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  1. Ive notoced some sides have 4th kits in the game for European games and im wondering how i would edit an XML to put the 4th kits in?
  2. Im having the same issue, my friend is the host and ive had it happen a handful of occasions in the 9 seasons we've played. The latest time the mostly costly in terms of game immersion... I was playing the AI in the Champions league quarter final away, the game i was watching finished 2-1, happy to get the vital away goal i thought. We both click continue and review the other ties and see i actually ended up being beaten 3-0.. Its hard for us to be able to provide a save game to shate as it happens in random matches... European games cup, league... no rhyme or reason.
  3. Im having this issue in a network game with my friend. We're 9 seasons in and it only happens randomly, no rhyme or reason i can see. Oddly, its only my matches, my mates the host and it never happens to his matches.
  4. Can anyone help direct me on how to fix the euro kits not showing on the match screen. Ive got the other 3 kits in my pack fine but i cant seeem to sort out the european kit?
  5. Since the update im having serious issues after joining my mates network game. 8 season in with no problems but since the update i am unable to see any players in the squad screen, tactic screen of any team. Also when trying to manage my International side the game freezes when clicking the tactics tab. Ive checked the bugs forum and others are having similar issues, just wanted to post in here for any advice as this has just started happening.
  6. Im also having this issue, players not appearing in swuad view or tactic screens of network save... also during duel management i am unable to enter the national sides tactics screen.
  7. I can't see any players in any teams squad, any ideas? Ive cleared the cache and reloaded the skins but no luck...
  8. Still have a fond spot for Eder Balanta... what could have been.
  9. Number 10 just announced Boris Johnson is doing an 5pm press conference.... Yous hired to BoJo to annouce the BETA!? Nice...
  10. I recently started a save with Salford, managed to get promoted in the first season through the Playoffs but finding the build for League One football some what of a challenge. Really fun save though.
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