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  1. One with the DM Against lower table teams, I sometimes change the right and left wingers into strikers, stick on control and let them run riot. This has been my tactic for the past four months; Go to Staff, then backroom advice; You will have this screen and this is how I have it all laid out:
  2. I just play a 4-5-1 and adjust my tactics according to the opposition mate, not really got the whole tactical thing figured out in this version yet. Meaning, I mainly just listen to my tactical advisors. edit: Serves them bloody right, trying to insult me by playing a second string side out.
  3. Yeah, I couldn't believe that! I put him out for sale and Ajax bid £3.2 million. Managed to get it straight up for 5. A little update now and I'm currently top in November, still unbeaten and haven't lost a game in 2017, which is some feat. I have promoted Embleton and Asoro as full time players in the squad and they are developing amazingly; Asoro is infact my starting right back and has surpassed Watmore in current ability according to scout reports. His, and Embleton's attributes are absolutely shooting up and I think Embleton is now ready for a more important role in the team. I have Luke Garbutt and Rob Holding coming in January and I have my eyes on Lingard, Barkley, Ibe and Andre Green to get a more English core into the squad. I have teams sniffing around Will Hughes including Liverpool and Tottenham, but I won't sell anything less than £50 million because he is quite simply amazing. Small edit and Embleton is definitely getting more opportunities after this performance;
  4. I have a feeling that it's only gonna be uphill from here. Changed from my 5-2-3 to a more managable 4-2-3-1, with the sale of Anichebe. To gauge on how I believe the season will go, here is the Community Shield game.. It was an absolute riot to watch. The transfer window has been one of my successful so far. Players' reputation have risen alongside their value, and it made for easy picking when offering them out. I've very much gutted the team..but sales for Anichebe, Lens, McNair and an extortion for money for Djilobodji so severe, that I would probably have gotten arrested if this was real life. Twenty bloody million! If you haven't noticed by now, all but one of my incoming players are British. I probably would have not signed Javet befpre today, I was having a conversation with a friend about how FM 2017 is a bit easy and she suggested to buy only British players. Wall and McArdle are also regens, Tom Davies was brought in as a direct replacement for Gibson, Chambers for Djilobodji and Connor Ripley for Mika and Mannone. I also bought Ripley because of his Resolute personality. I have a youth intake goalkeeper who could become amazing, so I'm going to use Ripley as a tutor and use him as my cup game goalkeeper. My Europa League group is alright as well, Napoli being the only team who will test us, but it seems like they are declining,
  5. A beautiful 4-2 win away to Arsenal capped off an amazing season for me in my first season. We ended up finishing fifth, level on points with fourth place Liverpool but with worse goal difference. Couldn't even imagine what I would've done if we ended up in the champions league place. Jermain Defoe was outstanding, finishing the season with 30 league goals! Lescott, Oviedo and Anichebe also impressed me. We got knocked out of the League cup by Blackburn, but we did manage to win the FA Cup for the first time since '73. We beat West Brom 2-0 in a very standard game. These are the season's transfers, and I think I did quite well. Carole was a solid back up who never complained. Manquillo was very good as our new starting right back and for £4 million, I had to sign him on a permanent deal. Ibarguen was a very good bargain signing, ended the season with 12 goals in 14 games and is already worth £7 million. Hughes is the club's new record signing and I honestly think he's the reason why my midfielders are playing so well now. Great passing and tackling success percentages. Duarte was another bargain signing and has turned into my new starting centre back alongside Lescott and Kone when he's fit. Joe Dyson was bizarrely a free agent regen with no previous club who one of my scouts managed to find. He has amazing potential and I honestly see him becoming our back up next season.
  6. I managed to get this guy for £875k for my Sunderland side from Nacional and I personally think he looks good for a lower - mid table Premier League team. I think he might even come to the bigger Championship teams, but I haven't tested that. For some reason, I didn't have any issues with a work permit, just appealed on his first rejection and he was able to get one. Very solid and I love how well-rounded his attributes are.
  7. Fifteen games unbeaten now, absolutely ridiculous how this year is turning out. I previously went five games without a win, changed from a 4-3-2-1 to a 5-2-3 and everything is just clicking into place now. I'll edit instead of multi-posting, but this new tactic is beyond belief for me.
  8. I'm currently in a new save with the winter transfer update and it has been a lot more difficult this time around. That being said, this amazing win has sent us into seventh place, with the team being unbeaten in five league games so far:
  9. I don't know what they were like before the update, but random determination aside, these two players look absolutely amazing now; Woodburn especially looks like he could become a world class player, and possibly someone to build the future around.
  10. I am currently in my second season with Crewe and this has just happened.. So I might joining you guys soon.
  11. I have had no issues so far. Despite the narrowness of the formation, it appears that the team still roam enough to create space effectively.
  12. I went a bit crazy all around with the transfers. I had some great offers for the likes of Schurrle and especially Auba. I have essentially just sold players who don't fit the formation that I'm intending to play with. I coughed up on Emre Can because he always turns into a tremendously gifted player in recent versions and he is only on £120k/week. Timo Horn will be my new #1 keeper with Weidenfeller calling it a day and Burki quite honestly not being up to scratch for me. The other transfers are mainly just improving squad depth and I might make a few more depending on if I can get good offers for anyone. This is very much what I'm going for at the moment. I don't know too much about team instructions at the moment so I've left them very basic but they will change throughout the season. I absolutely love playing strikerless formations and Dortmund has given me a great opportunity to maximise the potential of the tactic.
  13. Keeping up with traditions.. I now have £147 million to play with. It's going to be a very fun save.
  14. Although I have a very good Sunderland save at the moment, I can't help thinking that Dortmund is the right save for me for some reason. Their squad is near-perfect with a few minor touches. I'll be holidaying until June 2017 as well, as it is my preference. I honestly feel that if you can get a great fee, selling Aubameyang is ideal because he's vastly underrated in some areas (ie. the most important areas; dribbling, finishing, first touch) and could improve on him with a much better player.
  15. 2016/17 season review League Table|League Results after January| Cup Results What a bloody season! I thoroughly enjoyed that. We seemed very much invincible at times, with some of our players punching way, way above their weight with their performances, especially Borini who is now being subjected to a few £40 million+ bids from Inter and Monaco. I am also happy that we managed to at least win a cup also, but I do wish we could have won the FA Cup, but I risked a full strength side who were very much knackered at that point. I wish that Arsenal gave us more of a fight in the end but they seemed more interested in the Champions League, which they got knocked out in the semi finals but they fell apart in the end, losing their last four games, but it still wouldn't have been enough to win the league, but at least have gone down to the wire. During my next season, I am going to post monthly updates instead of what I have been doing because I honestly don't play enough of the save and it may be a little more interesting. I guess. Anyway I will be back soon with the pre-season review with hopefully all of my transfers sorted out. But before that, I will leave with a picture of my massive shortlist.