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  1. Squad Review Goalkeepers Liam Kerr Paco Kerr is comfortably are number one and has developed very well. Has recently hit 100 CA and has 39 goals for the club so far! Paco is our new number 2 as he has the best personality and highest PA out of our other keepers. I will try and get him more game time this season! Full Backs Jose Carlos Junior Allende Pau Ismael Juan Carlos is still our rotational full back on either side now that he has been surpassed by Pau and Allende. A solid backup to have in one of our strongest areas! Allende has
  2. Due to laptop issue I lost my end of season update. As it was quite big I cant be bothered to do it again! So bullet points: Finished 4th and lost in playoff semi final Knocked out of Spanish Cup 1st round Kovacec was the top scorer in the league Solid development all around throughout the team! I will do a squad review before the new season starts to show you our current squad!
  3. Playoff Semi Final 1st Leg Missing 2 starters due to internationals and also 2 suspended meant we were massive underdogs here and it showed. We were beaten and beaten well. Hopefully that away goal can provide us with some possibilities but with another 2 going on international duty for the 2nd leg I wont hold my breath! 2nd Leg It wasn't to be. We managed to get a win but they held on to go through 4-3 on aggregate. Disappointing but we ave performed amazingly well to even get to this stage!
  4. Youth Intake 2028 Overview Another solid intake here and I have made the decision to only sign players that have balanced or positive personalities. Players YP28A - Ismael Juan YP28B - Juan Collardo YP28C - Juan Carlos Fernandez YP28D - Paco YP28E - Adan Iriarte YP28F - Jorge YP28G - Dino Williams YP28H - Carmelo Fuentes First Team Call Ups I will be calling up Juan, Collardo, Fernandez and Paco to the first team right away. This should mean that some of our first team are moved back down, especially any of those that have
  5. Definitely starting to get there. Trying to make a conscious decision to remove bad personalities from the first team squad as we'll as it affecting which players I select from the youth intake!
  6. Improvements With the money coming in for the TV rights we can now start at looking at improving our facilities. Nice to see both training and youth being agreed by the board!
  7. Yeah I think on average around 20 points or so below most teams in terms of average CA. I think there is something to be said with how familiar the team is to the tactics as it hasn't changed since I started the game. Cohesion has definitely helped as I have noticed in some of my other games an initial struggle after an influx of signings. This is the tactic I have been using for pretty much all of FM21!
  8. Mid-Season Review Results We have played very well after our set up including a great 6 game winning run in September and October. League Table We sit a point outside the playoffs as our players continue to develop and gel really well. Spanish Cup We were hammered by Valladolid as we lost a man early on. Goalkeeper Watch Kerr has 3 goals and 2 assists in 19 games whereas Balaguer hasn't got off the mark in his 1 game thus far. Player Review - Mateo Rufaza (YP26D) Called into the first team this season he has shown real
  9. Transfers We have sold a few players whilst a few of our more fringe players have left on loan to get some game time.
  10. TV Rights Well that is a figure I wasn't expecting to see!
  11. It was a struggle in the bottom division but when moving up I did a quick check of the rough CA's in each league and there was only 4 or 5 points on average a difference which shows you that the leagues are quite close. I expect that to change in the Segundo Division though!
  12. End Of Season Results Another very solid 2nd half to the season. Was it enough for promotion? League Table It was! We had promotion wrapped up with 2 games left and even though we still had a shot at the title I decided to give more game time to those who havent had as much including 3 of our most recent intake! Spanish Cup We managed to get through 2 rounds but our backup players weren't good enough to get passed Extremadura as we prioritised our promotion push! Goalkeeper Watch Kerr scored 7 goals in 35 games, Diatta didn't get off th
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