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  1. FM17: African Talent

    Oh Welsh! Love it. I'm playing as Monaco so I've invested in a number of African players. I'll try and get some pics up : Mandrault - Attacking midfielder, 17.
  2. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Yeah cheers, I'm trying to keep it within the remits of Monaco, young players or experienced pros for tutoring. The Bailly deal was too good to pass and he's already one of our top performers. Signings aside I'm proud of myself as ive integrated 3 of Monaco original young players this season. Saint-Maximim , Ait Bennasser and Bahlouli all played nearly 10 Games each come February. Good thing, bad thing is the ACON is on just now so I've lost a bunch of players to it but it's giving these guys and a fee other youngsters game time, it's actually been helpful. On a sidenote, I'm actually managing at the ACON, I was offered the Ivory Coast job and was intrigued so took the chance. It's fun. How's Toulouse? I'm thinking of making my main summer target Alban Lafont, Costil is the man but I feel I could ease the younger Lafont in without putting immediate pressure on him. Anyone had any experience of Bordeaux's Malcom? My domestic scout is falling in love with him?
  3. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Monaco Season 2 Review Such a turn around from last year, we had added quality in depth and younger players had another season of experience under their belts plus last years signings had fully bedded in. Those factors coupled with PSG having an absolute 'mare of a season could have ended with me having one of my most successful all round seasons ever. With PSG imploding despite the money spent on players and bringing I'm Zidane we ended up having a clear run all the way from around October when we went top and proceeded to remain right till the end. We struggled for goals due to Falcao picking up an injury and Babacar not having a very consistent second season. It did however pick up after giving the fantastic Moussa Dembele a run, he rewarded us by finishing the season our top goalscorer. We also became really durable at the back, with new signings Costil, Kimpembe and Lemos all standing out. Costil in fact so much he won goalkeeper of the year for keeping 27 clean sheets in all competitions! Lemos and Kimpembe formed a mammoth defensive duo in the middle, hoping to keep the three around for the foreseeable. Add that to having Mendy and Fabinho on either side and the back line was fearsome. While winning the league was the main goal I still wanted to do well in all the other competitions but in terms of the Champions League is was a step too far, especially when given a group that contained Barcelona, Juventus and Manchester United. We bombed against Juventus home and away, lost to United away at Old Trafford but got what turned out to be a very valuable point at home against them, despite Monaco old boy Anthony Martial's best efforts. However, so odd, the two games against Barcelona provided us with 6 points and got us through to the Europa League with Man United finishing bottom of the group! This is where things really took a turn, we entered the Europe League and proceeded to mow down our opposition all the way to the final in holland, where unfortunately we came up against the PSG of England in the ridiculously stacked Manchester City. We lost 1-0 on the night to a very fortunate Kevin De Bruyne goal and to rub salt into the wound it seems KDB is now about to join PSG! Yay! So proud to get all the way there after our failure to get out thr group stage yet again, would have been great to win it but we learn and move on. Things were easier in domestic cup where I felt we got handed the easier draw pretty much every round including the final where we played Troyes. We won that 4-1 and claimed a domestic double, after a trophyless season last time out to walk away with both home based lumps of silver is a great achievement for this young bunch. On that young bunch, our summer business seemed extreme and excessive to many which I'll admit, but if you step back we only had a net spend of £29m which is a lot less than others(PSG) and a lot less than the boars set our budget at(£68m). I'm continuing that trend of trying to spend low or even make a profit but following the usual Monaco/Ajax mantra of buying low, selling high and developing our own players. We are in an extremely healthy financial state just now ahead of the new season, we have near £132m in the bank which the board set aside £96m of for this new seasons budget.. But it gets better/or worse depending how you feeling about club finances. Three of my sales in the summer have recouped me nearly £25m in clause payments due to the teams winning thier League/cup or I'm Bayern's case both the players I sold them won the Champions League so they had to pay me £6m for each player! All that went into our budget aswell! So over £110m to spend on players... And I don't want too. I don't want to become PSG, yes I want to compete with them and the rest of Europe's elite and for that I will have to spend but I want to limit becoming one of those Clubs who buys it's success. My signings have been and will be thoroughly thought out. So much so I've only agreed one first team signing but hes an unbelievable bargain who falls in Monaco and the Leagues ethos, oh and he's a bargain at £12.5m. My biggest worry is what I'll do once the inevitable happens and my big players get thier heads turned, it's already happening with Madrid's relentless pursuit of Bernardo Silva and Roma/Man City sniffing around £24m valued Moussa Dembele. What do it do? Demand they stay and risk upsetting the squad? Buy big to replace and in turn becoming something I don't want to? Promote or sign youngsters and possibly risk going back to being unable to complete with PSG's potential new front 3 of Icardi, KDB and Dybala? It's such a good Challenge but very stressful! Ha! On to how our boys performed, a lot of great performances as I alluded to above but there were some players that took a while to get going or just didn't show up, here goes : Player Performance : Managers Player of the Season: Bernardo Silva The star again, he makes us tick. Everything we do offensively goes through him and he does it with style. Didn't chip in with as many goals as last season bit really his overall influence was of a higher standard. I fear thought that this could have been the last we have seen of big Bernie at the Stade Louis II as both Real Madrid and Manchester City are already approaching me. Madrid seem to have the most intent and are preparing another significant bid after I rejected their last of £78m, I think if it goes near or over £100m I'll have to accept as he's unhappy already and that is an obscene about of money. His replacement is already in our ranks, should Silva move then it's time for Thomas Lemar to move in from the flanks and make the AMC spot his own which he had done in flashes so not a massive reinvestment needed. Managers Signing of the season - Moussa Dembele A bargain for a home grown goalscorer who has already lit this league up, pace power and a deadly snapshot. Moussa stepped in at a time were Falcao picked up an injury and Babacar wad going through a rather dry spell. His movement and pace really tore some of the slower, less mobile defenders apart at times. He finished with more goals that either Falcao or Babacar managed last season so I'm promoting him to first choice, he's already attracting massive interest, I put that down to form and his obvious potential. Both Porto and Roma offered around the £50m mark I'm the summer but I was able to resist and keep him from becoming unhappy. Managers Young player of the year - Kylian Mbappe Here's a player really coming into his own, lightning down the wings and terrifying defenders at every turn. Another season with added game time really has brought his development on a bit. I'd like to be able to bring someone in to tutor him and a few others but haven't found anyone suitable. Managers Surprise Package of the Season - Benoit Costil Couldn't believe it when I check Benoit's stats at the end of the season and saw he'd clocked up 27 clean sheets, yes he may not be world class but he's certainly good enough for this league and with the defense we have in front of him he's well protected. That aside he is very reliable and pulls off some stunning saves at times where we really need him. So glad I signed him after almost cancelling the deal. Positives: Yaya Toure - I hoped his addition would benefit us and I wasn't wrong, he brought that oh so valuable experience our squad probably lacked. It wasn't just that, I was pleasantly surprised how well he played and his quality really stood out in Ligue 1. He chipped in with a handful of goals and assists one of which won him the Ligue 1 goal of the season award. I'll be hoping to hang onto him for a while, his physicals are decreasing but his technical are still top level and I've actually seen some small increases in certain attributes, if I can limit the physicality of his role and play up his technical talent then he could be a fixture for a couple more seasons. Thomas Lemar also stood out, finishing the season with the most assists in the league. His delivery from set pieces is also immense and so far in season, not sure if it was due to a fix in the last patch but hes scored some truly outstanding freekicks. He's really stepping up his performances, which it's easy to forget he's only 22 now so is still learning and developing. He's becoming our main man and won't be long till he's our talisman for sure. Negatives: Frank Kessie - This seems harsh after me talking about giving Lemar a break at times due to him only being 22 and here I am having a semi-go at Frank, who's the same age, and he hasn't even been that bad. The reason I'm listing him here is his behaviour, I'm all for players picking up yellow cards especially in the set up I play with a high sort of gengenpress style, but he had 5 red cards before January and then 2 more before the season ended. Not what I need, I'm hoping that was a learning curve the likes of which we won't see again as he's started season 3 really well, still picking up cards but he seems to be resisting that urge to go for the red ha! Season 3 Preview: The last two times I've posted on my season ahead I've said I don't intend to do any major revamping of the squad due to the vast numbers of quality youth prospects. But... Once Real Madrid came charging in the door with a bid of £99m for Bernardo Silva things just snowballed. I trimmed some other players who either wanted to leave for game time, Lundemo, N'Doye and a handful of other players I felt had run their course. I didn't got crazy though, although maybe I did for the more financially controlled of you, but in my own mind I done not too bad. I brought in two players I've been eyeing since game start, first comes from the Bundesliga in Naby Keita, then the one I've been waiting for, Eric Bailiy from Man United for £12.5m-ish due to his transfer listing. He adds to the African contingent and will become a legend for this club I reckon.
  4. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Also, how good is Diop? he keeps coming up on my scout reports and I'm tempted to make the move this summer?
  5. FM17 - French Football Thread

    He'd still do one hell of a job! And now you've said that, I'm gonna try and do the next best thing to making him younger which is keep him till he's 40! First time Ive ever managed him and he's just sooooo good, despite his age. The difference in my team from last year is unreal. Oh and for anyone wanting to stick with home grown, Moussa Dembele(Celtic) and Jean Kevin Augustin(PSG), have become stars. Dembele has Roma and Man city already interested..
  6. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Would it be cheating if I swapped my entire summer budget(£90m) in turn to use the editor to make Yaya Toure 21 again!? Ha.. I never want him to retire, he's been the reason for us closing in on the title. Such a legend.
  7. FM17 - French Football Thread

    No no, I did read it but think I stopped the Ligue 1 at about Nice.. shame on me!
  8. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Ha! no I hadn't read it until you said that, too funny. They just stood out in my save as doing moderately well considering thier standing and have two favorites of mine from previous FM's that I'd love another go with In Sloan Privat & Jimmy Briand. Yeah that's very odd with you reputation, perhaps its just a new save thing and it'll level out come January. I didn't move for Mandrault until the winter window so may have to wait. Good world improving the finances aswell. Have you got Odsonne Edouad on loan from PSG? I really like the look of him, I keep trying to unsettle him, would love to nab him.
  9. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Oooh Jogo, good choice. I do love the prospects in that squad, can't wait to see what you do. I actually wouldn't mind starting another French save with Guingamp, but I'm too engrossed at the moment! On that note, coming into March and I'm 11 points clear at the top above PSG!!
  10. Dani Ceballos. Maybe Carlos Soler with some training.
  11. FM17 - French Football Thread

    I was a huge fan of Sidibe, he was very consistent. I just feel this year's FM that morale is a huge factor, so I had to let him talk to Atletico, the only real saving grace is Mendy, he's my first choice LB and I have a promising back up in Toni Lato. Same at RB with Fabinho being number 1 and Toure who's developing really well. Yeah lonreve is one I'm keen to see amount to something, as with Mandrault, it's a low risk/high reward roll of the dice. Both look like they could become valuable squad members, just need to try and get them game time. Ha! Yaya will be fine, he's at a club who value him and a manager who loves him! But yeah if he could keep the off field distractions to minimum or better year leave them to Balotelli.. that'd be just great. He's started every game so far and hasn't look out of place. Already at thr planning stage for his bday party! ;-)
  12. FM17 - French Football Thread

    @Joga Bonito Yeah it was a complete squad morale decision, Sidibe & Jemerson both came to me one the verge of complaining but Lozano was purely financial. I felt it was ok to let them move on as theres so many promising youngsters I want to promote them, both Toure & Diallo will play huge parts this season. Oh and the other recruit from Africa I wanted to see if you had an opinion on is, Congo striker, Lonreve Gassama. he's fast and has some good key technical attributes for a frontman. Report says he could be a good Ligue 1 striker so I have high hopes.
  13. Forgot my seasons transfers, remember before going into shock that most of these signings are under 16 :
  14. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Forgot my seasons transfers, remember before going into shock that most of these signings are under 16 :
  15. MONACO: SEASON 1 OVERVIEW I could look at this season as a real disappointment, we won nothing and were soundly beaten by PSG 3 times. It should be a seasonal review full of upheaval and assessment but it's not, instead I'm actually happy with the season gone. I set out with Monaco as I wanted a challenge and that's definitely what it is, one which I'm thoroughly enjoying. We finished 2nd, miles behind PSG, for me though the season was one of learning and enjoyment. This young squad grew as the season went on and towards the end played some exceptional football. A lot of the young players, either signed or already ready there have come on leaps and bounds. We disappointed in the cup and the early stages of the league but as usual that was down to the drastic change in tactics and the players feeling that out, of course some inexperience on both mine and the players parts didn't help but I honestly feel we've grown as a unit this term. You know, I actually mean that. I feel connected to these players and this club now, we are a standing force together. I've enriched myself in their history, my new favorite player if Delio Onnis, what a legend. This is a project for me, there's so many players I plan on giving game time to over the next season I actually expect to perhaps suffer a little form wise. I want to try and keep this core together, I know its going to be tough to do that now that the big boys are circling, I will try my best though. Ill give a brief run down of my star performers and promising youngsters, as well as quickly stating my plans for next season which are well underway. My board also to my delighted and surprise announced the building of a new 45,000 seated stadium, due to be completed in 2019. This surprised me to no end but they additionally gave me a transfer budget for season 2 of around £69m, I'm hoping to actually be in profit overall despite making one or two large Signings, which I'll explain more in detail below. Tactically I stuck with the shape I set out with at the beginning of the season, it definitely developed and altered until both I and the players felt comfortable. It's been small tweaks here and there, especially in the two CM roles and the AMC role, up top we've excelled with both our main strikers being fairly consistent. Our main threat came from out wide with both Lemar on the left and Farfan/Lozano providing great assists while chipping in a few goals. This is how our stand out performers ended the season statistics wise : TOP PERFORMERS OF THE SEASON Bernardo Silva My main man, as I'm sure everyone who manages Monaco would say, he's just sooooo good. My teams heartbeat without question. His vision, technique and ability to find a teammate in space is exceptional. While watching my games this season if he wasn't the one providing the assist he was the player passing the ball to the guy who does get the assist. Ending the season with 19 goals & 18 assists in 41 Games, getting a rating of 7.44. Just oozes class, a player my team will be built around until someone offers me over £100m. Thomas Lemar Due to Silva's owning of the AMC spot Lemar has found home out playing AML, where he has been fantastic Kylian Mbappe What a prospect! I'm overawed with how good this lad is and can become, he's only 18 and is running games, so dangerous. Has a real eye for goal, especially at the start of season 2 where he's got 4 goals in 3 games. Going to be careful with his development and choose some key traits to compliment his game. Great talent. Falcao What a season from our captain, stayed fit all season and it really helped. He still has such a good eye for goal, could have got a lot more but I roated him with Babacar. Definitely keeping him around, he's our franchise player. Our Zlatan if you will.. Khouma Babacar Same as Falcao, would have scored more if I had played him more but I kept them fresh by rotating them. It didn't have the detrimental effect youd have thought. He's our Drogba, great presence who bosses defenders at time. Carlos Soler Has developed well in his limited apparences, is destined to be a top level technical midfielder. Hoping for more solid performances with increased involvement next season. Jemerson Solid next to Glik, really stood out last year and is attracting huge interest, think he may go as it's clubs beyond us sniffing around. Very solid, consistant performer who moved quickly over the ground which helped against the leagues abundance of pacey frontmen. Fabinho The man, he's soooooo consistant, I play him mainly as a RB and he's fearsome out there. Bounding forward putting quality on the head of our strikers. It's like having Cafu in our side. MONACO: SEASON 2 PREVIEW As for the season ahead I will allow some players to leave, some unhappiness about playing time and such has made it difficult to maintain everyone's morale so I'll have to succumb to their will to leave for regular first team action which is understandable. I had agreed a whole host of under 15 signings to bump up our under 19 squad, according to reports their is some real talent in the ranks so I'll be following a Monaco like cycle of trying to bring them through. Only pre-arranged the one first team signing and it is a significant one, we've spent £32m on last seasons League terrorising, wondered from Bordeaux - Adam Ounas. A hearty fee yes but one I feel that's worth it, especially with a player we've lost. Should recoup his fee and then some if he performs as he did last year, very exciting prospect. We have, including that purchase, went on to spend just under £105m this summer which sounds crazy but I have also so nearly £80m worth of players also, with interest still strong I'm a couple more so we could see more of that recouped before the end of August. It seems excessive but it's mostly large fees on certain players than a load of signings. He's followed into the club by another signing from within the league, this time a large outlay was made to our main rivals, who in truth didn't need the money, PSG. Presnel Kimpembe joined us for £26m, after a season of pursuit from myself, he was my number one target this window as I feel he could go on and lead us for 10-12 years, would even be a possible club captain should the situation arise. Both Glik and Jemerson were really good but they just seemed to miss a step in tough European games, with another new partner at CB I feel these two going forward will be come world class and take us on a level. Which brings me to my next addition... Mauricio Lemos joined us from La Liga, another large outlay of £23m, again I know it doesn't seem very "Monaco" to throw these large fees around in quick succession but the combination of the players we've sold, currently £99m worth of sales, and trying to compete with PSG who have spent an absolute fortune! On Lemos though I feel like we have the making of a true dynasty with him next to Kimpembe, two young, strong and hungry defenders who'll hopefully use Glik as a mentor for some experience throughout the season. I was really happy with Falcao and Babacar last season and didn't feel the need to make any moves as we have two players in our ranks who I'd like to give game time to this season or next, those would be Chaibi and Jean. But after a scout report landed on my desk and a review of Falcao's age I felt we might benefit from one more should injuries arise and such. So I made a move for a player very sought after according to his report, Celtic's Moussa Dembele joined for around £11.25m. A good fee I felt for a very exciting player who actually offers us a different type of foward to our two main options, Falcao natural technique and Babacar's brushing physicality may not always be the avenue to success. Dembele offers pace, directness and youthful exuberance, he fits in well with the core we are building here, young, French and bags of potential. Very happy to add him to the club. Another exciting addition came again from a scout report, which I feel are much more useful this year? Anyone else? Playing in Belgium and getting a 4* reports spiked my interest, upon reviewing his stats I was blown away with the potential I could see. An absolute jet engine bombing down the wings terrorising Ligue 1 full backs, with skill and the ability to put in deadly balls I knew it was someone I had to add. Now much like Dembele there are players in my ranks who I also want to bleed into the first team, espically in the wide positions but this term they'll be out on loan getting full seasons of football so this signing made sense. In came Leon Bailey from Genk for 10-12m, raw and exciting so a good deal for us I thought. Benoit Costil joined us on a free,a solid Ligue 1 goalkeeper. With Subasic leaving for Ajax I didn't want to just throw Nardi or Sayouba in, I feel it'll be another season before either take over fully. So I offered Costil a trial and he impressed, he Knowes the league, the language and provides solid experience between the sticks. My only concern if it's a fully new triangle at the centre of the defence with Costil, Lemos and Kimpembe just joining, I'm hoping it won't take too long for them to gel as a unit. And last but not least my absolute favorite signing, a player I've liked for years both in real life and in FM but have never managed to get in a squad. A former Monaco player, which was a big part in the signing, someone who can help take us up a level again and a player of calibre that, despite his age, rivals PSG's best. Yaya Toure joins us on a free transfer, not ridiculous Wages given where he's just came from, £80,000 a week, yes it's more than anyone else in the squad but its Yaya. He's been put on penalty and free kick duties and has already delivered preseason so I'm very optimistic of getting a decent contribution from him in the forthcoming campaign. A true giant. News from around Ligue 1. PSG, not content with winning everything last season, they thought it wise to let thier manager leave for Real Madrid and replace him with none other than Zinedine Zidane..Yep, not just that though, to get Zidane they must have offered him some bounty as, since his arrival, they've spent £283m on players. In comes: Aysmeric Laporte Alexi Vidal Felipe Anderson Mauro Icardi Lucas Biglia Ezequiel Schelotto Sven van Beek Victor Lindelof Saul Marseille not to be outdone have went cash happy with their spending, making a great signing in Victor Kovalenko for £37.5m. And how's this for a group of death in season two's Champions League draw!!??