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  1. Hi @Lucas Thanks for the DM. I followed the instructions and it is slightly quicker but still very slow and a huge difference to how the game ran before the update. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks
  2. Hi, I know this has been reported a thousand times but my game is very slow after the update. Is there anything I can do to speed it up as it is currently taking me about an hour and a half to do 1 week of no fixtures. Many thanks
  3. With the majority of teams that I manage I struggle to spend a huge amount of money on players. Take for example my current Leeds United team. I have a bunch of british players with the odd foreign import and we have been steadily starting to win trophies over the past few seasons (Premier league champions last season). Now my team/squad is good but by no means the best and there are a couple of positions that I am short in backup but I just won't spend the money that some teams want. I do occasionally spend on a big player but my current record spend is £25million on a defender who has really improved my back line. I now have gone 2 full seasons without signing a player and instead finding myself bulking up my bench with youth prospects, some work and some don't. Now, I just want to clarify that in no way is this a rant about the game and I actually enjoy the fact that I am very tight with the purse strings even if I have a huge transfer budget to spend, I just wonder if anyone is like me in this case or do you all just go out and sign the best players given that you have the budget to do it?
  4. How annoying, I already have a dinner that I have to go to!! If this happens in the future can you give more notice so I can make sure that I am free!!
  5. I had a similar situation in FM15 with Leeds. Elland Road was having massive improvements made to it meaning that I played all home games for one year at the City of Manchester Stadium! This did annoy me a bit as although the ground was sitting empty (so kind of made sense in that regard!) Leeds would never send their fans to Manchester to watch home games. Don't get me wrong, I can't imagine Leeds sharing with either Sheffield club or Hull, Bradford etc but it would have been a bit more realistic maybe being as they are in the same county at least.
  6. I completely agree with this! Doesn't matter what the score is I will always find the opposition getting back into games! I was 3-0 up after 25mins and low and behold by 70th minute it was 3-3 and I actually went on to lose 4-3! This isn't the first time this has happened but sometimes I get the 4-3 win. 16.1 defending was awful but the opposition AI didn't seem to be able to play incredible 70yard passes through my defence with the striker ramming home a first time volley into the top corner while my strikers score tap-ins or just boot it wide of the goal. Frustrating isn't the word. It is incredibly annoying and I keep trying to work this out but I really do think defending is a million times harder after the 16.2 patch.
  7. This is stupid, I can't play this game anymore, game was fine and now the graphics are really laggy and the game crash dumps every time I try to rest players on the calendar. I understand you are trying to improve the game but for me you have made it so much worse. I always take any upgrade in my stride and I have no problem with new tactics and gameplay, I just want to be able to play the game!
  8. Ok, I have now missed 14 penalties on the bounce!! When I get a penalty now I just expect to miss. My taker is 17pen with 15 composure so obviously not the absolute best but 15 on the bounce??!! Oh and he has scored 4 out of 4 in shootouts.
  9. Yeah, I'm having the same thing but only with penalties from open play. It doesn't seem to affect shootouts.
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