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  1. Nice to see Ballymena turn professional as well. Fingers crossed yourselves and Larne can make group stages next season!
  2. Yes, I was managing to pick up players from the likes of Ligue 1 (lower reputation teams) as well as pick up some really useful loans from the Premier League. After I left Larne (I actually own a house here!) have unfortunately only qualified once in 5 subsequent seasons in the CL but have had a couple of Europa League group stints. Linfield and Crusaders are also professional in the league so it would be nice to see another team do well.
  3. Have followed. Started off at Larne in my Journeyman game and managed to get them into the CL group stages in season 3 but lost every game. You can start picking up some decent prospects (for NI standards) from around Europe after getting into the group stages. The real challenge is for the rest of the league to try and catch up.
  4. Will keep an eye on this, used to be a season ticket holder in the late 90's/early 00's.
  5. Could you give me screenshots of the current N.Ireland starting 11, interested to see if there is any notable improvement in quality.
  6. Been following this for quite a while. Loving the dedication, I think if only you could get a couple of well rounded technical players in vital positions then you could really kick on.
  7. Started an unemployed career which ended up as Wednesday as my first job. Some of the contracts at Wednesday are crazy. Would recommend getting rid of a few backup players who wouldn't really be near the team. I got rid of Fletcher (more to give Hirst games), Emanuelson, Sasso, Semedo, Nuhiu. Trying to get rid of Winnall and McGuggan also. Team is definitely good enough to go up first season. Hooper and Rhodes are crazy for this level. Unfortunately I joined in late November with the team sitting 22nd. Managed to move them up to 4th place now. Automatic promotion is out of sight, so playoffs it is for me! Good luck!
  8. How are the others getting on in Europe? Anyone make group stages or anything yet?
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