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Does attributes means anything?

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I'm a little pissed now, but I want to better understand how the match engine works and how I could have had more of an advantage in this case.

Carabao Cup Final against Man Utd. This is their midfield: Bruno Fernandes (10 tackling, 5 marking, 8 positioning, 11 strength); Samuelle Ricci (10 tackling, 10 marking, 14 positioning, 14 strength); Felix (8 tackling, 6 marking, 8 positioning, 11 strength).


This is my midfield: Bentancur (13 dribbling, 15 first touch, 14 passing, 16 technique, 15 marking, 16 tackling); Mady Camara (13 dribbling, 13 first touch, 14 passing, 14 technique, 14 marking, 14 tackling); Skipp (10 dribbling, 13 first touch, 15 passing, 13 technique, 12 marking, 14 tackling). Plus Gómez as an IWB (14 dribbling, 16 first touch, 15 passing, 16 technique, 11 marking, 6 tackling).

Still, their midfield was much better and gave me no chances... Clearly a weak midfield. Still, I lost the match in a pathetic way. What would you do differently?



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First off, you were playing in a final against Man U who has Martinez, Musiala, Jaoa Felix, and Fernandes in the same team. So they would be tough to beat and nerves might have played a role in everything for your team. Plus it looks like Man U didn't play spectacularly.

In terms of tactics, it just looks really imbalanced.

  • Gomez, Skipp, Bentacour, Camara, and AEH all in basically the same space plus TI's of fairly narrow, shorter passing, and focus play through the middle can lead to a crowded midfield
  • Son is all by himself on the left hand side
  • CBs playing risky passes to only Kane who really isn't that fast and is all by himself

I would have moved the CM(A) to the left hand of the midfield to help support Son. I would have changed my CBs to just normal CB(D) with Bentacour as a DLP(De) so he could shield the defense and spray balls around the field. I would have had Aarons as a WB(S) so you have more width on the right. Maybe even have him as a FB(A) with AEH as a WP(S). Take away Kane's attack duty and make him support. I would have made them play wider and remove the defensive instructions you have selected. Keep my passing and tempo at standard. You're essentially asking your team to spread the field but take advantage of your man advantage in the middle with Gomez and AEH.

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I get you're annoyed but games aren't won or lost on a fistful of attributes, there are thousands of factors at play here in FM and RL 

As @prched55says above, your midfield set up of roles and duties looks a bit shaky, 3 out of 5 on Attack with the other two Support roles being risky roles in themselves. Then 2 BPDs on Cover. A Higher LOE to stretch out your team and potentially leave gaps    

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What about the respective ratings for:

Concentration (Bentancur), Anticipation, decisions?

Players need to KNOW (Mental) where to be, then to be able to REACH (Physical) the ball and only THEN can they DO something (Technical) with the ball.


Tactically - Does the WP-A not take away from the CM-A? I'd swap the CM-A to the othe side. You then need the width on the right to create space for the WP-A\CF. Even if that's done for an overload, only Son is Attack that space, or a thread the needle pass is needed for Kane.

Son as a W-A will look to cross, but only has Kane, or the Deep running CM-A

No holder in the Midfield you can get away with vs a lot of teams (I Switch a DM-S\D in my 4-3-3 DM), but I would not vs Man UTD - They are stupidly overpowered in this game, and have been for years. They have good pace as well, especially out wide, so if you not covering that, it'll be how they get at you. the DC on a cover role could be lkiing to drop too deep and giving Felix the sapce he needs to play

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Regardless of what people say fernandes in a pivot irl would be suicide. It’s ridiculous  it works for the ai

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12 hours ago, _mxrky said:

Regardless of what people say fernandes in a pivot irl would be suicide. It’s ridiculous  it works for the ai

It works because the United researcher gave him a set of insane mentals and stamina that will result in him harassing the opposition for 90 minutes without issues. Considering his rating he didn't really do much, but with 19 Stamina, 16 Work Rate, 15 Teamwork, 18 Aggression you can be certain he pressed every opposition player as if his life depended on it for 90 minutes. So, considering the attributes the United researcher gave him it's not that much of a surprise the AI would actually play him as a BWM. Not sure how Ricci developed in that save, but with the attributes he has he's already a pretty hard working midfielder and with his potential he can be a world class midfielder. Attribute wise in FM that's a pivot that will cover a lot of ground and harass the opposition midfield like crazy. Whether those attributes actually mirror real life properly? Well, that's a different question.

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