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  2. Graham Banks Amateur Members 20 posts Managing: Leamington Posted April 13 Can this not be fixed for the current version and released as a bugfix? This seems to be normal practice for most games. Quote Edit Options Hugo Mendes Albino SI Testing Team SI QA Staff 1,068 posts Posted Tuesday at 01:40 Hi there, Unfortunately not, However if you continue posting examples and pkm's this will help us massively. Cheers, Hugo Quote
  3. 2023 Coming off of our most successful year to date, a stronger looking Turks and Caicos Islands team were ready to take on the World Cup 2026 Qualifiers. Results Turks and Caicos Islands 3 – 0 British Virgin Islands – Friendly, 07/06/2023 (Brown 20, Cook 77, Glinton 84) Nicaragua 1 – 1 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 13/06/2023 (Lowery 75) Turks and Caicos Islands 1 – 1 Barbados – 2026 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Second Round, First leg - 02/09/2023 (Glinton 31) Barbados 1 – 0 Turks and Caicos Islands - 2026 World Cup Qualification (NAM) Second Round, Second leg – 06/09/2023 Turks and Caicos Islands 1 – 0 Belize – Friendly, 11/10/2023 (Brown 32) Turks and Caicos Islands 2 – 2 The Bahamas - Friendly, 17/10/2023 (Glinton 53, Hassad 69) Surinam 1 – 1 Turks and Caicos Islands - Friendly, 15/11/2023 (Glinton 1) Anguilla 1 – 2 Turks and Caicos Islands – Friendly, 21/11/2023 (Speer 41, Hassad 90) Rankings January: 155 February: 155 March: 152 April: 163 May: 163 June: 163 July: 160 August: 159 September: 161 October: 158 November: 155 December: 156 Yearly Verdict Another successful year I would say. In the end it was disappointing not to get past Barbados and Billy Forbes retirement was a blow. However with a stronger team overall we have started to win more friendlies and remained unbeaten during all of them this year, even beating Anguilla! The last minute goal against them was very satisfying. Unfortunately due to scheduling issues I was unable to get friendlies in March this year, I genuinely thought we were in the First Round qualifiers which happen in March. Star Player Herby Glinton – The midfield maestro.
  4. An appetite for destruction. Apr 2042. I've never seen anything like this in a previous save. This is not the 5th time he has missed training. 1st time. I let him off with a warning because it was the 1st time. 2nd time. I let him off with a warning because he had just scored 2 goals against PSG and deserved to celebrate. 3rd time. I fined him a weeks wages. 4th time. He missed a league game against Caen and I fined him 2 weeks wages. 5th time. I fined him 2 weeks wages. These are the only options I have at this stage and he will be fined 2 weeks wages. This seems progress at least.
  5. Whichever team you choose, make a side challenge to find a player or players and aim to break the current club records for overall league goals scored, league appearances made and the overall goals scored by a player in a season too.
  6. Great career mate..
  7. Two new signings, one on loan who looks a very good prospect And a familiar face on a free transfer to sure up the midfield: Going to be trying a new formation for this save, normally I favour a narrow 4-3-1-2 with marauding full backs but will now be trying:
  8. Something for FM2020 to consider might be offering a 'start your own franchise' option in the MLS. Get to build a team from scratch. Can be achieved via Data Editor already but for many users they wouldn't know what to do. This would be an awesome addition.
  9. Scarborough Athletic 2028/29 Season Review "Scarborough had been expected to be in the running for a playoff place but ultimately flattered to deceive and will be disappointed with a top-half finish. The Seadogs struggled to find their best form at times but were otherwise able to enjoy a campaign which saw them produce a highly respectable finish." Competitions Summary A good start to the season saw us floating around the upper playoff spots, but not enough for us to go top as Halesowen were proving too hot to handle early in the season. Unfortunately, a horrendous run of form (how often have I said this now?) due to the tactic I was using at the time, the one which had seen us finish 3rd last season, no longer working saw us go 10 matches in the league without winning between the end of December and February. We actually dropped as low as 16th at one stage, and I was on the verge of being sacked until I tinkered with the tactics, which sparked a run where we won 6 of our last 10 fixtures, but it wasn't enough, as we ultimately finished in 9th place. We did quite well in the cups; we got the 1st Round of the FA Cup where we took Exeter to a replay where we lost 2-0, and we were knocked out in the 4th Round of the FA Trophy by Woking. The cup runs, combined with some pre-season friendlies, has helped us massively in terms of finances; even though we are currently in the red (mostly due to a loan repayment), we came out of debt for the first time in years earlier in the season. so hopefully now we can do even better next season, allowing the new board (the fans took over the club earlier in the season) to help improve the club both on and off the pitch. Slightly more concerning is the fact my contract is up at the end of the season and I've yet to be offered new terms. I have to say as well, I'm beginning to get frustrated at the lack of progress I'm making as well. Next season will be my 10th one in charge and so far we've only gone as high as the National League, with our stay there being brief. We just don't have the finances to attract the type of players that can lead us to the title, or even be a force in the playoffs. Fingers crossed that next season will be a glorious one for us. Squad Summary Our biggest issue this season was the fact we relied on 4 players for the vast majority of our goals this season. Shane Stratton (who much to my sadness will more than likely be elsewhere next season as we can't afford his contract demands) scored 32 goals, Neil Attenborough, who was signed during the summer transfer window, contributed 17 goals (although he is currently on a long goal drought), while Ronnie Rodriguez and Kieran Yoffe grabbed 11 goals each. As Stratton is all but gone, I'm a bit worried about where the goals are going to come from, so I'm going to be doing quite a bit of searching in the transfer market. Not much else to report in terms of the squad outside of those four, as the rest of the players had solid but unspectacular seasons. Season | League | Position | FA Cup | FA Trophy | Trophies/Milestones -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 | VNLN | 9th | 3rd QR | 3rd QR | Expected to finish 21st, finished 9th 2020/21 | VNLN | 17th | 2nd QR | 3rd QR | Expected to finish 22nd, finished 17th 2021/22 | VNLN | 7th | 2nd QR | 1st Rnd | Expected to finish 22nd, finished 7th, lost in Playoff Final 2022/23 | VNLN | 15th | 3rd QR | 3rd QR | Expected to finish 20th, finished 15th 2023/24 | VNLN | 2nd | 4th QR | 2nd Rnd | Expected to finish 20th, finished 2nd, promoted via playoffs 2024/25 | VNL | 20th | 4th QR | 1st Rnd | Expected to finish 24th, finished 20th, avoided relegation 2025/26 | VNL | 23rd | 1st R | 1st Rnd | Expected to finish 24th, finished 23rd, relegated 2026/27 | VNLN | 13th | 1st R | 1st Rnd | Expected to finish 14th, finished 13th 2027/28 | VNLN | 3rd | 1st R | 2nd Rnd | Expected to finish 12th, finished 3rd, lost in Playoff Semi-Final 2028/29 | VNLN | 9th | 1st R | 4th Rnd | Expected to finish 14th, finished 9th
  10. The fact that he is a wonderkid may explain this as he may not be able to cope with the pressure. Check his composure attribute, but it might be worth taking him off penalties for a while.
  11. Today
  12. I know mate have you screenshots with this team. But im having great success with the one i posted never ever had goals conceded less than other of your tactics
  13. It's always one of my 'go to' formations. Certainly one of my top 3 ways to set up so it's never a million miles away. I like the idea of Gedson Fernandes in midfield though.
  14. also an easier way (rather than dragging) to move players to the top of the queue
  15. WB Au will be a WB A compared to a IWB S, so will be a different set up. IW S is a more defensive set up but not everyone likes the IW set up.
  16. !!!!!19.3.4BEOWULF442WAFKnapP103ECCC by Knap and !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF442KnapP106ALLCUPS by Knap both got the most number of points in testing league of fmarena but i don't understand in what differentiate each other....
  17. Agreed, things are progressing nicely and there is no way we would be playing as well on the pitch if I didn't have (39b) Xabier (Res) * playing alongside (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) *. I tend to not take too much notice of the youngsters when they 1st come through, It's not until they turn 16 and I can start actually playing them that they catch my eye. Thanks for the kind words. I really just wrote what I'm thinking. I'm sure half the time it's a load of old waffle. Thanks for the kind words anyway.
  18. Back at it.. I just can't decide where to start.. Man City, Ajax, Benfica, Anderlecht, national team of Serbia (but then I need an already working tactic for I start)?
  19. Hola... Parece prometedora... Publica enlace para descargar y probar.....
  20. It's weird but I love (36a) Dulce (Bal) (2036) * despite his antics. I commented earlier in the thread that if someone had to go between him and (39b) Xabier (Res) * then I would prefer for (39b) Xabier (Res) * to go. The fact that he has some negative aspects to his personality that gives some depth to the story, yet still keeps banging the goals in is just brilliant. He's still only 21 but seems like he has been around for ages.
  21. Beautiful Did I read your mind or is that just a theory?? Would love to see some analysis. That midfield looks absolutely unstoppable.
  22. Season 2 of my career ended with my team and in the start of the transfer window ''boss'' informed me that I had 53 million available to spend on transfer period.. I got really happy and started planning how I would spend them.. But Just after that I checked my transfer budget and It was only about 5 million.. I bought one player and now I got 10 thousand euros.. Please explain me how that happened because I'm so frustrated and I'm probably gonna leave the game after this..
  23. What I see I don't like but I ignore the cause: - Pass instead of shot - Shot instead of pass - Cross instead of pass - Cross instead of shot - Shot instead of cross - Don't tackle - Don't press - 2 or more player going for the same ball - 2 or more players going for the same opponent - Miss chances - Miss headers - Miss tackles - Pass the ball to the opponent - Don't move when they are pressed - Don't pass the ball when they are pressed - Don't hoof the ball when they are pressed - Don't fight for the ball - Bodyguard opponents - Don't follow opponents - Don't make fouls when needed
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