he turned down a new contract. Instead of doing transfers in I think I will do a squad review and mention the transfers in that!
  4. Dirty Rovers Even though I am not attempting to be dirty like some on this forum such as @Jimbokav1971 my team have taken it upon them to get into the spirit. We finished with 8 men against Hibs.
  5. Improvements Improvements again in the junior coaching and youth recruitment!
  6. Yes I think I got fairly lucky in that Celtic had an atrocious start to the season or else they would have walked the league!
  7. Stadium Expansion Another expansion. I presume this is to our maximum for this stadium. We move to the Joe Jordan Stadium (which I have never heard off) which holds 41000 people!
  8. Gameweek 38 What a performance! Down to 10 men after 17 minutes. @Jimbokav1971 you would be proud of Ben Hur. He has had 16 yellows and 3 red cards this season :D. Even more amazing is we used all 3 subs and got an injury which meant we ended up playing with 9 men for nearly 20 minutes! Hibs did their part but it wasn't enough. We are Champions!
  9. Gameweek 37 We played St Johnstone at home whilst Hibs play Celtic! We absolutely thump St Johnstone. Ruocco had a hat trick within 7mins and we never looked back. Hibs come from 2 down to draw 2-2 with Celtic! This means.... Celtic are out of the title race! For the first time since the 1984/85 season a team outside of the Old Firm will win the league!
  10. Manager Of The Year Surprised this is handed out prior to the end of the season but its a nice accolade to have.
  11. Poached Player poached by Utd. Will keep an eye out for him!
  12. Gameweek 36 We travel to Hearts whilst its an Old Firm Derby at Celtic Park. Hibs travel to St Johnstone. Gutted. The sending off hurt us. Both Celtic and Hibs win meaning its tight at the top! Hibs and Celtic play next!
  13. Gameweek 35 We have Celtic at home in what could be a massive game which decides where the title goes! Hibs have another difficult game away at Rangers. Hibs collapse continues as they lose 4-2 at Rangers. The big news came at Reigart Stadium as a fantastic performance by us gave us a 2-1 win over Celtic meaning this is how the table looks. We move 4pts clear with 3 games left to play. This is by no means over. We have to travel to both Hearts and Rangers and have St Johnstone at home.
  14. Gameweek 34 We travel to leaders Hibs whilst Celtic play Hearts at home. Celtic do what they do and continue their ridiculous run. Us on the other hand absolutely batter a struggling Hibs side 6-0. And the scoreline didn't flatter us. Hibs have lost 4 of their last 6 games with only 1 win in that period. It means the table looks like this. We go top by a point and have the best GD in the league now!
  15. League Split After slagging Celtic off they are now unbeaten in 18 games winning 16 and have won 13 games in a row now. We have dropped some silly points in the last few weeks and Hibs have choked a bit meaning its a 3 way title challenge!
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