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  1. Glad to know, Winger or Inside Forward I think, but I guess I'll be submitting an offer now, thanks!
  2. I just found a regen, natural winger, 18, quick, technical and cheap at £77k. However, the poor lad has 3 flair. Is there any way to improve this? Or would I be stuck with a great player who can only use pace and teamwork to beat his man? Would tutoring by a player who has high flair have an effect?
  3. I'll have a look at this and see if I can make two other versions of the tactic. DF does have Move into Channels. CM(A) was okay, might go back to an AP, maybe on Support. I'll look into making the team less fluid, might make us stronger at the back. Stay on Feet might go too. Overall though I think I'm back to winning ways, can't thank you guys enough for the advice. Don't know if this thread should be locked now but I've certainly solved the problems I had to begin with.
  4. Hi Si forums, this is my first post. I am currently in my second season with Leicester. Last season we played an aggressive 4-3-3 which saw us finish 4th in the table after a remarkable turn of form at the back end of the season. I had planned to stick with this tactic but after poor opening results, Mahrez picking up a long-term injury and my inability to acquire a suitable backup I felt that I had to change the system. Here it is below: Player Instructions are as follows: GK: Distribute to Centre Backs, Back 4: Close Down Much Less, DL: Cross Aim Far Post, RW: Roam From Position, Mark DCL, STC: Mark DCR I have been struggling all season as shown by these results: Away form has been extremely poor, no away clean sheet in the league so far, even after shifting 3/4 of my budget on Romagnoli. We've scored 6 fewer goals than this stage last season but conceded around 15 more. Here's the team report: Nevertheless, Vardy is banging them in, Arthur is my favourite player on this year's FM, he is a beast, and finally Gray is doing fine too. Nobody else is performing well and most are performing below expectation: League table isn't bleak but I am 6-1 to be sacked, didn't meet League Cup expectations and they went me to obtain European football for next season. I am still in the Europa League, last 32 vs Kyiv. I have about £25m in the bank to spend in January if need be. Mahrez is 7 weeks to 4 months away from returning to full fitness. Here are the attributes of my players currently: I am desperate to keep my job and push on in the 2nd half of the season. If you were me, what would you change? All advice is appreciated and I thank you for reading this post.
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