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  1. Do all your save files have attribute masking on?
  2. What set up are you running to load these leagues/clubs? Quality finds.
  3. I'm just delighted to see you using my old friend Hoarau, disturb away. Ha! Imagine how long that network game would take to get through pre season!? The amount of scouting... Ooft. Hahaha yeah, "only" 7 at the moment... that may well(like we have any doubt) change... some really amazing prospects for saves in FM19, looking forward to getting right back into it full steam. My just find me parking up in here more often.. Sorry to hijack the thread, love another obscure league getting focus.
  4. Im still at it Jogo! Only two saves currently on FM18 but i'll be making a huge comeback with FM19, currently sitting with 7 planned saves! I need help... Still a good read from yourself, excited to see what comes with the new version..
  5. I've actually been playing in Mexico the last two versions, all started when I signed Hirving Lozano. I decided to try him out started at his original club, Pachua. with him moving to PSV I've had to find a new club and I've ended up at Pumas. They definitely seem to be a couple of steps behind a couple of the "top sides"... I'm definitely missing my time at the Estadio Hidalgo... so may venture back there in FM18. Very fun, underrated league.
  6. Honestly, its became one of my favorite FM saves for many a year, I haven't even reached the end of season 1... Its been a real journay, I've grown fond of my players and weirdly feel bonded with this crazy club. In terms of performance it took a couple of months for us to form a system that fitted and reaped rewards, since we've gelled the results have been great. Porto had been running away with the league over the first few months but just after the Christmas period a combination of Porto dropping points and us going on a decent run has propelled us into 2nd place coming into April. Still ticking along in the Europa League althought Dortmund might prove a step too far. In terms of players, the squad in general have been great... From Matheus in goal who's been one of the huge factors in our defensive record to the solid partnership in front of him of Ricardo Ferreira & Raul Silva. In midfield Xadas is easily the stand out and ive had to rebuff some real interest from across Europe, I really would like to keep him for at least one more season, maybe two if I make some promises. Up top I only play one lone Striker but both Hassan & new signing Walter Gonzalez have been amazing, Gonzalez is currently edging it due to scoring 24 goals in 25 games, Hassan has 15 goals in 22 games. I've just had my youth intake had them say something ive never seen before... "This is a wonderfully talented group of players, we could have the makings of a "Golden Generation" on our hands.
  7. My two favourites this FM are Lautaro Martínez and Maximiliano Romero.
  8. What's the chances of a Parma one mate?
  9. Parma would be top for me if possible.
  10. Well I finally managed to get an extended session. Initially I'm lining us up with a flat back four, a DMC, two CM's, two IF's and a Lone striker. Loving the squad so far, tons of talent to nurture : Danilo - currently playing in one of the CM slots, would like to sit him in front of the back four if I could make him more defensively minded. The Horta Brothers - what do you think the chances are I can make the loan deal for Andre permanent? Both brothers are currently playing as my IF's, can see them developing into a dangerous combo, espically if I get them to swap positions to offer an alternative and confuse opposition defenses. Xadas - duh I hear you saying, this lad is gonna be my jewel. Looks like I'll struggle to keep him though for any length of time. Already knocked back a bid from Nice which prompted and conversation where I had to promise qualification to yhe Champions League at the end of the season(No pressure..eh), thought that would be enough this window but ive just noticed Chelsea are sniffing around him. I think I'll go the route of saying "You might not get enough game time", if that doesn't work I might demand a non-negotional clause of getting him back on loan for the season. Hassan - How have I missed this lad? Ive seen his name pop up of the last few version but never bothered, due to my own negligence, but hes been ridiculous in preseason so far. Yeah it's only preseason and the teams aren't amazing but the standard is Europa League level and he's banged in three hat tricks and has about 4/5 assists. New favorite me thinks. Signing wise I didn't get a lot, £2.6m I think. Sold 2/3 peripheral players for a few hundred £K each. I actually don't want to drastically alter the squad to much this first season and instead see who steps up and develops. I have made 3 signings with the possibility of a fourth on a free transfer. Transfers In Walter Gonzalez - A South American striker from Olimpia, decent all round stats to cover for Hassan, he may ultimately have to take over from him should he get poached. A relative bargain in today's world for a striker under £800k. Alejandro Chumacero - Found this guy in anothet save but couldn't get a work permit, no issues here though, general all rounder who can play a number of roles out wide aswell as fill in at CM. Another low fee, low risk signing, could have a huge upside. As a few have said, tons of talent in the Big Three's B teams so I'll be keeping a very close eye on the B Leagues. I'm finding a few potential gems at both Pacos and Vitoria(SP?)
  11. Is Atlanta United from the MLS included in this pack?
  12. Sorry if this is in the wrong place and/or against any rules. I've been scouring the net looking for an updated MLS background pack that includes Atlanta United? Anyone offer any guidance? Thanks
  13. Exact same, I had a great Porto save in FM17 but decided this version to challenge the top 3 and like you I started with Braga. Fabio Martins is a player I have high hopes for same with Xadas of course. I'm hoping to build a good young Portuguese core by promoting those within the club but also trying to nab the cast offs from the Big 3's B teams as ive noticed they don't nurture them as you'd expect and they tend to leave on frees or for relativly low fees.
  14. As if I haven't got enough Saves on the go this year(Lazio, Rangers) I have now started an Ajax Save while taking the extra challenge of managing the Netherlands national side aswell. It's gonna be the usual youth focused save except it's gonna be a tribute to Johan and his football ethos, I want to build my sides from the youth to the first team all the way to the national side in his image. As usual Ajax have a insane amount of prospects but they aren't alone and there seems to be a real promising generation currently in the Eridivise. Signing wise I will be of course aiming domestic but I also have a constant attraction to raiding Scandinavia and this year seems to be no different with a number of real gems over there. Has anyone playing as Ajax sold Dolberg and if so what type of fee as I'm trying to gage how long to hold on to him and when his stock will be at its highest?
  15. I love Italian football, leading from the days of Channel 4's fantastic courage. Always had a soft spot for Parma and Lazio so I've decided to start a save with both and this thread has popped up at just the right time. I'll have to approach them very differently, it's seems this year Lazio have a couple of popular players so I'm gonna have to decide if I'm gonna build around Immobile, Savic, Felipe Anderson and De Vrij or cash in on them for some astronomical fee to fund a rebuild of the squad.. Ive got a few young Italian youngsters in mind to target, Berardi is a top target but will cost a ton.. Next is the uber promising Pellegri from Genoa, I'm looking for him to replace Immobile as our number 1 front man for the foreseeable future. After AC Milan's crazy summer of investment I'm kinda banking on them struggling to give them all game time so I can swoop in and scoop up a potentially unhappy Manuel Locatelli, try and adapt him to be our Pirlo of sorts. Any other young Italians I should be keeping am eye on?
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