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  1. There's a whole thread on replicating Pep's system: .
  2. What about a Wide Targetman on Support? Change the rightback to a FBatt (then you can remove the Overlap on the right because it'll happen naturally). So Iago will hold up the ball and have the FBatt and the CMatt to support. Maybe even change the striker to an attack duty with moves into channels. Like a PFatt or AFatt. That'll leave tons of space for the RMD and Iago can launch killer balls to him. Then add an Underlap on the left side which will push the FBsu (maybe change to WBsu if he isn't getting far enough forward) up further/make him more aggressive and he'll look for the RMD and Mezz
  3. We do get countered on quite a bit but there should always be at least 3 people back to quickly transition to defense so we're usually fine. Plus the WM and WB protect the flanks in our defensive transition. It also helps if the CDco have high aggression and bravery so they get the long ball from the opposing striker.
  4. I play with a 442 with an attacking CM. CFs--AF WPs--CMd--CMa--WMs WBs--CDd--CDc--IWBd Positive Mentality Counter, Distribute to center backs Higher LOE, Higher DL, Prevent Short GK Distribution Left side CD told to stay wider CMa told to move into channels and take more risks Helps if your WP has comes deep to get ball Defend in a 442, build up in a 3-1-6 You can switch the IWB to support or attack duty if you want to play riskier It helps if you have a really good team to do this but I'm sure my dropping the LOE and go
  5. I think it really depends on what you see when your tactic plays out in the match engine during games. But I imagine he is just isolated or isn't a viable passing option for other players. I would drop your aggressive pressing by unticking counter-press and dropping your LOE one notch. Then switch your APat and BBM so he can provide more support to the TM and then switching the TM from attack to support. But building on what @herne79 was saying above, each change you make in your system can have knock on effects to other parts of your system. So don't make a lot of changes at once.
  6. If your tactic is successful, why would you want to change it? But my suggestion is it seems like you're playing two different styles. You've got some roles and TIs for a counter attacking style (pass into space, distribute quickly, TM on attack, wing backs on attack) and some other roles and TIs for possession play (play out of defense, overlaps, counter-press, distribute to center backs, two playmakers close to one another). So if I were to change this tactic I would either play it a full counter attacking style or a fully possession depending on your players and how you expect the
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