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  1. 2033/34 Season - December Another month down and we've continued our incredible form! 5 games played, not a single goal conceded! I know it's early to say this, especially considering we always fall apart after Christmas, but this is one of if not the best team I've put together on Football Manager. Even against Ajax we played a very rotated side and still managed to win. That leaves us top of the pack going into the new year with just 1 defeat on the board, but we have a difficult month coming up with Roma and Inter Milan to play. We won our Champions League group with ease and as you already know we will play Real Madrid in the next round, which will be in a few updates time. That's all for now, see you next time where hopefully we will still be top of the league!
  2. 2033/34 Season - Youth Intake Preview Yeah, not great. Another season another poor intake preview! When will we ever get a good youth intake!
  3. 2033/24 Season - CL First Knockout Round Draw Great. Of all the teams we could have got, it's Real Madrid. To be fair, they haven't won La Liga since season 1 of the save but at the end of the day it's Real Madrid. Oh and did I mention they have Kylian Mbappe up front as well?
  4. 2033/34 Season - November What an efficient month! 5 games in all competitions, 5 wins. Shoutout to the defence as well, only 1 goal conceded and that was in the Champions League! Back to back 1-0 wins against Juventus and Milan was also very impressive and that leaves us still top of the league by 3 points after 13 games. We've also won our Champions League group with a game to go as we're 6 points clear of Hertha Berlin and Ajax.
  5. 2033/34 Season - Takeover The takeover has finally happened...and I've not been sacked! Andrew Moore from Swindon takes over, hopefully he pumps some money into the club! Sadly no investment at the moment, just a load of changes with the directors. And, perhaps the most important email, the transfer embargo has been lifted. This has dragged on for a while! We're committing to the project here at Lazio to win the league title with a new 5 year deal which I've accepted, on a 20k wage increase! Forza Lazio!
  6. 2033/34 Season - October Another month down and it's gone very well in the league! 5 games, 5 wins, 15 goals scored, 4 conceded. That will do! As for the Champions League, not so well. What is it with us and mental games in the Champions League! A 5-4 defeat away to Hertha is not good, unfortunately I can't show you the table because I've accidentally played on too far, but we were top by 1 point ahead of Hertha. As for the league, we sit joint top with Juventus, who we play in our next game!
  7. 2033/34 Season - August/September The first month and a bit of Serie A football is over, let's see how it went! I think the best way to describe this is good, but not perfect. We started in brilliant fashion with a 4-1 win against Torino then grinded out a 1-0 win against Inter. In the CL it's 2 wins from 2 including a huge 6-1 win at the Johan Cruyff Arena. The only negative is the 2-2 draw away against Napoli which wasn't the end of the world but the 1-0 defeat to Cagliari was very disappointing. In terms of the league table we sit 5th after 5 games but we're level with Juventus. Atalanta are currently the surprise package so far sitting 5 points clear after having a perfect start to the season. Still plenty football to be played so I'm not too concerned. in the CL it's going as you'd expect, 4 points clear at the top already after 2 games. Takeover wise, nothing else has happened and we're still under an embargo.
  8. 2033/34 Season - Summer Transfers Starting things off with the outs, and we've not sold a single first team player. Our downfall towards the end of the season was injuries, so I've focused on not selling anyone and signing a couple players for the first team. Now let's find out how we spent our £50m! Daniele Di Somma - £23m Meet our new RW and also most expensive signing of the save so far! He scored goals last season in Serie B for Fiorentina and scored goals in Serie A the season before for them, I'm looking forward to seeing how he does. We now have 3 good RW options so hopefully we shouldn't be short of numbers in that department! Yan Cavalcanti - £14.75m Do I need another Brazilian wonderkid striker? Absolutely not but you can't say no to a player like this with a release clause that cheap. Unfortunately though for the second season in a row we've messed up squad registration as this player is non EU, and we don't have any more non EU slots left. So for this season, he will be out on loan at Hoffenheim where he hasn't featured in any of the 3 Bundesliga games so far. Pier Luigi Bertelle - £12m Our final signing of the summer is another option on LW so we now have 3 there. He's also Italian which is nice to see, I want to have as many Italians in the team as possible, and you'll have noticed all 3 signings have lots of potential - we're building for the future here. I almost messed this transfer up as well, when he joined he was put into the U20s and I didn't realise so accidentally loaned him out to Reims, where he managed to get himself a goal in his 4 games in France. Fortunately though, we managed to recall him on deadline day. So there we have it then, £50m spent on 3 players and I'm looking forward to how they turn out. The next update will be at the end of the first month of the season. but that's not all... All throughout my time at the Stadio Olimpico, we've had emails linking us with a takeover but nothing has ever game from it - until now. We've been places under a transfer embargo which doesn't matter as it's the end of the season BUT, the next email I saw had me fearing for my job... If Andrew Moore succeeds, there's a good chance he will replace me with a new manager. Great. Let's just hope Levi Cooper wins, I'm fearing for my job!
  9. 2033/34 Season - CL Group Stage Draw It's been a while, but the new season is finally upon us! I've hardly touched the save in the last week or so but I've got some time this weekend to hopefully get a couple updates out for you. We're starting with the CL groups draw because there's no point showing you transfers, starting the league season then showing any other potential signings so the next update will be new signings once the window is shut then after that it will be the first month of the season. Let's get on with the draw then! We were 3rd seed in the draw and I have to say I'm pretty happy with this group. Ajax, Hertha and RB Salzburg, 3 teams I think we are capable of beating. There was a few groups I was desperate not to get, including group E with PSG and Manchester United! We kick things off at home against Salzburg, follow that up with a trip to Amsterdam then have a double header against Hertha before playing the return games against Salzburg and Ajax.
  10. 2032/33 Season Review I want to try and keep this short, but overall it's been a pretty good season! Although we didn't manage to win a trophy, we made progress in the league and Europe whilst reaching the Quarters in the cup once again. Everton Vinícius was top goalscorer in the league for the second season running and also the Italian Cup. He's one of the most clinical strikers I've had on FM for a while! Jonathan Rigaud was the top goalscorer in all competitions though with 37 goals in the various competitions, he also made his full Portugal debut. Unfortunately it looks like he'll leave in the summer though as we had an offer in Jan for him that we turned down, he got angry so I asked how much money he wanted, I gave him the money but in the contract his agent put a non negotiable £72m release clause in it. Once again our captain Monchu leads the way with 21 assists. I'll leave you with the updated spreadsheet for the save, the next update will be the start of the new season!
  11. 2032/33 Season - May Here we go then, 4 games to go in the Serie A season. The title is on the line, but who will win it - Will Lazio win a first Scudetto in 33 years or will the title return to Turin? We started things off with a frustrating 1-0 defeat to Inter Milan, a game in which it would have done us the world of good to win but unfortunately we came away from the game empty handed. We bounced back in the very next game with a 5-1 thrashing of Torino then a 4-1 victory over Atalanta and finished the season with a solid 2-0 away win against Udinese. So that was how we finished, but how did Juventus get on with a Champions League final in the back of their minds? On paper, they have the more difficult fixtures as they play both Roma and Inter. But how did they get on? Well unfortunately for us Juventus won every single of their May fixtures without even conceding a goal. You've probably guessed now that this means Juventus have reclaimed their crown and have won the 2032/33 Serie A league title. In the end we finished 3 points behind them, but runners up is a huge improvement on last season which is a positive sign, as long as we're making progress each season I'm happy. we've got £50m to spend on reinforcements next season, and who knows, could we put up another title challenge and maybe, just maybe, win the title?! I'm not going to get carried away, CL qualification next year would still be a good season and hopefully we can add a few top quality players for next campaign. We're building quite a young squad here and I want to continue with that for the summer coming up. One thing for sure is that I will not give up on this project, I'm determined to win the Serie A here at Lazio and I'll do everything I can to make sure it happens. it's been a very long end of season special today that I really hope you enjoyed, I'll be back later with a proper season review. Thanks for reading! FORZA LAZIO!!!!
  12. Have to say I’m pretty happy with it!
  13. 2032/33 Season - April In the league, much better. In the Champions League, the Quarter Final is just one step too far. 4 wins from 4 in the league though is as good as I could ask for. Bar the Sassuolo game they were all relatively straight forward, including the 4-0 thrashing of arch rivals Roma! We gave it our all in the CL but just like against Arsenal we gave ourselves the unwanted mission of having to score 3 away goals. Like in the previous round we managed just that but just couldn't stop city scoring. A great couple of games for the neutrals though! Again, I really wasn't happy with my goalkeeper's performances in these CL games, I'm not going as far to say it's all his fault, but some of the goals absolutely were. We still sit top the league by 3 points but Juventus have a game in hand and you can expect them to win that. That win against Roma also confirmed our place in the CL again next season! What a way to qualify for it, with a 4-0 battering against your arch rivals! This also means...BUDGETS! Look at all that money! By far the biggest budget I've had in the save, who knew not being in debt and being in the Champions League is good for the finances! The next month is the final of the season and kicks off with a huge game against Inter which you won't want to miss, it's make or break time!
  14. 2032/33 Season - March The collapse in the league is in full effect... 3 games, 2 draws, 1 loss. 3 points from a possible 9. Really poor, especially considering we've played so well all season and have been top of the league for months. It's also worth noting the Napoli game was my 600th game in management, which is nice to see. Just a shame we conceded a last minute equaliser! But, it wasn't just Serie A we were playing in this month, we also had the second leg against Arsenal in the Champions League. Can we do the impossible and turn it round from the first leg? OF COURSE WE CAN!!!! you can never rule Lazio out with the bunch of players we have! 2-0 early on, Maier gets one back half an hour in and we have a lifeline. We come flying out the blocks in the second half and grab another goal via Adam Hlozek and we start to dream. 5 minutes to go, Rigaud has come off the bench to play on the wing for Hlozek and he scores the winner, to send us into the Champions League quarters!! Where we will play... Manchester City, who currently sit 3rd in the Premier League. Not easy, but no game is easy when you get to this stage in the Champions League.
  15. Winning the CL this season would be incredible, what a season!
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