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So I started a new save with the update, went my beloved Hammers.

Theory is hardworking 442. Cut some deadwood, replace with hardworking players.

Play to our strengths, Soucek is a perfect Target Man, get in another pacey CB alongside Zouma, and press high....

And somehow this happens first game



1st Game!.jpg

442 tactic.jpg

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that's good right? :) play a few more games to see how it fares against bigger and smaller opponents.

also your xG was 1.61 so you might not score 4 goals every time.

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Still strong, the always overpowered Man U up next might be a test

Its one of the first times I've really used two inverted wide men, the IW-s on the left I feel could give more, experimenting his his

player instruction's, regarding width and dribbling etc..


I also created a second version where its a back 3 in possession, FB-D on the right sitting narrow, left CB on wider. This is to face two striker formations. feel its

got greater balance, and I don't have to make a CM to a defend duty to help.





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So united did knock us down to size. Was two late goals though to win it for them. 

Also lost a cup game on penalties but we had a second string XI in anyway.

Results came good again after these to matches, winning V Watford and Marseille with 10 men for over45 mins each. In fact V Watford it was 0-0 for 30mins,

red card, then we scored 5!

Chelsea game we actually got battered in the 2nd half, so maybe the high intensity is catching up with us, or the AI is adapting, did slaughter Burnley after the Chelsea loss.




5goals with ten men.jpg


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32 minutes ago, JoOSTAR said:

Awesome result man!


Which Player instructions do you use in your tactic?


Cheers, Instructions as follows....

LB - Cross more often, cross from deep, Stay wider

LCB - Close down less

RCB - (updated to BPD) Dribble more

RB - Cross more often, Stay wider

LW - More direct passes

LCM - Further forward, dribble more, risky passes

RCM - Hold position

RW - Stay Wider

STL - Stay wider

STR - Tackle harder

I've recently added close down less to the RCM after the chelsea loss

LW still unsure how to best use him, maybe get further fwd and or sit narrower

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3 hours ago, Dutchy1983 said:

LW still unsure how to best use him, maybe get further fwd and or sit narrower

You could try to do what Moyes does in real life. Remove the stay wide PI on Cresswell, add the stay wider PI to the LW and then add an underlap on the left. You'll see the IW holding the ball wide with the LB coming narrower. That's like our (West Ham's) only attacking pattern in real life. haha 

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19 hours ago, Dutchy1983 said:

Could be an idea, but Cresswell's best attribute is his crossing, don't want to lose that. I'll give it a try at some stage 

He would still be out wide but he would also move into that half space. It just provides more variety in attack. 

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Things are still going great! 

So LB I am currently now using FB-S Cross more often, from deep, get further forward. Also added stay narrow, sometimes in game I'll add underlap also as prched55 mentioned

I mentioned earlier I had the same tactic but with a back 4 in possession. RFB -D stay narrow, LCB stay wider. This is now my default tactic

After a loss to Brighton we have been immense, only a couple of draws slowed us, but now we have hit the top of the league! 

The Brighton game they just came out with chance after chance, tried mixing it up a little but to no avail, maybe their centralised formation was a bit much for us.

Its great to watch, my most enjoyable save this version I'd say





Ltest tactic.jpg


sched 1.jpg

sched 2.jpg

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January was a bit nuts, stupid money came in for a few which I couldn't help myself and accepted

32 year old Cresswell, 26m from Newcastle thankyou! Replaced with Kolarov for 110k!

Benrahma 20m, Vlasic 17.5m - Bennacer 30m plus Tolisso 2.5m

Dawson 9m - Scalvini a youngster from Atalanta for 1.1m 

Coufal 20m - Rensch 16.5m (I'd already started rotating Tolisso here with Johnson anyway) 

Antonio 12m(love him, breaks my heart to give him up) - Vitinha 17m

Had 40 odd left to spend but prices were over the top. Chased Bissouma hard, wanted nothing less than 70m, bid again a month later and he's coming for 42m plus add on's to about 46m at the end of the season


Jan window.jpg

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So your current Player Instructions are:

RB (FB on defend): Cross more often, Sit narrower
RCD (BPD on cover): Dribble More
LCD (CD on defend): Stay wider Close down less
LB (FB on support): Cross more often, Cross from deep, Get further foward, Sit Narrower
RW (IW on attack): Stay wider
MCR (CAR on support): Close down less
MCL (CM on support): Take more risks, Dribble more, Get further forward
LW (IW on support): More direct passes
STCR (TF on support): Tackle harder
STCL (PF on attack): Stay wider

Is this right?

Edited by JoOSTAR
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Pretty close. Bear  in mind it's all relative to what you've got to work with.

I have two RBs, one has only 10 for crossing,  I obviously untick cross more often

LCB always on defend and RCB always cover but the role depends on the player.

LCB Stay wider

RCB close down less

Best attributes mix of Anticipation, Acceleration and Pace goes RCB on cover. I always play 1 centre back with a minimum 12 dribbling combined with brings ball out of defence, this guy needs to be BPD with dribble more.

LW More direct passes and stay wider.

STL I removed stay wider

STR Tackle harder and stay wider


Also the MCL you can ditch risky passes or dribble more of your player doesn't suit

Hope this helps...

I won the league in the end,  one of my best tactics. Creates loads, also good conversion.

Soucek, Bowen and Mina were unbelievable

In season 2 I will add a championship team and holiday for a year with the same tactic 




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