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  1. The only thread which has ever genuinely kept me interested from the outset - loving the updates just as much now as season one! In terms of developing your youth intake players, what sort of steps do you take to help them reach their potential? Looking at Dornan for example, he's got a great baseline to kick on from, but what actions will you take yourself to help really push him into first team contention?
  2. Out of curiosity, are you prioritising the upgrading of youth coaching and youth recruitment instead of also youth facilities for any reason in particular? From my understanding, increased youth facilities would help to increase the CA of youth intake players, which might be, arguably, more important that PA as you're aiming to continue up the league pyramid - which would make the PA of a lot of current young players irrelevant should you do so!
  3. This is a genuinely fascinating thread, keep up the great work. I've always played FM for the lower league management and interesting narratives and you've nailed it here, with a really strong method of analysis that I've not seen at this level of the game before. Looking forward to more updates!
  4. I'm wondering if there is a way that you can use analysts (or scouts) to look for certain statistics in players based on performances rather than attributes? For example, can I instruct someone at my club to look for central defenders with high success rates in aerial duels, or full backs who attempt high amounts of crosses, or central midfielders who complete high levels of forward dribbles/ball carries? Over the last couple of months I've found that although attributes are hugely important, things like player traits can be hugely undervalued - for example I have a two central midfielders who compete for the CM(A) role - one of them has objectively better stats, however the weaker option (on paper) has more attacking traits and is far more effective in game.
  5. During one of my early save pre-match tactical briefings, I was offered a piece of advice which said to set all unfit players as available for the u18s. I clicked "Do it!" without realizing it was set to do this for all matches, not just the one.. Now every match day I have a different bunch of players unavailable as they've played for the u18s that day already, which is stopping me from using my backup players when I get an injury. Any idea how to stop this? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  6. For some reason, the option to request increased junior coaching and youth recruitment isn't appearing in the board request options. Is there a ceiling that certain clubs cant surpass, or is there something that needs to happen before I can request it? For example, do I need to reach a new level of reputation? Also, my youth facilities are being upgraded right now, do I need to wait until this is finished? For context, I know that it can't be a financial problem. I'm managing Bray Wanderers in Ireland. I'm in my 8th season and have just won the premier division title for the fourth time in a row. After five years of competing in the Europa league group stages and the Euro II group stages. I've just qualified for the champions league group stages. As a result, in a country where winning the domestic title gets you £400k, I now have over £19m in the bank. So I should be able to afford all of this stuff pretty easily.
  7. I've began conceding from a huge number of corners with a tactic that didn't really have a problem before, and I'm not entirely sure why. I have five center-backs in my squad as I play a tactic that has three defensive center-backs, all of whom are strong for the division. My defensive system is solid, keeping clean sheets about 24 of the 32 games each season. I don't have access to my save right now as I post, but the three center backs sweep up any opposition attacks very easily, nodding the ball back into my two central midfielders from where we build up a controlled possession based attack, using wingers and supporting wing-backs to overload the opposition until we find a way through. On average my center-backs score anywhere from four to eight goals a season, particularly from free kicks from deep, wide positions, so they're good in the air. However for some reason, this season the vast majority of goals conceded have come from corners. My most recent match was a 4-3 defeat, conceding three corners and a direct free kick (I know, frustrating!). I was having this problem at the start of the save so I moved from a zonal marking system to a man-marking system which sorted the problem, where the CBs who are evidently strong in the air mark tall players, and the rest of the team man mark the peripheral players. But the problem has come back a few seasons later even harder than before. Anyone have any advice on how to "stop the rot" when it comes to set pieces? I train "Defending corners" before every match now but still having issues.
  8. Ah yes, I hadn't thought of this. It makes sense as I have just finished my European run - so every second game for three weeks has been against professional teams from Europe. Will these ratings only reset at the end of the season, or will they begin to change now as I've only domestic competitions left to play?
  9. Just to preface this; I understand the star rating system. I've been playing since FM11 so I get that it is a rating given by whichever specific scout/staff member you have selected, it is a rating given in relation to your squads current players (therefore it changes as your squad develops), it's purely their opinion and isn't an objective rating system that can be blindly trusted. But I'm wondering if anyone else has had experience of these star ratings hugely changing during seasons in this FM. After promotion with Bray Wanderers (in the Rep. of Ireland) from the second tier in my first season, I followed this by what is in truth an over-achievement of finishing 3rd and qualifying for the Euro II Cup qualifiers. I knew I'd need to strengthen to qualify again, which the Europe money allowed me to do. However I focused this on the attacking players as I didn't need to do much work on the defensive line - my starting defense lineup were all 3.5-4.5 stars CA according to my staff, are in their mid to late twenties, and they had good relationships after the two previous successful seasons. The third season isn't going as planned though, my new attacking signings were under performing (constant 6.1-6.4 match ratings) and we were shipping lots of similar goals every week. European qualification is off the cards and I'll need a bit of a rebuild at the end of the year. As a result, with a few games to go I've noticed my entire defensive line are between 2-2.5 stars CA, which is quite a significant drop. It's by far the weakest area of my squad, and it makes sense that their ratings would drop as we're defensively weak this year - but I've never seen it drop so much before. Could this be because I'm managing at such a low level (and therefore scouts/staff attributes are low) that they're just quite bad at rating players? Are there any other reasons?
  10. I'm managing in the Republic of Ireland and I'm wondering how I can see which league positions qualify for which European competitions. I've checked the "Competitions > Irish Premier Division > Rules" section and that just tells me the prize money for each position, and the relegation/relegation playoff positions, but nothing for the European qualifications. I was looking at the table and realised that there are different "shades" of colour for different positions in the table, for example last place (10th) is a deep red as that is automatic relegation, second last place (9th) is a lighter shade of red as that qualifies you for a relegation playoff. Similarly, 1st place is a deep shade of green as that qualifies you for the Champions League qualifiers, and from personal experience I know both 2nd and 3rd place usually qualifies you for the European Conference League (Euro II Cup). However I've just started a new season and have noticed that the table appears to have changed, with second place now a sort of blue (?) colour, and 3rd-6th place are all a light shade of green. I was wondering if the league had possibly changed rules or maybe there was a playoff for the final European Conference League position, but can't seem to find it anywhere. Can anyone tell me where I go to get a definitive answer on this, as I want to make sure I play out this season knowing exactly where I need to finish
  11. What's the ****ing point in that. Such a waste. Can't be arsed going through hours and hours to complete another season when it's written off after 12 games.
  12. I am so, so confused and exhausted with this game. I seem to have a "third season curse" that just does not make sense. It's happened twice in my current save and goes something like this: Season 1: Take over club, win promotion. Make signings and improve squad. Season 2: Just miss out on second promotion in a row. Make signings and improve squad. Season 3: Hugely underachieve, struggle to be anything more than a midtable side. It just doesn't make literally any sense at all, I know bad spells can occur etc but how on earth can a tactic which was booming, with players (with a handful of improved additions) completely crash and burn?
  13. Lance Smith was strangely effective for me too. Think it's down to his physicals, which obviously go a long way at lower league level. His technicals leave a lot to be desired but he really doesn't play to them, and finishes like he's got 15+ on finishing, composure etc etc
  14. I've been using a new squad management strategy of late which I feel has been working for me. I've had issues with player happiness lots in the past and think I'm finally fixing it, but thought I'd reach out and see what other methods people use to see if there's any ways I can improve it. For reference, I use a Bielsa-style squad system once I've decided on my tactic. 22 senior players, two in each position to battle it out for to be first choice. Then 3 youth players in the first team squad, based on stats/how they've done in the youth teams. If I feel a position is particularly weak, I send scouts out to look for a replacement, and whoever is the weaker of the two current players in that position is sold and replaced. Usually I rotate relatively often so players don't become unhappy, but if they do I have no problem letting them go as I prefer the tighter knit, happy squad as I really value the strength of team cohesion and morale.
  15. Ah, I think this clears it up. I realise now that the game won't be able to be 100% realistic. I'm managing in the League of Ireland, where it is an extreme rarity to see a club pay any kind of fee for a player. 99% of contracts are no longer than a year, and the players are either re-signed or move to another club for free at the end of the season. Frustrating when you're one of the lower clubs, as your talent is routinely picked off for free by the couple of bigger clubs. But what also happens when a player wants a move, he knows no one is going to offer a fee for him, so the contract is terminated mutually and off he goes. So when he demanded a move immediately, I used my realistic League of Ireland logic: release from contract and let him go somewhere else. Not my FM logic: try to actually transfer him. Lesson learned! Thanks guys.
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