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  1. I understand that but my defender who loses the most headers has 14 headers, 16 strength, 15 positioning, 17 jumping so not bad he should win with 170+ striker
  2. Can someone explain me why my 190+cm defenders can't aerial and my oponents scores a lot of goals with a header even 171 cm striker with 5 aerial.
  3. You set up your free kicks like a corners, in the same way?
  4. So this isn't matter you set free kicks or corners you always use this same method?
  5. Hello, I have another problem. I lost goals from set pieces in every game. I lost 8 goals from free kicks in 14 matches. How you set up defensive set pieces. I have tall and stron with good aerial defenders bot nothing working in this part of football
  6. I agree with you with mentality. Im changing duty of my attacking WB to support and try to play more direct passing with standard tempo. If it doesn't work I add pass into space TI and early crosses. Im still working about understanding combinations of roles, duties, mentality and TI's to get more fluidity to attacks.
  7. It's all about risk. When we lose by one goal we don't have anything to lose so i want from my players to take more risk. I understand mentality in this way.
  8. Sorry for my English ;) I mean when opponents score against us first goal or we lossing by one goal i change the mentality to attacking until we score goal. After that i back to standard or positive mentality .
  9. Results after that changes. During matches i only change a mentality when we lost goal, role of CWB to WB and duty of right WB when we want to hold a result. Thank you for your support guys. Im stubborn so ill try last time this tactic in next season 1st match with changes was vs Atalanta after Sassuolo game
  10. Thanks guys for help. The reason why im playing narrow system is lack of attacking wingers maybe in next season ill buy some wingers and change tactic. I see normally all your post on computer and phone where im logged out.
  11. There are results after tweaks. first 4 games were fantastic. Fast and fluid transitions goals from strikers well compact defense. With udinese we have bad luck a lot of chances to score goal but unlucky this time, with atalanta we lost after penalties unlucky again, but game with lazio and rest are disaster. My players forget how to play in style like in the first 4 games after change. What do you think about that.
  12. Thank you for your answer. The idea with bwm on defend duty behind AFat is to cover left side of pich when a wb is going up. I have a lot hard working midlefielders in team so thats why i have aggresive defensive instructions. The physical and mental atributes are above avarage at my defenders and i don't lost goals from killer balls. Lots of goals i lost from cross to far post and can't neutralize that.
  13. Hello, after good first season where we end in 4th possition, the 2nd season is an horror. After 15 games in the league we have only 4 wins and 7 losses and my boss give me one month to improve the situation. In 1st season we played 4312 and that was not bad so we start 2nd season with the same system, but after 8 games without win i decided to change to 532 formation but in this system i cant win games and create a lot of oportunites to score goal. 2nd thing is when we create ccc my strikers can't convert them. i have hope you can help in this situation and give some tips to keep my job
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