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  1. Help! It's January deadline day, I've signed my highest profile player, I continued and must not have checked thoroughly enough as I never registered my big signing!! Is there any way back, last save was 4 hours ago before deadline day and a lot happened.... is the editor available yet or something? Roll back the save?? Argh was so into this Save
  2. Just seeing what others do with their squads probably for training purpose.. And what is considered 'good practice' I tend to have all my eligible under 18 players in that squad to benefit from the youth coaches. All my regulars in the first team obviously. Then the main area I'm looking for thoughts, the players that have hit 18-20 odd but aren't regulars, do you leave them in the under 23 squad?? Or is it more beneficial to be in the first team and just be made availble to play under 23s? Hence then being available to be mentored and learning from better players. And if you do this are the under 23 coaches redundant??
  3. Obviously I am training them as Wingers on their preferred footed side. Not even sure a fuller green circle would equate to much difference on the pitch or not? I can only assume. Players seem familiar with their roles and duties
  4. I think its definitely changed. I love 4-4-2, and I'd always have some success retraining the advanced wing positions to ML and R. And yeah I have noticed the feedback system seems flawed, not just with position training. Surely a guy who is a natural AML Winger Attack, should in time be able to become a ML Winger attack, similar attributes are required. Obviously there are some differentials I understand. Ill attach some screenshots of my players who haven't changed since the start.
  5. Anyone had any luck? Any secret to it like training not much else maybe? I'm sure an AML or AMR shouldn't have too many probs improving familiarity as ML or MR... but none of my players after 18 months have changed. Anderson, Yarmolenko, Martins and Bergwijn. Also Lanzini as a false 9, and Declan Rice as a CM. Is there a bug or are we simply supposed to sell them and buy ready made players for positions?
  6. Unrealistic at present for me. If an AMR winger after one year training on MR winger and playing there week in week out doesn't change one bit in his competency this is crap. Can understand a completely different position taking forever but something so similar. None of my Wingers either side have improved at all after a season
  7. Aaron Cresswell aged 29, suffers a pulled hamstring after hitting a purple patch of form through January and Feb. Been out for about a week and I get some player development news, Cresswell is now only a good championship player , previously a good premier division player. Quite a big drop I thought, I click on him, he's Acceleration has dropped from 14 to 8 in one week!!! Anyone else seen such an extreme hit?? Could understand if he was 34 and his legs just left him but 29 still in his prime in the game (not in real life!)
  8. Lots of people not happy with the lack of creativity and through balls, and they all cop the 'check your tactics' answer!
  9. I think your on the right track, well that's how I figure, but I'm in January and my players haven't changed at all in their new positions, same familiarity and colour... except Lanzini who was injured till Xmas, he's played about 5 games in a F9 role and trained in the position, he's gone up slightly in color. I've got loads of inside forwards all training as wingers on Midfield right or left, played there for 8 months and haven't changed one little bit!
  10. Surely Mark Noble wanting to leave for a new challenge having achieved all he could with West Ham after a few months needs sorting! He's Mr West Ham! Loyalty up and love the club please!
  11. Spike I hear you. Think maybe a lot more training involving chance conversions or something may help us. I understand you can be on top and they can score the odd sucker punch on the counter, my biggest gripe is with the massive difference game to game, especially away, can up up against a bottom side in shocking form and all of the sudden I can't create chances no matter what I seem to change.
  12. Scraped home here.. Brighton were on bottom then all the sudden cant create anymoreBattered them but couldn't get the chocolates
  13. Okay, so I love a 442 and the use of wingers. I've set up pretty attacking with a couple of variants. I have found the matches very inconsistent or hard to get a gauge. I realise its meant to be the most realistic and toughest version yet, but some games my players come out on fire and create chance after chance but can't score, others I can't create anything against a bottom side, then I knock off Man City in the league and cup... Very up/down. I'll post some screenshots. Overall just hit January, sitting 8th which is probably right for West Ham, but some of the games could have been sooo much better as you will see. Training players is definitely much tougher. New positions haven't changed at all in the 6 months so far. And the window is now open. and in my hierarchy, the top three leaders want to leave. Noble (MR WEST HAM) needs a new challenge?!) Zabaleta whos in his second season new challenge and Chicarito wants first team football (understandable) What implications will I be looking at selling all three mid season??!!
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