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  1. Since the update im having serious issues after joining my mates network game. 8 season in with no problems but since the update i am unable to see any players in the squad screen, tactic screen of any team. Also when trying to manage my International side the game freezes when clicking the tactics tab. Ive checked the bugs forum and others are having similar issues, just wanted to post in here for any advice as this has just started happening.
  2. Im also having this issue, players not appearing in swuad view or tactic screens of network save... also during duel management i am unable to enter the national sides tactics screen.
  3. I can't see any players in any teams squad, any ideas? Ive cleared the cache and reloaded the skins but no luck...
  4. Still have a fond spot for Eder Balanta... what could have been.
  5. Number 10 just announced Boris Johnson is doing an 5pm press conference.... Yous hired to BoJo to annouce the BETA!? Nice...
  6. I recently started a save with Salford, managed to get promoted in the first season through the Playoffs but finding the build for League One football some what of a challenge. Really fun save though.
  7. I was gonna do a South American thread next as there's some real gems down there... I'll try and do a proper post later(pics and all), but here's a few of my favs.... - Wuilker Farinez - GK - Leonardo Campana - STK(Love this guy!) - Matias Arezo - STK(Another man crush here)
  8. I'm trying to narrow down my options for starting a save in the Championship.. Any advice? I fancy developing some decent youth and living on a buy to sell kind of ethos? Was looking at Derby or Birmingham..
  9. Love Risa welsh! Signed him to replace Meling at Rosenberg, such a soilder wherever hes asked to play!
  10. Finally! It's been too long in the waiting, I've been trying to get this thread up and running for a while now. This year's FM like those before it is loaded with potential gems and bargains all plying their trade in the freezing conditions of the Nordic lands. Previous incarnations of this thread were deemed popular and I've seen numerous threads requesting its return, I'm looking at previous contributors like @Ronaldo Beckham and of course the king of the unknown @Welshace to uncover those we may not be too familiar with. Par with the course, a slight disclaimer is needed. I, like many other
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