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  1. Fantastic a double. On a side note, only after this thread I realize how hard it is to actually win with only academy and youth players.
  2. What caused such a dramatic dip in from from the previous season?
  3. Downloading tactics doesn't really work well in FM21, cause it depends on the team you play, style and players you pick. I would strognly suggest learning and experimenting. That being said 4-2-3-1 with CB on Ball Playing Defender - Defend and Central Defender - Defend, Wingbacks on support and attack (if left one is on attack right one is on support and vice versa.. against weaker teams you can go with both on attack but be careful with that) central midfielders are ball winning midfielder (defend) and deep lying playmaker (support) AMC on attacking midfielder - support or attac
  4. Not really a fan of Porto (given that I am United fan.. we still remember that 2004 knockout game) but I don't really have a club that is close to my heart in Portugal, unlike some other leagues.. but I really like Sérgio Conceição since his playing days at Parma. How good is Francisco Conceição really? I mean more IRL than in FM21, in game he seems quite good, I am eyeing him for my Parma / Manchester United game.
  5. Now that is one hard challenge, although I really love those games when someone takes clubs from Andora, San Marino, Luxembourgh, Liechtenstein, etc...
  6. I consider myself pretty knowledgabe when it comes to football and tactis, both in FM and in real life.. but when I see the way some people, to be more precise author of this thread in this case, have in depth tactical analyiss.. I realize I am a petty amateur.
  7. Hi, I just found this thread, and was wondering about your opinion on this: Loading the most imporant nations as fully playable: England, Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal.. maybe Russia, Brazil and Argentina and then loading all, or almost all players through advanced DB (based in nation or nationality for all continents or regions)? Or do you think adding view-only leagues gives greater advantages over not loading them at all. Would it have any benefit / drowback to load the game at the start with all leagues set as playable, and then switch out most of them to view
  8. Yeah I was also thinking it was related to him leaving the club. Apparently they had some sort of a disagreenment. Link
  9. That was a fun journey. Chertanovo and Sophara are making me wanna do a youth only game too.
  10. As far as I am concerned, I usually assign them all personally, and set them to look for U23 or U21 players. I don't mind them recommending me someone out of those limits, since I might miss somebody, since I usually scout a lot myself, but I care about them being failry accurate in terms of players current and potential abillity. But my problem is that you start a game with 29 scouts, and there is like 16 allowed by the board. Which kinda pisses me off, since I hove to ask like 20 times to allow me more, and I also have to do the same for the coaches and coaches are more of a priority or
  11. Is there any way to change the allowed number of scouts in the game? I know I can ask the board, but they already complain about it, which is ridiculous given that you start the game with them, and that big clubs often have dozens of scouts?
  12. That is because the game begin implementing a new... way of thinking, let's say, where players PA doesn't change every now and then and drops but rather other factors, hidden attributes etc influence the player, so it never reaches its full potential under certain circumstances. There were some posts about it, somewhere on the forum...
  13. Well, we wll have to agree to disagree, since I am of the complete opposite opinion. Yes he had unusualy high number of mistakes, at least for him since at one point he was at zero or close to it. But he's playing with a very shakey defence in front of him, and comparing the number of mistakes goalkeepers at top clubs had make in the last few seasons, while he probably is higher in numbers, it's not like he made 30 mistakes and others made two. As an example, from 2016 till early 2021 the number of goalkeeper mistakes leading to goals is, Alisson and Ederson at six, DDG at nine while Hug
  14. That actually is not that bad mentoring groups setup, I've seen much worse and illogical done by the AI. Depends what type of players who are able to be mentors you have available really.
  15. Media is, and always was, very biased against United, Allison i Ederson also make some mistakes, noone bats an eye, DDG makes a mistake, the whole world melts. Easily one of the top 5 goalkeepers in the world, despite his flaws and drop in form.
  16. As the name suggests, is there any skin that shows large fonts at 125% while still keeping all the panels in order and showing without cutting some of them off? I tried a few but when you put it on 125% some panels are cut and missing.
  17. He counted only league goals, he scored 17 in the Premier League last season.
  18. I moved quite a few players from the youth team, so they train with first team squad and get the mentoring.. but I also often make them available for U19 and C team. (another hint, arragne at least once a week a friendly for C team since they are not in the active league). That being said, both Nicos quite often feature in my team, with Nico performing really well, but they are not guaranteed starters, I rotate a lot and against stronger teams do usually start with Ibai and Berenguer or Morcillo.
  19. Think I need to create my own team in the lowest league and do youth only save, this is quite inspiring.
  20. Anyone played with this for a season or two? I like this and I want to start a save, but was jus wondering how does it work out given the additional games and fixture congestion? How does it affect training?
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