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  1. Yeah I have good idea for my player could play a AM-S while everyone defends for him in a 4312. That being said I wouldn't be mad if it didn't work out I have a player with almost little flair and plays as an AP-S so far my best creative outlet with a couple of assists in lower league football. I guess to influence how they play even more is by traits but that is very hit and miss and training them is very long.
  2. @Johnny AceAfter re-reading this thread, I realized that you use a simple role with no PI's for your "playmaker" and I believe what your man did is one of the best series of plays I have seen in the forums. But then after this I thought if I had lack of PI's how am I going to get my player to listen to me. Will I have to use a non-playmaker role for this to work. How will this affect the team; i.e. turnovers via passing, dribbling... Of course, for my AMC I have a flair player and he plays well but he didn't use his flair as much and was obedient to his pi's/ hardcoded role so can the flair player star in a playmaker role?
  3. We need a wide forward so the forward actually stays up front at all times and bombs down the flanks. Can play them in the striker position, basically FR and FL position.
  4. They do for example the trait stay back at all times says the player will make no forward runs adjusted for team mentality
  5. A few player traits change depending on mentality is there any significant change you see when this happens
  6. Yes composure is important what you can do is train his composure to be much higher. In this case unless he has played really badly for you then replace him otherwise there is no need.
  7. Jacques Troost is almost like R9 so I'll definitely put him as a CF-A. As for whether you want to build your team around him or your tactic still works so you don't want to change it, that is up to you. The DLF is always going to drop deep to link up play with the midfield, for it like a TM that is more technical and isn't a ball magnet. I don't know why you would play a TQ next to it, they are quite similar in the way they play and so either no one tries to make run of another instantly box or the SS does it which just make the front line very patient and slow. For the BWM-S have you tried the BWM-D first or CM-D/S could stop him from shooting too much. For the CF-A use an PF-A/S or a P-A. If you do use an CF-A use either an AM or AP either support or attack. The AM-A is like a more creative version of the SS. Since you stated that your team is doing well save your tactic first.
  8. Because I am in the lower leagues, I can't play on a low tempo because then the opposition will be quick enough to close passing lanes and press us, passing and vision is poor in lower leagues and it is even worse with a low tempo.
  9. There's no greater danger than playing it safe. When in possession do you have a playmaker and/or striker that can do want he wants. If so give them the most creative attacking freedom. Then give them options make sure each role compliments the other, check for which space they occupy in attack and know what each role does say I play this 433 I have a lone playmaking striker, I need to make sure someone gets into the box like lampard so the opposition doesn't know who to mark. Now about the tactic Why are you playing a DLF(s)? Who is going to get in the box? the IF can easily be marked and the mezzala can easily be pushed out wide far from goal. Where is the pivot? You play a HB which is fine but when pressured or marked how many times does the midfield drop back and give him options or does he occasionally boot it. Isn't much easier to use an anchor man or DM(d). Why is your playmaker on support? If he cant pass to anyone does he dribble. And who supports the midfield in defense, the mezzala doesn't defend as much. How many times does the IF actually penetrate the defense? Why is there no transition even if you don't have for attack at least have one for defense and vise versa. Asking a select few play direct passes helps break stubborn sides. I know you ask about possession but it is good to increase the number of opposition turnovers. I ask these questions for the OP sometimes if there is a problem it is good to ask why your doing it, what you expect to happen, and what has happened.
  10. Then use an AF he is not an CF(a), in his prime he was closer to that role then he is now. And the poacher role doesn't sit centrally depending on what you what him to do. Adding instructions can give him poaching tendencies and he can still drop off if I said P(a) + roam from position he will drop off occasionally and time his runs from a deeper position so he's not offside. And if you want a clearer role with no PI's and play more risky passes then I would advise AF
  11. As Johnny said make the formation and post it but for roles realistically Ronaldo is a poacher and Sancho is either an advanced playmaker, inverted winger on attack or winger on support.
  12. I don't know how bad you were losing since you were second but I guess his advice worked.
  13. So try and play wider, utilise crossing and possibly ask some of your players to be more direct and play more risky passes. Having a winger who plays direct passes and risky passes is good especially if you don't want them to go down the byline.
  14. I guess this isn't a direct answer but I hope it helps you think about what you what to achieve to better understand what you what from your players. Also a big example of this is Man United Vs Villarreal they had the better team but couldn't break the team down in the Europa League Final.
  15. That's a good question I sometimes feel I need to ask myself. In certain situations my players do tend to give away too many free kicks and usually this cuts down the silly goals that happen against me sometimes if we are loosing too many challenges or my players health are getting low pretty quick it means I need to either take off stay on feet or use get stuck in. I guess this an evaluation of why TI's like that get used but a bit from my perspective; sometimes you don't need it and you trust your players but then you get a highlight with them on a set piece (excluding corners) and they score and then they get an underserved win. So I get why the op may use it.
  16. Yeah I had a technical player with 15 flair as a striker in the lower leagues but he was so poor at shooting, I had to retrain his position to AMC while he played as an DLF
  17. It all good when it works but the other attributes like technique, long shots, dribbling, composure will all help in telling whether he will be successful in whatever he will do.
  18. Is there a quicker way to do this if you say Uefa implemented this then can't I just use Europe as a continent and implement this rule in all of Europe's top leagues. Sorry I am rather new to all of this editing.
  19. No if you search across the forums you will see people trying to create the 343 diamond all you have to do is find it and copy it then change team instructions to make it a bit like sampoli tactics
  20. It is similar to 343 diamond so you may want to try to recreate that to get the 3331 in attack.
  21. About the corner I don't think you can have one on each end of the box they both face the direction of the corner taker and stand closer to the corner kick on the edge of the box. One thing I have done but I used a Stay Back if needed on the far end of the pitch which seems to move closer after the kick is taken. The poacher role shines with a creator but by the looks of it the only playmaker in your team is the treq therefore make sure you add some creative pi's to the WMs and the CM(d) so it can pick out the poacher a lot more, also if you do plan to use the poacher don't use be disciplined TI otherwise it will just prevent/slow down the time it takes to get the ball to the poacher.
  22. P/AF. F9/(DLF(s) only) W(a) CAR(s) CM/DLP(d) WP(s)/WM(d) FB/NFB(d) CB(d)/(c) BPD/CB(d)/(s) WB/CWB(a) Roughly this is how I think it should work but that doesn't mean it will turn out exactly how you want it. I do also think you should add pi's when transition so you can tell certain players to sit wider or narrower.
  23. Depending on how many times he's played it would be best to take him off before he gets injured, actions like this preserve the strikers form so he could give his best all the time. And if you think this is unrealistic Arsenal's Arteta subbed off Aubameyang in crucial semi final clash against Villarreal and lost on aggregate. Real in that scenario might not have lost anyway because it not like they depend on CR7 he adds the finishing touches to an already strong team if you take Cristiano off, your team doesn't instantly become toothless they just have less firepower.
  24. No that's not what I meant just in general it seemed a bit low for my playmakers to be playing well and come out with a few key passes, my tactic prior to asking this question was doing really well so this isn't a big problem, I guess it is just me being precautious. But thanks anyway.
  25. DM should be a playmaker since you have no AMC MCR -CM(a) you need a runner from deep to break the opp defensive line Strikers AF/P/PF + DLF/F9 You are a very deep team so if the ai plays a DM then it will be more difficult to pass to the forwards so if that happens meet them halfway and play a flat 3 midfield. Cm(a) Bwm(d) ap(a)
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