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  1. Well we've used it, and it's working: We had beat Basel 4-0 at home with my normal 4-4-2, but I applied the aforementioned changes and it worked perfectly. Their goal was very fortunate, we couldn't clear a corner and it was scrambled in but in attack we were great to watch. The scoreline here does not reflect the match, we dominated Nordsjaelland, and should have had 3-5 goals. Their goal was an awkward one, I think it was down to player quality rather than a fault of the tactic. Our centre-backs failed to deal with this ball and their striker controlled and finished it. Not much to be done tactically to stop that goal. I feel now that the tactic is successful and I have a lot more confidence going into away games now. I'd like to thank @Falahk and @Experienced Defender for their advice, and I think I've found a way to win away
  2. With regards to TI's, I feel Work Ball Into Box is essential, simply because over the number of saves I've done, when it's off my teams take way too many long shots, and it is incredibly frustrating to watch. Ibarra (GK) has the attributes to play as a SK so I can play him in that role. Many thanks for the advice anyway, I'll implement the changes and see how it gets on
  3. 2-1 from our first leg, all we needed was a draw in Kyiv to progress. And that's exactly what we got. The tactic hasn't changed since the AaB game, only Evander was fit to play and replaced Mabil. Observations: Their clear-cut chance either came from a free kick or an offside goal I can't tell which. Nonetheless it wasn't as a result of the tactic Viviani had a great game picking up MoTM, with four key passes, three dribbles and three fouls against We hit the woodwork twice, but we've yet to create a clear-cut or half chance in two game, and have yet to score They only completed 3/30 crosses, showing our strength in defending crosses Pellegri had a poor game, only winning 54% of his headers compared to Onuachu with 87%. Yet again our wide midfielders didn't have an impact, Vega completing 69% of his passes and Evander only managing 58% I feel we can defend competently away from home now but the lack of goals and chances created is concerning.
  4. Our next match was away at AaB, and I employed the aforementioned changes: Evander wasn't fit so Mabil came in, he's a quick player, great dribbler but struggles in front of goal. Our only TI was Work Ball Into Box and there were no PI's. I also swapped the strikers. It was a disappointing result, AaB had won their first three games but so had we, and both teams struggled to break each other down. As you can see the only real chance came from a penalty, which we conceded from a corner so it's not of much tactical concern to me. Observations: We committed 22 fouls, and they had a number of free kicks from within 30 yards of the goal Okosun, our CM (D) committed four of these fouls and had a terrible game, also giving away the penalty Our cross completion percentage is poor, considering the that both Pellegri and Onuachu are great in the air Our wide midfielders had poor games, Mabil only completing 55% of his passes AaB set up to defend and we had no answer to their low block Although I feel we did better defensively. They had 15 shots, but 5 were on target and 10 were long shots. Nonetheless I feel that we should have more possession in a game like this, and 71% passes completed is unacceptable Still we struggle in finding a way past weaker opponents who play deep to defend. Our next match is away at Dynamo Kyiv in a Champions League qualifier, it'll be a different game to AaB as they need to score to progress, so maybe the tactic will be suited better towards that.
  5. Going to make these changes and I'll get back to you with results, thanks
  6. Let me first start this post by saying that when at home, this tactic works a treat. I am unbeaten at home domestically since taking charge two years ago. Naturally our problems lie away from home. Managing FC Midtjylland in Denmark, we are alongside FC Kobenhavn, the best team in the country. Therefore teams tend to be cautious against us, we struggle to break them down, and prevent them from counter attacking. We also face the issue of Europe, where teams come at us, and we struggle to hold them off. From observation, a number of our goals have been conceded from early crosses and through balls. I'm asking for help in creating one (or two) versions of my 4-4-2, which will help me achieve better results away from home. Some things to keep note of: 4-4-2 must be the formation, our players are suited towards it and we don't have too much financial flexibility Our 2-man midfield is suited to having one runner and one sitter Our defense can play out from the back, but lacks the quality to do so when underdogs Our strikers are suited to having one supporting and one getting in behind It may not be possible to create a tactic that is capable of breaking down small teams domestically whilst also holding off bigger teams in Europe Here is our tactic: PI's are as follows: GK: Take Fewer Risks DR/DL: Take Fewer Risks, Hold Position DCR/DCL: Take Fewer Risks MR/ML: Take More Risks, Cross Less Often, Roam From Position MCR: Take More Risks, Get Further Forward STCR: Roam From Position STCL: Take More Risks, Roam From Position As you can see the tactic is very aggressive and high tempo. We blow teams away at home and ideally I'd like that high tempo press to work away from home but I know that may not be possible. Here are my player's attributes, three of which are regens: Thanks so much in advance for anyone who takes out time to offer advice, I really appreciate it. If there's any other information you would like to see such as the full team report or player traits just let me know.
  7. Glad to know, Winger or Inside Forward I think, but I guess I'll be submitting an offer now, thanks!
  8. I just found a regen, natural winger, 18, quick, technical and cheap at £77k. However, the poor lad has 3 flair. Is there any way to improve this? Or would I be stuck with a great player who can only use pace and teamwork to beat his man? Would tutoring by a player who has high flair have an effect?
  9. I'll have a look at this and see if I can make two other versions of the tactic. DF does have Move into Channels. CM(A) was okay, might go back to an AP, maybe on Support. I'll look into making the team less fluid, might make us stronger at the back. Stay on Feet might go too. Overall though I think I'm back to winning ways, can't thank you guys enough for the advice. Don't know if this thread should be locked now but I've certainly solved the problems I had to begin with.
  10. Would Arthur as a CM(A) with a PI to Move into Channels solve these problems? He will get further forward and make use of the lateral spaces. His technical ability would be fantastic there I think. But would that leave too many runners, with Ndidi as a DM(D) to spread play? He has 11 technique, 11 vision etc. I can try it, or maybe bring in Iborra who has better technicals. Also, Arthur has been pretty knackered playing the RPM(S) role.
  11. UPDATE I'm having some decent success now. Since the 1-0 loss to Newcastle, we won 5 out of 6, including a 4-2 demolition of Man Utd. We have however lost our last 2, away to Chelsea who are top of the league and away to Newcastle in the FA Cup. I have one major concern about this tactic. We are scoring lots of goals, which is great considering Vardy also got injured, but him and Gray should be back fairly soon. Other than set pieces and the occasional wonder strike, our main source of goals conceded have come from crosses. Most originate from counter attacks but some happen regardless. I have some examples along with the tweaked tactic which otherwise is going great: I decided to have faith in my backups and they have somewhat repaid that faith. W(A) is now IF(A), AP(S) is now IF(S), FB(S) is now WB(S) and DLP(S) is now an RPM(S). This is one of four situations where we conceded. Pavon floated a cross to the back post for Ritchie to finish unmarked Ritchie turned provider here, Slimani scored but the other player (think it's Shelvey) would've gotten there had Slimani not. Ipswich are the worst team in the league, maybe ever. 4 points, no wins. Yet they got a consolation against us. Can't remember who scored but he made a move back post to head home. Away at Chelsea, Azpilicueta on the overlap whipped one in for Morata who eventually got a hat-trick. Romagnoli there is seemingly in control of the situation but he allows his marker to get there first. How? I don't know. As I mentioned other than that we have been solid. Yet this trend is frustrating and an obvious flaw in our game. Remember our back four are all on close down much less. I remember in fm17 I did that to nullify the threat of through balls but is it having a negative effect on crosses? Also, I've noticed that when the DL and DR are told to close down however they please, they tend to do it aggressively, normally ignoring an overlapping run, which then exposes the flank. I'm a bit stuck on this if I'm honest.
  12. The most the game lets a Raum close down is less and I wasn't really a fan of that. Gray is right-footed too so cutting inside on his left is not ideal (why losing Mahrez was a killer) WP(A) is now an AP(S) in an AML position. I know it's one performance but Arthur looks well equipped in that role, WB is now on an attack duty. Davies has developed a bit, signed him this season after Everton got relegated, I admit his role in a DLP(S) is something I'm looking at. Maybe an RPM(S), he plays one-twos, could link well with Arthur. Honestly don't know what lateral space is, Google didn't really help either haha, do you mean like someone making runs into the box? DLP(S) to RPM(S) might help? EDIT: Gray twisted his ankle, I have no first team wingers, only Harvey Barnes and Cipriano for the next 4-5 weeks. This is a problem haha
  13. Yep, as shown below Arthur can play that role extremely well, I'll try out Fluid for my next game and see how it fares, same with the midfield, although I've noticed Silva gets a better average rating whilst on CM(A) but I'll give it a go. DL to an attack duty could also work, and yes my team are quite tired but I try to rest them as best I can, we're coming out of the busy Christmas period too. Next game, did as planned, Arthur as an AP(S), Gray back to his usual AML position. It worked, kind of: It looks great until I tell you that two of our goals came from corners. I guess they all count, but I much prefer to score from open play, we did that though: Arthur dropping inside created room for Chillwell on the overlap, his cross was slammed in at the front post by Vardy. Nice move. Hull's goal was simple really, long through ball over Chillwell who was maybe lacking concentration, Grosicki outpaced him, crossed it into Barnes who scored. I'm not sure who/what to blame really, maybe the midfield could've closed down the initial ball. 5 Clear Cut Chances and 5 Half Chances are excellent. I'm also pleased with only 4 long shots out of 20. Arthur picked up an 8.6 rating. 7 key passes and 2 chances created. He's staying in this role for now. I'm still looking for ways to improve this so if you see anything let me know, thanks as ever.
  14. Here is the new take on the tactic: WP(A) changed to a WM(S) with PI's to Cut Inside with Ball and More Risky Passes Midfield is now a CM(A) + a DLP(S) AMR is now a MR TI's are now Play out of Defence, Stay on Feet and Close Down Much More STC has Move Into Channels Home to Newcastle, here's their predicted lineup, great report actually that's how they lined up. They scored a very early set piece, other than that it was a very poor game. Neither side attacked with much purpose and both defended well, Newcastle slightly better. On 54' Zeca got sent off so I went to Fluid and added Be More Expressive, to no avail. Eventually rolled the dice, moved both wide midfielders up to AML and AMR, took Arthur off (he started with 85% condition to be fair) and brought on Cipriano as an AP(S). In added time took off Ndidi for Iheanacho as an AF(A). I'm happy with our defensive work but we hardly tested Newcastle's defence at all, it was lethargic at times. I understand it was the first game using the tactic but the team are very familiar with it already. Stats are below, I noticed Arthur had very few amounts of pass completed, quite worrying: As ever thanks guys for your help, but the system still needs work as we can see. I think I'm going to start the next game with Gray and Arthur in the AML and AMR positions and see if that makes a difference.
  15. 1. He's an AMR because I wanted a Raumdeuter style player who also closes down opponents, the Raumdueter role automatically sets closing down to less so I went with the W(A). So either move the winger back to a flat 4-1-4-1 or push the ML up to an AML. Also consider swapping the DLP and BBM roles. I get you. 2. Pass into space was to encourage Vardy and Gray who are quite pacy to get in behind on counter attacks but yes I agree with you, it looks better if I removed the instruction altogether. 3. Funny enough I was even sceptical myself with Look for Overlap and I guess this confirms my suspicions. Terrible idea. The BBM gets into the box a little bit I agree more bodies are needed there. 4. The plan was simply to attempt to replicate last season's form without Mahrez. As I mentioned, I didn't get a suitable backup yet I still wanted to play a similar way. I thought I could rectify the situation by simply putting an extra body in central midfield and remove a winger. Gray and Mahrez both played as inside forwards last season and it worked a treat. The tactic relied on the penetration of the front three, Arthur's magnificent playmaking abilities as an AP(A) with a DLP(S) and a Half Back. Back four remained similar but with different roles, if anything more defensive, yet as seen I've been conceding more. Sometimes the DLP(S) was replaced with a CM(A). 1. I'll try to find his PPM's, but I see your point. He is fantastic in the final third, however, if I were to hypothetically go with a 4-1-2-3 instead of a 4-1-4-1, would an AP(S) with the same PI's suit? 2. Look for Overlap is gone haha, I want to keep the attacking mentality so I'll drop those TI's. Do you think I should keep structured and remove BME or keep BME and maybe go to fluid? Also, I wouldn't want to copy a tactic completely but I think I might try Pass out of Defence, my players seem well equipped for it. Thanks guys for the help, I'll be back to try this out in game.
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