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  1. Lance Smith was strangely effective for me too. Think it's down to his physicals, which obviously go a long way at lower league level. His technicals leave a lot to be desired but he really doesn't play to them, and finishes like he's got 15+ on finishing, composure etc etc
  2. I've been using a new squad management strategy of late which I feel has been working for me. I've had issues with player happiness lots in the past and think I'm finally fixing it, but thought I'd reach out and see what other methods people use to see if there's any ways I can improve it. For reference, I use a Bielsa-style squad system once I've decided on my tactic. 22 senior players, two in each position to battle it out for to be first choice. Then 3 youth players in the first team squad, based on stats/how they've done in the youth teams. If I feel a position is particularly weak, I send scouts out to look for a replacement, and whoever is the weaker of the two current players in that position is sold and replaced. Usually I rotate relatively often so players don't become unhappy, but if they do I have no problem letting them go as I prefer the tighter knit, happy squad as I really value the strength of team cohesion and morale.
  3. Ah, I think this clears it up. I realise now that the game won't be able to be 100% realistic. I'm managing in the League of Ireland, where it is an extreme rarity to see a club pay any kind of fee for a player. 99% of contracts are no longer than a year, and the players are either re-signed or move to another club for free at the end of the season. Frustrating when you're one of the lower clubs, as your talent is routinely picked off for free by the couple of bigger clubs. But what also happens when a player wants a move, he knows no one is going to offer a fee for him, so the contract is terminated mutually and off he goes. So when he demanded a move immediately, I used my realistic League of Ireland logic: release from contract and let him go somewhere else. Not my FM logic: try to actually transfer him. Lesson learned! Thanks guys.
  4. I've had this issue a couple of times this save, where it seems the game doesn't acknowledge context when a player comes to you with an issue. Here's the latest example. My backup goalkeeper has been with the club for a long time, used to be the best in the league but only good enough as a sub now. He comes to me and tells me he feels he's accomplished all he can here and wants to move on. I say I'll let him go, but need a replacement first. He says no, I want to go NOW. So it doesn't end on good terms. I don't want an unhappy player in my very cohesive squad so I offer to cancel his contract by mutual consent, as he's only got 6 months left, no one will buy him as he's 34 and worth £4.2k, and has clearly demanded that he wants to leave immediately. He comes back to me fuming that I'm trying to end his contract early when I know that he's getting to the end of his career and this is probably his last big contract. How does this make any sense? I now have a highly influential player angry at me which is upsetting some of the rest of the squad, when I'm doing what he asked in the first place.
  5. Oh yes, that works. Thank you! Anyway to make them show up when I set the view to "all transfers"?
  6. I'm playing as Bohemians in the League of Ireland. I've just come to my first transfer window with them after leaving Hereford, and realised a small issue. I didn't renew the contracts of a handfull of players, yet they're not showing up in my transfer history? They're literally free agents now, with some signing for other clubs, but it still tells me in my "transfers out" section that I've not let anyone go..? Is this a bug? Thanks
  7. Ah. This is most probably it, never considered that. How can I make them be certain? As far as I know, they're at 100% scouted but I may be wrong.
  8. This FM is the fastest I've ever played. One of my biggest problems with FM was that I'd lose motivation after three or four seasons of any save, usually after I'd hit a season where I was fighting against relegation and losing the majority of my games. Slowly progressing without the joy of winning would make me lose interest. So for this FM I'm focused on moving forward constantly to keep me interested, especially when I hit bad runs of form as I need to get out of them quickly! I'm focused less on tweaking my tactic game after game, instead putting my effort into finding better players who fit the system and are exclusively improvements on whoever they are replacing. Watching/listening to FMScout's twitch stream has taught me a ridiculous amount about the game, especially about finance and player signings, and it seems to be working!
  9. Currently playing as Hereford in the Vanarama National League. I have one chief scout and three quite decent scouts. For some reason, all of their reports don't include the potential divisional ability of the player in question. Usually in the pros/cons section of the report, there's a line such as "Potential to be a leading League Two player in the future", you all know what I'm talking about, but it hasn't been in literally any of their reports. I was expected to be fighting against relegation this season but find myself in the playoffs and I'm approaching the January transfer window, so I'm trying to pick up reinforcements that at least have potentials to be decent League Two players or above so that if I get promoted, I'm not going to struggle really badly. Any idea why this might be? I thought it might be down to the ability of my scouts but they all have above average stats in comparison to other VNL clubs, so it's a bit annoying!
  10. Never seen something like this on FM ever. Really interesting to see you go down even lower than the level that I actually play at (and I wouldn't say I in anyway deserve to ever feature on FM lol). Cool series man.
  11. Youth intake is something I've always kind of ignored as I mainly play LLM. I sign the advised players to take on, take a veryyy brief look through them, and then continue on with my first team. I usually don't seriously consider any of them until I either need them through injury, or one of them really stands out immediately. What way do you guys go about your youth intake? Is there anything I could be doing that would help?
  12. This makes sense, I'd say it was a morale thing. I used team meetings to which 100% of the players reacted positively, and also used team bonding in a couple of training sessions, but maybe I didn't take it far enough! I never thought of this actually, probably would have helped. My right-winger is definitely a premier division player, and was involved in a high number of goals early in the season. I realized during my bad run that he was literally never involved in any of the highlights anymore (I play on Extended highlights), but never dropped him as he was such a good player that I was hoping his quality would shine through. Bringing in the young and raw backup might have been a better shout here! Thanks for the tips guys, will definitely bring these into my next season!
  13. Unlucky! Great season overall though, lots of ups and downs. Looking forward to seeing if you go to Chester or stay on the Emerald Isle!
  14. At the start of every new FM, I start a save with Shelbourne in the Irish First Division. I always find it tough as they demand promotion via winning the league, and in the last four FMs I've been fired at the end of the first season.. I began this save really well. In real life Shels have invested over the last year and have a great squad, just missing out on promotion. So my starting squad was really strong, and promotion via winning the league actually looked realistic this season. I played a quite basic attacking tactic as this is LLM but we were always favourites: 4-4-2 with wingers, positive mentality, play down the wings, counter-press and counter-attack in transition. Basically I was playing to my teams strengths and it was working a charm both home and away. With only a handful of games to go in my save I was top of the league and flying high, beating everyone and unbeaten in 10 games, even beating the three teams who were challenging me from behind quite comprehensively. And then all of a sudden it all goes pear shaped.. I couldn't win a game for the life of me. I was being beaten easily and barely getting a shot on target. I tried to change the line-up, I tried varying the tactic slightly to surprise opponents (ie more direct, shorter passing, etc). In the end I finished just inside the playoffs and was knocked out in the playoff final, losing my job AGAIN in this save. In this situation what do you guys do? I honestly had no idea what to do, and regardless of what changes I'd make we were continually being dominated. I've signed for Limerick who were just relegated from the Premier DIvision, and they have a relatviely strong squad, so don't want the same thing to happen again!
  15. Yeah that's the way it works here, those cups are open to amateur and intermediate sides as well - the League of Ireland teams enter them much later usually. What I meant however is that I always also got them in the league cup and FAI cup also, so three times a season!
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